Chapter 539 – Undercurrents Are Brewing

Madman Liu had left, yet Chen Xi’s heart was unable to return to calm even after a long time.

Only now did he realize that when he was facing the schemes of a Heavenly Immortal, he still seemed to be so weak and powerless, and this sort of feeling was extremely uncomfortable to him.

Stronger! I must become stronger! Then I can just blast apart any schemes or tricks, and why would I have to worry and wrack my brain because of this?

Chen Xi clenched his fists tightly as his gaze became firm.

Bing Shitian, if you really want to go against me, then do your worst!

At this moment, Chen Xi had an unprecedented yearning to become stronger. Bing Shitian’s existence had brought boundless pressure to him, yet it wasn’t a bad thing in his opinion. Conversely, under the stimulation of this pressure, he would surely become even stronger and swiftly transform into a true expert!



“Perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm!” Chen Xi’s exclaim of shock sounded out from within the room. He was sitting cross-legged in meditation earlier when he noticed to his shock that his cultivation had actually broken through to the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm.

The Rebirth Wheel within his body had already transformed to possess five colors, it was resplendent, emanated auspicious rays of light, and was suffused with a crystalline and dreamlike sheen. Moreover, black and white qi were circulating at the center of the Rebirth Wheel, and they took concerted action while being separated from a distance and were profound to the extreme.

This was the stage of the 7th tempering of the Rebirth Realm. At this point, the five elements had been condensed, Yin and Yang were fused, and it had been derived into the infinite profundity of ceaseless circulation and endless Dao Insight.

All of these were the signs of the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm! Chen Xi was finally sure that his qi refinement cultivation had already arrived at the peak of the Rebirth Realm, and he instantly had an unreal feeling in his heart.

However, when he noticed that his body refinement cultivation had attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm as well, he was instantly stunned on the spot.

Isn’t this speed of advancement too fast? Chen Xi muttered, but he understood the reason behind this a moment later.

During the battle with the specter army earlier, he’d fallen into a pure state of battle for the sake of accumulating even more divinity for the tiny cauldron, causing the lethality he possessed to rise explosively, and he’d annihilated countless Mammoth Cavaliers and Goldplate Cavaliers to obtain unimaginable amounts of divinity.

Even though more than half of the divinity he obtained was taken by the tiny cauldron, there was still a large amount of divinity that replenished his body, and this was precisely the reason why his cultivation rose explosively.

After all, when Chen Xi killed a Goldplate Cavalier and over 30 Crimsonflame Cavaliers that day, it allowed his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations to advance to the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm. Now, all that he’d annihilated were Goldplate Cavaliers and Mammoth Cavaliers, so it was obvious how enormous the amount of divinity he’d obtained was.

It was even to the extent that even the tiny cauldron was capable of charging forth to successively slaughter four Xeno-race experts after absorbing these energy of divinity, whereas only Chen Xi’s cultivation had risen explosively, so it was perfectly logical and reasonable.

The perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, only the Nether Transformation Realm and Earthly Immortal Realm stands between me and the Heavenly Immortal Realm…

At this moment, the dual explosive rise of his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations caused Chen Xi’s confidence to be boosted greatly.

In next to no time, Chen Xi took a deep breath and abandoned all the distracting thoughts in his mind before placing his concentration into his cultivation once more.

The explosive rise of cultivation was indeed something that caused one to be delighted, but if one was unable to become accustomed to and master the drastic changes that occurred in one’s cultivation, it would similarly affect the utilization of combat strength.

This was just like an expert who was skilled in the sword had suddenly obtained a completely unfamiliar, yet even more formidable sword. His technique and mastery from before was unable to control this new sword flawlessly, so he must adjust his ability and control as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would be harmed by the sword instead.


At dawn the next day, Chen Xi awoke from his meditation while radiating spirit, and the vital energy in his entire body had recovered to its optimum state.

He walked to the courtyard and casually practiced his fist technique, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl into a wisp of a satisfied smile when he felt the energy in his body that surged like the sea.

His body refinement and qi refinement cultivations were both at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. At this moment, even if an ordinary Nether Transformation Realm expert stood before him, the expert would probably be unable to suppress him any longer.

After all, he possesses the Talisman Armament that had a might more formidable than an ordinary Quasi Immortal Artifact, and it was sufficient to allow him to surmount a realm to kill his enemies!

“Chen Xi, your…strength has risen again?” Meanwhile, Huangfu Qingying and the others had walked over, and she couldn’t help but speak with surprise when she saw Chen Xi who was brimming with energy and seemed as if he’d undergone rebirth.

“Eh, you’re right. If I’m not wrong, this fellow’s cultivation has probably already attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, right?” Young Master Zhou briefly sized Chen Xi up, and he spoke with shock as well.

The others nodded in unison when they heard this, and their eyes contained traces of admiration.

He’d arrived at the Primeval Battlefield less than a year ago, yet not only had Chen Xi leaped from the Golden Core Realm into the Rebirth Realm, he’d even attained the peak of the Rebirth Realm now. Such a terrifying speed of advancement was something that probably no one would believe if news of it was spread.

“What’s there to make a fuss about? Didn’t all of your cultivations advance greatly as well?” Chen Xi smiled. He’d noticed with a single glance that the strengths of everyone had risen greatly. The weakest amongst them was at the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm, and the strongest like Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing had already attained the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm.

Obviously, all of them had obtained a great amount of divinity while going against the specter army.

“That’s true as well.” Young Master Zhou sighed with emotion. “I headed to the city to gather information yesterday. I noticed that the cultivations of all the experts from the various Dynasties that survived the specter army have increased explosively, and many people have attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. Especially Feng Jianbai, I heard he possessed the strength to charge into the Nether Transformation Realm long ago, and he’s only waiting for the moment he enters the Dark Reverie to break through.”

Young Master Zhou’s interruption moved the attention of everyone away from Chen Xi, and all of them sighed emotionally in their hearts.

There’s so many geniuses in this world. At the same time that I’m improving, aren’t others improving as well?

It’s precisely because of this that I must cultivate more strenuously and not dare slack off in the slightest, right?

Without dallying for too long, everyone headed towards the center of the city with Chen Xi.

The emissaries of the Dark Reverie would be announcing the matters about entering the Dark Reverie before the Warsoul Tablet at the center of the city this afternoon. At that time, all the cultivators that survived the final test of the Primeval Battlefield had to be present and listen to the arrangement of the emissaries. 

Chen Xi and the others were no exception.


Primeval City, central area.

Daybreak had just arrived when many cultivators had already rushed over successively, and all of them were in high spirits and possessed a wisp of excitement that couldn’t be concealed between their brows.

Since they entered the Primeval Battlefield, they’d experienced countless dangers and hardships to finally arrive at the final moment now, and they had the opportunity to enter the mysterious and vast Dark Reverie, causing every single one of them to be excited and joyful to the extreme.

All along the way, there were many experts that had seen Chen Xi’s group, and all of them nodded with a smile while their gaze towards Chen Xi carried a wisp of heartfelt admiration and gratitude.

The scene of Chen Xi turning the situation around and annihilating the four Xeno-race experts yesterday was something they’d taken notice of. Even though all of this was something that the mysterious and great figure had utilized Chen Xi to complete, it was still difficult to stop them from expressing feelings of gratitude to Chen Xi.

Moreover, as far as they were concerned, Chen Xi would enter the Dark Reverie without a doubt, and what truly interested them was exactly which power Chen Xi would choose to join after he entered the Dark Reverie.

After all, all the emissaries of the Dark Reverie shouldered the responsibility of selecting disciples for the various powers in the Dark Reverie, and with Chen Xi’s current reputation and might, the various powers would surely extend olive branches to him and welcome him to join them.

So exactly which great power would have their wish fulfilled?

All of this aroused curiosity in the hearts of everyone.

In next to no time, all the cultivators that had survived the final test of the Primeval Battlefield, a total of 113 people had arrived before the Warsoul Tablet, and the arrival of Chen Xi’s group had caused the entire scene to be stirred.

On one hand, it was because Chen Xi’s reputation was too resounding, and on the other hand, it was because not a single one of the disciples from the Darchu Dynasty had perished in the final test. They were filled with talents that were rather eye-catching and fairly shocking.

After all, even the three top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans had lost more than half of their forces, whereas as an ordinary Dynasty, the Darchu Dynasty, was actually capable of achieving such a state. Needless to say, it was a miracle.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi suddenly turned his head. He saw the Shang Clan’s Shang Que staring at him with a resentful gaze from the crowd, and he hurriedly turned his face away when he was noticed by Chen Xi.

This fellow was all alone yet actually survived the final test. Looks like that Ancestor Ling Ya took great care of him. Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something.

“Hey, I never expected Brother Chen would already be here!” Right at this moment, a clear and resounding sound of laughter sounded out, and it caused the crowd to become agitated. After that, Feng Jianbai who wore white clothes had already split the crowd apart and walked over towards Chen Xi with large strides.

He had a slender figure, a peerlessly handsome appearance, skin that was white like jade and flickered with a crystalline sheen, a pair of eyes that were deep like the starry sky, and dense jet black hair. All of this caused him to possess a light and graceful disposition and stand out amongst others.

Chen Xi frowned when he saw Feng Jianbai, and then he said indifferently, “We’re enemies, so you better stay far away from me. Otherwise, I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to refrain from killing you.

Everyone in the vicinity was exceedingly shocked in their hearts when they heard this.

Amongst all the experts of the various Dynasties, Chen Xi is the only one that dares speak like that to Feng Jianbai.

“You…” Feng Jianbai’s eyes squinted, and then he started laughing. He seemed extremely calm as he said unhurriedly, “Brother Chen, I told you long ago that your temper is too explosive, and it would be detrimental to your future development.”

“You should take better care of your own matters. As for mine, do you think you have the qualifications to interfere? Don’t think too highly about yourself, otherwise, you wouldn’t even know how you died,” said Chen Xi bluntly.

“Oh? Since Brother Chen wants to act willfully, then we’ll wait and see.” Feng Jianbai wasn’t infuriated in the slightest, and he roared with laughter as his gaze swept Chen Xi and the others before he turned and left in a natural and elegant manner.

“This fellow is slightly strange today…” said Qing Xiuyi in a light voice.

“Perhaps he heard rumors about someone wanting to cause trouble for me.” Chen Xi recalled what Madman Liu had said yesterday, and he spoke indifferently.

“Look, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie have arrived!” Right at this moment, a wave of excited and loud cried resounded out by his ears.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he saw over 10 emissaries of the Dark Reverie coming together from the distant sky, and their entire bodies emanated blazing light, causing them to seem like numerous resplendent suns that hung in midair with vast divine might.

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