Chapter 536 – All-Powerful


Chen Xi actually said that Primeval City was constructed from his body, the Primeval Battlefield was established by him, and even the laws of the heavens and the earth in the Primeval Battlefield were set up by him!?

Everyone that heard these words was shaken, and their bodies went stiff because these words were truly shocking and unbelievable.

On the other hand, Li Huang, Luo Chuan, Ming Zhi, and Lu Fang felt a wave of terror instead.

What a terrifying figure this is! He created this battlefield by himself and is actually still alive? This isn’t real, this…is too unreal!

But when they thought of Chen Xi’s terrifying combat strength from before, they faintly felt that Chen Xi ought to not lie.

Only a formidable figure like him would be capable of doing all this, right?

The experts of the various Dynasties in Primeval City below were similarly excited to the extreme.

The creator of the Primeval Battlefield? Doesn’t this mean that fellow is an existence that’s of even greater origin than the gods?

“Senior, kill all of them and take revenge for us!”

“These damnable Xeno-race experts must be annihilated!”

Many people couldn’t help but cry and shout out in excitement.

The display of the Xeno-race experts earlier was too mighty, and it caused despair to arise in their hearts because they thought they didn’t have any chance of survival. But Chen Xi’s appearance now had instantly allowed them to see boundless hope, and the excitement in their hearts was obvious.

Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, and the other disciples of the Darchu Dynasty were rather shocked as well when they saw this. They’d known long ago that this Chen Xi wasn’t the Chen Xi they knew, but they still felt slight disbelief when they heard these words.

How vast was the Primeval Battlefield? It was a natural barrier that lay across between a minor world and a large world, it was filled with countless restricted areas and secret realms, and it was famous in the world because the gods had led their expedition here.

A place that was almost like a ruins of the gods was actually personally created by a single person, whereas even the laws of the heavens and the earth within it was set up by a single person. Such terrifying ability of transforming nothing into something was something that was impossible for even a Heavenly Immortal, right?

“Isn’t this…too astounding…?” Feng Jianbai muttered. Coldness arose from the bottom of the heart and caused a chill to run down his spine when he thought of how he’d made an enemy of Chen Xi and fought a battle of life and death.

“Truly unexpected!” Su Qingyan, Xue Ranchen, and the others were shocked in their hearts. Even if they’d vaguely guessed that the current Chen Xi wasn’t the Chen Xi they knew, it still caused them to be astounded.

“He’s in trouble.” Yun Lansheng glanced at Bing Shitian who was high above in the sky, and he was exceedingly worried in his heart.

“What a fellow! What a fellow!” Madman Liu stared at Chen Xi as if he’d discovered the most precious piece of fine jade in the world, and he beamed while taking a large gulp of wine with an elated mood.

At this moment, after they found out about Chen Xi’s identity, Li Huang’s group of four had serious expressions and seemed as if they were confronted by a formidable enemy, and they even had the intention of fleeing.

Comparatively speaking, Li Huang was the most disgruntled. He’d planned and prepared for countless years for the sake of escaping. He’d finally waited for the opportunity the upheaval of the three dimensions provided and originally thought he could rely on the assistance of other Xeno-race experts to easily annihilate Primeval City. But Chen Xi’s appearance instantly caused all of this to become uncertain.

It was even to the extent…that all his efforts might come to naught!

What should I do? Could it be that I’m bound to be unable to escape this cage for my entire lifetime?

Li Huang struggled violently in his heart, he was hesitant and irresolute, and he didn’t know if he should continue fighting.

“Wait! Look! His aura is rapidly weakening…” Suddenly, Ming Zhi’s voice transmission sounded out by his ear, causing Li Huang to return to his senses.

He raised his eyes to look over and really noticed that the imposing aura on Chen Xi’s body was obviously much weaker than before, and it even faintly showed signs of collapse.

Could…could this be the providence of the heavens!? Li Huang was pleasantly surprised, and he instantly made a decision in his heart. Even if he had to stall, he wanted to see if Chen Xi’s strength would really collapse and disperse in the end just like he guessed.

Unfortunately, he’d underestimated Chen Xi’s resolution to annihilate them.


Right when Li Huang was thinking in his heart, Chen Xi had moved abruptly. He strode a step forward, causing space to be torn apart as he instantly arrived before Luo Chuan who was closest to him, and then the jade cauldron in his hand enveloped down from above.

The speed of his attack this time was simply indescribable with words and it was a sudden attack as well, so Luo Chuan utterly didn’t have any chance to flee or struggle.

Instantly, the heavens and the earth had actually fallen completely into chaos, whereas Chen Xi’s strike seemed like a strike that struck open the world, established the universe, and split Yin and Yang apart!


Luo Chuan’s entire body instantly exploded into a ball of mush under this strike, causing blood and flesh to spray out and taint the nine heavens, and he was completely annihilated.

This supreme expert from the Wing World had pursued Bing Shitian to the point that Bing Shitian was on the verge of death, yet now he was crushed by a single strike of Chen Xi’s, causing everyone present to be dumbstruck by this scene.

On the other hand, the hearts of the Ghost Emperor Li Huang, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang jerked fiercely, and their eyeballs almost split open.

Our companion…has actually perished just like this!?


At this moment, Ming Zhi had already been frightened out of his wits. He couldn’t care about whether Chen Xi’s strength was rapidly dissipating or not, and he turned around and tore space open with the intention of fleeing.

As soon as Ming Zhi moved to leave, Li Huang and Lu Gang didn’t dare hesitate anymore, and they fled right after him.

This fellow was too terrifying. Even if the gods were to be revived, they would probably not have such a terrifying and heaven defying strength like him! So if they didn’t retreat at this moment, they would probably lose their lives.

“Since you’ve already found out about my identity, then leave all your lives behind!”

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Amidst his calm voice, Chen Xi’s footsteps were like the sounds of drums. Every single step he took strode across the boundless boundaries of space, and he possessed a formidable imposing aura as if the entire world was just an inch below his feet.

With a wave of his palm, the jade cauldron charged into the sky while revolving slowly, and then it shot out a word that was suffused with a divine radiance, ‘[1]!

This ‘’ character was ancient and powerful, and it possessed an overbearing aura of commanding the world while disallowing any question. It seemed like the manifestation of the laws of the universe, and it sealed the entire space all around this expanse of the heavens and the earth.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the escaping figures of Li Huang’s group of three were obstructed by a divine light, causing them to be furious before stretching out their hands to tear open space and teleport through once again. However, no matter how they struggled, they were unable to escape this expanse of the heavens and the earth, and they were like three ants within a covered pot. They had no way to escape!

“Dammit! I’ll put my life on the line!” Ming Zhi was exasperated, and he charged directly at Chen Xi like a spear that penetrated the sky, and his furious gaze revealed unprecedented battle intent and strength that completely gathered on the horn between his brows. His attack that was like a white ray of light piercing through the sun shot directly at Chen Xi’s head.


Space was pierced open, causing a great explosion to resound out. The horn was suffused with a sky blue sheen that seemed material, and it was fierce and sharp to the limit, causing everyone present to feel their vital blood roil and their eardrums shake to the point of almost splitting apart.

Some people with weak strength were blasted flying on the spot before spitting blood and falling unconscious, and this obviously showed how terrifying Ming Zhi’s desperate strike was.

“The rise and fall of the sun and moon are right and proper, just like prosperity of the world will bring eternal peace!” However, when faced with this practically all-conquering attack, there wasn’t a slightest change in the expression on Chen Xi’s face, and the jade cauldron in his hand quietly fused into his body will he stood upright on the spot without moving.


The horn between Ming Zhi’s brows was actually unable to pierce through Chen Xi. His fierce attack that contained terrifying strength wasn’t even able to pierce through the slightest bit of Chen Xi’s skin, let alone pierce into Chen Xi’s head.


A clear sound resounded out. Chen Xi raised his hand and grabbed out, and he actually directly and forcefully broke off the horn between Ming Zhi’s brows!

“AH!!!” Ming Zhi let out a miserable and shrill cry that shook the heavens and the earth. The horn between his brows was where the essence of his vitality was located, and it was also an extremely terrifying weapon. Now that it was forcefully broken off, it instantly caused him to seem like a deflated ball, and he became extremely old and covered with wrinkles before quickly perishing and transforming into a decayed piece of skin.

At this moment, another Xeno-race expert had perished!

Everyone that saw this scene was deeply shocked by Chen Xi’s almost all powerful and formidable ability.

Even Bing Shitian’s pupils constricted as his heart trembled without end. As a Heavenly Immortal, he’d fought Ming Zhi earlier and deeply understood how formidable this Xeno-race expert from the Mistysea World was. However, now, not only did his desperate attack not injure Chen Xi in the slightest, he was directly annihilated instead!

Such a scene caused even him, a Heavenly Immortal, to feel his entire body go cold.

“Saintro Hammer’s three moves of immortal annihilation. God and world crusher!” Right when Chen Xi had just annihilated Ming Zhi, a figure suddenly shot out explosively from the space behind Chen Xi, and the sledgehammer in his hand smashed right down at Chen Xi.

Shockingly, this person was Lu Gang from the Saintro World. He’d actually used a mysterious ability to conceal himself in space earlier, so when he charged out at this moment, he’d simply fully expressed the essence of a surprise attack

Moreover, he’d utilized his full strength as soon as he launched this attack. Because he’d already clearly understood how terrifying Chen Xi was since long ago, and it would absolutely be irresponsibility to his own life if he dared continue to hold back in the slightest.

However, right when his hammer technique was about to smash onto Chen Xi’s head like a bolt of lightning that descended from the nine heavens, numerous golden flowers suddenly appeared in midair. The golden flowers seemed like cauldrons, and the petals of the flowers emitted milky white divine flames that enveloped all the force contained within the hammer technique.

“Divine chains of the Grand Dao, the lotus of truth. Everything in the world is eternal as its flames prosper!” Chen Xi chanted a profound maxim, and his entire body didn’t move in the slightest before shapelessly eliminating Lu Gang’s assault. This sort of miraculous ability was already impossible to be described with words.

“Saintro’s brilliance! Annihilate all techniques!” Lu Gang’s expression suddenly went grim as the sledgehammer in his hand shook, and it emitted a majestic and powerful strength that was capable of destroying the world. The sledgehammer in his hand was like a waterfall that gushed down from the nine heavens as it smashed down once more, and his move was so ferocious that it had already broken away from the scope of martial techniques.


When facing this attack, Chen Xi turned his body and struck out with his fist. An extremely ordinary punch of his seemed to have even extracted the laws of the heavens and the earth and condensed it into his punch, causing it to erupt with a myriad of divine brilliances, and it actually forcefully blasted the sledgehammer apart!


At the same time, Lu Gang let out a shrill cry and was directly blasted 500km away by the force of this punch before his body shattered, causing severed body parts mixed with blood to spray all over the sky, and the scene of his death was exceedingly tragic.

Another one has died…

Everyone looked at all this with dumbstruck expressions, and their minds had already been shocked numb by the various abilities Chen Xi’s executed.

1. Character for confine or seal

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