Chapter 528 – Specter Cavalry

Half a month later.

On this day, an expanse of dark clouds that were like a piece of lead suddenly gushed out into the originally clear sky, and it blotted out the sky, causing the heavens and the earth to seem as if it had suddenly fallen into the darkness of night.

The wind had suddenly started whistling furiously and emitting roars that were like the rumbling of muffled thunderclaps as it swept through the heavens and the earth, causing sand and rocks to fly up as both dust and dirt surged into the air.

The violent winds raged as the dark clouds pressed down upon the city.

An indescribably oppressive aura suddenly suffused the heavens and the earth and enveloped the hearts of every single person, and it seemed as if a shocking and unexpected event was about to occur, causing the hearts of everyone to become restless and feel uneasy.

“The sky has gone dark!” Madman Liu raised his head, and his muddle and intoxicated eyes were suffused with a strand of a piercingly cold sheen.

Chen Xi was silent, yet he felt slightly curious in his heart.

After Bing Shitian arrived at Primeval City half a month ago, he seemed to have evaporated into thin air and had never made an appearance again, nor did he come looking for Qing Xiuyi. These sort of unusual actions caused Chen Xi to faintly have a slight feeling of uneasiness in his heart.

But he was powerless to change anything. What he could do was merely to cultivate painstakingly and make the best use of every single minute to raise his own strength.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Right at this moment, it seemed like a powerful army was approaching in an orderly expanse outside Primeval City, and the heavy sound of footsteps shook the heavens and the earth to the point of trembling violently.

What a ferocious aura! Chen Xi’s expression went grim as he soared up into the sky. He saw countless beams of black qi charging into the sky in the distance, and the black qi seemed to contain numerous black colored dragons that roared as they soared up into the sky. The heavens and the earth were covered in expanses of pitch black darkness, and the spirit energy and spirit veins seemed to have been removed, causing the earth to transform into a decaying swamp in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, there vaguely seemed to be group after group of cavalries flying within the black mist. They wore pitch black armor, helmets, and halberds, and even the horses beneath them were suffused with strands of pitch black and dense mist, causing them to seem like the mounts of specters!

When looked at from afar, the groups of cavalries covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater that gushed over form the extremely distant horizon, and they charged over in a formidable array that emitted a ferocious aura that shot into the sky.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Chen Xi that flew into the sky to look over towards the distance, all the cultivators within Primeval City had been alarmed by this and done the same as well, and all of them revealed anxious and shocked expressions.

“My god! What’s that?”

“What sort of monsters are those, they’ve actually formed an army!?”

“What a terrifying and ferocious aura. Why do such creatures exist in the Primeval Battlefield? Could it be…that this is the shocking and unexpected event the emissaries spoke of?”

The entire Primeval City was like a lone isle that floated in the ocean, isolated and helpless, whereas the armored cavalry covered the heavens and the earth as they gushed over from all directions like a black colored torrent that exploded towards the city, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

“Emissaries of the Dark Reverie, swiftly lead the cultivators in your area to defend the city gate and resist the enemies!” Suddenly, a clear and long howl resounded out into the nine heavens, and it enveloped the entire heavens and the earth as it reverberated in the ears of all.

Accompanying this voice was a tall figure that appeared in midair. The figure emitted a myriad of rays of dazzling golden light, causing him to seem like an extremely blazing and enormous sun that looked down upon the world with peerless divine might.

Shockingly, it was the Immortal Emissary — Bing Shitian!

At the instant he made an appearance, he was like a divine pillar of support that instantly dispelled the nervousness in the hearts of all the cultivators, and he brought assurance and light to the hearts of everyone.

He’s Bing Shitian? Chen Xi looked over and only saw an extremely dazzling ball of light, yet was unable to see how exactly Bing Shitian looked like.


Right at this moment, Bing Shitian seemed to have noticed Chen Xi’s gaze, and as his eyes blinked, strands of brilliant bolts of lightning erupted out from them as he swept his gaze towards Chen Xi.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt a piercing pain in his eyes as breathing became difficult for him, and it was like an enormous mountain had pressed down upon him and shook him to the point even his soul couldn’t help but tremble.

The might emitted by Bing Shitian was simply terrifying to the extreme!

Bing Shitian was absolutely the most formidable enemy Chen Xi had encountered since he started cultivating!

Before long, Bing Shitian had moved his gaze away, causing Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart while laughing bitterly in his heart. This ‘love rival’ of mine is really formidable…

Meanwhile, the over 10 emissaries of the Dark Reverie had moved out to flash towards the city gates in all eight directions.

The final test was about to begin!



The cavalry dashed out like a powerful torrent that surged and rumbled before stopping right in front of the city gates. In the entire field of everyone’s vision, the distant heavens and the earth were already covered in surging pitch black and fiendish qi that blotted out the sky and was terrifying to the extreme.

The heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into eternal darkness.

“Every one hundred years, a shocking event would occur in the Primeval Battlefield, and what all of you see are the Specter Cavalry from the Primeval Battlefield.”

“During the primeval times, the gods had led an expedition here and the target of their attack was the xeno-race experts that came from outside the dimension. After these experts fell, their resentment remained and couldn’t be annihilated, and they formed into these Specter Cavalry.”

“The strength of these Specter Cavalry are roughly at the Rebirth Realm, and they’ve formed an enormous and almost boundless army. Your missions are to defend the city gate and exert every effort to kill these xeno-race experts.”

“Moreover, this is the final test of the Primeval Battlefield!”

Yun Lansheng stood before the northeast city gate with fluttering snow white hair as he pointed towards the surging most of cavalry in the distance as he spoke with confidence and composure.

Meanwhile, no less than 100 over cultivators had gathered before the northeast city gate, and not only were Chen Xi and the others present, even the experts of the other Dynasties were present.

These experts were from the ordinary Dynasties and had no enmity with the Darchu Dynasty, so they were able to obtain the permission of Chen Xi and the others to stay in the northeast Dynasty.

Presently, the final test of the Primeval Battlefield had begun, and they naturally were unable to escape the responsibility of joining the forces of Chen Xi and the others to defend the northeast city gate together.

The situation at the other seven city gates was the same.

Of course, they could choose to not participate. But if they acted in this way, they would undoubtedly lose the qualifications to receive the final test, and it would be impossible for them to enter the Dark Reverie.

So none of the cultivators in the city dared to slack off or take a passive stance. Conversely, all of them were bursting with energy as they hoped to fully display their abilities in this last moment to draw the attention of the emissaries of the Dark Reverie and smoothly enter the Dark Reverie.

However, after they heard Yun Lansheng’s introduction, the mood of everyone including Chen Xi and the others became extremely heavy.

What a joke, the armored cavalry that seemed to form a city outside the city were formed from the resentment of the xeno-race experts. Moreover, every single one of them had cultivations at the Rebirth Realm!

Not to mention these Rebirth Realm experts, even if cultivators of a higher realm were to arrive here, they would probably not dare say with certainty that they would be able survive this vast army.

“All of you don’t have to be worried. Once the battle begins, a weapon of the gods will appear in every one of these eight great areas to defend the city gate and assist all of you in dealing with most of the enemy forces,” said Yun Lansheng.

The expression of everyone eased up when they heard this as the presence of the weapons of the gods was relieving indeed.

Yun Lansheng smiled lightly, and then his expression went serious while he looked coldly towards the extreme distance with a gaze that seemed like bolts of lightning. “As for emissaries like me, we’ll hold down the defenses in all eight areas and deter the formidable existences amongst the enemy forces! So all of you don’t have to worry about this at all, and all of you can fight with your full strengths once the Specter Cavalry charge over.”

“Emissary, may I know if our lives will be in danger?” A cultivator suddenly asked from within the crowd.

Yun Lansheng glanced at the person and said indifferently, “This is a real battle, so what do you think?”

Everyone went silent.

Just think about it, this was the final test of the Primeval Battlefield, a large scale battle, and death was impossible to avoid.


Right at this moment, an extremely vast fluctuation suddenly stretched out in the sky above Primeval City, and then eight exceedingly dazzling divine lights surged out explosively from the eight areas of the city.

When looked at from afar, it seemed like eight beams of light were charging into the sky, and they were both thick and dazzling as they stirred the winds and the clouds, causing the dark clouds that enveloped the sky above the city to be shattered and reveal the clear sky once again.

“The weapons of the gods have emerged!” Yun Lansheng swiftly turned his head around. Even with his state of mind, his heart couldn’t help but tremble slightly when he saw the emergence of the weapons of the gods that had been sealed in the ground throughout the ages.

A myriad of divine lights surged into the skies as auspicious qi roiled, and the entire ancient Primeval City was bathed in an expanse of glowing divinity, and it seemed to be sacred and mighty.

Those were eight weapons of the gods that had once fought the world along with the gods, and they’d been tainted by the blood of the gods and slaughtered xeno-race experts. Now, when they emerged once again into the world, the ancient and vast fluctuation they emitted still caused the hearts of everyone to be unable to help but be awed.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and he saw the weapons of the gods in the sky were enveloped by blazing rays of light that were suffused with glowing divinity, causing Chen Xi to be unable to see them clearly.

But merely from the grand phenomena they emitted, it was sufficient to prove exactly how formidable these weapons were, and they were absolutely more formidable than Immortal Artifacts!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The eight weapons of the gods seemed as if they possessed intelligence as they spread out to fly towards the eight city gates.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly saw a weapon descend before the northeast city gate like a shooting star, and it enveloped Huangfu Qingying’s figure.

It was a beast skin war drum the size of a wash basin with flora, fauna, stellar bodies, and mysterious markings inscribed on it, and it was suffused with faint strands of divinity that caused one to be awed by the sight of it.

“Kui Ox Drum!” Yun Lansheng cried out in admiration, and his eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of burning desire. “During the primeval times, there was a terrifying ferocious beast that had the outward appearance of a dragon and roared like thunder, and it was called the Kui Ox. Its roar could shake the heavens and the stars, move a myriad of mountains, and it was extremely terrifying.

“This Kui Ox Drum was refined from the skin of a Kui Ox, and the Dao markings on it were those that the Kui Ox possessed innately. A light drum of it would emit a divine blast that sounded like thunder, not only was it capable of shaking enemies to death, it can even raise the morale of one’s own side to erupt with boundless potential, causing it to absolutely be an extremely formidable weapon of the gods!”

Everyone couldn’t help but exclaim repeatedly with admiration when they heard this, and they felt extreme envy towards Huangfu Qingying.

Since she was able to obtain the acknowledgement of the Battlevow Tablet, this Kui Ox Drum naturally belonged to her, and others were utterly incapable of seizing it away. Even if they annihilated her, the Kui Ox Drum would automatically vanish.

“The Specter Cavalry have arrived! All of you prepare for battle!” Right at this moment, Yun Lansheng’s suddenly shouted out explosively.

The hearts of everyone shook as they raised their eyes to look over. Sure enough, they saw the formidable array of armored Specter Cavalry dashing out with halberds in hand from within the surging black mist. Murderous qi shot in the sky as they surged over like a torrent, and merely the ferocious imposing aura that covered the heavens and the earth as they moved was sufficient to shatter the courage of their enemies!

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