Chapter 526 – The Might Of An Immortal Emissary

The arrival of a Heavenly Immortal shook the entire city, and it also indicated that the curtains were about to be raised on the final test in the Primeval Battlefield!

The Rebirth Realm experts of the various Dynasties felt both nervousness and anticipation, and they cultivated even more painstakingly to the point they practically didn’t leave their residences and made the best use of every single minute of time to cultivate.

This also caused the streets in Primeval City to seem even more desolate and deserted.

But there were still cultivators in groups of two or three that were standing before the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet at the center of the city.

They’d just arrived at Primeval City, and they were measuring their strengths.

“First place is actually Chen Xi!? Isn’t this fellow from the Darchu Dynasty? How could he have possibly attained such accomplishments?”

“Yeah, in the past, the first place had always been occupied by the top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans. How could it have fallen to a disciple of an ordinary Dynasty?”

“It’s strange indeed. Did all of you see the top 20, there are actually five from the Darchu Dynasty. Isn’t it too heaven defying for an ordinary Dynasty to possess such karmic luck…?”

These cultivators that had just entered the city felt extremely surprised and expressed their wonder as they gazed at the numerous names of the disciples from the Darchu Dynasty on the Warsoul Tablet.

“Darchu Dynasty…” In the distance, a tall figure arrived trippingly. He wore feathered clothes with a star shaped crown on his head, his eyes were suffused with numerous circles of light, and he seemed illusory, mysterious, and brimming with Immortal Energy.

Accompanying his arrival were strands of refreshing fragrance that smelt like nectar, and it refreshed the mind and soul, causing one’s spirits to be refreshed.

Moreover, this expanse of space seemed to have become quiet, as every single corner of it revealed a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, and order.

As they sensed these changes, the nearby people looked behind them with surprise. However, they were disappointed instead because no great figure had appeared within their fields of vision.

Even if one said there was instead someone behind, then it was only a handsome young man in feathered clothes and a star shaped crown that was walking towards them. He seemed like gifted scholar from a poor family in the mortal world, and his cultivation didn’t seem to be formidable.

Moreover, he walked over slowly and didn’t reveal any powerful imposing aura, causing him to seem ordinary and common. People like this could be seen all over Primeval City, and it was too commonly seen.

But what’s going on with the change in the nearby space and the strands of refreshing fragrance that refreshes the mind and soul?

Everyone couldn’t wrap their head around this, and then they shook their heads successively and thought no more about it. After that, they shot their gazes towards the Warsoul Tablet once again and looked at Chen Xi’s name as they discussed animatedly.

This handsome young man smiled lightly and stood in the crowd before raising his eyes to glance over.

“Heh. Brothers, all of you have just arrived, right? Everyone in Primeval City knows Chen Xi’s reputation now!” Right at this moment, an expert chuckled.

“What do you mean by this?” The handsome young man turned around and asked with interest.

“Tsk, you’re obviously from an ordinary Dynasty. You’re ill informed to the point you haven’t even heard about the huge incidents that occurred in Primeval City lately.” The expert laughed endlessly with ridicule.

The handsome young man that was ridiculed didn’t care in the slightest, and he continued to grin as he asked. “Oh, then can you guide me, Fellow Daoist?”

“Nevermind, there’s no harm in telling you.” The expert felt greatly disappointed when he saw the handsome young man wasn’t enraged, and he pursed his lips before he said, “Half a month ago, Chen Xi had just arrived at Primeval City…”

This person was obviously a talkative person, and he spoke of all the various things Chen Xi had done since entire Primeval City. When he spoke about something that was exciting, he beamed with joy as his spittle scattered all over, and he seemed as if he was a relative of Chen Xi’s that felt excited and honored by Chen Xi’s deeds.

Annihilated numerous experts of first-rate Dynasties, crushed the Shang Clan by himself, and even defeated a strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal… The smile on the handsome young man’s face was gradually restrained, and his gaze became profound as his expression turned serious.

After a short while, he exploded into laughter. “Interesting, truly interesting. I never imagined that I would actually encounter such a formidable young man when I came here this time!”

The expert was very dissatisfied by the handsome young man’s reaction. He originally thought that the handsome young man would be filled with excitement and reveal a respectful and feverish expression as he had when he’d first heard about Chen Xi’s deeds. How could he have imagined that this fellow would have such a reaction?

He couldn’t help but ridicule. “Little Brother, your tone sounds as if you’re an elder, and it’s slightly unpleasant to the ear. If you’re not convinced, then go ahead and measure yourself. See if you’re able to push Chen Xi’s name down?”

The handsome young man smiled with a disapproving expression.

“As expected, you’re only pleasant to the eye but useless to the point of only knowing how to use your mouth. Alas, the young people these days are slightly too arrogant.” The expert was even surer that this handsome young man was putting on airs when he saw this, and he spoke bluntly with sarcasm.

The handsome young man seemed as if he had nothing to do with all of this instead, and he completely disregarded the fellow babbling by his side as his gaze swept towards the Warsoul Tablet before a wisp of an extremely gorgeous light erupted abruptly from his eyes.


In the next moment, he’d already torn through the sky to arrive before the 3km tall Warsoul Tablet, and then he stretched out his hand to rub one of the names on the tablet that was coiled by a golden light.

His movements were gentle and slow, and it was even slightly trembling just like his current feelings, whereas, memories that were like an explosive stream gushed throughout his body and caused him to seem to have returned to the days of his youth.

In that period of time, she was the only speck of light.

Up until now, this light had never faded.

“How audacious! Is the Warsoul Tablet something you can touch?!”

“He’s really courting death. Countless people have tried to touch the Warsoul Tablet in the innumerable years of the past yet has anyone ever succeeded?”

“Quickly get down here! Don’t disrespect the divine tablet!”

When they saw the handsome young man soar into the sky and stretch out his hand to touch the Warsoul Tablet, the expressions of everyone present at the scene went grim as they shouted out loudly.


A piercingly cold light shot out explosively from the eyes of the handsome young man as he looked down at the people below him. At this instant, the heavens and the earth seemed to have fallen into pitch black night and the entire world was cast into a shade.

A matchless pressure that felt like the sky was crumbling down pressed down fiercely, and it pressured down onto everyone present to the point that they fell to their knees with a thump while blood flowed from all the orifices on their faces and they were unable to speak another word.

With a single glance, he’d suppressed everyone present here!

Everyone present here possessed a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm, yet now, they seemed as if they were confined prisoners, and not to mention struggling, even breathing felt difficult for them.

This sort of feeling from being pressed down to the point of kneeling on the ground caused them to be overwhelmed with embarrassment and indignation!

Who were they?

They were promising top geniuses from the various Dynasties, and their ability to safely enter Primeval City was already sufficient to display the formidableness of their strengths.

When had they been fiercely humiliated in this way by another?

However, when they saw the eyes of that handsome young man, they were unable to restrain a type of indescribable terror from gushing into their hearts, and the anger and embarrassment within their eyes instantly vanished to be replaced by deep despair and helplessness.

Who exactly is this handsome young man!?

Could he be an emissary of the Dark Reverie?

They were unable to guess who the young man was no matter how they racked their brains, but they knew that they’d probably gotten themselves into enormous trouble this time!

The handsome young man turned around in midair, and his gaze looked once more towards the name coiled in golden light, and the icy coldness in his eyes instantly transformed into a gentle expression.

This time, he didn’t touch that name with his finger again, and he seemed to be deeply afraid that his actions would disrespect the person the name represented.

He just looked at it silently with a smile on the corners of his mouth.

“Senior Sister… I surely won’t let you leave me this time.” After an unknown period of time, a mutter escaped the handsome young man’s lips that were thin like blades, and the expression in his gaze was already replaced by a sheen of burning resolution.

“Lord Immortal!”

“So it turns out that you were here.”

“We require you to preside over the final test of the Primeval Battlefield!”

Right at this moment, a wave of voices sounded out from afar, and then over ten figures that were dazzling like suns arrived from all over, and their imposing manners were vast to the point of covering the heavens and the earth.

This scene shocked everyone that knelt on the ground to the point of being flabbergasted, and they felt their scalps go numb.

My god!

Why have all the emissaries of the Dark Reverie come over?

However, what caused them to be even more astonished was these emissaries actually stood respectfully and reverently at the side as they looked up towards the handsome young man in midair with gazes that fully revealed expressions of awe!

The Immortal Emissary — Bing Shitian!?

A thought flashed past the minds of everyone like a bolt of lightning, and it caused them to instantly seem as if they’d been struck by lightning. As they recalled that they’d actually been greatly disrespectful towards a Heavenly Immortal, all of them even felt like ending their own lives.

Especially that person that had once ridiculed and mocked Bing Shitian, he even wished for nothing more than to slap himself countless times and was utterly regretful when he saw this scene.

“All of you have come.” Meanwhile, the expression of the handsome young man returned to normal, and he walked down from midair.

Compared to those Earthly Immortal Realm experts that were like numerous suns that emitted divine radiances, Bing Shitian seemed to be extremely ordinary, but it was precisely this that caused him to seem even more extraordinary.

He had the bearing of one that had seen through the Grand Daos of the heavens and the earth and had returned to simplicity.

“Greetings, Lord Immortal!” The ten plus emissaries withdrew their auras, and they seemed like mice that had encountered a cat as they bowed respectfully.

If the others were to see this scene, they would surely have their jaws shocked off.

After all, all these emissaries were Earthly Immortal Realm experts from the various powers of the Dark Reverie, and they possessed extremely respected statuses. However, now, all of them had bowed in unison towards the handsome young man, and their movements were natural and without any feelings of embarrassment. How could this not be shocking?

But this was extremely normal.

After all, a Heavenly Immortal was a true immortal, whereas even though the Earthly Immortal Realm contained the word immortal, their strengths had only arrived at the peak of the Mortal Dimension, yet they weren’t considered immortals of the Immortal Dimension.

Only Heavenly Immortals belonged to the Immortal Dimension and belonged to the heavens!

The difference between the two of them was like the difference between the heavens and the earth, and they were entirely not figures of the same level.

“I have to trouble everyone to act in unison 15 days from now to assume command in Primeval City and start the final test.” Bing Shitian stood majestically as his starry eyes swept everyone lightly, and he instantly knew why these people had came before directly waving his hand. “The test this time isn’t like normal. It won’t be a selection that’s held level by level. So long as they’re able to survive the sudden event that occurs in the Primeval Battlefield, then all of them can obtain the qualifications to enter the Dark Reverie. I presume all of you clearly know the reason behind this, and I won’t speak any unnecessary words.”

All of the emissaries chimed in with agreement when they heard this.

“Junior Brother Yun, let’s go.” Bing Shitian’s gaze swept out and descended onto the snow white haired Yun Lansheng, and he carried a smile on the corners of his lips as he spoke with an indifferent tone that revealed a trace of anticipation.

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