Chapter 524 – Sudden Change In The Tiny Cauldron

Half a month later.


Faint sword howls undulated out within the room.

The space between Chen Xi’s brows carried dense exhaustion that couldn’t be concealed, his expression was pale, his eyes filled with strings of blood, and his clean chin was covered in dense stubble, causing him to look extremely haggard.

He appeared as if he’d overused his physical strength.

In reality, he was indeed really exhausted. Refining the Talisman Armament for half a month without sleep nor rest was something that even he was unable to endure with his physical strength.

Moreover, for the sake of guaranteeing that the Talisman Armament would be refined successfully, his mind had always been focused on the Talisman Armament without slacking in the slightest, and he was completely like a drawn bow, causing the exhaustion he felt to be something that was utterly indescribable unless one experiences by one’s self.

But when he thought of the fruits of his refinement, even if he was exhausted to the limit, he still couldn’t help but feel a strand of excitement.

With a raise of his eyes, Chen Xi carefully sized up this ‘companion’ of his that had followed by his side for many years. The sword was 1m long, its body slender, strong, and pitch black like an expanse of limpid water in autumn, and it was simple and unsophisticated in appearance.

The fuller of the sword was heavy and protruding, whereas the blade of the sword itself was sharp and thin like a cicada’s wings and was suffused with a sharp shine that was dazzling and bright as snow.

The entire sword emanated the feeling of returning to simplicity. However, when one looked carefully at it, one would be able to feel a vast aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate. The sharpness of metal, the vitality of wood, the grace of water, the rage of flame, and the heaviness of earth, all of it was fused into one to form a circulation of the five elements that was flawless and perfect.

It felt as if one was amongst the myriad of stars in the milky way while a mysterious energy that was profound to the point it caused one’s heart to palpitate circulated endlessly within it.

Chen Xi felt an icy cold prickling pain on the tip of his finger as he stroked the sword lightly, and it caused him to exclaim with admiration in his heart.

After all, his body refinement cultivation had already attained the Rebirth Realm now, and an ordinary heaven-rank magic treasure was utterly incapable of breaking through his body. However, the Talisman Armament that was refined once again had only relied on the sword qi emitted by itself to cut into his skin to the point he felt a prickling pain, and exactly how formidable the might of the Talisman Armament was after being refined once more was obvious from this.


Chen Xi raised his hand and gestured, causing a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure to float in the sky. This was a brass hammer that was 150,000kg in weight, and it was extremely heavy to the point it felt like Chen Xi was holding up an entire large mountain when held in his hand.

There were an entire 100 plus top-grade heaven-rank magic treasures like this in Chen Xi’s possession, and he’d plundered all of them from his enemies in the Primeval Battlefield.


A cold light suddenly appeared for a brief moment like a bolt of lightning that flashed through the air, and it slashed towards the bronze hammer.

There wasn’t a sound of collision, and there wasn’t even the slightest spark. The sword flashed past and seemed as if it was cutting through tofu as it silently slashed the bronze hammer into two!

Even if Chen Xi had made sufficient mental preparation, yet when he saw this practically bizarre scene and felt the fierce aura contained within that silence, he couldn’t help but be slightly shocked in his heart.

It’s too formidable!

It’s simply the best display of the phrase cutting through iron like mud!

After all, that was a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure. However, it wasn’t capable of resisting a light attack of the Talisman Armament and was slashed apart like paper. Such might is something that even Quasi Immortal Artifacts are incapable of achieving, right?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t help but arouse an impulse in his heart, he wanted to compare the Talisman Armament with the Flaming Peacock Fan and see exactly which weapon was stronger.

But right after that, he restrained himself.

After a magic treasure attained the level of a Quasi Immortal Artifact, its might wasn’t solely decided upon by its offensive strength, and the key was the person that utilized it.

Not to mention, with his current strength, he was still incapable of bringing out the entire might of the Flaming Peacock Fan, so it was utterly meaningless to compare it with the Talisman Armament.

But even then, Chen Xi was still confident that the current might of his Talisman Armament was entirely on par with a Quasi Immortal Artifact, and as for which was stronger, it could only be measured in live combat.


True Essence poured into the Talisman Armament, causing a chilly and deep sword howl to resound out. Accompanying the chilly howl was a strand of shapeless Slaughter Dao Insight that stretched out, causing the table, chair, floor, window, bed… everything in the room transformed into powder amidst a bang, and then the dust scattered to the group and the air.

Especially the walls in the surroundings, there were actually countless fine sword marks on them that stretched out like spider webs.

Chen Xi cried out in his heart as he flashed out of the room. Shit!


Right when he’d just flashed out of the room, the entire room collapsed with a bang. Shockingly, the entire house made out of enormous rocks actually didn’t leave behind any ruins, and it actually completely shattered into powder that scattered out before suffusing the sky with dust that shot into the sky.

Chen Xi hurriedly moved backward to avoid this dust.

“What happened?” A wave of alarmed shouts resounded out in the distance as Huangfu Qingying and the others had noticed the commotion here, and all of them started questioning successively.

“Cough, cough… It’s nothing, I accidentally destroyed the house…” Chen Xi felt extremely embarrassed and explained hurriedly.

Everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry from this false alarm, and they quickly dispersed.

Only after they dispersed did Chen Xi heave a sigh of relief and look at the ‘culprit’ in his hand, and he still couldn’t help but feel a shocked feeling in his heart.

After being refined once more, the five Divine Talismans within the Talisman Armament had actually produced a portion of their effect.

Earlier, when he poured his True Essence into the Talisman Armament, he clearly saw the five Divine Talisman’s images appearing on the surface of the sword, and they formed a circulation of the five elements that were interwoven into a vast sea of talisman markings.

Moreover, within the sea of talisman markings were ten extremely blurry figures that flashed before his eyes. It was the phantoms of the Azure Emperor, the Wood Empress, the White Emperor, the Metal Empress, the Crimson Emperor, the Fire Empress, the Black Emperor, the Water Empress, the Yellow Emperor, and the Earth Empress, and they resided within the sea of talisman markings while controlling the countless talisman markings with their monstrous might.

It was precisely the terrifying strength emitted by these ten phantoms that gushed out from the Talisman Armament that was constructed from the Sickle of Slaughter to emanate the extremely terrifying Slaughter Dao Insight that destroyed the house.

“Hahaha! Kid, you want to learn from me as well?” In the distance, Madman Liu sat while leaning on a large tree, and he pointed at Chen Xi who was covered in dust and couldn’t help but laugh loudly with ridicule.

“Learn from you?” Chen Xi glanced at the entirely dirty and extremely slovenly Madman Liu before shaking his head firmly. Even though he wasn’t a clean freak, he was unable to endure making himself look worse than a beggar.

“But that sword is your hand is really a good treasure. If I’m not wrong, that ought to have been refined from an immortal material, right? You have to keep an eye on it and avoid it being coveted by another.” Madman Liu’s intoxicated eyes revealed a trace of a bright light that flashed as he warned seriously.

With his cultivation, he was naturally able to discern what was special about the Talisman Armament, and he couldn’t be bothered to warn Chen Xi if it was just an ordinary Quasi Immortal Artifact.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he said with a smile, “Don’t worry, Senior. Anyone who wants to seize my treasure away has to think over if they’ll be able to survive.”

“Nice resolution, I like little fellows like you the most.” Madman Liu roared with laughter before lifting his yellow bottle gourd and taking gulps repeatedly with extreme delight.


Only half a month remained before the final test of the Primeval Battlefield began.

The atmosphere in Primeval City became even more nervous. Figures could rarely be seen on the streets now, as all of them they seemed to have gone into closed door cultivation and were working hard to make preparations for the final test.

Chen Xi was naturally no exception.

After he finished refining the Talisman Armament, he took a short break before starting to straighten out his other treasures without delaying in the slightest.

He was looking through the jade slip that recorded the method of refining the Flame God Fan.

The refinement of this fan required one to gather the feathers of seven divine flying beasts, namely the Phoenix, Azure Phoenix, Roc, Peacock, Nether Crane, Dark Pheasant, and Golden Crow as the main materials, and they were refined into the Flame God Fan along with the assistance of other spirit materials.

Moreover, the flames required to refine the fan were extremely specific, and they had to be the Goldblaze Flame, Woodsoul Flame, Darkwater Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flame which were divine flames that were scattered throughout the heavens and the earth.

Once it was refined successfully, fanning it caused divine flames to blaze out with monstrous might, and it possessed the might to incinerate an ocean and transform one’s enemy to ashes with a flip of the hand. It was a true weapon of immortals.

According to legend, during the ancient times, there was a god that took on everyone in the heavens and the earth with the Flame God Fan in his hand, and he’d incinerated countless formidable enemies, so its might was absolutely exceedingly terrifying.

But to Chen Xi, refining this treasure fan was extremely far away from him, as merely the gathering of those materials was absolutely not something his current strength was capable of accomplishing.

For example, the Flaming Peacock Fan in his hand was refined from the feather of the divine flying beast, the Nether Peacock King, and its quality had already attained the level of a Quasi Immortal Artifact. It was obvious how difficult it would be to gather the remaining feathers from the six divine flying beasts.

Moreover, those flames were extremely shocking as well. They covered the five elements and every single one of them was an extremely rare divine flame in the world. Supposedly, divine flames like this already possessed their own intelligence and knew how to cultivate, so taming them would undoubtedly require an extremely formidable strength.

But most importantly, the Flame God Fan was a true Immortal Artifact, so even though Chen Xi possessed the method to refine it, he was utterly incapable of refining it by merely relying on his current cultivation.

No wonder Bi Lingyun handed this jade slip over so readily. She probably felt there was an extremely slim hope of being able to refine this treasured fan as well, right? Chen Xi shook his head as he placed the jade slip into the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Even though he was temporarily unable to refine it, along with the advancement of his cultivation and putting more effort into searching for these materials, he would one day be able to refine it.

He withdrew another stone tablet that was very ordinary and covered with mottled marks, and it seemed to have experienced the baptism of countless years, causing it to emit a shocking aura that was ancient and heavy.

With a brief inspection, one would be able to sense an extremely vast and powerful energy of obliteration contained within it. This energy was peerlessly pure as if it was the place the Grand Dao of Obliteration was born, and it brought intense shock to anyone that sensed it.

This was precisely the sacred object Chen Xi had plundered from the Violent Waterflame Apes in the Primitive Sea - the Obliteration Tablet!

My comprehension towards the moves of the Grand Obliteration Fist has already attained a state of proficiency, and just its current might is already shocking to the extreme. If I’m able to completely grasp the Obliteration Dao Insight, then exactly how formidable would its might be? Chen Xi felt extreme anticipation.

“Give it to me and I’ll pass down the profundities of Obliteration to you.” Right at this moment, a thought was suddenly transmitted out from the tiny cauldron that hung before his chest, and it shocked Chen Xi who was in contemplation to the point of being struck with panic.

This mysterious tiny cauldron… has actually come to life!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and asked probingly. “Is this stone tablet extremely important to you?”

“It’s almost capable of restoring a thousandth of my injuries. It isn’t too important, yet better than nothing.” The tiny cauldron really did speak again, and it spoke words that caused Chen Xi to be even more shocked in his heart.

The tiny cauldron is so formidable, yet it has actually suffered a heavy injury? Then who was it that defeated the tiny cauldron?

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