Chapter 527 – Blazing Rage

This place was a hall that was extremely common in Primeval City, its eaves mottled and dilapidated, and it was suffused with an ancient aura.

However, it was a different scene within the hall.

An incense stick burner in the shape of an auspicious beast emitted strands of smoke and fragrance that drifted out into the air.

The floor was covered in a scarlet red and luxurious carpet, tear shaped lanterns hung on its walls and emitted gentle beams of light that caused one’s heart to feel refreshed and gladdened.

At the center of the hall was a table constructed from dark green and mottled jade.

Bing Shitian sat before the table with eyes that were like the night sky, deep and illusory, and the space between his brows was covered with an expression of peace and tranquility.

On the table was a Go board, Bing Shitian held a transparent jade glass and drank the wine within it in sips while making strategic moves with the black and white Go pieces, and he had a carefree bearing of enjoyment.

After they left the Warsoul Tablet, Yun Lansheng had brought him over here and not the northeast area where Qing Xiuyi resided.

Even though he felt that this was strange, but Bing Shitian didn’t question it.

I’ve already waited for so many years, so what if I wait another while longer?

Conversely, he enjoyed this process very much. He felt anticipation, excitement, and nervousness, causing his mind that had been tempered to the point of being extremely composed to be unable to help but ripple slightly.

If he were on the battlefield, this trace of ripple might cause a calamity to befall him. But it was different now. This was the Primeval Battlefield, and there wasn’t anything that could threaten him. So he safely enjoyed the various feelings this trace of ripple gave him, and he felt happy and pleased.

He felt as if he’d returned all those years ago in his youth, and all his thoughts would only change for that person.

Pat! Pat! Pat!

The clear and crisp sound of go pieces descending resounded out on the board, and it conformed to Bing Shitian’s current feelings, even though his thoughts weren’t calm, he acted without the slightest regret just like his placement of go pieces.

The nearby Yun Lansheng sighed in his heart when he saw this scene, and his mouth gaped yet was closed by him a moment later as he didn’t know how to explain it to Bing Shitian.

Actually, he’d hesitated to speak numerous times since they’d entered this hall, and he seemed as if he wanted to speak, yet was unable to, as if there was something difficult to disclose, and as if he was afraid of destroying this rare peaceful atmosphere.

“Junior Brother Yun, how about you play a round with me?” Bing Shitian suddenly raised his head and asked with a smile on his face.

Yun Lansheng shook his head because he didn’t have the mood to play go right now.

Bing Shitian smiled while his slender and white fingers casually played with a black and white go piece, and his voice had already become serious as he sighed. “Go ahead, exactly what it is that has caused you to actually be in such a difficult situation?”

Yun Lansheng puckered his lips, and he struggled for a long time in his heart before being unable to endure it any longer and said, “Senior Brother Bing, this matter is too significant, I’m worried…”

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Bing Shitian shook his head lightly and said, “Let me guess, could it be related to Senior Sister Qing?”

Yun Lansheng was stunned. He sized up the handsome young man before him and noticed the young man’s smile was gentle, his expression peaceful and tranquil, and he seemed as if he wouldn’t frown even if the sky collapsed.

This caused him to heave a sigh of relief in his head. Right, Senior Brother Bing is already a Heavenly Immortal, so how could some matters of love affect his state of mind?

When he thought up to here, he didn’t hesitate any longer and sighed. “You’re right, Senior Brother Bing, this matter is indeed related to Senior Sister Qing. In her current lifetime…she already has a person in her heart.”

As he spoke, he’d always been paying attention to Bing Shitian’s reaction, and he didn’t see any trace of anger in Bing Shitian’s expression, causing him to feel even more relieved.

“I never imagined that such a proud person like Senior Sister Qing would actually have someone she loves now.” Bing Shitian laughed lightly as an imperceptible trace of self-ridicule gushed out on the corners of his mouth. “All those years ago, countless exceptional and outstanding geniuses in the Dark Reverie fell for her peerless beauty, yet none were able to move her heart. However, there’s someone that has opened up her heart now, the matters of the world are truly impossible to predict.”

Yun Lansheng seemed to have the numerous events of the past, and his expression was filled with emotion as well.

Bing Shitian’s eyes were suffused with a trace of confidence as he shook his head and said, “Junior Brother Yun, you worried too much. Once Senior Sister Qing recovers the memories of her previous lifetime, she’ll understand that no one in this world can replace my position in her heart. So what if she has someone she loves? It’s only an illusion in the end.”

When he saw Bing Shitian reveal such an expression, Yun Lansheng’s heart sank instead, and he sighed. “Senior Brother Bing, the situation this time is different. Senior Sister Qing has… has…”

Bing Shitian was obviously stunned, and he said with a frown, “Junior Brother Yun, you’ve already attained the 8th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm now, yet you’re so irresolute and hesitant. It’s slightly disappointing.”

His voice already carried a trace of severe criticism.

Yun Lansheng laughed bitterly without end and stayed silent for a long time before he gritted his teeth and said, “Supposedly, long ago when Senior Sister Qing was in the Darchu Dynasty, she’d already given birth to a son for that person…”


Before he could finish speaking, the tablet before Bing Shitian had exploded abruptly, causing the go pieces to spray out in all directions and all over the floor, and they emitted a rapid and chaotic wave of sound.

Bing Shitian’s handsome face didn’t have a trace of a smile on it any longer, and it was completely icy cold as he stood up slowly.

Accompanying his rise, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly suffused the hall and rose steadily, causing the air to become chaotic and violent as it whistled out towards the surroundings, and it blasted apart everything in the hall and caused the entire floor to be in a mess.

At this instant, the entire hall was trembling intensely and was on the verge of collapse.

Moreover, everything in the world outside the hall seemed to have noticed Bing Shitian’s rage, causing the wind to whistle furiously as the heavens and the earth was cast into a shade, and an aura that caused horror to arise in the hearts of all spread out and enveloped the entire world!

The cultivators in the entirety of Primeval City felt this terrifying aura, and their hearts shook as unease crept throughout their bodies as it felt as if doomsday was at hand.

“Senior Brother, calm your rage!” The nearby Yun Lansheng was greatly alarmed and hurriedly calm Bing Shitian down. However, at the instant he encountered Bing Shitian’s gaze, he instantly shuddered in fear.

What sort of gaze is that!?

Icy cold and deep, indifferent and emotionless, a furious sea of flames roiled within it like lava, blazing and surging as if it wanted to annihilate everything and cause the heavens and the earth to be destroyed eternally!

“What’s his name?” asked Bing Shitian with a calm voice. However, beneath the calmness of his voice was boundless ghastly streams of coldness surging about, and it caused others to feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“Chen Xi.” This time, Yun Lansheng answered very readily. “Senior Sister Qing cares extremely about him.”

“Oh? So it’s him.” Shocking phenomena and an awe-inspiring glow appeared in Bing Shitian’s eyes, and he recalled the scenes he experienced before the Warsoul Tablet.

“Senior Brother, this kid’s potential is shocking indeed. He has overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth and has once defeated a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree and Will. Moreover, he almost uprooted the entire Shang Clan by himself. Such strength can already be considered to be at the top amongst those of the same generation.” Yun Lansheng explained from the side. “Presently, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Madman Liu has come looking especially for him, and he seemed to have been entrusted with this by the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan…”

“Enough!” Bing Shitian suddenly turned around with an electrifying gaze as he waved his hand to interrupt Yun Lansheng. “I’ll make my own decisions, there’s no need for you to speak any further.”

Yun Lansheng sighed in his heart, yet he still couldn’t help but warn. “Senior Brother, I only want to say that Senior Sister Qing cares extremely about Chen Xi. If you make a move against him, then I’m afraid…”

At this instant, Bing Shitian calmed down instead. No matter how furious he was in his heart or how he wished for nothing more than to annihilate Chen Xi right now, he forcefully endured it in the end.

He knew that Yun Lansheng was correct. The person he cared the most about was Senior Sister Qing, and if he caused his Senior Sister Qing to feel resentment towards him just because of an ant, it wouldn’t be worth it.

But he was absolutely unable to endure this forever.

As a Heavenly Immortal, the woman he admired in his heart had actually been seized away by a tiny ant from the mortal world, and this was simply a terrible humiliation that he would be unable to vent without killing the ant!

“Senior Sister… Do you know that I once vowed all those years ago that no one in this world will be able to obtain you if I can’t…?” Bing Shitian’s mutters drifted within the empty hall, and his voice was calm yet revealed a cold and murderous feeling.


Northeast area.

Chen Xi hesitated over and over again before taking a deep breath and trying hard to make himself look slightly calmer, and then he walked forward and raised his hand to lightly knock the door.

After a short moment, the door opened to reveal Qing Xiuyi’s jade white and peerlessly beautiful face, and she seemed to be utterly not surprised at seeing Chen Xi before she turned around to walk into the room.

Chen Xi had originally prepared numerous methods. For example, what he would say and what expression he would reveal when Qing Xiuyi opened the door so that he would look more natural.

However, he never imagined that Qing Xiuyi would actually seem as if she’d expected he would arrive, and she turned around to walk into the room as soon as she opened the door and utterly didn’t give him a chance to make some small talk.

But he came to an understanding with a quick thought. Qing Xiuyi’s character had always been like this, and it would be strange if she suddenly started making small talk with him.

Qing Xiuyi’s room was extremely simple and a trace of light and refreshing fragrance drifted in the air.

“Why did you come looking for me?” After they were seated, Qing Xiuyi asked directly. Her jet black hair was graceful and she wore a fringed dress, causing her to possess an extraordinary bearing that seemed aloof from the world like an otherworldly celestial maiden.

“The Immortal Emissary has arrived.” Chen Xi pondered for a moment. He looked at Qing Xiuyi as he spoke, and he just happened to be able to clearly see her delicate and peerlessly beautiful face from this distance.

“I know.” Qing Xiuyi replied with a nod. Her attitude was calm and even possessed a trace of indifference, and she seemed as if she’d utterly not taken this matter to heart.

Chen Xi was stunned and continued. “That person is Bing Shitian. He’s supposedly your junior brother from your past life.”

“I know.” Qing Xiuyi repeated the same answer, and her attitude was still indifferent.

“You… Could it be that you don’t have any other feelings? I heard he pursued you crazily all those years ago.” Chen Xi was truly unable to endure it, and he asked the question he was the most concerned about.

Qing Xiuyi raised her eyes to look right at Chen Xi before she replied with a question. “If my past lifetime and this lifetime was a continuation, then why would I choose rebirth and to cultivate again?”

Chen Xi was stunned when he heard this, and then he suddenly started laughing, laughing extremely happily. “I understand. You cultivate at ease, I’ll take my leave first.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi had already risen and left excitedly.

He utterly didn’t notice that at the instant he walked out of the door, the gaze that stared at him from behind was suffused with a trace of imperceptible gentleness.

Love was like a pair of silk fishing nets with a myriad of knots in between.

Why walk back and forth uneasily when fate will decide in the end?

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