Chapter 537 – The Curtains Descend

“What? Still thinking of escaping with the Ghostrain Division Arts?” After annihilating Lu Gang, Chen Xi suddenly turned his head to look coldly towards the distant sky with a gaze that seemed like bolts of lightning.

Chen Xi stretched his hand out and grabbed towards the space before him, causing that expanse of space he was looking at to instantly explode and forced a figure out from within it. The figure staggered, and it was covered in dim violet flames, causing the figure to seemed like a myriad of violet colored fireflies that were fluttered about.

It was the Ghost Emperor Li Huang!

At this moment, his expression was already unsightly to the extreme while the gaze he shot at Chen Xi contained rage and unwillingness, yet terror that came from the depths of his heart was present the most in his eyes.

He was truly afraid. Up until this point in the battle, his formidable outside help that had traversed through the Dark Reverie to arrive at the Primeval Battlefield had perished one after the other, whereas the various abilities Chen Xi executed were so terrifying and caused him to feel despair.

He could only flee and temporarily endure patiently for another opportunity to arise.

However, when Chen Xi forced him out with a single grab and even exposed the secret art he used, his heart instantly turned cold like ash.

“Who exactly are you? How could you possibly know of the Ghostrain Division Arts of my Ghost World!?” Li Huang gritted his teeth as he shouted out explosively, and his voice trembled slightly.

“You executed the Ghostrain Division Arts during the primeval times, you were able to conceal it from the gods, but you weren’t able to conceal it from me…” Chen Xi spoke slowly with a voice that didn’t contain any feelings of price, and his voice contained a feeling of regret and a sense of loss instead. “If I annihilated you at that time, then the calamity of today probably wouldn’t have happened…”

Li Huang was instantly flabbergasted as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi, and his appearance seemed as if he’d seen a ghost as he howled. “How could that be possible? The gods of the primeval times were so formidable, yet they didn’t notice my tracks! How could you possibly know!? Could it be that you’re even more formidable than the gods of the primeval times? What a joke! If you were really so formidable, then why were the gods of the primeval times annihilated by our armies?”

At this moment, Li Huang seemed to have been provoked greatly, and he seemed as if he’d gone mad while his voice resounded in the heavens and the earth and shook the clouds in all directions to the point of collapsing inch by inch.

Everyone in the city was astounded while they looked at this scene in shock, and their hearts were unable to calm down for a long time. The conversation between the Ghost Emperor Li Huang and Chen Xi involved the gods of the primeval times, and it had already exceeded the scope of their imaginations!

“Could it be… Could it be that you’re…?” Li Huang seemed to have thought of something, causing his expression to suddenly go pale as he trembled while pointing at Chen Xi with, and then his mouth opened wide before he said with a voice that carried indescribable terror. “You’re Yu…”


Right at this moment, Chen Xi arrived before Li Huang with a single step, and them he struck out with his fist. A myriad of profound techniques moved along with his fist, and it blasted Li Huang’s neck apart before he could finish speaking.  

In the next moment, milky white divine flames gushed out from Chen Xi’s right hand and descended onto Li Huang, and it instantly incinerated him into nothingness.

“I never imagined that a momentary mistake of mine all those years ago almost caused a calamity today…” Chen Xi muttered as he looked at Li Huang’s corpse that was incinerated bit by bit into nothingness, and his tone carried boundless loneliness and melancholy.

Everyone in the city was silent as they watched this scene as they were already unable to find words to describe their feelings at this moment.

The Ghost Emperor Li Huang, this formidable existence that had once battled the gods during the primeval times had survived through countless years, yet now, he’d died at Chen Xi’s hand.

Such a scene was simply more unbelievable and shocking than the legend of the expedition of the gods.

“Leave. The Primeval Battlefield is about to close…” Up above in the sky, Chen Xi swept everyone with his gaze before finally looking at the lofty city that rise and fell continuously into the distance, and he went silent for a moment before sighing lightly.


A scene that caused everyone to be astounded appeared. A wisp of an illusory shadow flew out from Chen Xi’s body, and it carried a jade cauldron as it instantly vanished in the extremely distant horizon.

This is…

Everyone was dazed, and then they seemed to have guessed something. When they looked once more at Chen Xi, they really noticed that his cultivation had declined greatly, and he didn’t have a trace of the all powerful and dominating imposing aura that he had earlier!

“Like I said, how could a Rebirth Realm cultivator possibly possess such a terrifying strength? So it turns out that he was possessed by a great figure and had his mind controlled.”

“Yes, it’s surely like this. That shadow from before was probably that great figure, right? He annihilated four Xeno-race experts successively, such ability is simply horrifying!”

“Unfortunately, that great figure is gone. If we’re able to be guided slightly by him, then it would benefit us for life.”

Everyone roughly guessed something from that scene from before, and they discussed animatedly.

But the happiness of obtaining new life from a hopeless situation quickly caused them to forget everything. Moreover, they noticed to their pleasant surprise that the specter army outside the city was retreating like tidewater.

No one obstructed or hindered this because the Ghost Emperor Li Huang was already dead, and it was impossible for this specter army to accomplish anything any longer.

Not to mention all of them had fought for a long time and had experienced a great and horrifying incident earlier, causing their bodies and minds to be exhausted to the extreme long ago, so no one had the mood to annihilate the specter army.


Right at this moment, everyone noticed to their astonishment that Chen Xi who stood high above in the sky suddenly shook, and then his body actually fell straight towards the ground.

But before everyone could fight to rescue him, a figure had already instantly appeared before Chen Xi and carried him on his shoulder. This person had a goatee, smelt of wine, and his entire figure was slovenly to the extreme. It was precisely Madman Liu.

He only fainted from exhaustion. Fortunately, he didn’t die. Madman Liu examined Chen Xi for a moment, and he instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed Chen Xi had only fainted.

When they saw Madman Liu make a move to rescue Chen Xi, the hearts of Qing Xiuyi and the other disciples of the Darchu Dynasty that were in their throats had instantly relaxed, and they rushed over successively.

They accompanied Madman Liu to send Chen Xi back to his residence in the northeast area to rest.

The calamity was already eliminated and the final test of the Primeval Battlefield had ended long ago. At this moment, they only had to return to their residences and listen to the arrangement of the emissaries.

They utterly didn’t notice that Bing Shitian who was covered in traces of blood was staring at the slender figure that constantly accompanied by Chen Xi’s side from high above in the sky, and he carried frustration, dissatisfaction, hatred, and resentment.

To the others, perhaps what they experienced today was simply no different than obtaining new life after a calamity, and even though their minds and bodies were exhausted, their joy was impossible to conceal.

But to Bing Shitian, all of this was horrible, and his mood was terrible to the extreme.

“Senior Brother Bing, your injuries are rather heavy. You should return as soon as possible to recuperate.” Right at this moment, Yun Lansheng arrived by Bing Shitian’s side, and he lowered his head and spoke to Bing Shitian.

Bing Shitian recovered from his complicated feelings, and he recovered his calm before standing up and looking towards the distance as he muttered. “Alright. There’s still a long way to go, and we’ll take it step by step. Who knows who will win until the last moment…?”

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