Chapter 525 – A Heavenly Immortal Descends

The tiny cauldron’s origins were extremely mysterious.

When he noticed the tiny cauldron for the first time, it was on the Isle of Fallen Treasures. At that time, the tiny cauldron’s entire body emitted a milky white brilliance that was blazing and resplendent to the extreme, causing Chen Xi to think it was a magic treasure in the form of a jade ornament.

Only later on at the bottom of the river of bones did Chen Xi notice that true appearance of the tiny cauldron. Moreover, he noticed to his shock that the tiny cauldron had utilized the Whitebone Divineflame to refine itself and had even completely absorbed the divinity and Grand Dao markings on the skeleton of a god.

Such a phenomenon caused Chen Xi to be even surer that the tiny cauldron’s origins were extraordinary.

Moreover, the series of events that occurred later on proved that Chen Xi’s inference was correct.

Not only had the tiny cauldron shattered the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree Pei Yu activated, it had even devoured the will of the Heavenly Immortal that the Shang Clan activated, causing it to have saved Chen Xi’s life on two occasions. How could an ordinary treasure possess such miraculous and extraordinary might?

Now, the tiny cauldron that had always seemed to be mysterious had actually spoken. Moreover, it directly and openly said that it had suffered a heavy injury. So how could Chen Xi not be shocked by this?

The tiny cauldron is formidable, even when suffering from a heavy injury. Who would be capable of defeating it?

Besides that, exactly how formidable would it be if it’s at its prime?

“There’s no need to wrack your brains and guess all that. The world is balanced, and you won’t understand why I fell to my current state. Just like how the Manor within the jade talisman in your palm will break the balance of the world as soon as it appears in the world, and it would cause numerous variables to arise. I presume you’re clearly aware of those consequences.” Right when Chen Xi’s thoughts were in chaos, the tiny cauldron suddenly spoke out.

Chen Xi was instantly stunned, as he never imagined that the tiny cauldron would have actually noticed the biggest secret he possessed!

Moreover, it was just as the tiny cauldron had said. He really didn’t dare utilize the Manor within the jade pendant in his palm while within the Primeval Battlefield, because according to what Ji Yu said, once the Manor appeared, it would be noticed by the great figures amongst the emissaries of the Dark Reverie, and it was impossible to know if it would be fortune or calamity.

But it was precisely because of this that Mu Kui, Ling Bai, and Bai Kui were able to be hidden within the Manor and safely brought into the Primeval Battlefield without having to worry that they would be noticed.

Yet now, the tiny cauldron had spoken like this because it was obviously worried that a great figure in the heavens and the earth would notice the Manor and bring calamity to Chen Xi.

“Is there really someone in the heavens and the earth that’s capable of keeping watch on every move of all the beings in the world?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, and no.” The tiny cauldron replied. “All in all, you just have to understand that the laws in the heavens and the earth are balanced, and so long as something that can threaten the balance appears, it would be noticed.”

Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and then he felt shocked in his heart. In other words, the Manor within the jade pendant in my palm is capable of threatening the balance of the heavens and the earth?

Looks like I must be careful in the future. Otherwise, I’d be in deep trouble if someone covets the jade pendant… Chen Xi thought in his heart.

“Give that stone tablet to me, I’ll pass down the profundities of Obliteration to you.” The tiny cauldron repeated what it had said before.

This time, Chen Xi agreed without the slightest hesitation, and he would have done this even if the tiny cauldron didn’t pass down the profundities of Obliteration to him. After all, the tiny cauldron had saved his life on two occasions, and life saving graces like these were absolutely not something that a stone tablet was capable of comparing to.

Crack! Crack!

A ball of milky white brilliance wrapped around the Obliteration Tablet and emitted a wave of tiny cracking sounds. In next to no time, the stone tablet was completely devoured by the tiny cauldron and vanished completely, whereas the tiny cauldron seemed to be even more crystalline and translucent, and it was suffused with a hazy sheen of divinity that was gorgeous to the extreme.

“Dao Insight is incorporeal and shapeless, and the wonders of its utilization depends on one’s own wits. The Insight of Obliteration originates from the Laws of Annihilation. Its might is formidable, and it’s extremely rare… Calm your mind and comprehend it, it ought to not be difficult…” Next, the tiny cauldron really passed down the profundities of Obliteration directly to Chen Xi.

In the next moment, Chen Xi felt his mind drone. Instantly, he seemed to be swimming freely through the boundless universe and milky way, and he saw the rise, fall, and alternating between the myriad of worlds.

He saw stars colliding and being obliterated with a bang in the universe.

He saw planes charging into each other, and two overlapping worlds were obliterated into nothingness.

He saw all the beings in the world vanishing amidst extreme collision amongst each other, and they transformed into nothingness and disappeared forever…

Numerous scenes related to ‘Obliteration’ played out within his mind, and all the scenes seemed to have been slowed down by countless times, causing everything down to the slightest detail to appear in his heart.

Various comprehensions and experiences related to ‘Obliteration’ caused Chen Xi to suddenly become enlightened, and he fell into a tranquil and happy state of comprehension. Suddenly, Chen Xi’s figure flashed and he’d unconsciously started practicing the Grand Obliteration Fist.

Crush! Crush!

His figure stretched out as layer upon layer of fist images overlapped with each other. Even though he hadn’t utilized his True Essence, when Chen Xi’s fist flashed through space, it seemed like a whale that had disturbed the ocean, causing space to be obliterated inch by inch and the air in the surroundings collapsed and exploded apart while emitting crushing sounds from being crushed into powder and obliterated.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi’s entire body seemed to be swimming amidst shattered space. Everywhere the force of his fist passed, space would be obliterated and reborn, and it seemed like a cycle of life, death, and rebirth, causing the scene to be extremely bizarre.

It was common knowledge that most of the boundless Dao Insights in the heavens and the earth came in pair of two extremes that repulsed each other and couldn’t coexist. For example, water and fire, Yin and Yang, sky and earth, and so on and so forth. The Grand Obliteration Fist utilized this force of repulsion from two extremes to erupt with an extremely terrifying might, and this energy was Obliteration.

In other words, Obliteration was the perfect grasp of two completely different and opposite energies, and with every move, the energies would collide and become chaotic, causing them to erupt with extremely unbelievable might.

Moreover, Obliteration Dao Insight was similar to the Dao Insights of the Sword, Blade, and Devour, all of them were methods of utilizing energy, and without the Obliteration Dao Insight, the Grand Obliteration Fist would still be incomplete no matter how formidable it was!

Chen Xi was immersed in his comprehension. His figure was like a dragon that swam about while his fists whistled through the air, and even though he hadn’t utilized his True Essence, merely the Dao Insight contained in the movements of his fist had actually caused everything in an area of 3km to become chaotic.

Waves that roiled violently appeared in space before it was obliterated layer by layer.

The enormous rocks, weeds, and ancient trees had all been shattered into powder and dissipated along with the wind.


Along with the passage of time, the movements of his fist became more and more skillful while its might grew more and more terrifying, causing everything in his surroundings to be in a state of great chaos. The airflow was chaotic, order was shattered, and everything was in upheaval and unease.

It seemed as if everything would crumble into obliteration and nothingness in the next moment.

“The energy of Obliteration!” In the distance, Madman Liu looked at the fist technique Chen Xi executed from afar, and his muddy eyes abruptly erupted with a ball of bright lights. Within his gaze was surprise, admiration, and shock, and he seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually had comprehended and grasped a Grand Dao profundity that possessed such extraordinary might.

“This time has actually arrived…” But after that, he seemed to have noticed something, causing his gaze to instantly move from Chen Xi and look towards the extremely distant sky, and his gaze was like bolts of lightning that seemed to have seen through all the secrets in the heavens and the earth.


At this moment, all the emissaries in Primeval City seemed to have noticed something, and they stopped what they were doing before swiftly looking towards the extremely distant sky.

Suddenly, countless flower petals had actually swirled down from the sky, causing an exotic fragrance to assault the noses of all as they fluttered down from all over the sky. They seemed to be cheering and filled with joy while the chanting of monks surged throughout the surroundings along with the descent of the petals, and it caused one to feel as if their minds and bodies were cleaned and their spirits refreshed.

After that, a wisp a golden light surged out before transforming into the form a man.

He was like an extremely blazing sun that was bathed completely in golden light while a myriad of strands of auspicious qi coiled around him, and he illuminated the entire world to the point everything in the world was cast into a shadow.

Moreover, the aura that flowed out from his body was even deep like an ocean or deep pool, and it seemed as if his body contained a mysterious universe, causing him to emanate a supreme imposing aura that seemed to embrace everything in the world.

It seemed as if everything in this world was already grasped within his hand, and he possessed a supremely formidable strength that was all powerful and capable of ruling over the world and everything within it.

In an instant, everyone in Primeval City felt their souls tremble, and it felt as if so long as this figure was willing, a breath of the figure was capable of blowing them into ashes.

This figure was terrifying to the extreme!

But phenomena like this only appeared for an instant, and when everyone returned to their senses, the flower petals that swirled down from the sky, the exotic fragrance that assaulted the nose, the waves of chanting, and the figure that was like a god…everything had vanished, causing all the people in their dazed states to think that everything they saw was their own hallucination.

But everyone knew that it wasn’t their hallucination, but that a true Heavenly Immortal had descended!

When they thought up to here, everyone couldn’t help but feel excited in their hearts. A Heavenly Immortal! Amongst the myriad of beings in the world, how many are capable of witnessing the graceful bearing of a Heavenly Immortal with their own two eyes?

But even though they were excited, no one dared make a clamor because they seemed to be deeply afraid of disturbing the Heavenly Immortal and causing themselves to be doomed eternally.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi suddenly jolted awake from the profound state of comprehension, and he looked around at the surroundings with a bewildered expression as he muttered. “What happened earlier? Why did I have a terrified and oppressed feeling?”

“A Heavenly Immortal descended.” The tiny cauldron suddenly spoke out.

“Heavenly Immortal?” Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he said with shock, “It wouldn’t be that Bing Shitian, right!?”

“Your mind is slightly agitated. Could it be that it’s related to that Heavenly Immortal?” The tiny cauldron said, “Actually, you don’t have to be nervous, it’s only the External Avatar of a Heavenly Immortal. Since it has descended to this Primeval Battlefield, its strength will be suppressed by the Laws of the heavens and the earth, causing it to be unable to bring forth the true strength of a Heavenly Immortal.”

“Then… Exactly how strong is he?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Slightly stronger than a 9th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert.” The tiny cauldron went silent for a long time before answering.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. A 9th level Earthly Immortal Realm expert can already overcome the Heavenly Tribulation to ascend into a Heavenly Immortal, and he’s even slightly stronger than that. Wouldn’t that mean that he’s already standing at the highest position in this world?

But Chen Xi understood something from what the tiny cauldron said, the true body of Bing Shitian hadn’t arrived here, and what had descended here was merely an External Avatar of his.

However, even then, the strength possessed by his External Avatar was already sufficiently astonishing, and it was absolutely not something he was currently capable of going against.

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh lightly.

“I can help you if you feel it’s difficult to handle. But I only have 30% confidence in being able to annihilate the External Avatar of a Heavenly Immortal. Do you want to give it a try?” The tiny cauldron spoke out abruptly, and it spoke words that were unbelievable in Chen Xi’s opinion.

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