Chapter 521 – Establishing Ownership

The emissaries of the Dark Reverie arrived and announced the final test of the Primeval Battlefield would be started a month from now.

The entire city was stirred, and the atmosphere instantly became nervous.

The disciples of the various powers that had entered Primeval City chose to enter closed door cultivation, and they cultivated strenuously for the sake of making preparations to greet the final test.


At the central part of the Northeast area was an expanse of overgrown weeds and only a single stone tablet stood towering there. The stone tablet was 1.5m in height and 0.65m in width, its surface was mottled and dark with dark brown colored moss and green colored moss stretching all over, and it emitted an ancient and aged aura.

“This is the Battlevow Tablet, a tablet left behind during the primeval times. All those years ago, for the sake of resisting their enemies, the gods buried numerous treasures in the eight areas of Primeval City, and every single one of them is more formidable than an Immortal Artifact.”

“Every time the final test of the Primeval Battlefield arrives, a treasure like this would emerge from the ground of all the eight areas. Moreover, the one who’s able to obtain the treasure would surely be the one who was in control of the area.”

“The reason behind this is this Battlevow Tablet.” Yun Lansheng had an extraordinary bearing, and his snow white hair fluttered as he raised his hand to point towards the stone tablet before him and spoke with a light voice.

“This is the place the gods vowed to do battle?” The nearby Chen Xi gazed at the stone tablet and was able to clearly notice the word ‘Battlevow’ on the surface of the stone tablet. It was written with vigorous strokes and a natural style, and it emitted an oppressive aura.

Most astonishing of it all was the color of the words, it was actually written with blood and branded onto the stone tablet, causing the bloody aura of battle and slaughter to assault their faces.

At this moment, Chen Xi faintly felt as if he was within the battle of the gods, and before him lay countless skeletons, rivers of blood, and mountains of corpses. Over a million cries of battle covered the heavens and the earth like thunderclaps that surged down from the nine heavens, and it caused him to be practically suffocated and drenched in cold sweat.


Even though it has experienced the corrosion of countless years, the words on this stone tablet seem as if they’d just been inscribed, and it possesses a horrifying aura of battle that seems breathtaking.

“Be careful, you must not inspect the Battlevow Tablet with your Divine Sense, otherwise you’ll be directly annihilated by the battle intent of the gods contained within it. Even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert is unable to survive it.” Yun Lansheng warned from the side with a serious expression.

At this moment, it wasn’t just the expression of Chen Xi that went pale, even Huangfu Qingying and the others went pale, and their gazes carried a trace of deep awe as they looked at the Battlevow Tablet.

“Since the treasures left behind by the gods are buried beneath the Battlevow Tablet, could it be that the gods weren’t afraid that others would dig out and take away the treasures?” Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but ask.

“Dig them out and take them?” Yun Lansheng chuckled and shook his head as he said, “Impossible. With the Battlevow Tablet’s presence, even a Heavenly Immortal is incapable of taking away a single treasure of the gods.”

When he spoke up to here, a trace of recollection suffused his eyes as he sighed. “After all, all those gods of the primeval times were supreme existences that were capable of easily shaking the three dimensions. The treasures they left behind have transformed into a part of the Primeval Battlefield since long ago. If it wasn’t like this, all the treasures here would have been taken away long ago, and how could they possibly be able to continue existing through the countless years until now?

A wisp of wonder couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of everyone when they heard this. Just the treasures they left behind were capable of making Heavenly Immortals be unable to take them away, so exactly how formidable were the gods of the primeval times?

“But there’s an exception. A frightening and sudden event occurs every 100 years in the Primeval Battlefield. At that time, one treasure of the gods would emerge from each of the eight areas within Primeval City, and it would choose the person that controls the area to defend Primeval City from destruction. To all of you, the day this frightening and sudden event erupts is the day the final test begins.” Yun Lansheng said slowly, “We emissaries came from the Dark Reverie for the sake of assisting all of you to obtain the treasures of the gods, pass the test, and enter the Dark Reverie.”

“In other words, only those that pass the test are able to enter the Dark Reverie. Then what about those that don’t pass the test?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

Yun Lansheng went silent for a moment before lightly spitting out a single word. “Dead.”

Everyone was instantly horrified. Dead? Did they die from competing with others? Or did they die from the sudden event?

“But the test this time is slightly special. With your strengths, all of you don’t have to worry about any mishaps occurring…” When he spoke up to here, Yun Lansheng pondered briefly before he shook his head and said, “Nevermind, all of you will understand after the test begins. I can only tell all of you that the number of disciples that’re able to enter the Dark Reverie this time will exceed any of the prior years.”

“Why? Senior, can you slightly leak some information so that we can be prepared?” Young Master Zhou pursued curiously.

Yun Lansheng was slightly hesitant. “These things are too far away from all of you. It makes no difference even if all of you know, and it would instead affect your states of mind.”

Even though everyone was mentally prepared since the beginning, they couldn’t help but feel a wave of disappointment when they heard this answer.

“Hmph! What’s there that can’t be said, isn’t it just because the upheaval of the three dimensions is at hand, and the Dark Reverie isn’t peaceful now? Everyone in the cultivation world feels insecure, so they relaxed the restrictions and started widely recruiting disciples to madly strengthen their forces.” Right at this moment, the dirty Madman Liu suddenly appeared, and he ate meat and drank wine while muttering with an unclear voice. “If it wasn’t because of this, 99% of the young people in this city would probably be eliminated in the coming test just like how it was in the past!”

The upheaval of the three dimensions, the members of the various powers of the Dark Reverie feel insecure!?

Chen Xi and the others were instantly shocked in their hearts. They’d had various guesses before this, yet never had they imagined that the answer would actually be so terrifying and actually involve the upheaval of the three dimensions!

The three dimensions meant the Mortal Dimension, the Immortal Dimension, and the Netherworld. Moreover, these three dimensions included countless large and minor worlds, and the scope they referred to was simply boundlessly vast to an unimaginable level.

For example, the Mortal Dimension contained 3,000 large worlds, as well as millions upon millions of minor worlds. The races and species born within these countless worlds were more than just millions upon millions!

Not to mention the Immortal Dimension and Netherworld, they similarly possessed various strange and unusual planes and species.

Yet now, a calamity was actually capable of involving the entire three dimensions. Even if Chen Xi’s current state of mind had already been tempered to the point of being firm like a rock, he was still unable to restrain from having a tempestuous storm arise within his heart after hearing this, and he was unable to calm down for a long time.

Yun Lansheng couldn’t help but laugh bitterly without end when he saw the changes in everyone’s expressions. Only this crazy old fellow would dare speak about this freely, huh?

But since it had already been said, he couldn’t conceal anything anymore as well, and he had no choice but to console them. “But all of you don’t have to bear any burden in your hearts. Almighty figures in the Dark Reverie have deduced that there’re another 1,000 years before the upheaval of the three dimensions, and it’s extremely far away to all of you. Not to mention, even if the heavens collapse, there would be someone to lift it up. Presently, all of you only have to do a single thing, and that is to concentrate on cultivating and quickly make yourselves stronger.”

“That’s correct. To you or me, a thousand years might pass by just from a period of cultivation to these little fellows, they still have a long path to take, so they don’t have to be alarmed.” Madman Liu actually acted contrary to his normal behavior and had a rare moment of agreeing to what Yun Lansheng had said.

Chen Xi and the others unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

There was another 1,000 years before the upheaval of the three dimensions, and so long as they seized this time to make sufficient preparations, then they wouldn’t have to be too alarmed.

After all, every single one of them was still young, and their cultivations had already attained the Rebirth Realm. 1,000 years of time was sufficient for them experience an extremely great leap in their cultivation.

Of course, the precondition was that they were able to survive.


According to what Yun Lansheng said, the Battlevow Tablet required one to drip their blood onto it and establish ownership of it. Only in this way would one be able to be acknowledged as the person that controls this area.

Moreover, only in this way would one have the opportunity to obtain a treasure of the gods after the final test ended.

Besides that, the method of establishing ownership was known to only the emissaries of the Dark Reverie. This was also why all the cultivators in the city knew of the existence of the Battlevow Tablet, yet none of them paid attention to it.

As one of the emissaries of the Dark Reverie, Yun Lansheng naturally knew the method, but the opinion of Chen Xi and the others varied towards the person that would establish ownership of it.

As far as Huangfu Qingying, Qing Xiuyi, Fan Yunlan, and the others were concerned, no matter if it was reputation or cultivation, this opportunity ought to belong to Chen Xi.

Perhaps, in their hearts, only Chen Xi possessed the prestige to obtain the treasure of the gods in the end.

This was a type of trust that had arisen from experiencing countless incidents and time, and another might not be able to attain such a height.

In other words, Chen Xi seemed to have already become the leading figure amongst all the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty now, and he couldn’t be replaced.

But… Chen Xi refused, and he decided in the end. “Let the Young Princess establish ownership of it.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to obtain a treasure that the gods left behind, but he had too many treasures in his possession, and he utterly didn’t need one more.

Moreover, he had other arrangements. After the final test ended, all of them would be entering the Dark Reverie, and at that time, it would perhaps be the time they would have to be separated temporarily.

So he wanted to prepare a gift for all of these companions that had fought with him and gone through thick and thin with him.

No matter what, all of them were his companions from the Darchu Dynasty. Even if they’d entered the Dark Reverie, it would still be like this, so compared to the friendship between them, some treasures were utterly nothing.

Treasures could still be found, yet the loss of friendship would be a regret in one’s life.

Chen Xi’s decision didn’t just cause Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, Fan Yunlan, Young Master Zhou, Ling Yu, and Zhao Qinghe to be surprised, even the person concerned, Huangfu Qingying, had an astounded expression that couldn’t be concealed on her face.

No one had expected that Chen Xi would actually give away such a great opportunity, and he’d done it so readily and so generously.

On the other hand, Yun Lansheng and Madman Liu were shocked, and they felt it was extremely strange.

After all, that was a treasure of the gods, and it was even more formidable than an Immortal Artifact. Even they who were Earthly Immortal Realm experts felt extremely envious towards this, yet Chen Xi had actually given it away so readily and without the slightest hesitation, so how could they not be surprised?

“Chen Xi, you…” Huangfu Qingying was dazed and at a loss for what to do.

“We’ve all come from the Darchu Dynasty and received too much kindness from his Majesty Emperor Chu, yet always had no way of repaying him. Receive this opportunity in his Majesty’s place.” Chen Xi smiled and teased.

Everyone else was stunned before nodding in unison, as they respected Chen Xi’s decision.

Huangfu Qingying was extremely touched in her heart, and her eyes actually faintly went red as tears almost trickled down from her eyes. She knew that Chen Xi said this only because he didn’t want her to feel ill at ease when receiving this gift.

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