Chapter 533 – Living For Battle

Four Xeno-race experts stood in midair before Primeval City with a formidable imposing aura that enveloped the surroundings. They were like barbaric gods of the primeval times that possessed monstrous ferocity that caused all the disciples in the city to be horrified and feel that it was difficult to breathe.


The heavens and the earth started wailing as violent winds blew abruptly and dark clouds that flashed and rumbled with thunder pressed down from above, causing it to seem as if doomsday had arrived.

“Ghost Emperor Li Huang?” Right at this moment, Bing Shitian stepped forward while his entire body erupted with a myriad of rays of light.

Along with him taking this stride out, the chaotic heavens and the earth seemed to have instantly calmed down, and all the phenomena present in the world before this had vanished completely. The entire world was peaceful and illuminated by rays of light, causing it to reveal a peaceful, tranquil, and orderly scene.

This was the might of a Heavenly Immortal, the might to transform the laws of the heavens and the earth to become under their control, and a single thought was capable of causing a myriad of techniques to be executed along with it.

Bing Shitian stood in midair while he revealed the imposing aura of a Heavenly Immortal to the limit, causing him to seem extremely formidable.

“Haha! I never imagined that someone in the younger generation actually still remembers me, Li Huang.” Li Huang who wore a black robe roared with laughter into the sky, and the violet flames around his body surged and coiled, causing him to seem like a devil god.

“Hmph! You’re only an incomplete soul. I would naturally retreat if you were at your prime, but now, killing you is as easy as flipping my palm!” Bing Shitian grunted coldly, and the space between his brows was filled with confidence and arrogance.

“Truly boring. You’re just the External Avatar of a Heavenly Immortal, yet you boast so shamelessly. Looks like the current Immortal Dimension has really declined and decayed to the extreme, and each generation is worse than the previous.” The nearby Luo Chuan laughed lightly with disdain while his pure white wings flapped behind him, and his eyes that were like two blood moons, causing him to be extremely horrifying.

“Junior, you should leave swiftly. Primeval City’s annihilation is at hand, and you’re utterly incapable of defending it, so don’t give away your life because of this.” The Xeno-race expert from the Mistysea World was covered in a vast and sky blue glow of water as he spoke unhurriedly.

“Indeed. A single Heavenly Immortal is utterly not a match for all of us.” The gold haired and jade green eyed Lu Gang spoke indifferently.

“Oh?” Bing Shitian’s brows raised as a trace of unconcealed disdain suffused the corners of his mouth. “Do all of you really think you can make a show of force here with that little bit of strength? Let me tell all of you the truth, your tracks were exposed long ago before all of you arrived here, and I, Bing Shitian, came here for the sake of annihilating all of you!”

As he spoke, the imposing aura on his entire body rumbled before becoming extremely blazing, and then he shouted out explosively. “Weapons of the gods, assist me in annihilating these heretics!”


As soon as he started speaking, eight divine lights suddenly rose from eight different directions in Primeval City, and then they flew over to revolve around Bing Shitian while revealing a vast glow of divinity.

These were the weapons of the gods that had just emerged not long ago. Originally, they were obtained by Huangfu Qingying and the other seven disciples, yet they seemed to possess intelligence of their own now and had arrived before Bing Shitian to fight by his side!

“The weapons of the gods!” The Ghost Emperor Li Huang’s silver eyes revealed a wisp of surging hatred, and he seemed to have recalled a past event that he couldn’t bear to recall.

“Everyone, make a move together and annihilate this fellow. After that, we’ll refine the weapons of the gods and annihilate Primeval City!” Lu Gang’s face sank when he saw Bing Shitian was so confident, and then he shouted explosively right away before taking the initiative to make a move first.


Amidst an enormous bang that seemed like a thunderclap, boundless golden lights gushed out explosively from Lu Gang’s body like a mighty ocean, and then it condensed into a large hand that grabbed at Bing Shitian.

“Just you?” Bing Shitian revealed a disdainful expression as his long hair fluttered in the wind, and he didn’t even make any movement. When the golden and large hand arrived before him, it was obstructed by one of the weapons before collapsing and dispersing with a bang, and it transformed into countless golden sparks that vanished without a trace.

“Weapon of the gods, Shift Mirror!” Lu Gang’s eyes constricted as a sledgehammer appeared abruptly in his hand, and then he took a fierce step forward, causing space to tremble as every step he took caused a golden flower to emerge. “Seven Steps of Slaughter, Saintro Hammer!”

Surging hammer images tore through the sky. Every single one of them expanded and contracted in midair, and they were like enormous mountains that contained a lofty and heavy imposing aura as they crushed down towards Bing Shitian.

At the same time, Li Huang, Luo Chuan, and Ming Zhi had attacked successively.

With a raise of Li Huang’s hand, a wisp of violet flames that seemed as if they came from hell transformed into a myriad of violet flame chains that fluttered in midair before whipping down towards Bing Shitian from the side.

Luo Chuan’s pure white wings flapped and struck out countless bright silver talisman markings. Every single talisman marking was like a blade that erupted with silver light, and they swept out like a vast river that was extremely terrifying.

On the other hand, Ming Zhi flew in the sky as a sky blue fluctuation undulated out like ripples from the horn between his brows, and it stretched out circle after circle, causing space to collapse and be obliterated inch by inch wherever it passed. Its impetus was similarly shocking to the extremely.

At the instant these Xeno-race experts appeared, they executed their killer moves that blazed brilliantly and threw the heavens and the earth into great chaos.

The expressions of everyone in the city went grim as they felt trembling that came from the depths of their souls. Just watching such a battle from afar had caused them to feel extremely powerless and despaired.

They were like ants that were looking up at eagles battling in the sky. They were so tiny, and utterly had no place to interfere.

I wonder how Bing Shitian will go against such an offense? In the distance, Chen Xi was extremely shocked as well while he watched this shocking and vast scene.

Right when this thought had just arisen in his mind, he saw the silver halberd in Bing Shitian’s hand shake and erupt with a myriad of divine lights, and it stretched out into the heavens and the earth and changed the laws in the surroundings to the point time and space was warped.

Merely a single strike had dealt with all the attacks, and he was formidable to no end.

In the next moment, Bing Shitian had already flashed up into the sky, and his gaze was like bolts of lightning as his halberd pointed towards Li Huang and the others as he roared. “Do you dare come up here for a battle?”

“Why not!?” Li Huang and the others charged up without the slightest hesitation.

Bing Shitian had acted in this way because he was worried the battle would affect Primeval City that was beneath him, whereas Li Huang and the others were similarly worried about harming the specter army.

Otherwise, their battle would completely destroy the earth to the point of collapsing inch by inch and being completely obliterated, and that wasn’t something either side was willing to see happen.

Both sides could be said to have similar intentions, and they created a new battlefield for themselves high above in the sky.


In the layer of clouds, the sounds of battle rumbled and surged as dazzling lights exploded out. Such a battle had long since exceeded the scope of the mortal world, and it awed the hearts of all.


A battle had broken out in the sky, and the battle on the ground was carried out like a raging fire as well.

The specter army that were spread out everywhere charged fearlessly with the intention of capturing Primeval City, and they charged out wave after wave like layers of enormous waves that had no end.

On the other side, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie resided above the city gates of all eight directions as they commanded the disciples of the various Dynasties to fight with all their might, causing various magic treasures, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities to interweave together and transform the entire expanse of the world into a place that was suffused with dust and dirt.

This wasn’t the final test of the Primeval Battlefield any longer, and it was a real battle instead.

There was no chance of surviving out of luck.

There was no place to shrink back.

Only by experiencing the test of blood and flames and experiencing a struggle between life and death to battle until the end with all their strength would they have the chance to survive.

Everyone was fighting desperately, and every single one of them was fighting for Primeval City!

This was bound to be a bloody battle that was exceedingly tragic. Amidst the talisman markings that interwove in the air, severed limbs flew about endlessly, and life seemed extremely fragile at this moment.

Such a scene caused everyone to faintly feel as if they’d returned to the primeval times, and they were vividly displaying the scenes of the battle between the gods and Xeno-race experts.

Chen Xi’s hot blood boiled as he watched this scene as well, and he wished for nothing more than to charge into the heavens and fight a great battle.

During the primeval times, the Xeno-race experts had invaded, causing the gods to lead an expedition here, and they’d lost their lives and sprayed their blood for the sake of protecting all the living beings in the three dimensions, they’d done it for the sake of peace for the generation to come!

Presently, the gods were gone, so could it be that I should allow enemies to willfully trample on and invade my home?

One that isn’t kin of mine surely possesses different intentions!

As a member of the three dimensions, I should slaughter our enemies courageously at this moment, as only in this way would I be able to live up to all that I’ve learned.

“Want to fight?” The tiny cauldron asked.

“Yes!” Chen Xi replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Alright, go kill these Specter Cavaliers and gather sufficient divinity for me. So long as you’re in time, we ought to be able to avoid the worse situation from occurring.” The tiny cauldron answered.

“The worst situation!?” Chen Xi was shocked in his head, and then he recovered a trace of clearness in his mind. “What you’re saying is that Bing Shitian isn’t the match for those Xeno-race experts?”

“Exactly. Even though he has the assistance of the eight weapons of the gods, he isn’t the gods of the primeval times in the end, so he’s unable to bring forth their true might. Coupled with him only being an External Avatar and not his actual Heavenly Immortal body, it’s practically impossible for him to annihilate those four people.” The tiny cauldron answered calmly.

“This…” Chen Xi simply didn’t dare imagined what would happen to Primeval City if Bing Shitian lost. Probably everyone present here would be annihilated along with the city, right?

“Get to work. For the sake of yourself, for the sake of your companions, and for the sake of… Primeval City.” The tiny cauldron spoke softly, and as it finished speaking, its voice was actually suffused with a wisp of indescribable sorrow.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had set out without the slightest hesitation.

He was currently standing at the back of the vast army of specters, and no one had noticed him. He only had to launch a surprise attack from behind and would naturally be able to easily annihilate countless enemies.

“Kill!” Shaman Energy surged violently in Chen Xi’s body, his body was like a mountain, and he seemed like a sharp blade as he fiercely pierced into the army from behind.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thunderstorm vortexes rumbled and enveloped an area of 300m, causing over 10 Mammoth Cavaliers to be shattered into powder and transform into fiendish qi, whereas, the divinity contained within their bodies were sent into the tiny cauldron instead.

“Too slow! You can just wait to be annihilated if you continue killing like this!” The tiny cauldron sighed lightly.

“Too slow?” These words of the tiny cauldron deeply provoked Chen Xi, causing him to gnash his teeth as he charged forward once again, and he rampaged about and devoured everything in his surroundings like a mad devil god.

“Do you only have such little strength? How will you kill your way into the heavens?”

“Kill! Kill with everything you have!”

“The battlefield is the best whetstone. What you have to do is completely erupt with all your potential, as only in this way would you be able to grow more swiftly and possess a stronger strength to the point of becoming an exalted figure!”

“Right! Forget your moves, forget your own existence. Your thoughts, your will, your goal, everything consists of a single word — Battle!”


Sentence after sentence spoken by the tiny cauldron resounded by Chen Xi’s ears, stimulating him to the point his eyes gradually turned red as his hot blood was slowly lit up bit by bit, and his battle intent rose steadily, causing him to fall into a pure state of battle.

He was like an infant beast that had finally bared its sharp fang and started its life of battle of hunting.

He was like an eagle that had spread its wings to leave its lair to grab that expanse of that sky that belonged to it.

This was an experience he’d never felt before.

Living for battle and looking down on the world because of battle!

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