Chapter 529 – The Power of Divinity

The battle erupted with a bang!

Everywhere that met the eye were countless magic treasures and brilliant flowing lights flying about chaotically. The heavens and the earth outside the city gate were covered in surging black clothes and chaotic flows of air as the sounds of battle and collisions reverberated in the heavens and the earth like thunder.

The Specter Cavalries wore pitch black armor and helmets with black colored steeds beneath them, and the weapons within their hands were condensed from fiendish qi. These weapons were extremely terrifying, and they tore apart space and caused fiendish qi to erupt with every swing.

They seemed like an orderly army that charged in rows, and they were swift, ferocious, fearless of death, and swept through everything before them.

In practically the time of a few breaths, they’d already pressed down onto the city gate.


The sound of a drum resounded out like the sound of a dragon roar, and it contained a terrifying aura that could crush everything before it. It stretched out with a bang and shattered expanse after expanse of Specter Cavaliers everywhere it passed without leaving a single one behind.

It was the Kui Ox Drum. It resided before the city gate with talisman markings surging on its surface, and it was suffused with the glow of a myriad of divinity as it drummed out sounds that seemed like thunderclaps. A single strike annihilated over a hundred Specter Cavaliers.

However, there were truly too many specters, they formed a dense mass that covered the heavens and the earth, and the death of over a hundred was only like a splash within the ocean and it was utterly nothing.




Numerous figures charged out of the city gate along with the Kui Ox Drum to go against the army of specters.

The sound of drumming was like collapsing thunder as the battle resounded out like raindrops, and the entire heavens and the earth was suffused with dust and filled with the terrifying scene of blood spraying out like rain.

All these experts from the various Dynasties knew that this was a test, a test that would allow them to enter the Dark Reverie smoothly if they suffered through it, and if they didn’t, then the icy cold earth would be their final resting place.

So all of them spared no effort and didn’t dare hold back in the slightest, nor did they dare shrink back in the slightest!

Chen Xi and the others were no exception as well.



The Talisman Armament soared through the sky, causing over 10 Specter Cavaliers to be directly slashed flying before exploding into balls of fiendish qi that vanished without a trace.

All these Specter Cavaliers were formed from the remaining resentment of the xeno-race experts, and they didn’t have flesh or blood. After they perished, they would transform into fiendish qi that returned to the heavens and the earth.


The Talisman Armament spun around like the tail of a dragon, and vast sword qi stretched out to shatter another few tens of Specter Cavaliers.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had simply transformed into a maleficent existence that rampaged within the army of specters, and his sword qi was like a rainbow that swept through everything before it, to the point there was practically nothing that could withstand a blow of his.

“How satisfying! After the Talisman Armament advanced, its might is even more formidable than the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Skysorrow Sword…” Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with surprise as he felt the shocking lethality of the Talisman Armament.

After all, every single Specter Cavalier possessed a strength comparable to a Rebirth Realm expert. Presently, all of them were completely slaughtered by the Talisman Armament as if it was slicing through melons, so how could such a might not cause Chen Xi to be pleasantly surprised?

He was already able to be certain that the current might of the Talisman Armament was more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifacts!

“Such a waste.” Right when Chen Xi was slaughtering everything around him, the tiny cauldron suddenly spoke to him via voice transmission. “If you continue slaughtering like this, then you’ll probably be unable to gain any benefit.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he blasted away the row of Specter Cavaliers before him and seized this gap to ask the tiny cauldron. “What do you mean by this? Could it be that these Specter Cavaliers have some sort of treasure?”

“All these Specter Cavaliers were formed from the resentment of xeno-race experts. However, all of them were able to remain eternally in the boundless years that had passed, do you know why?” The tiny cauldron seemed to not look forward to Chen Xi giving it the correct answer as well, and it answered its own question. “It’s very simple. Because there’s a trace of divinity within the resentment that’s almost eternal, and it’s greatly beneficial to your cultivation if you devour it.”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and then he slashed a Specter Cavalier to death right away before carefully inspecting it. Sure enough, amidst the fiendish qi that shattered apart was a trace of an extremely weak sheen, and he stretched out his hand to grab it right away.

Instantly, this trace of divinity transformed into a strand of warmth that gushed into his Dantian before being absorbed by his Rebirth Wheel, and it caused Chen Xi to clearly sense a trace of an eternal aura actually appear on his Rebirth Wheel!

It was even to the extent that even his strength seemed to have increased. Even though it was only a very tiny trace, it was already sufficiently shocking.

What a treasure! Not only is it capable of allowing my Rebirth Wheel to undergo a qualitative change, it’s actually so beneficial to my cultivation. It really is a waste of god’s given gifts if I waste it. Chen Xi exclaimed with shock in his heart.

Moreover, with a glance, he noticed the others in the distance were gathering those traces of divinity as they fought. Obviously, they’d noticed exactly what sort of benefit this energy gave their cultivation since long ago.

Looks like I have to make a move as soon as possible… Chen Xi kept the Talisman Armament away right away, and then his Shaman Energy surged as he instantly transformed into an over 10km tall giant that had three heads and six arms.


Balls of thunderstorms flashed with lightning as they rumbled and flew around him, causing him to seem like a devil god born from lightning, and he stood on the spot while swinging his hand out to instantly blast out countless thunderstorm vortexes that whistled as they expanded.

The impetus of his attack was simply like the impetus of a landslide or tidal wave, and it enveloped all the Specter Cavaliers in the nearby 30km around him. Instantly, all of them were obliterated and blasted apart into surging fiendish qi.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

On the other hand, the strands of divinity that remained were devoured by the thunderstorm vortexes and transformed into a myriad of streams that gushed into Chen Xi’s body, causing his cultivation to instantly rise explosively.

Moreover, he noticed that this divinity similarly possessed an extremely miraculous effect towards his body, and it caused the meridians and flesh in his entire body to actually carry a trace of a faint eternal aura as well!

As expected of a race that battled the gods. The strength they possessed is actually so miraculous. I truly wonder how explosively my cultivation would rise if I devour a real xeno-race expert? Chen Xi exclaimed with shock in his heart, yet he didn’t slow down in the slightest. He was like a devil god that emitted a terrifying and monstrous aura with every movement, and he possessed an overbearing imposing aura of dominance.

But no matter how many Specter Cavaliers he annihilated, there were still even more Specter Cavaliers gushing over from the distance, and they really did seem to be boundless.

If it was any other cultivator, the person would probably die of exhaustion.

But after he obtained the replenishment of the divinity, Chen Xi’s strength was replenished endlessly, and he didn’t show any signs of exhaustion. Moreover, along with the passage of time, his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations had actually attained the 2nd tempering of the Rebirth Realm!

Such a speed of advancement even shocked Chen Xi himself. It was too swift, as his cultivation had advanced a level in less than the time for an incense stick to burn. If news of this were to be spread, there would absolutely be no one that dared believe it.

Thus, exactly how heaven defying the magical effect divinity possessed was obvious from this.

“Hmm? There’s someone pinned down ahead?” Suddenly, Chen Xi inadvertently glanced over and saw a few cultivators had been pinned down by a group of Specter Cavaliers in the distance.

What caused him to be shocked was the armor, helmet, weapons, and mounts of these Specter Cavaliers was actually completely crimson red in color like blazing flames!

Moreover, the auras of these cavaliers were even more formidable than the Specter Cavaliers he’d seen earlier. Every single move they made caused fiendish qi to surge, and they actually executed a variety of Dao Grade martial techniques!

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