Chapter 535 – The Tiny Cauldron’s Divine Might

Stomp! Stomp!

His footsteps emitted heavy, muffled, and rhythmic sounds as he stepped up into the sky, and they resounded out in the heavens and the earth like the sound of a drum. Moreover, they seemed to have a magical effect that caused everything in the heavens and the earth to fall into silence.

The army of specters that were everywhere fell into a stunned state, and they forgot to attack, whereas the hearts of the extremely sorrowful cultivators in the city became calm along with the resounding of these footsteps.

Besides that, the Ghost Emperor Li Huang, Luo Chuan, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang’s gazes abruptly became serious.

Amidst this expanse of silence, Chen Xi held the jade cauldron as he ascended up into the sky. His figure was tall and carried a lofty and steady bearing as if he was a king that established the world and made everything submit before him.

“Who’re you?” The Ghost Emperor Li Huang shouted loudly, and his silver pupils were filled with a surprised and bewildered expression. In his eyes, the imposing aura emitted by Chen Xi who held the jade cauldron was extremely alike to the terrifying existence in the primeval times that had once caused him to have countless nightmares.

At this moment, the others jolted awake from their silence, and they looked towards the tall figure in the sky.

“Chen Xi!?” Feng Jianbai, Su Qingyan, Xue Ranchen, and the others within the city were stunned, and an expression of disbelief gushed out from their eyes.

Why is it this fellow?

No matter how formidable he is, he only possesses a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm! How could he possibly achieve this?

“Wait, he isn’t Chen Xi.” Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, Huangfu Qingying, and the other disciples of the Darchu Dynasty revealed surprised and bewildered expressions after being slightly stunned.

That person’s appearance was indeed Chen Xi’s without a doubt. However, that bearing was completely different to Chen Xi, and he had an extremely steady and respected aura of a king.

His gaze was sedate and calm, and everywhere his gaze reached, it seemed as if the heavens and the earth had become silent and the entire world had become calm and meek.

It seemed as if so long he was present, everything in the world had something to rely on, something to entrust their hopes to, and this imposing aura of ruling over the entire world belonged to the aura of a supreme king that dominated the world!

What exactly has occurred to him?

Everyone was unable to guess it.

On the other hand, a wisp of deep-rooted hatred gushed out from Bing Shitian’s heart when he saw Chen Xi, and the flames of envy that were originally suppressed in the depths of his heart once again started surging up slowly into his heart, causing him to wish for nothing more than to annihilate this kid before him.

An existence that’s like an ant actually obtained the heart of Senior Sister, and she even gave birth to a son for him!

This was an outcome that Bing Shitian was utterly unable to accept, nor could he tolerate it.

His Senior Sister was an inviolable existence in his heart and belonged only to him. Besides him, there wasn’t a single person in this world that could obtain her!

So Bing Shitian had long since held killing intent towards Chen Xi, but he’d endured it all this time and intended to find an optimum opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi in one go.

However, he never expected that Chen Xi would actually appear at a time like this. Moreover, Chen Xi had appeared with such a steady and vast imposing aura, causing him to simply be in disbelief.

How could a tiny ant possess such a formidable imposing aura? It’s even…stronger than mine!?

This sort of feeling caused Bing Shitian to feel extreme detest and discomfort. Presently, he’d already been beaten to the point of being bathed in blood, severely injured, was in a sorry state, and he was powerless to turn the situation around.

But as soon as Chen Xi appeared, he caused everyone to be shocked and caused the heavens and the earth to be shaken. How could Bing Shitian, who’d always boasted of his identity as a Heavenly Immortal, be able to accept such an enormous gap?

However, he still endured it in the end. He wanted to see whether this fellow was actually making a false show of strength. Or perhaps it could be said that he utterly didn’t believe that Chen Xi’s appearance could change anything.

“The cause is the jade cauldron in his hand!” Madman Liu frowned as his muddy eyes stared fixedly at the jade cauldron in Chen Xi’s hand, and the shock in his heart grew the longer he looked at it.

It was a jade cauldron that was completely crystalline and smooth like jade, divine lights flowed around it as divinity flickered upon it, and the surroundings of the cauldron had a thousand rays of light and a myriad of strands of auspicious qi revolving around it. Besides that, talisman markings surged on it as the sound of gods chanting faintly emanated from it, and it possessed a vast, lofty, and all-encompassing aura of supremacy.

However, regretfully, there was a gap at the mouth of the cauldron, causing its flawlessness to have a bit of flaw. But even then, this jade cauldron was still formidable to the extreme, and it caused others to be utterly unable to estimate exactly what level of treasure it was.

It wasn’t just Madman Liu, some others with formidable strengths had noticed the jade cauldron in Chen Xi’s hand, and all of them were exceedingly shocked as they felt this treasure actually seemed to be much more formidable than the weapons of the gods!

“This cauldron…” The Ghost Emperor Li Huang as a wisp of reminiscence was revealed from his silver pupils, and he seemed to have recalled something, yet didn’t dare believe it was true.

“What’re you hesitating for? Kill him first! With the strength of the four of us, even if the gods are revived, what can they do to us?” Luo Chuan shouted out explosively as he launched an attack first. His pure white wings flapped, causing him to seem like a flowing light as a myriad of bright silver lights sprayed out explosively before condensing into a scissors that struck towards Chen Xi.

“The revival of the gods…” High above in the sky, Chen Xi suddenly muttered with a voice that revealed boundless ancientness, sorrow, and grief.

After that, his gaze swept towards Luo Chuan’s attack that struck towards him, and he lightly spat out two words. “Fuck off!”


Everyone was shocked as the jade cauldron in Chen Xi’s hand charged out and shattered the bright silver scissors right away, causing silver lights to scatter in the sky and dissipate into nothingness.

Moreover, the jade cauldron didn’t lose momentum in the slightest and seemed to tear through space as it arrived before Luo Chuan.


It smashed onto Luo Chuan before a crack resounded out, and then Luo Chuan’s pure white wings were broken off, causing silver and thick blood to gush out explosively while his entire body was blasted flying while endlessly coughing up blood.

No one had expected that Chen Xi was actually so dominating and terrifying. Merely a single strike of his had heavily injured a Xeno-race expert that had descended to the Primeval Battlefield!

What sort of strength is this? What sort of might is this?

Unknowingly, a trace of flames of hope burned once again in the originally despairing hearts of everyone within the city, and everyone faintly felt that Chen Xi’s appearance was bound to turn the situation around!

Bing Shitian puckered his lips and was anxious and doubtful while the flames of envy and rage grew even brighter in his heart.

How could this be possible? How could this kid be so formidable?

Wait, all is this is the contribution of that jade cauldron! It’s surely a precious treasure of the gods! Without its assistance, how could he possibly achieve this?

Luo Chuan being injured with a single strike caused Li Huang, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang to be shocked in their hearts. The others didn’t know Luo Chuan’s strength, yet they knew it clearly, and even if a true Heavenly Immortal descended here, the Heavenly Immortal would be utterly incapable of heavily injuring Luo Chuan with a single strike!


A silver light flickered as Luo Chuan started to repair his body. His vitality was exuberant like the ocean, so unless his life was taken with a single strike, otherwise his injuries would recover very quickly.

This was the reason why the members of the Wing World were formidable.

“Bastard! You actually injured me, fight me again!” Luo Chuan howled. He was extremely furious, as he’d actually been heavily injured with a single strike earlier, and even though he’d already recovered his injuries, it was still an enormous humiliation to him.

His pure white wings shook before it stretched out to become 3km in length and cover the skies, and it was in the shape of two sharp swords that could lift up the sky as it sliced down at Chen Xi from both sides.

On the other side, the Ghost Emperor Li Huang, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang made a move successively, as they’d all discerned how terrifying Chen Xi was, and they wanted to join forces and annihilate him.


High above in the sky, divine lights erupted explosively as waves of air rumbled, and the sky in the area of 5,000km was completely drowned in a terrifying and surging chaotic flow of space.

“It’s impossible. The gods can’t revive themselves any longer…” When faced with this exceedingly terrifying attack, Chen Xi seemed as if he was unaware of it, he sighed in a low voice before suddenly shaking his head forcefully, and he emitted a low and sorrowful howl as his long hair started fluttering.

He stood on the spot and fell into some sort of sorrow, yet no matter how the various attacks struck on his body, he seemed like a rock that wouldn’t fall in a million years, a rock that was eternal.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Innumerable attacks smashed onto his body without missing in the slightest, yet were unable to cut open his skin in the slightest, because being beneath the envelopment of the jade cauldron’s divine light caused him to seem like an inviolable and supreme king.

The full forced strikes of Li Huang’s group of four was capable of smashing a Heavenly Immortal to death, yet when their attacks descended onto Chen Xi, it only emitted the sound of rain striking banana leaves, and he wasn’t affected in the slightest.

Everyone that originally had their hearts in their throats were dumbstruck when they saw this scene. Exactly how formidable is this cultivation? It simply isn’t something a mortal can possess!

“The gods are gone, yet annihilating all of you is still as easy as a flip of the hand!” Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, causing his long hair to flutter, and he felt sorrow in his heart. It was impossible for the gods to be revived, yet there were still surviving Xeno-race experts that had come to invade, and this caused him to be filled with hatred and killing intent.

He looked at the sky and the sky suddenly fell into darkness. Countless bright stars flickered as an extremely long river of stars appeared, and it illuminated his body while his body revealed apertures that conformed to the river of stars. At this moment, he and the heavens and the earth cast light upon each other, and they conformed extremely to each other.

At this instant, he’d abandoned his sorrows of the past and dominated the world.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Chen Xi’s footsteps were like the rumbling of battle drums that resounded in the heavens and the earth, and the jade cauldron emitted a myriad of rays of divine brilliance as if charged forward. At this moment, even the heavens and the earth droned and trembled because of it.


Blood sprayed out. Chen Xi’s eyes carried frightening killing intent while the jade cauldron seemed like a divine sun as countless ancient and vast talisman markings gushed out from it and smashed down. As it collided left and right, Luo Chuan, Meng Zhi, and Lu Gang were successively struck to the point of retreating repeatedly while coughing blood endlessly, and their entire bodies were tainted red with blood.

Only Li Huang seemed to know Chen Xi was formidable and had held back in his attack, allowing him to avoid injury this time.

Everyone was astounded, and even Bing Shitian’s face was covered in shock. Chen Xi is so strong! Such might is simply comparable to the gods of the primeval times!

After all, under the joint forces of those four Xeno-race experts, even a Heavenly Immortal like Bing Shitian was unable to go against them. Yet now, they were struck by Chen Xi to the point of not even being capable of withstanding a single attack. Such might had already exceeded all their imaginations.

“Who exactly are you?!” Li Huang roared.

Luo Chuan, Meng Zhi, and Lu Gang’s expressions changed indeterminately as well, and their voices were suffused with killing intent as they said, “Who’re you?”

Up until this point in the battle, they were already able to guess something from the might revealed by the jade cauldron, yet they didn’t dare believe it because this fact was too terrifying.

“Who am I?” Chen Xi muttered to himself as his eyes carried a blank expression, and then he suddenly opened his eyes wide, causing two profound divine brilliances to explode out and directly shatter the space in front of him before he said, “This Primeval City was formed from my body, this Primeval Battlefield was established by my hand, and these laws of the heavens and the earth were set up by me!”

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