Chapter 534 – Charging Into The Heavens

As long as life remained, battle would never end!

Mortals fought for life, death, sickness, and age. The beasts of the mountains fought for survival. The breeding of all beings was a battle with nature, and cultivators seeking the Dao was a battle with the Heaven Dao.

The heavens, earth, and life. Wasn’t battle everywhere?


Chen Xi was immersed in this pure battle, the hot blood in his entire body blazed as he completely forgot everything.

There was only a single thought in his heart — Battle!

While battling under this strange state, he entirely didn’t notice that his cultivation, soul, and even body had erupted with vitality that was even more powerful and blazing than normal, and his boundless potential rumbled all around his body.

His Rebirth Wheel was revolving and pulsing as it linked up with the heavens and the earth and emanated divine lights, whereas his True Essence gurgled like surging lava that became thicker and thicker, purer and purer.

The tiny apertures all around his body were flickering with the radiance of the sun and moon while bright lights gushed out from within, and they were gradually strengthening his flesh, skin, tendons, and bones, allowing him to erupt with even stronger potential.

Moreover, his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations were steadily rising with a tremendous momentum!

He was completely unaware of all of this.

Because the voice of the tiny cauldron still lingered by his ears like an urging tune that forced him to fight even more desperately, and he practically brought out his strength to the limit.

At this moment, thunderstorms rumbled all around him while flashes of lightning moved about within his eyes. Various Dao Insights of the five elements, Yin, yang, lightning, star, slaughter, obliteration, paramita, oblivion, devour, and so on and so forth were utilized skillfully and exerted at will by him. Every single move of his had the majestic and powerful will to sweep through the world.

Besides that, the specters that died at his hands were like the paddy in the fields that were reaped batch after batch by him, and his speed of annihilating his enemies was absolutely astonishing to the extreme.

Of course, a great portion of the reason behind this was that Chen Xi had launched an attack from behind them. All the specters were concentrated in attacking Primeval City, so how could they have imagined that there was a human carrying out a slaughter behind them?

Even if they noticed him, it was too late. Because Chen Xi’s speed was too swift and utterly didn’t give them the chance to react before annihilating all of them.

In other words, this sort of battle was simply a one sided slaughter.

If one were to look down from the sky, one would see a figure that flickered with the glow of lightning seemed like a sickle that reaped lives from behind the army of specters, and it cut out numerous horrifying scars and destruction.

Unfortunately, this scene was bound to not be noticed.

Because Bing Shitian was in a fierce battle with the four Xeno-race experts in the sky, whereas beneath the sky were the emissaries of the Dark Reverie leading the disciples of the various Dynasties to fight the specter army.

Extremely horrifying battles were playing out everywhere, and for the sake of survival, no one dared be distracted at this moment!

After slaughtering and battling for an unknown period of time.

The tiny cauldron’s voice suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ears. “Enough, there’s no need to continue gathering divinity.”

“Enough?” Chen Xi stopped moving, and his eyes still carried a trace of disappointment.

But he forcefully endured it and asked with a hoarse voice. “Is it really enough?”

“I can fight once with my full strength.” The tiny cauldron answered calmly.

“Alright.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief. Only now did he realize that his entire body was indescribably exhausted. His muscles were unbearably sore, and he had a strong impulse from his exhaustion that caused him to wish for nothing more than to fall asleep.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you along to kill your way into the heavens!”

A single sentence of the tiny cauldron caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed, and his exhaustion was completely wiped out.


“Hahaha… Junior, I was able to battle the gods all those years ago. Even if only a strand of my incomplete soul remains now, how could I be someone that a tiny Heavenly Immortal like you can go against? If it isn’t for the protection of the weapons of the gods, you’d have fallen long ago!” Loud laughter sounded out from high above in the sky. Li Huang was completely bathed in violet flames that blazed brilliantly with a flip of his palm, and it incinerated the space in a surrounding area of 500km, revealing its extremely overbearing and violent nature.

“You’ve overestimated your ability indeed. The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand, and Primeval City is bound to be obliterated. Your actions are futile. Let me see for how long you’re able to continue struggling!” Lu Gang was extremely cold and indifferent, and his jade green eyes emitted a cold light as his killing intent shook the surroundings.


A large expanse of a golden rain of blood sprayed down from the sky as Bing Shitian staggered back while blood sprayed from his mouth. He was injured.

He’d indeed underestimated the strength of the Ghost Emperor Li Huang, as he never expected that an incomplete soul that had survived for innumerable years would actually contain a strength that was capable of comparing with a Heavenly Immortal. Coupled with the assistance of the three Xeno-race experts, they instantly caused him to fall into a precarious situation.

If it wasn’t for the protection of the eight weapons of the gods, he would have been completely incapable of persisting until now.

“What’s with all the nonsense!? If you want to fight, then fight directly. I, Bing Shitian, have experienced countless battles while cultivating until now. When have I been afraid of anyone?” Bing Shitian’s right hand shook as he charged forward once more. The silver halberd soared through the sky and slashed out, causing space to be warped as it pierced out explosively, and he fought utterly fearlessly.

However, no matter how he charged and fought, he was unable to escape the situation of being fiercely suppressed by Li Huang’s group of four, and it became more and more strenuous to him as the battle progressed while the injuries on his body grew more and more severe.

“Fuck! If my true body was here, then how could I possible be suppressed to this point? Moreover, these weapons of the gods aren’t obeying me, causing me to be only capable of bringing out less than 30% of their might… Could it be that this External Avatar of I, Bing Shitian, will fall today?” Bing Shitian’s eyes blazed with flames as his heart was filled with unwillingness.


Right when these thoughts appeared in his mind, the Wing World’s expert, Luo Chuan, assaulted him explosively from the side. Luo Chuan’s wings were like blades that gave rise to an expanse of bright silver talisman markings that blasted Bing Shitian flying and caused a rain of blood to spray out.

“Lord Immortal!” Meanwhile, the emissaries in Primeval City noticed this scene, and they cried out involuntarily with shock.

They’d never imagined at all that Bing Shitian who seemed undefeatable would be suppressed to such an extent. Could it be that the strength of those Xeno-race experts are even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal?

Along with these exclamations of shock resounding out, the disciples within the city reacted to what had happened, and when they saw Bing Shitian being pursued to the point of being covered in injuries and on the verge of losing his life, all of them cried successively with sorrow.

Would all of us still have a chance to survive if Bing Shitian perishes?

At that time, Primeval City would be destroyed, whereas all of them disciples of the various Dynasties were bound to die a graveless death along with it!

“You’ve struggled on for so long, how much longer can you persist!?” The Ghost Emperor Li Huang’s tone was ghastly, his silver pupils were extremely icy cold, and his killing intent was like a tidal wave.


Violet flames gushed out like the tide and injured Bing Shitian once more.

“Give up struggling. A situation like this isn’t something a Heavenly Immortal’s External Avatar like you is capable of changing. Unless a great figure from the Immortal Dimension descends, it’s impossible for you to survive today!” Ming Zhi spoke softly. His appearance was like a gorgeous woman, yet his strength was unquestionably formidable, and more than half of the injuries on Bing Shitian were caused by him.

Bing Shitian gasped for breath as blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth, and there was a trace of a struggling expression in his eyes.

Battling up until this point had already caused despair to arise in his heart, and he intended to flee temporarily. Because he knew extremely clearly that even if he fought until death, he would probably be powerless to change the situation, and if he lost an avatar because of this, it would really be not worth it.

Most importantly, he didn’t have any intention of being willing to sacrifice himself for Primeval City, and it was utterly impossible for him to lay down his life for those disciples of the various Dynasties.

Because he was a Heavenly Immortal from the Immortal Dimension!

In the eyes of most Immortals, the myriad of living beings in the Mortal Dimension were like ants, lowly and tiny, and they weren’t worthy of them expending anything for.

Bing Shitian was the same as well. Even if he was filled with surging heroic spirit, arrogance, and confidence before the battle, but when faced with this cruel reality, he had no choice but to think and consider for his own benefit.

However, when he recalled that there was still a woman staring at him from within the city, the thought to flee in his heart had vanished instantly without a trace.

Didn’t I wait bitterly for countless years for the sake of obtaining Senior Sister’s heart and achieve my lifelong wish? If she sees me running from a battle, she’ll probably be disappointed, right?


I’ll try my best, and if I really can’t defeat them, I can disregard the others, but I must rescue Senior Sister…

Numerous thoughts flashed within his mind, and Bing Shitian’s gaze had already become firm once more.

He’d decided to fight, to fight until the end, because he wanted to let the woman he loved deeply to see that he could pay any price for her sake!


The battle erupted once more.

However, it was just as Bing Shitian had guessed. No matter how he resisted, he was unable to turn the situation around. Conversely, his injuries grew more and more severe during the battle, causing blood to drop down like rain.

“Lord Immortal!” As they looked at Bing Shitian who fought in the sky with all his might, everyone in Primeval City cried out sorrowfully, and they were unable to accept the outcome that was about to occur, causing sorrow, rage, and despair to fill their hearts.

Never had they imagined that Bing Shitian’s actions were only for the sake of obtaining the favor of a beauty, and they naively thought that Bing Shitian was fighting for their sake and fighting for Primeval City.

Fate played tricks on people just like this, and it was absurd and laughable.


Bing Shitian was blasted back once more, his entire body was bathed in blood while his expression was dim, and he was already on the verge of exhaustion.

“I never imagined that a tiny Heavenly Immortal would actually be so loyal and righteous. Such character is probably very rare in the Immortal Dimension, right? According to my knowledge, all of you fellows that praise yourselves to be immortals are extremely arrogant, and you think all the living creatures in the lower dimensions and worlds to be ants.” The Ghost Emperor Li Huang roared with laughter, and his voice was filled with ridicule.

Luo Chuan, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang laughed coldly without end.

Bing Shitian turned a deaf ear to what Li Huang said as he was accumulating his strength to launch a final strike and rescue Qing Xiuyi before fleeing the battlefield.

“Lord Immortal!” The people in the city cried out sorrowfully once more as despair couldn’t be restrained from spreading within their hearts. Bing Shitian was their only pillar of support, yet he was about to collapse now, so how could they accept this?

It seemed as if they were about to fall into a hopeless situation.

Could it be that I’m really going to die here today?

The hearts of everyone was filled with unwillingness and fury, and they were at a loss.


Suddenly, an extremely vast aura stretched out swiftly from extremely far in the distance, and it shook the sky as it enveloped the surroundings, causing the entire heavens and the earth to seem to have fallen into silence.


At this instant, no matter if it was Bing Shitian, Li Huang, and the others who were in the sky, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie within the city, or the experts from the various Dynasties, the gazes of everyone had swished over towards the same direction in unison.

At that place was a tall figure that was soaring up into the sky. His clothes and long hair fluttered in the wind while a jade cauldron that emitted a boundless glow of divinity shockingly rested in his hand.

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