Chapter 532 – The City Is Under Siege

Three Xeno-race experts had cut through the Dark Reverie to arrive at the Primeval Battlefield, whereas Li Huang who was a Specter War General didn’t hesitate in the slightest to issue the order for an all-out attack.

Instantly, group after group of Mammoth Cavaliers started to assemble the army of specters and issued orders, causing fiendish qi to surge as they filled the entire heavens and the earth with a violent and ferocious aura.

This vast army of specters was formed from the resentment of the Xeno-race experts from their battle with the gods during the primeval times, and they’d already been trapped in the Primeval Battlefield for innumerable years.

The only obsession in their hearts was to capture Primeval City and wipe out the suppressing force left behind by the gods so that they could return to their world and escape their misery!

So they started charging forward when they heard the horn for an all-out attack resounding out!

Everywhere that met the eye was row after row Specter Cavaliers rumbling and charging forward in an orderly manner, and they formed a dense mass that was even more numerous than locusts.

The fiendish qi on their bodies squirmed and roiled ceaselessly and actually started fusing together. Practically every 100 Specter Cavaliers formed a new body that was comparable to a mountain, possessed a monstrous imposing aura, and emanated surging black colored mist, and their strengths had risen explosively by countless times.

On the other hand, the Crimsonflame Cavaliers, Goldplate Cavaliers, and Mammoth Cavaliers had similarly combined together, and their fiendish qi fused together to condense into numerous and enormous creatures of various shapes and sizes.

Some had four heads, eight arms, and rode on bone dragons.

Some were completely covered with 3km long and thick tentacles, and they were like terrifying octopus monsters.

Some had even directly transformed into enormous skeletons that possessed hollow eyes that seemed to be connected to another world, and they seemed capable of swallowing a part of the sky with a single bite.

This scene seemed as if time had turned back to the primeval times when the army of Xeno-race experts were in battle with the gods, and their impetus was terrifying to the extreme.




Surging roars resounded out in the skies as fiendish qi covered the heavens and the earth, causing the world to be cast into a shadow and fall into an extremely great calamity.


Chen Xi suddenly returned to his senses while immersed in battle as he sensed an extremely dangerous aura. He raised his eyes to look and saw this terrifying scene, and his heart sank instantly.

Such an unexpected event was something that Yun Lansheng had never spoken of earlier!

Could it be that something has occurred?

“Be careful, Xeno-race experts have arrived, I sense their aura!” The tiny cauldron suddenly warned him with a voice that revealed extreme detest.

“Xeno-race experts?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he felt the situation was slightly bad. It’s just an extremely ordinary test of the Primeval Battlefield, yet Xeno-race experts have arrived here, could it be that such an unexpected event is foreboding something?

“Hide yourself first. Such an unexpected event is something only the great figures in Primeval City are capable of dealing with. A Rebirth Realm cultivator like you is utterly powerless to change anything. Moreover, being implicated in it would cause you to die a graveless death instead.” The tiny cauldron spoke without holding back in the slightest.

“Hide in the city?” Chen Xi laughed bitterly.

For the sake of improving his cultivation, he’d charged out too ferociously. Presently, he was already 5,000km away from the city gate, and if it was under normal circumstances, such a little bit of distance was nothing. But he was currently within the army of specters, so returning to the city gate was absolutely not an easy task.

“Just stand on the spot without moving.” The tiny cauldron went silent for a moment before speaking out abruptly.


Before Chen Xi could react to what was going on, he was enveloped by a wisp of milky white divine light.

In the next moment, he suddenly noticed that his figure had actually vanished as if he was a hollow and immaterial man. Numerous specters passed through where he stood yet they were actually entirely unaware of his existence.

“What sort of technique is this?” Chen Xi was extremely astonished. He’d once cultivated the Traceless Aura Technique, yet it was merely capable of concealing his traces, and he would be exposed as soon as another object approached him, whereas the technique executed by the tiny cauldron was different, and it actually directly caused his figure to ‘vanish!’

But it just so happened that he was still standing without moving on the spot. Moreover, his eyes and Divine Sense were still capable of sensing all the changes in his surroundings, causing it to be an extremely strange experience.

“It’s just a type of utilization of the Spatial Laws.” The tiny cauldron said indifferently, “You must remember that you have to pay the price for my assistance. In other words, if you want to obtain anything from me, you must pay an equal price for it.”

“Is this your own principle of doing things?” Chen Xi frowned. Truthfully speaking, he was slightly unable to accept such a method of exchange because it was icy cold and without any sense of humanity.

“No, this is for the sake of maintaining balance. Perhaps you’re unable to understand it now, but you’ll understand once you’ve grown to become sufficiently strong. Balance is the one and only law that allowed the universe to continue existing until now.” The tiny cauldron replied slowly. “If I help you too much, it will affect your karma, and it would be equivalent to passing calamity onto you.”

Chen Xi was unable to understand it indeed, but he was able to discern that the tiny cauldron was really doing this for his own good, causing the trace of ill feelings in his heart to swiftly vanish without a trace, and then he asked. “Then what sort of price should I pay?”

“Let’s watch the show first. Those Xeno-race experts are about to make a move…” The tiny cauldron replied.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, there were four extremely vast and resplendent rays of light that shot into the sky like beams of light that were connected to the heavens within the army of specters, and the phenomena emitted by them was shocking.

After that, four figures that were mighty like gods appeared in the heavens and the earth.

One was a black robed middle aged man with a pair of silver colored pupils and violet flames flowing all over his body, he was the commander of this army of specters, Li Huang.

One was a slender young man with a pair of pure white wings, and he was called Luo Chuan.

One was a beautiful man with ocean blue skin and a horn between his brows, he was called Ming Zhi.

One was a tall young man that had gold hair, jade green eyes, a craggy appearance, and seemed like a lion. His name was Lu Gang.

Besides Li Huang, the others had descended to the Primeval Battlefield from the other worlds outside the dimension. They had an extremely simple goal, it was to assist Li Huang to capture Primeval City that was built by the gods and escape the Primeval Battlefield.

“The Ghost Emperor Li Huang? I never expected that he’s actually still alive… No wonder the experts of the Wing World, Mistysea World, and Saintro World dared take such a risk to descend here…” The tiny cauldron muttered and seemed to have fallen into deep contemplation.

Chen Xi was completely bewildered instead, as he didn’t understand anything the tiny cauldron said, and he could only vaguely guess that these four people were all great figures from other worlds outside the dimension.

Moreover, one of them ought to have died during the time the gods carried out their expedition, yet he’d survived until now and had drawn three experts to the Primeval Battlefield.

Since Xeno-race experts have arrived, will Bing Shitian be able to defend Primeval City? Chen Xi looked at the distant Primeval City, and his heart felt slightly heavy.

He was slightly worried about the safety of Qing Xiuyi and the others, because if the Xeno-race experts were allowed to capture Primeval City, then everyone would probably perish along with the city…


The sudden attack of the army possessed a vast impetus and an unprecedented large scale, and it instantly caused all the cultivators that were in battle outside the city gate to be strained.

The amount of death rose rapidly!

“Shit, the army of specters have actually launched an all-out attack!”

“What a terrifying assault. What exactly is going on? Could it be that some sort of unexpected event has occurred?”

“Quickly hide within the city, quickly!”

The areas outside of the eight gates of Primeval City were filled with exclaims of shock as these experts from the various Dynasties started to be dispersed and retreat under the pressure of the formidable array of the specter army, and they didn’t dare charge forward any longer.

It was too terrifying! The level of assault was already something their current cultivation was unable to resist.

Moreover, under these circumstances, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie that held down the fort at the eight city gates understood the urgency of the situation, and they made a move successively to open up a path of escape for these disciples.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right at this moment, four extremely thick beams of light gushed out with a bang from the depths of the specter army, and they charged directly into the sky while emitting blazing light before four extremely mighty figures emerged.

At the instant these four figures appeared, the winds and clouds in all directions started roiling as a peerless pressure directly suffused the heavens and the earth.

Some cultivators that weren’t able to escape into the city in time were terrified by this pressure to the point failing to keep their composure, and their lives were directly reaped by the nearby Specter Cavaliers, causing blood to spray out violently as they died a tragic death.

“Xeno-race experts!” Atop the city gate, Yun Lansheng’s white hair fluttered as a cold and bright light suffused his eyes.

“These heavens and earth are really about to enter into great chaos…” Madman Liu put away his wine gourd as his muddy eyes stared into the distance, and a wisp of worry suffused his gaunt face.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Yun Lansheng and Madman Liu, even the other emissaries that held down the fort at the other city gates revealed shocked expressions, and a wisp of worry gushed out into their hearts.

None of them had expected that a very ordinary test of the Primeval Battlefield would actually turn into such a situation.

The other worlds outside the dimensions had always been the enemies of the three dimensions.

During the primeval times, the gods had led an expedition here precisely for the sake of annihilating these Xeno-race experts that had invaded the three dimensions.

Yet never had they imagined that after innumerable years had passed, there were actually Xeno-race experts that descended here once more. Could it be that the three dimensions are really about to undergo an upheaval?

“The final test of the Primeval Battlefield this time has ended. All disciples retreat back into the city, and you’re not allowed to take a step out of the city without orders!” Right at this moment, a clear and resounding voice suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth.

After that, Bing Shitian’s tall figure soared into the sky while his clothed fluttered with the wind, and his body emanated a myriad of rays of light that illuminated the world and caused him to seem like the ruler of the world.

As soon as they saw him, no matter if it was those disciples of the various Dynasties or the emissaries of the Dark Reverie, the worry in their hearts was completely wiped away as if they’d found someone to depend on and were free of anxiety.

Right, there’s a Heavenly Immortal present on our side, so what’s there to be afraid of even if Xeno-race experts have invaded?

“All emissaries of the Dark Reverie, listen to my command. All of you only have to hold down the fort at the eight city gates and defend the city gates to your last breaths. Leave everything else to me!” Bing Shitian was filled with a dignified bearing as he stepped on the clouds and emanated divine light, and every single move of his revealed a confident and arrogant feeling of superiority.

When they saw this scene, even Chen Xi who was still in the battlefield had to admit that Bing Shitian deserved to be called a Heavenly Immortal, as he possessed the majestic and powerful qualities of a leader that could take control of the world.

“Hmph! A Heavenly Immortal? Even if the gods are revived today, they’ll still be unable to turn the situation around!” Right at this moment, an exceedingly hoarse and gloomy voice rumbled out from afar and shook the surroundings.

Accompanying this voice were those four mighty figures that flew through the sky and instantly approached Primeval City, and their gazes were like bolts of lightning that stared coldly at Bing Shitian.

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