Chapter 531 – Xeno-race Experts

The seven tempering of the Rebirth Realm represented a cycle of life with every tempering, and every advancement caused one’s strength to undergo a qualitative transformation.

These seven temperings were respectively attributed towards the heart, liver, lungs, spleen, kidney, mind, and soul.

Chen Xi had already attained the 2nd tempering of the Rebirth Realm earlier, causing him to move from the element of fire to wood, and it tempered the liver. His Rebirth Wheel revealed a cerulean blue color that was translucent like jade as it floated within his Dantian, and it emitted jade green and clear rays of light, causing it to seem extremely profound.

Presently, after he devoured the divinity from the Crimsonflame Cavaliers and Goldplate Cavaliers, the color of his Rebirth Wheel was already suffused with a hazy golden color. Obviously, it was about to advance to the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm and attain the state of moving from the element of wood to metal.

Moreover, his body refinement cultivation had obtained an extremely great benefit as well. The tiny apertures in his body had been developed successively, and they formed a world of their own that contained his Soul Core within them. Besides that, his surging Shaman Energy was suffused with a crystalline and translucent sheen that was the trait of divinity that remained eternal, and it caused his body to become even stronger.

It was truly difficult to imagine that the divinity contained within the bodies of these specters would actually be so miraculous, and it was simply comparable to the most precious spirit pills and miraculous medicines in the world.

If one didn’t see it with their own two eyes, there would probably be no one that would dare believe this was real.

After carefully sensing the changes in his strength, Chen Xi revealed a wisp of satisfaction on the corners of his mouth, and when he turned around and saw those cultivators were still standing on the spot, he couldn’t help but shake his head. “Leave, quickly. This place isn’t somewhere all of you can stay for long.”

He was speaking the truth. This place was already 500km away from the city gate, and Crimsonflame Cavaliers formed the majority of the forces that were distributed in this area. Moreover, the deeper one went, the stronger the strength of the enemy would be, and it was absolutely not a place an ordinary person could stay at.

“Brother Chen, thank you for your life saving grace. If you have any use for us in the future, then we’ll lay down our lives for you!” All of them were startled and recovered from their shock before cupping their fists and speaking out successively.

“If we have the fate, then we’ll drink and chat together another day.” Chen Xi smiled and cupped his fists from afar.

All of them turned around and retreated towards the city right away. The weapon of the gods was holding down the area there, and there were only ordinary Specter Cavaliers there, so it was undoubtedly much safer.

On the other hand, Chen Xi flashed out to slaughter his way towards the depths of the army.

He’d calculated that the divinity contained within ordinary Specter Cavaliers was too weak and killing over a hundred was only comparable to the divinity obtained from a single Crimsonflame Cavalier, whereas a Goldplate Cavalier was much stronger, and the divinity obtained from killing one was sufficient to compare to around 50 Crimsonflame Cavaliers!

Chen Xi’s goal was extremely simple, it was to use all means possible to fiercely advance his cultivation during the final test of the Primeval Battlefield.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right when Chen Xi was pondering, a wave of footsteps that were dense and like thunderclaps suddenly resounded out in the extreme distance. It seemed like the sound of gathering men on the battlefield, a powerful army rumbling as they dashed over, and the heavens and the earth shook as a surging black mist rose up 300m into the sky.

“What’s that?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted.

Group after group of Crimsonflame Cavaliers gushed out from within the surging black mist, and they were completely covered in flowing glows of fire and emitted monstrous and ferocious auras, causing them to seem as if they’d walked out from the gates of hell.

They dashed out in row after row, and each row consisted of more than 100 Crimsonflame Cavaliers. They seemed like overlapping torrents of flames that whistled as they dashed, and they emitted a ferocious imposing aura that seemed capable of trampling down upon the world and sweeping through everything before them.

Moreover, behind them was row after row of Goldplate Cavaliers, and they seemed to be holding down the line and emitted terrifying auras.

These specters are formed from the resentment of Xeno-race experts, causing their intelligence to be low. Even if their strengths are shocking, they don’t know how to vary their approach and are just like puppets, so killing them…is as easy as flipping my hand! Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed, he was excited instead of being terrified, and a strand of burning and high spirited battle intent even rose in his heart.


He executed the Starsky Wings and charged forward like a bolt of lightning.

Presently, his body was tall like a mountain and had three heads and six arms, and his entire body was coiled by resplendent thunderstorms and bolts of lightning, causing him to be especially conspicuous in this part of the heavens and the earth. At the instant he charged over, he was clearly noticed by the specters.


In the next moment, their mounts rumbled and trampled through the ground as the Crimsonflame Cavaliers charged at Chen Xi like tidewater that carried overwhelming force, and their speed were shockingly swift. In the blink of an eye, they’d already charged to arrive before Chen Xi.

“Die!” Chen Xi’s figure flashed out like a fierce tiger that sprang down from the mountain, and his imposing aura was peerlessly domineering. Countless thunderstorm vortexes covered the surroundings of his body as he charged head on into the group of Crimsonflame Cavaliers.

All these thunderstorm vortexes contained the Devour Grand Dao, and they devoured the heavens and the earth and seized everything in the world. They were formed from a formidable Divine Ability that was born from the bones of a Roc, and their might was terrifying to the extreme.

The ten plus Crimsonflame Cavaliers that were the first to bear the brunt of the force didn’t even have the time to react when they were obliterated and devoured by the thunderstorm vortexes, and they were crushed into an expanse of fiendish qi that dissipated and vanished, whereas the divinity contained within their bodies were completely absorbed by Chen Xi and transformed into gurgling warm streams that ceaselessly improved Chen Xi’s cultivation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, Chen Xi killed to his heart’s content, and he rampaged about in all directions. Everywhere he passed, the sounds of explosions rose and fell as surging fiendish qi dissipated and vanished. So long as any enemy approached an area of 300m around him, they would be obliterated by the thunderstorm vortexes that were like a storm.

“Kill!” The battle intent in Chen Xi’s chest surged as he slaughtered without restraint. He completely seemed to have transformed into a Roc that wandered the universe, and his figure was like a bolt of lightning that devoured everything before him.

Amidst this type of satisfying and delightful battle, strand after strand of divinity was devoured by Chen Xi, causing his cultivation to rise steadily like a mushroom after the rain.

In next to no time, he’d broken through and advanced to the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm!

Moreover, the explosive rise of his strength caused his combat strength to become even more formidable. Every move and attack he made contained terrifying devouring force that was simply like a black hole, and he transformed every single place he passed by into a place of death.

He was immersed in slaughter just like this, and he was unaware of the passage of time.

The pressure before Chen Xi suddenly vanished, and when he looked over, he noticed that he’d unknowingly charged into the depths of the army, whereas, the Crimsonflame Cavaliers around him had vanished completely and were replaced by Goldplate Cavaliers.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi charged forward once more.

At this moment, these Goldplate Cavaliers were simply like numerous peerlessly miraculous spirit pills and herbs in his eyes, and they were just waiting to be picked and devoured by him.

If one were to look down from the sky above Primeval City, one would be able to see that the glow of treasures flew about all around the area outside the eight city gates while dust and the scene of battles that shook the heavens were everywhere.

The experts from the various Dynasty fought with all their might before the city gates, and they resisted the army of specters.

Just like Chen Xi, they’d noticed the miraculous effect of divinity, and all their eyes went red with desire as they seized this divinity madly and fearlessly to improve their cultivations.

At this moment, they would probably be unwilling even if someone drove them away.

But there was rarely anyone that was capable of rampaging about and plundering without restraint like Chen Xi. After all, amongst everyone in the entire Primeval City, only Chen Xi had grasped the Devour Grand Dao, and no one had such an abnormal combat strength like him.

Of course, there was a portion of cultivators that had fallen into the encirclement of the enemy due to their rash advances for the sake of achievement, and they perished on the spot in the end.

At this moment, at the depths of the army of specters.

A black robed middle aged man sat cross-legged with an indifferent expression on a violet colored lotus shaped platform. His eyes were narrow and long, his ears sharp, and his pupils were actually silver in color. Violet colored flames coiled around his body as bolts of lightning flashed about, and he possessed a majestic and dignified aura.

But if one looked carefully, there wasn’t a trace of vitality on him, and there was only dense and blazing divinity that surged like the sea, causing him to give others an extremely strange feeling, as if he was undead.

“Lord Li Huang, when are we launching the all-out attack?” A Mammoth Cavalier asked respectfully.

His entire body was covered in bones, as he was actually a skeleton. At this moment, he sat upright on a mammoth made of bones, and his teeth made cracking sounds as he emitted an extremely hoarse voice while gazing at the black robed middle aged man with his hollow eyes.

“Wait.” The black robed middle aged man’s eyes were like whirlwinds that were suffused with a horrifying sheen. “My race has already been trapped here for countless years, and only by capturing Primeval City will we be able to return to our home. So we must destroy Primeval City this time no matter what!”

“But I heard…there’s a Heavenly Immortal holding down the fort within Primeval City, and he’s extraordinary. I’m afraid…” The Mammoth Cavalier hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

“There’s no need to worry. I’ve already obtained the news that the upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand, and undercurrents are brewing in the Dark Reverie, so they have no time to care about this Primeval Battlefield. Thus, it’s the chance for us to escape!” The black robed middle aged man slowly stood up from the violet lotus shaped platform. The glow of lightning surged as his eyes blinked, and his voice revealed extreme confidence. “As for that Heavenly Immortal Realm expert, there’ll naturally be someone to deal with him.”

“May I inquire, Commander, could it be that our reinforcements have arrived?” The Mammoth Cavalier spoke with shock.

“You’ll know in a while.” The black robed middle aged man smiled slightly as a piercingly cold arc appeared on the corners of his mouth. “Once we crush Primeval City, I’ll sacrifice all the human cultivators to reconstruct my true body before killing my way up the nine heavens to torture and kill all the descendants of those gods of the three dimensions!”

“What resolution!” Right at this moment, a vast energy fluctuation stretched out from the nearby space, and it condensed into three extremely large and dusky clouds of light.

On the clouds of light were three mighty figures that were sitting upright there. Their entire bodies were bathed in light as strands of clear qi revolved around their bodies before condensing into an enormous and dazzling divine ring above them that emitted an extremely terrifying aura.

“I never imagined that the countless years had never put out the battle intent in Exalted Li Huang’s heart.” The one that spoke was a formidable man. He had a pair of wings on his back and a slender figure, and every single move he made emanated a noble bearing.

Li Huang didn’t dare be disrespectful, and he rose to greet them. Li Huang knew this man, he was an expert from the ‘Wing World’ called Luo Chuan, and he possessed unfathomable strength.

“Which one of them is the Heavenly Immortal that descended from the Immortal Dimension? Kill! Completely annihilate him. Such a heretic must be annihilated.” A man with a beautiful appearance and slender figure spoke with a sharp voice.

His skin was actually sky blue like the ocean, and at the area between his brows was a jade white horn. Moreover, his aura was similarly formidable to the extreme.

“Brother Ming Zhi, calm yourself. We’ll let you kill to your heart’s content in a while.” Li Huang felt even more relieved when he saw this person. This fellow was from the Mistysea Clan, and he seemed to be beautiful like a woman, yet in terms of strength, he was even more formidable than Luo Chuan.

“The upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand, and it was because of this that we dared to cut through the Dark Reverie and come here after receiving Brother Li Huang’s information. I hope…no unexpected event will occur.” At the center of Luo Chuan and Ming Zhi was a tall young man with golden hair and jade green eyes, and he was a Xeno-race expert as well.

He looked at Primeval City from afar and seemed to have thought up something, causing him to sigh without reason nor rhyme, and then he waved his hand and said, “Brother Li Huang, let’s start the attack. The longer we wait here, the sooner our identities will be exposed. It’s better to fight and win the battle quickly.”

Li Huang nodded, and then he turned to look at the Mammoth Cavalier. “Send out the command. Deploy the entire army, the goal — Capture Primeval City!”

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