Chapter 522 – Bing Shitian

Chen Xi smiled as he patted Huangfu Qingying on the shoulder.

In the next moment, three treasures that flowed with multicolored lights appeared with a flip of his hand. One was a blade that was translucent like snow, another was a large seal that emitted a lofty and heavy aura, and the final treasure was a sword that was glossy like an expanse of limpid water in autumn.

It was precisely the Snowdragon Blade, the Mountainform Seal, and the Skysorrow Sword.

Everyone was stunned. This fellow Chen Xi is too unusual today, what does he want to do now?

In the next moment, Chen Xi had already revealed the answer. “I have no use of these three magic treasures. This Snowdragon Blade is suitable for Qinghe, his attacks are violent, strong, and peerlessly fierce; this Mountainform Seal is suitable for Ling Yu, as it uses strength to crush the strength of others and is matchlessly ferocious; this Skysorrow Sword is suitable for Young Master Zhou, as it possesses Sword Insight that’s like the sky and is extraordinarily agile.”

As he spoke, he pushed the three treasures into the hands of the three dumbstruck fellows without allowing the slightest refusal.

These are three Quasi Immortal Artifacts! Treasures that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts covet extremely, yet Chen Xi is giving it to us just like this?

At this moment, Zhao Qinghe and the others felt their hearts were trembling. They felt both shock and disbelief, and the treasure in their hands felt heavy and difficult to accept.

They repeatedly refused, yet Chen Xi only shook his head and maintained a firm attitude.

Perhaps to others, a Quasi Immortal Artifact was more precious than their lives, and they treasured it extraordinarily if they were able to obtain even a single one. But to Chen Xi, even though a Quasi Immortal Artifact was precious, it was far inferior to how important friendship was to him.

At the very least, after the three of them obtained the treasures, their strengths would once again obtain an obvious increase, and if they encountered danger in the future, they would possess a certain level of ability to protect themselves, so he didn’t have to worry about them anymore.

The entire day of battles earlier had allowed Chen Xi to deeply understand a principle, he was forever unable to rescue and assist all his companions that were in difficulty by merely relying on himself, and he would only be free of worries when they themselves became formidable.

Furthermore, once the quality of the Talisman Armament was increased, he did indeed have no use for these treasures. Even though he possessed numerous treasures, if he was unable to utilize all of them, then it would be no different than wasting god’s given gifts.

“Brother Chen, thank you for this kindness!” Zhao Qinghe took a deep breath as he looked at Chen Xi with a firm gaze. Even though his words were simply, yet they revealed a resolute feeling that showed willingness to lay down his life if Chen Xi was in trouble.

“I really don’t know what to say about you! Nevermind, in any case, you’re my brother for life, and I won’t leave even if you kick me away!” Young Master Zhou hammered Chen Xi’s shoulder fiercely before he grinned.

“This…” The nearby Ling Yu scratched his head and had a silly smile on his face, and then he said weakly, “I’m just like Young Master Zhou, mmm, you understand.”

“You fatty, you actually dared to copy the sincere words this Young Master strained his heart and mind to come up with! You truly deserve a beating!” Young Master Zhou cried out as he kneaded Ling Yu’s chubby face like he was kneading dough.

Ling Yu couldn’t take it and hurriedly dodged to the side while crying out from feeling wronged. “Strained your heart and mind? I didn’t see you bleed or seem fatigued. You’re obviously a liar.”

“Fatty! How can you speak like that? You insist on me showing all that to you? Just you wait, I’ll surely make a stew out of you!” Young Master Zhou turned angry from embarrassment, and he chased after Ling Yu.

“This little fellow really doesn’t have any class. The meat of a fatty is sour and stinky, and it tastes extremely bad, yet he actually wants to stew and eat this fatty. His preferences in taste are stronger than me.” Madman Liu chucked at the side.

Everyone roared with laughter.

After the treasures were distributed, Chen Xi felt much more relaxed. Their Darchu Dynasty was only an ordinary Dynasty, and besides himself, Qing Xiuyi, and Zhen Liuqing, the strengths of the others were slightly inferior to the experts of first-rate Dynasties, let alone comparing with the disciples of top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans.

The ranking in the measurement of the Warsoul Tablet was mostly the recognition of their potential, and they were still slightly inferior if they were only compared in terms of strength.

But after they gained possession of a Quasi Immortal Artifact, Chen Xi believed that the strength of every single one of them would obtain a substantial increase, and even if it was in the final test of the Primeval Battlefield, they would be entirely capable of going against the top experts of the various Dynasties.


Huangfu Qingying stayed back, as she had to obtain the recognition of the Battlevow Tablet under the assistance of Yun Lansheng, whereas Chen Xi and the others headed away from here.

“Both of you…aren’t dissatisfied, right?” On the way, Chen Xi sent a voice transmission to Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi with a voice that carried a trace of an apologetic tone.

He’d given most of the Quasi Immortal Artifacts to Zhao Qinghe and the others while the chance to obtain the treasure left behind by the gods was given to Huangfu Qingying, yet he didn’t prepare anything for the two of them, causing him to feel slightly sorry.

But there was nothing he could do because there was only the Flaming Peacock Fan and Golden Dragon Armor in his possession. The Flaming Peacock Fan was a main material to refine the Flame God Fan, and only one that had grasped the Grand Dao of Fire was capable of bringing out its entire might, causing it to be unsuitable for the two of them.

Because according to his knowledge, even though Qing Xiuyi had comprehended the Grand Dao of Fire, she’d merely comprehended it and had no intention to develop it because she focused mainly on the Grand Dao of Light.

On the other hand, Zhen Liuqing was a possessor of the Primeval Watersoul Body, and she possessed an extremely high mastery of the Grand Daos of Water and Darkness, so the Flaming Peacock Fan wasn’t suitable for her either.

As for the Golden Dragon Armor, it was a treasure that was worn by a male, and they would probably not wear it even if he gave it to them.

Qing Xiuyi shook her head.

Zhen Liuqing feigned bitterness as she glared at Chen Xi before she said with a pitiful tone, “You ungrateful fellow. You’ve only thought of us now? This won’t do, you have to give us a Quasi Immortal Artifact each.”

As she finished speaking, she herself couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and she seemed to feel that being able to tease Chen Xi was an extremely interesting thing.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose with embarrassment. Even though he’d perceived that Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi didn’t mind, he was still slightly sorry in his heart, and he pondered for a moment and said, “Why not…”

Zhen Liuqing interrupted him. “Alright, I was joking. Since you’re able to do this, it shows that you’ve already taken us as one of your own. We didn’t even have the time to feel happy yet, so how could we care about a mere Quasi Immortal Artifact? If you want to give us something, then give each of us a treasure that’s unique in this world. Can you do that?”

As she finished speaking, she seemed to be unable to help but tease Chen Xi again.

She noticed that there were truly too few things capable of causing Chen Xi to feel embarrassed and blush, and it was simply something that even the heavens wouldn’t forgive her for if she didn’t seize this opportunity to tease him nicely,

“Unique…” Chen Xi had taken it seriously instead, and he frowned and pondered for a long time before he nodded and said seriously, “I’m temporarily unable to think of anything that’s unique in this world. But I’ll surely find one for the both of you.”

Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi were both stunned when they heard this, as they’d both perceived the seriousness in Chen Xi’s voice. It seemed as if no matter how precious a unique thing in this world was, he would spare no effort to obtain it and give it to them.

An indescribable flow of warmth flowed through the hearts of the two young women, and both of them kept silent as they silently savored the indescribably touched feeling they felt from what Chen Xi said at this moment.

This touched feeling caused them to feel at ease and happy. Actually, these words were extremely simple, yet to the two young women, it was more precious and valuable than the most moving words of romance in the world.

Because it was spoken by Chen Xi.

It was naturally impossible for Chen Xi to have imagined that such an effect would actually be achieved by a few words of his.

As the saying goes, the hearts of young women are difficult to understand like poems. Especially when they were before the man they admired in their hearts, more often than not, a single word, gaze, or action was capable of causing them to think of countless happy scenes of the future, and it had nothing to do with anything romantic, as all they cared for was the feelings of each other.


Only a month remained before the final test of the Primeval Battlefield arrived.

No one knew the exact details of the test.

The emissaries of the Dark Reverie that had arrived at the Primeval Battlefield wouldn’t breathe a word to a soul as well, and they seemed as if they would absolutely not speak about it until the test started.

But Chen Xi found out from Madman Liu that it wasn’t just these emissaries that would be arriving from the Dark Reverie, and there would more emissaries coming in succession during this month.

Moreover, the person that possessed the power to make decisions about the final test was a Heavenly Immortal called Bing Shitian!

Exactly, this was a true Heavenly Immortal that was absolutely a supreme existence in the Mortal Dimension. How seriously the various powers of the Dark Reverie took the final test of the Primeval Battlefield was obvious from this.

Since he started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had only seen a strand of a Heavenly Immortal’s will, and it was from the Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman that the Shang Clan had activated. But even then, that sort of might that belonged to a Heavenly Immortal had shaken him to the point he was almost unable to arouse the intention to resist it.

If it wasn’t for the mysterious tiny cauldron that hung before his chest, he would have probably been annihilated by the will of that Heavenly Immortal long ago.

Presently, when he heard a real Heavenly Immortal was about to descend to Primeval City and preside over the final test, a strand of excitement and anticipation couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart.

What are Heavenly Immortals like?

Chen Xi’s mind was filled with thoughts. During these past few years, he’d experienced countless arduous battles and made the best use of every single minute to cultivate painstakingly, all for the sake of becoming a Heavenly Immortal!

This was an obsession in his heart that had never been shaken.

The reason was extremely simple: only by becoming a Heavenly Immortal would he have the chance to search for the whereabouts of his mother, Zuoqiu Xue.

“Kid, are you very interested towards Heavenly Immortals?” The nearby Madman Liu grinned as he spoke, and coupled with his extremely slovenly and gaunt appearance, he seemed to be extremely wretched in appearance.

Chen Xi instantly returned to his senses, and he nodded as he said, “I do indeed want to know exactly how formidable the strength of a Heavenly Immortal is.”

“I advise you to not get happy too soon.” Madman Liu stroked his goatee while he chuckled. “Now that I speak of it, Bing Shitian can still be considered to be a love rival of yours!”

“Love rival?” Chen Xi was astounded, and he felt it was absurd. I’m only a Rebirth Realm expert, whereas he’s a Heavenly Immortal. How could he possibly be a love rival of mine? Not to mention I don’t even know this Bing Shitian.

“Alas, why don’t you understand yet? Bing Shitian ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal from the Heavenflow Dao Sect. When he was still a cultivator, he was the junior brother of Qing Xiuyi and had always pursued Qing Xiuyi crazily. I wonder if he still has this girl in his mind after so many years have passed?” Madman Liu gulped down a mouthful of wine and smacked his lips before he sighed. “All those years ago, both of them were the most outstanding figures of the Heavenflow Dao Sect. Their reputations shook the entire Dark Reverie, and they were just like any pair of proud geniuses. Unfortunately, at the final instant when they were about to become Immortals, Qing Xiuyi chose rebirth and to cultivate once more, whereas Bing Shitian chose to ascend and become a Heavenly Immortal instead.”

Chen Xi was instantly stunned. So it turns out that Qing Xiuyi was actually so famous in her previous lifetime. Moreover, the Heavenly Immortal Realm expert, Bing Shitian, that’s about to arrive at Primeval City was a junior brother of Qing Xiuyi’s all those years ago…

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