Chapter 538 – The Aftermath of the Battle

The curtains of the battle had descended with the death of the Ghost Emperor Li Huang and the three Xeno-race experts that had arrived at the Primeval Battlefield.

The experts from the various Dynasties and the emissaries of the Dark Reverie had returned to their residences to recuperate and rest long ago, causing the enormous Primeval City to be silent, to the point only the sound of the piercingly cold wind whistling could be heard.

Everything had returned once more to calm.

Primeval City, northeast area.

It was already dusk on the second day when Chen Xi woke up in a spacious room.

He crawled up from the bed and raised his arms, yet felt slightly weak. This was a sign of his overuse of strength. Luckily, his constitution was sufficiently strong, so there were no signs of his vital blood being dried up or his quintessence being ruined. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an easy task to recover completely.

After that, Chen Xi suddenly seemed to have thought of something, causing him to raise his hand and touch his chest, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed the tiny cauldron was still there. Moreover, the numerous scenes that occurred earlier clearly gushed out into his mind.

On that day, the tiny cauldron had emanated a divine brilliance as it brought him along into the sky to battle the Ghost Emperor Li Huang and the others. At that time, his consciousness was still present, and only his body was controlled by the tiny cauldron.

In other words, he saw everything that had occurred that day, and the tiny cauldron’s all powerful ability and technique that swept through all its enemies caused him to be extremely amazed and shocked.

But what shocked him the most was still the tiny cauldron’s identity. He’d never imagined that a treasure he’d inadvertently obtained would actually have such great origins. Not only had the tiny cauldron watched the entire process of the expedition of the gods as it happened, even the Primeval Battlefield was created by it alone. The tiny cauldron was simply like a ruler that had created a world, and it was unbelievable!

“Thank you…” Chen Xi’s palm stroked the tiny cauldron gently as he muttered in a low voice, yet he didn’t obtain any reply from the tiny cauldron, and it had fallen into silence just like when he first obtained it.

But Chen Xi knew that the tiny cauldron hadn’t left him because he was able to sense that the tiny cauldron’s consciousness was still there. As for that shadow that everyone had seen leaving that day, it was only something the tiny cauldron had done intentionally because it was worried about bringing calamity to Chen Xi.

After all, everyone had seen the jade cauldron during the battle with Li Huang and the others, and they’d sensed its existence, so it would absolutely draw the coveting of others if it still stayed with Chen Xi.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin by arousing greed in others.

If news of such an exceedingly mighty treasure and a formidable existence that personally created the entire Primeval Battlefield were to be spread out, it might even draw out the great figures of the three dimensions to seize it from Chen Xi!

So the tiny cauldron could be said to have given it much thought before acting in this way, and it had imperceptibly resolved a great deal of trouble for Chen Xi.

This caused Chen Xi to be extremely grateful to the tiny cauldron as well. Even though the tiny cauldron would always assist him according to the principle of an equal exchange, such help was a form of treatment that others were absolutely unable to enjoy even if they fought to the death for it, so how could Chen Xi not understand.

Chen Xi pushed open the room door and arrived within the courtyard.

The courtyard was overgrown with weeds like before, while a few wildflowers bloomed sporadically between them, and under the raging piercingly cold winds, they emanated a firm and unyielding feeling.

Knock! Knock!

After standing in the courtyard for a short moment, the sound of the door being knocked sounded from outside.

Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and said, “Come in.”

In next to no time, a group of people pushed open the door and entered, and it was Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, and the others.

“Chen Xi, are you alright?” Zhen Liuqing sized Chen Xi up with a smile on her face, and a wisp of joy gushed onto her face when she saw that he seemed fine.

Chen Xi smiled lightly, and then his gaze swept past all of them before he said, “I’m fine.”

No casualties had arisen amongst the members of the Darchu Dynasty during the assault of the specter army this time. On one hand, it was because of Yun Lansheng’s presence there, but most importantly, it was because of Madman Liu’s assistance.

Seeming to be a form of extension of concern, Madman Liu had especially looked out for all of them during the battle with the specter army, and with the protection of such a formidable Earthly Immortal Realm expert like him, it was naturally impossible for any deaths to occur amongst them.

But the fate of the disciples from the other Dynasties was tragic.

After the battle ended yesterday, some people had counted their numbers, and they noticed that there were actually only a little over 100 people from the various Dynasties that had survived, and the casualties had arrived at around 70% of the total amount of people!

Even the three top Dynasties and the Prestigious Clans had suffered heavy losses, whereas a power like the Darchu Dynasty that didn’t have a single casualty was one of a kind.

“It’s good that you’re fine. Hehe, every single one of us will be able to enter the Dark Reverie smoothly this time. Now that I speak of it, it’s all thanks to your contribution. If it wasn’t for you annihilating all those Xeno-race experts yesterday, all of us would probably be finished.” Young Master Zhou spoke excitedly from the side.

The others nodded with smiles on their faces as well. That scene from yesterday was too terrifying, and it caused their entire bodies to go cold even when they thought about it now, whereas Chen Xi’s appearance could be said to have rescued all of their lives, causing them to feel extremely grateful to him.

Actually, all the experts of the various Dynasties that were still alive, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie, and even the Heavenly Immortal Bing Shitian had to thank Chen Xi for rescuing them this time.

After all, if he wasn’t there to save the situation at the last moment, then the city beneath their feet and the lives of everyone in the city would probably have been annihilated at the hands of the Xeno-race experts since long ago.

Of course, they knew as well that it wasn’t Chen Xi himself who’d saved them yesterday, and it was a mysterious figure that was formidable to the point the hearts of all shook before him. But what difference did this make?

Chen Xi’s ability to be selected by that great figure was already a great fortune, as others were unable to obtain it even if they wanted to. Now that the great and mysterious figure had left, this gratitude of theirs naturally had to be received by Chen Xi.

Everyone had some tea, casually chatted with Chen Xi, and lingered for a while before bidding their farewells and leaving.

What Chen Xi felt regretful about was that Qing Xiuyi stood alone in crowd and maintained silence from the beginning until the end, and she didn’t speak a single word to him. But Chen Xi came to an understanding with a quick thought. Qing Xiuyi coming to see him was already a delightful thing, so why ask for so much?

Not to mention that with her otherworldly disposition, she would probably not show concern towards him in the presence of others, as that didn’t conform to the way she did things.

Moreover, the chat with everyone allowed Chen Xi to find out that the emissaries from the various powers of the Dark Reverie would announce some things at dawn tomorrow, and then they would open up a spatial passageway and bring all 100 plus of them to the Dark Reverie!

Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, and the others had just left when the Darkhan Dynasty’s Su Qingyan, the Xue Clan’s Xue Ranchen, and the Dartang Dynasty’s Ling Ze had arrived.

On one hand, they’d come here to express their gratitude to Chen Xi, and on the other hand, they’d come for the sake of forming goodwill with Chen Xi. After all, Chen Xi’s display yesterday was too shocking, and such a figure had to be made a friend as soon as possible because if they were to wait until he’d grown before making friends with him, then it would be too late.

Because there was no enmity between the powers they belonged to, Chen Xi was extremely welcoming towards their visit, because making a few more friends was obviously better than having a few more enemies.

Not to mention these disciples of the top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans had intimate relationships with the various powers of the Dark Reverie, so making friends with them could be considered to be completely beneficial.

In next to no time, there was another batch of people that came to pay a visit to Chen Xi, and they were experts of the other Dynasties that Chen Xi utterly didn’t know. They held the same thoughts as Su Qingyan and the others, so Chen Xi similarly treated them with courtesy.

In short, the entrance to Chen Xi’s residence was absolutely crowded like a marketplace today, and he welcomed and sent guests off continuously, causing it to seem extremely bustling.

As for those powers that had enmity with the Darchu Dynasty, none of them had come over. For example, both the Feng Clan and Shang Clan had maintained silence at this moment.

But Chen Xi didn’t mind, as it was fine so long as they didn’t cause trouble. Moreover, he was utterly unwilling to see all these enemies of his come and show goodwill to him and resolve their enmity.

When it came to some enmity, since it had already been formed, then it was absolutely not something that could be resolved with a few words.

For example, the Shang Clan’s Shang Que and the Feng Clan’s Feng Jianbai had already been entered into Chen Xi’s black list. If there was a chance, he even wanted to annihilate the two of them to put an end to any future troubles.

Up to the point that late night arrived, Chen Xi had finally sent off his last guest, and he could finally heave a sigh of relief.

However, before he could take a short rest, Madman Liu had arrived abruptly. His expression carried a trace of seriousness, and he spoke as soon as he saw Chen Xi. “Kid, the situation of disciples of your Darchu Dynasty isn’t looking good.”

Worry entered Chen Xi’s heart as he said with a frown, “Senior, what do you mean?”

“Bing Shitian called over all the emissaries of the Dark Reverie earlier and had a secret discussion for a long time. Even though I wasn’t able to participate in it, I was still able to roughly guess that it was targeted towards all of you.” Madman Liu poured a mouthful of wine down his throat and smacked his lips as he sighed. “You know as well that the final test of the Primeval Battlefield has already ended, and all of you will be able to smoothly enter the Dark Reverie tomorrow. I’m worried that Bing Shitian will play some tricks tomorrow and make the situation unfavorable for all of you.”

“I saved his life yesterday. Even if he dislikes me, he can’t do anything that goes too far, right?” The frown on Chen Xi’s frown grew deeper when Bing Shitian was mentioned.

“He wouldn’t think like that!” Madman Liu said with disdain, “A Heavenly Immortal almost being killed by Xeno-race experts was already embarrassing enough, and now he was even rescued by a junior like you. Do you think he will be grateful to you?”

“No!” Before Chen Xi could answer, Madman Liu he said directly, “Bing Shitian would only think that it was that mysterious and great figure that took control of your body that saved him, and not you. Not to mention, he will surely not openly make the situation unfavorable for all of you, as that would only be detrimental to his image.”

“In other words, he’ll only play some tricks in secret and cause all of us to be unable to smoothly enter the Dark Reverie?” Chen Xi frowned because being schemed against by a Heavenly Immortal caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

“Exactly. I’m precisely worried about this.” Madman Liu nodded. Even he felt it was slightly troublesome to face the scheming of a Heavenly Immortal.

Chen Xi frowned and pondered for a long time, and he shook his head in the end. “Nevermind, let me see exactly what vicious deeds Bing Shitian will do tomorrow, and if it goes too far…”

Madman Liu couldn’t help but ask. “What will you do?”

“I’ll take him on until the end.” Chen Xi shrugged as he spread out his hands helplessly. Even though he spoke like this, a wisp of ruthlessness flashed past his eyes, and he seemed to have made some sort of major decision.

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