Chapter 523 – Refining Treasures

Chen Xi finally understood what exactly was going on when Madman Liu spoke about Bing Shitian being his ‘love rival.’

It was truly rather absurd, the junior brother of Qing Xiuyi’s previous lifetime was actually a Heavenly Immortal, and he’d once pursued her crazily, whereas in this lifetime, Qing Xiuyi had become his woman instead and had even given birth to a child for him…

Now Bing Shitian was about to arrive at Primeval City and would surely meet Qing Xiuyi. Exactly what sort of havoc would arise when they reunite once again?

Will Bing Shitian still have Qing Xiuyi in his mind?

What about Qing Xiuyi, what sort of position does Bing Shitian occupy in her heart?

When he thought up to here, a complicated feeling arose in Chen Xi’s heart. As a normal man, he naturally didn’t hope that would have any connection with another man.

“Kid, wipe that bitter expression of your face. If you don’t want your woman to be seized by another, then wouldn’t it be settled if you work hard and defeat all your rivals?” Madman Liu chucked as he said, “I can take the responsibility to tell you that Qing Xiuyi was extremely proud in her previous life, and there wasn’t a single man that could enter her eyes, including Bing Shitian.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s spirits were refreshed. Qing Xiuyi actually looked down upon Bing Shitian? She was really proud enough!

“Actually, even I’m unable to wrap my head around why such a proud person like Qing Xiuyi would take a fancy to a stupid kid like you, and you actually got her without making a single sound. It’s simply like romance that descended from the heavens. If it were to be spread to the Dark Reverie, it would absolutely cause an uproar.” Madman Liu praised endlessly.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose as he recalled the bumpy relationship he had with Qing Xiuyi, and he felt that it was indeed a slight accident.

It could even be said that he had to thank Shang Kun. Without Shang Kun doing such a hateful thing, how could he have possibly caused such a great commotion and made Qing Xiuyi change her attitude towards him?

In short, all of this seemed as if it had been predestined by a higher power long ago. There was resentment, hostility, and collision, and it was complicated and breathtaking. Yet when he thought about it now, all of it had transformed into a beautiful memory instead.

“But you have to be careful. This love rival of yours isn’t so easy to deal with. You’re utterly not a match for him now, and you have to take precautions against him feeling hatred towards you because of his love for her and intending to harm you.” Madman Liu’s expression became solemn as he warned seriously.

Obviously, facing this Heavenly Immortal, Bing Shitian, had similarly brought great pressure to him.

Chen Xi nodded, and then he frowned. “But as a Heavenly Immortal and with his status, he ought to not do something that’s beneath his dignity, right?”

“That’s hard to say. Was anyone capable of seeing through love since ancient times?” Madman Liu shook his head and sighed. “In conclusion, it’s best that you be careful. At that time, if a conflict really does occur, I’ll naturally not sit idly by and remain indifferent.”

Never had Chen Xi imagined that Madman Liu would actually speak such resolute words.

After all, Bing Shitian was a Heavenly Immortal that had already stood proudly at the highest peak in the Mortal Dimension and was a supreme existence. If it was any other Earthly Immortal Realm expert, then not to mention going against a Heavenly Immortal, they would probably not even dare have the thought.

However, Madman Liu had spoken like this instead. His words seemed to be spoken casually, yet his intention to protect Chen Xi within these words were so firm and resolute, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but be moved.

Chen Xi took a deep breath as he said seriously, “Thank you, Senior!”

Madman Liu was from the Dark Reverie’s Nine Radiance Sword Sect and possessed a strength that even the 8th level Earthly Immortal Realm Yun Lansheng was extremely afraid of. Even though he’d come to Primeval City this time because Bai Wanqing asked him to, yet with his status, he actually had utterly no need to do this, and he was completely able to think of various ways to refuse.

It was even to the extent that there was utterly no need for him to speak with a junior like Chen Xi.

But he’d still spoken like this, so how could such actions not cause Chen Xi to be moved?

“How many times have I said it? Don’t call me senior!” Madman Liu rolled his eyes before returning to his obstinate and disagreeable appearance.

Chen Xi smiled, as he’d noticed this old fellow looked to be extremely slovenly and eccentric, yet actually…he was a person that was full of hot blood and acted according to the feelings in his heart.


Chen Xi returned to his residence. It was a courtyard that occupied a vast area, a single house which had its own courtyard and entrance, with a small bridge over a flowing stream, artificial mountains, and fountains, and there was even a luxuriant garden.

But this courtyard had been left completely unattended for countless years, causing it to be overgrown with weeds and moss, and it was suffused with an ancient aura and seemed desolate and quiet.

Courtyards like this could be see all over Primeval City, and it wasn’t rare.

Yet now, it was utterly impossible if each and every person wanted to occupy a courtyard like this for themselves.

Along with the approach of the final test of the Primeval Battlefield, there were more and more Dynasties that had arrived safely in Primeval City, causing the number of people to rise explosively, so it naturally became difficult to find a residence in the city.

It was even to the extent that numerous bloody incidents had erupted for the sake of seizing a residence.

Fortunately, Chen Xi and the others had taken control of this northeast area long ago, and every single one of them had a courtyard for them to cultivate in, so they didn’t have to worry about this.

Moreover, with the presence of the two great Earthly Immortal Realm experts, Yun Lansheng and Madman Liu, there wasn’t any ignorant fool that dared cause trouble in the northeast area.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged within his room. His mind that had been strained since entering the Primeval Battlefield was finally able to relax, and he felt a feeling of relief that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

But he didn’t dare slack off. A month of time passed by in the blink of an eye to cultivators, and it was even to the extent it could pass during a single period of meditating and cultivating.

Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t seek to break through in his cultivation at a time like this, and he started sorting and counting his gains before refining the Talisman Armament once more.


A large pile of treasures that were flowing with multicolored lights appeared in the room, and they caused the room to be illuminated in a riot of colors.

Amongst these treasures were spirit materials, spirit herbs, and a variety of rare materials. All of their qualities were exceedingly extraordinary, and they were covered in strands of strings of Dao markings, causing them to be ‘Dao grade’ treasures. If they were placed in the outside world, they were sufficiently rare to be called treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck and not sought after.

For example, the Lightning Orchid Chen Xi obtained upon arriving at the Primeval Battlefield had Dao markings on six of its 12 petals already. If all of its petals were able to develop Dao markings, then he would be entirely capable of using it as a main material to refine a Dao Insight Origin Pill that contained the Grand Dao of Lightning!

All in all, within this large pile of treasures, every single one of them was exceedingly extraordinary and precious, and their value was immeasurable.

He’d found some of these treasures from the Primitive Sea and some were plundered from the corpses of his enemies, and they were superb collection of a variety of materials that were utterly capable of advancing the quality of the Talisman Armament by a level.

Of course, a large portion of these treasures were Origin Pearls. These treasures that were similar to the golden cores of cultivators were obtained by him from hunting the sea demons in the Primitive Sea, and he possessed an entire few tens of thousands of them. Not only did these Origin pearls contain the essence of a sea demon’s cultivation, they also contained strands of Dao Insights, causing their value to be shocking to the extreme.

If used to refine medicinal pills, their effect would even surpass the Sky Jadeliquid Pill, and they could already be called heaven-rank spirit pills.

After using half a day of time, Chen Xi had sorted out this entire pile of treasures.

Those utilized to refine the Talisman Armament were grouped together.

Those utilized to refine medicinal pills were grouped together.

He temporarily had no use for some rare spirit herbs and spirit materials, so he planted them in the forest in the second level of the Buddha’s Pagoda’s, the Four-Symbols later. He’d already created a herb garden there, and it was filled with dense Second-Wood Qi, causing it to be extremely suitable for the growth of spirit herbs.

In the end, only a pile of Origin Pearls from the sea demons remained before Chen Xi.

All the medicinal pills in his possession had long since been completely consumed during the numerous horrifying battles, and he urgently needed to replenish them. Otherwise, once another battle erupted, then with his cultivation, he wouldn’t be able to persist for a long time before his True Essence was consumed and dried up, so he wanted to utilize these Origin Pearls to refine a batch of medicinal pills.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have any precious medicinal formulas in his possession, so all he could do was merely refine the killing intent and impurities within these Origin Pearls, and it was sufficient so long as he was able to consume them to replenish his True Essence.

This was something he could do nothing about. The Primeval Battlefield wasn’t like any other place and didn’t have any shops that sold medicinal pills. Unless one had mastered an extremely skilled pill refinement technique, otherwise, one could only make do like this.


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while a crimson red furnace suddenly flew out from its surface. The furnace was completely coiled with the glow of fire and surging with talisman markings, and it emitted a monstrous aura that seemed capable of smelting everything in the world.

The furnace was called the Voidblaze Furnace and was completely formed from a few thousand types of fire talisman markings. It was from within the Crimsonfire Divine Talisman and wasn’t a real furnace, yet its effect was much better than a real furnace, and when used to smelt various materials, it was capable of producing an unimaginable and miraculous effect.

This was the miraculous effect of Divine Talismans.

There were five Divine Talismans inscribed within the Talisman Armament. Every single one was like an inexhaustible treasure vault, and they possessed extremely numerous usages that covered a vast expanse of things.

The furnace soared into the sky while the glow of flames flowed about, and talisman markings were like rays of light that suffused the room with blazing brilliance.

Chen Xi flicked his finger and numerous Origin Pearls flew up before slowly flowing into the Voidblaze Furnace, and the strands and strings of killing intent and impurities within them were melted bit by bit, causing them to become crystalline and translucent.

Three days later, a dense and refreshing fragrance spread out and suffused the entire room, and the pure and thick spirit energy was even capable of causing an ordinary person to become immune to poison and have his lifespan increased from just smelling it.

As he smelled this refreshing fragrance that entered his nose, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of a smile, and then he stretched out his hand to form a seal, causing the Voidblaze Furnace to emit a droning sound before suddenly ceasing to move.

After that, a stream that was like a river of stars flew out of the furnace. If one looked carefully, then one would notice that the stream was shockingly made of numerous Origin Pearls that were crystalline, translucent, and glowing, and they seemed to be emitting a rhythm that was like the beat of a heart as if they were alive.

With a flick of his sleeve, Chen Xi put away all these Origin Pearls that were no different to spirit pills within the Buddha’s Pagoda. A rough count actually put all of them at over 40 thousand, and they were sufficient to last until the final test ended.

Next, it should be the time to refine the Talisman Armament. So long as its quality is increased once more, would its might be stronger than a Quasi Immortal Artifact? Chen Xi stretched himself while his clear gaze was filled with anticipation.

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