Chapter 516 – Phenomena Descending From The Sky

Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi had suddenly appeared while taking the form of a Tai Chi pattern that enveloped the sky!

This scene instantly shocked everyone.

It was common knowledge that these two young women were captured by Shang Kun long ago, and they were his captives, whereas the reason Chen Xi had trespassed along into the Shang Clan was precisely for the sake of rescuing them.

However, now, not only were these two young women still alive, they instead appeared out of nowhere to rescue Chen Xi that was on the verge of death. How could such a sudden and unexpected even not cause everyone to be shocked?

“How can this be possible!? How could the both of you still be alive? What about my Young Master!? Could it… Could it be…?” Shang Que revealed an expression of astonishment and disbelief when he saw Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi who stood proudly beneath the sky, and he cried out repeatedly in shock.

The gazes everyone shot at him changed to carry extreme pity, and this was especially offending to Shang Que. It seemed as if he’d been abandoned by the entire world, and the feeling of despair and helplessness almost caused him to go mad.

He turned around and ran, and his figure staggered away to go search for his Young Master, Shang Kun.

He didn’t dare believe that Shang Kun had died, because he was utterly unable to bear the consequences for such an outcome. When he thought of the furious and livid expressions of the elders in the clan upon finding out about this incident, his heart trembled repeatedly with terror, and he wished for nothing more than to die right now.

Shang Kun was the hope of the Shang Clan, the inheritor that the Shang Clan had placed emphasis on fostering. If something had really happened to Shang Kun, then even if he, Shang Que, was able to enter the Dark Reverie, it would be impossible for him to escape the pursuit of the Shang Clan.

The reason was extremely simple, as a Prestigious Clan from an Ancient Kingdom, the Shang Clan had sent over countless genius experts to the Dark Reverie through the Primeval Battlefield over the innumerable years. All these people had taken root and grown into a power of the Dark Reverie long ago, and punishing a disciple of their clan was simply as easy as blowing off dust.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Shang Clan, even the other Dynasties and powers more or less had some sort of intimate relationship with the powers within the Dark Reverie. For example, disciples of the Prestigious Clans and top Dynasties only had to enter the Dark Reverie to receive a great deal of generosity and fostering. This was the benefit brought by the resources and reserves of the powers behind them.

Chen Xi didn’t stop him, nor did he have the strength to stop Shang Que. Presently, so long as he’d confirmed that Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing were alive, everything else was of no importance.

On the other hand, Feng Jianbai similarly wouldn’t obstruct Shang Que. The reason was extremely simple, he was tightly locked onto by the auras of the two young women, and he would suffer their terrifying attacks if he made a rash move.

Even though he was extremely confident of his own strength, he didn’t dare be the slightest bit careless when facing the Tai Chi pattern in the sky that was condensed from the energy of light and darkness.

So even if Chen Xi was only a mere 30m away from his, he didn’t dare make a move rashly.

But it was absolutely impossible to make him give up just like this. No matter if it was for the sake of the Feng Clan’s dignity or merely for the sake of annihilating Chen Xi, he had to make a decision that could turn around the overall situation.

However, right when he was hesitating if he should utilize his trump card, Zhen Liuqing that stood in midair spoke abruptly.

“I presume you understand as well that if we fight until the end, it would be extremely disadvantageous for both our sides. After all, you don’t merely represent yourself, but the entire Feng Clan. If something were to happen to you, there would probably be many powers that would happily lend a hand to trample the Feng Clan.” Zhen Liuqing’s words were spoken with perfect order, and they were chilly and pleasing to the ear like a gurgling fountain. “So, let Chen Xi off and we’ll withdraw. How about it?”

Feng Jianbai instantly started hesitating. Just as Zhen Liuqing had said, he wasn’t worried that the threat these two young women posed was capable of hurting him, yet he had to take precautions against the other powers taking advantage of the situation.

After all, he intended to take advantage of the situation at the Shang Clan earlier and take control over their territory. If such a thing were to occur on him, it would absolutely be something he was unable to tolerate.

So he was really moved by Zhen Liuqing’s suggestion.

“No, he must be killed!”

However, right when Feng Jianbai had ordered his thoughts and intended to speak, Qing Xiuyi who was on the other side spoke abruptly, and she repudiated this suggestion.

Feng Jianbai was instantly enraged in his heart. Dammit, do they think I’m livestock that’s at their mercy just because I haven’t spoken!?

“Listen to me, it’s for Chen Xi’s sake.” Zhen Liuqing looked at Qing Xiuyi as she spoke with a serious expression. As for how furious Feng Jianbai was in his heart, she utterly couldn’t be bothered.

Because she firmly believed that a despicable person like Feng Jianbai who was motivated by benefit would absolutely not allow himself to be carried away by his rage when the situation still wasn’t clear and do things that were disadvantageous to himself.

Sure enough, just as Zhen Liuqing had guessed, Feng Jianbai instantly restrained the flames of rage in his heart when he heard this, and then a trace of a disgruntled feeling arose in his heart. Since when did I pass the authority to make decisions to them while I myself have become a minor character that can only make decisions according to their will?

This feeling caused him to feel aggrieved. As the leading figure of the Feng Clan’s younger generation, he was respected everywhere, even in Primeval City, and when had he suffered such treatment? But for the sake of the interests of the entire Feng Clan, he still gritted his teeth and tolerated it.

“No, killing him is similarly for the sake of Chen Xi.” Qing Xiuyi’s figure was lofty like a celestial maiden that remained aloof from the world, and she was just like her heart, absolutely unyielding once she’d decided on something.

At this moment, Feng Jianbai was almost unable to refrain from cursing. Are you done!? When both of you make a decision, can you fucking discuss it before speaking about it!? Do you know how infuriating it is!?

Most infuriating to his was that these two young women kept speaking for Chen Xi’s sake, and they’d utterly not considered his feelings. They aren’t fucking taking me seriously!

When he thought about how countless gazes were staring at him from the side, Feng Jianbai wished for nothing more than to crush these two young women to death.


He endured in the end.

At this moment, even Feng Jianbai slightly admired his tolerance…

Just as Zhen Liuqing thought, Feng Jianbai’s character had decided that he would surely act in this way and not be like a rash person that would lose their mind to fury and disregarded everything.

The distant spectators were exceedingly shocked in their hearts, as they’d never expected Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi would actually be able to control the power of decision under such circumstances, and even Feng Jianbai had no choice but to be infuriated and restrained by them.

They even didn’t dare imagine how an extremely ordinary Dynasty like the Darchu Dynasty could possess so many dazzling figures. Chen Xi’s display was already sufficient to cause everyone to exclaim with admiration. Now the bearing revealed by Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi was on par with Chen Xi as well, and they couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Then why don’t we listen to Chen Xi’s opinion?” Zhen Liuqing knew that Qing Xiuyi had her own reason for persistence, and it was utterly impossible to persuade Qing Xiuyi by herself, whereas if anyone present was capable of making her changer her decision, then it would probably be Chen Xi.

Qing Xiuyi was stunned. Obviously, she never expected Zhen Liuqing would put forward such a suggestion, and she puckered her lips while keeping silent.

Even though she’d forgiven Chen Xi by more than half in her heart, the pride in her bones didn’t allow her to voice her agreement before Chen Xi at this moment. Or perhaps, it could be said that she was unwilling to become a mere dependent that only knew how to listen to Chen Xi.

Of course, she really wanted to listen to exactly who’s opinion Chen Xi would adopt as well, and it seemed as if she was able to determine if she or Zhen Liuqing was more important in Chen Xi’s heart in this way.

This sort of thinking was extremely peculiar, yet extremely common, and it normally occurred when two young women were fighting for a man’s favor. But Qing Xiuyi entirely didn’t notice anything improper from acting this way.

It was obvious from this that even if she was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, she was no different than a mortal when facing the complications of love between man and woman.

Qing Xiuyi went silent, and it was undoubtedly a form of tacit consent.

On the other hand, Chen Xi who was the concerned party couldn’t help but feel distressed in his heart. Even though he was heavily injured, utterly exhausted, and in an extremely sorry state, his scalp couldn’t help but go numb when faced with a problem like this, and it simply felt even more difficult than battling with his enemies.

But he had no choice but to answer. Because at this moment, it wasn’t just Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi’s gazes that were shot towards him, even the gazes of Feng Jianbai and the distant spectators had shot towards him successively.

Perhaps in the opinion of Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi, it was only a competition between the two of them, yet to the others, Chen Xi’s answer would decide too many things.

If Chen Xi chose battle, then it would inevitably cause the other powers to be excited because this meant they would be able to reap the reward at the end.

Conversely, if Chen Xi chose to stop the battle, then it would be equivalent to wronging himself and forcing himself to swallow his exasperations. After all, Feng Jianbai had been too ruthless earlier and had almost taken his life, causing enmity to have been sown. Even if both of them were temporarily at peace now, a battle would surely occur once more in the future.

The atmosphere became silent without anyone noticing, and it was perfectly silent. The gazes of everyone had shot at Chen Xi as they silently waited for his answer.


However, right when Chen Xi took a deep breath and intended to speak, an enormous bang that was like a thunderclap suddenly resounded out in the extreme distance, and it resounded in the heavens and the earth, causing the winds and the clouds to surge.

The space at that place suddenly blasted open as if an enormous rift was fiercely opened up by the sledgehammer of a god, whereas a divine ray of light that penetrated through the horizon abruptly appeared from the depths of the rift, and it was like a bridge that stretched across the heavens and the earth and emitted extremely gorgeous and blazing divine lights.

After that, numerous figures that were enveloped in divine lights walked out from the depths of the bridge. All of them had the bearing of immortals and wore clothes with sleeves that fluttered in the air, and their entire bodies emitted dazzling lights that caused them to seem like suns.

Along with the successive appearance of these figures, it seemed like numerous suns had soared out from the sky to illuminate the heavens and the earth, and the entire Primeval City was enveloped in an extremely terrifying pressure that caused one to be unable to catch one’s breath.

The might emitted was simply capable of causing the heavens and the earth to bow down in submission.


Another enormous bang that was like a thunderclap resounded out as the rift that cracked open in the sky vanished while the bridge of light dissipated, whereas the ten plus figures that were like suns had stayed behind instead, and they stood proudly in the sky while emitting vast divine might that enveloped the entire Primeval City.

At this moment, all the cultivators in all eight areas of the city had stopped everything they were doing, and all of them looked up into the skies with expressions of disbelief and felt extreme shock in their hearts.

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