Chapter 515 – The Grand Dao of Tai Chi

Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold and indifferent like ice that was impossible to melt for a million years.

His entire body was tainted in blood and countless scars while his pitch black and dense long hair was covered in strands of blood, and the vital energy in his entire body was already on the verge of collapse.

Actually, he’d already utilized his entire strength in battle against Lu Tianze and the others earlier, and it was for the sake of deterring and shocking everyone. No one knew exactly how great his physical consumption was while he seemed to be annihilating his opponents easily.

But even then, when he heard the lives of Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi were in danger, he’d still went over without delay, and he utterly didn’t give himself the slightest chance to recover.

After that…

He started a battle with the entire Shang Clan.

Compared to Lu Tianze and the others, no matter if it was in terms of number or their strength as a whole, the Shang Clan’s forces were more than just slightly formidable. He’d used all his ability and exerted all his strength without holding back in the slightest.

Moreover, for the sake of dealing with his opponents in the shortest amount of time possible and for the sake of winning more time to rescue Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, he couldn’t care about his own safety and had completely laid down his life for their sake.

Injuries were naturally unavoidable. Even if his body refinement cultivation was sufficiently formidable, the consumption of his strength was utterly impossible to be replenished in a short period of time.

Up until now, an entire day of continuous battles had already caused Chen Xi to be unable to remember exactly how many times he’d suffered from injuries or how much blood had flowed from his body, and the reason he was able to endure until now was purely because of the support of his persistence.

Fortunately, the enemies were already about to be eliminated, and only a single Shang Que remained, so it wasn’t anything worth being afraid of.

However, right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred.

A sword qi that was like pouring rain suddenly slashed down explosively from the distance while carried the rumbling of the Dao, and it shook the heavens and the earth to the point of droning and trembling without end. It was like a vast river had blasted and poured down mightily from the skies.

It was clearly noticeable that every single drop of rain was sharp like fine gold, and it pierced the nearby buildings to the point they were riddled with holes like a hornet’s nest.

The person that attacked was Feng Jianbai. His entire body was covered in Sword Insight that seemed like the tide of an ocean, and merely a single strike caused it to seem like a rainstorm was pouring down from the sky. Water accumulated and boiled on the ground, causing the earth to become damp like a swamp, and the boundless expanse of Sword Insight carried the might of the heavens and the earth as it struck down at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as the fury in his heart erupted like lava. Feng Jianbai is simply like cancer, like a haunting ghost that’s unwilling to leave! He truly deserves death for repeatedly obstructing me!


A muffled rumble that was like the sound of tidal waves resounded out as waves shot into the sky, and all of this was formed from Sword Qi that had already surged towards him with the intention of drowning Chen Xi.

Even though Chen Xi was furious to the extreme, he had no choice but to temporarily dodge when faced with such an attack. His current physical strength was already incapable of supporting him to deal with such an attack.

“Hmph! Let me see how long you’re able to dodge for!” Feng Jianbai wasn’t the slightest bit surprised that his attack missed, because it would be strange if Chen Xi was so easily killed.


Another sword strike that was like a tempestuous storm raged over. Chen Xi didn’t have the strength to dodge any longer, causing him to be directly blasted flying while coughing out blood repeatedly, and his countenance was ghastly pale to the point it was almost translucent.

Just like this, Feng Jianbai closed in relentlessly on Chen Xi with the intention of annihilating him, whereas Chen Xi’s physical strength was exhausted greatly, causing him to be only capable of dodging repeated while frequently suffering heavy injuries. Blood flowed like fountains from the countless injuries on his body, and he was on the verge of splitting apart.

All the spectators in the distance couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts.

Chen Xi was about to destroy the Shang Clan by himself and create a magnificent feat that was sufficient to shake the entire city, however, at the critical moment, Feng Jianbai had launched a surprise attack and instantly forced him into a hopeless situation. They had no choice but to sigh when faced with such an enormous change in events.

Comparatively speaking, the numerous spectators actually pitied Chen Xi’s encounter. He was from an ordinary Dynasty, and his ability to traverse to this point was already an extremely admirable and respectable deed.

Now, wasn’t he fighting the Shang Clan fearlessly for the sake of rescuing two of his companions? How could the others not admire such a loyal and compassionate?

On the other hand, Feng Jianbai was too shady.

The forces of the Xue Clan, Dartang Dynasty, Darkhan Dynasty, and Darjou Dynasty similarly maintained silence. They’d come here for the sake of dividing up the territory of the Shang Clan, and they utterly didn’t care about Chen Xi’s fate.

For example, even though people that had come into contact with Chen Xi like Xue Ranchen and Su Qingyan felt extreme pity towards what Chen Xi had encountered, yet for the sake of their own interests, they’d chosen to watch coldly from the sidelines.

They couldn’t be blamed for this because Chen Xi wasn’t a companion from their side, and there wasn’t much of a relationship between them and Chen Xi, let alone possessing any interest that bound them together. Thus, their actions of watching on from the sidelines was within reason.

But no matter what the people present at the scene thought in their hearts, they subconsciously felt that it would be impossible for Chen Xi to escape death today, and it was only a matter of time.


Everyone was completely unaware that there were two pairs of eyes that were always staring at the battlefield from a distant corner.

“Remember the assumption I spoke of earlier?”

“Yes.”“Actually, my assumption was wrong. I don’t know if he’ll cry for us, but I know now that for the sake of rescuing us, he can suffer injury, bleed, and even disregard his life.”

“… Mmm.”

“You’re crying?”


“I’m actually able to hear you admit it yourself, I’m truly surprised. So I take it that you’ve already forgiven him completely?”


“Mmm, I understand how you feel. But shouldn’t we make a move already? Can you bear to see him walk step by step towards death?”

“Help me do something.”


“Kill Feng Jianbai like how we killed Shang Kun.”


As soon as they finished speaking, both of them walked out of the shadows.

One of them had a figure that seemed hazy like mist while her clothes fluttered in the wind, and she seemed like an otherworldly celestial maiden; the other was plain and graceful with eyes that were attractive and clear like water, and her eyes revealed a sheen of wisdom.

It was precisely Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing.



Chen Xi spat out another mouthful of blood as his figure was blasted flying before heavily smashing onto the ground, and his body, clothes, and hair were completely wet with blood and tainted with dust.

He struggled to crawl up once more. Even if his body was on the verge of collapse, he still persisted, and his eyes blazed with terrifying flames as he revealed stubbornness and unyieldingness.

“So what if you’ve overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth and possess the potential to become an exalted figure? So what if you’ve attained the first ranking on the Warsoul Tablet? No matter who it is, a person that goes against me, Feng Jianbai, will die in the end!” In the distance, Feng Jianbai walked over slowly with his hands behind his back as he sized Chen Xi up in a calm and composed manner, and a trace of a smile that showed victory was within his grasps couldn’t help but suffuse his face that was white like jade.

“If it was at a normal time, do you think you can survive until now?” Chen Xi raised his hand to wipe of the traces of blood on the corners of his mouth, and his voice was hoarse, calm, and revealed undisguised ridicule. “Of course, it’s understandable for a shady person like you who only knows how to take advantage of the situation.”

“Laughable!” Feng Jianbai laughed coldly. “Don’t you know that the winner is always in the right?”

“You haven’t won, I haven’t died.” Chen Xi was silent for a long time before answering calmly, and his voice revealed resolution to never give up.

A complicated feeling couldn’t help but arise in the hearts of the distant spectators when they heard this. Perhaps it’s precisely because of Chen Xi’s resolution to never give up until death that allowed him to attain his current achievements? Unfortunately, such a figure will be unable to escape death today in the end, what a pity.

“You haven’t died?” Feng Jianbai was stunned, and then he suddenly roared with laughter that was filled with ridicule. “Since it’s like this, I’ll kill you right now!”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and grabbed out, causing a shapeless sword of rain to condense into form, and the sword qi roiled and rumbled like violent waves that seemed to impatiently want to drink fresh blood.


However, before he could slash out with this strike, he suddenly felt a piercing pain in his eyes as boundless and dazzling light energy gushed over while covered the heavens and the earth, and it was sacred, vast, and all pervasive to the point of enveloping the entire surroundings.

At the same time, energy of darkness that caused one’s heart to feel oppressed and tremble surged over suddenly and soundlessly, and it was deep and dark like the darkness that covered the world at the end.

For a time, sacred and vast energy of light and deep and dark energy of darkness respectively occupied half of the sky, one side black, the other white. They were like twins that enhanced the beauty of each other, and they circulated into an enormous circle that enveloped the entire heavens and the earth.

Moreover, within the circular pattern that was a mix of black and white, a young woman stood proudly within the light while her entire body emitted blazing white light that was sacred and noble, and it caused others to wish for nothing more than to prostrate themselves in devoted worship and not dare disrespect her.

On the other side, a young woman seemed to have been born from the darkness. She emitted a murderous, dignified, indifferent, and emotionless aura that caused one to feel terrified and oppressed from the depths of their hearts.

Two young women, one bright like the day, one dark like the night. Both of them stood opposite each other within the circular pattern that was a mix of black and white, yet both of them didn’t conflict with each other, and they instead formed a strange connection that caused the entire heavens and the earth to fall into an almost chaotic and terrifying field.


The enormous black and white circular pattern was revolving slowly in the sky like a millstone of the sky while it emitted rumbling that seemed like the tune of the Grand Dao, and it seemed as if it intended to obliterate everything in the world.

Such a vast and strange scene shocked everyone present to the point they felt restless and a chill ran down their spines. They felt an indescribable and fatal oppressive aura envelop them, causing them to feel as if they’d fallen into an icy pit.

“Tai Chi! This is the Grand Dao of Tai Chi! My god! How many years has it been? An extremely rare Grand Dao like this has actually appeared once more in the world!”

“Light and Darkness have always been extremely rare Grand Dao Insights. Now that they’re executed with the might of the Grand Dao of Tai Chi, such ability simply seizes might from nature itself, and it’s capable of shocking the world and moving the gods!”

Some people couldn’t help but let out exclaims of shock from within the crowd, and their shouts revealed boundless shock and disbelief.

Even the forces of the Xue Clan and the three top Dynasties revealed astonished expressions as they never imagined that they would see the Grand Dao of Tai Chi that had never made an appearance for innumerable years at this moment.

On the other hand, when Chen Xi saw the two young women that stood upright within the Tai Chi pattern in the sky, a trace of a relaxed feeling couldn’t help but arise in his heart. They’re alive. Good, good…

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