Chapter 514 – Targeted By All

Chen Xi’s question was spoken sonorously and forcefully without giving the slightest face to Feng Jianbai, and his imposing aura was extremely powerful to the point it caused the hearts of everyone present to tremble from shock.

“Chen Xi, your temper is too explosive. I’ve come here for the sake of mediating the dispute, and your attitude is slightly hurtful.” Feng Jianbai’s voice was even-tempered and spoken unhurriedly, and he seemed to remain indifferent towards Chen Xi’s words.

As he spoke, he put his hands behind his back while looking down indifferently at Chen Xi, and even though his attitude was mild, he imperceptibly revealed an oppressive bearing. Obviously, he was displaying his displeasure towards Chen Xi.

“Mediating the dispute?” The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth were filled with ridicule as he said coldly, “You’ve probably come with ill intentions. Not late nor early, you just happened to arrive at the moment these bastards were about to die. Is this any different from taking advantage of the situation for your own benefit?”

The expressions of Shang Que and the others instantly went grim as they revealed hateful gazes when bluntly insulted as bastards by Chen Xi, but Chen Xi’s words had similarly caused them to become vigilant.

Truthfully speaking, they didn’t welcome Feng Jianbai’s sudden arrival either, and they even suspected that this fellow’s intentions was just as Chen Xi said.

Feng Jianbai noticed every single change in the expressions of everyone, and he couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he shook his head and said, “Chen Xi, your words are too hostile. The matter isn’t as complicated as you think. It’s better if you calm down your mood and keep silent for a moment. If you carry out a desperate battle with all the Fellow Daoists from the Shang Clan, it wouldn’t be beneficial to any one of you.”

“Enough!” Chen Xi’s gaze was like bolts of lightning as he stared coldly at Feng Jianbai. “Do you think I don’t know what you’re planning? Doesn’t the heavy losses of the Shang Clan just happen to conform with the benefits of your Feng Clan?”

“Simply speaking, you didn’t have any good intentions when you came here today, and you intend to seize this opportunity to rope in and swallow up the Shang Clan for your own benefit. In this way, your Feng Clan would get a piece of territory for free and obtain a loyal dog. It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi had always been staring at Feng Jianbai. Sure enough, he saw the corners of Feng Jianbai’s eyes twitch inadvertently. Even though it was an extremely subtle twitch, it was still noticed clearly by Chen Xi, and he couldn’t help but sneer endlessly in his heart.

Since he first laid eyes on Feng Jianbai, Chen Xi felt this fellow was extremely scheming, and after conversing with Feng Jianbai and hearing his hypocritical words, the detest in Chen Xi’s heart towards Feng Jianbai grew even deeper, causing him to bluntly expose Feng Jianbai’s lies.

First being insulted as bastards and now being insinuated as dogs by Chen Xi caused flames to spray out of the eyes of Shang Que and the other Shang Clan disciples, and their expressions were gloomy to the limit.

But Chen Xi’s words caused them to be frightened in their hearts as well. Right, how could Feng Jianbai have any good intentions from forcefully standing up for us for no reason or rhyme?

Presently, our Shang Clan has already suffered heavy losses, and his Feng Clan is completely capable of swallowing our Shang Clan up with this opportunity. Isn’t the only reason Feng Jianbai hasn’t made a move because he thinks we’re still of use to him, and he intends to take control over us and this northwest region altogether for his own benefit?

Once these thoughts entered their heads, the gazes Shang Que and the others shot at Feng Jianbai had become even more hostile.

Even all the spectators in the distance couldn’t help but nod to themselves after hearing Chen Xi’s analysis. Right, Feng Jianbai’s appearance is too coincidental, and it’s impossible for others not to suspect his intentions.

Feng Jianbai himself had utterly not imagined that the situation would actually develop to such an extent.

He originally thought that so long as he made an appearance, both parties to the battle would appreciate his kindness and stop the battle. After that, he would be able to execute his plan with ease.

Never had he imagined that he would be bluntly refused by Chen Xi right after he made an appearance, and Chen Xi had even directly exposed the thoughts in his heart. This caused him to be unable to help but be extremely furious in his heart.

But on the surface, Feng Jianbai’s expression was still extremely calm as he stood with an extraordinary appearance and his aura fused with the heavens and the earth, causing him to seem unfathomable like an immortal, and he was utterly unlike a despicable and scheming person on the surface.

However, he was interrupted by Chen Xi’s icy cold voice before he could even open his mouth and say something. “There’s no need to say anything further. If you want to display your humanitarianism, then withdraw to the side and don’t interfere with this matter!”

No matter how good Feng Jianbai’s temper was, being repeatedly mocked by Chen Xi caused his to be unable to refrain from turning furious, and his eyes were icy cold like blades as he stared at Chen Xi. “What if I don’t agree?”

“So you’ve really admitted it yourself in the end?” Chen Xi was even more disdainful.

“Hmph! It’s up to you how you want to think. I can’t be bothered to talk nonsense with a person like you who doesn’t know what’s good for him, and if I speak too much, others might think I’m afraid of you.” Feng Jianbai grunted coldly.

“You better not make a rash move.” Chen Xi said coldly, “It isn’t just your Feng Clan that intends to take control of the Shang Clan. If I’m not wrong, the forces of the three top Dynasties and the Xue Clan are probably rushing over right now, and they won’t agree to handing over the Shang Clan to you on a silver platter!”

“You…” Feng Jianbai’s expression finally changed when he heard this.

Chen Xi’s words could be said to have hit his weak point, and it was precisely the thing he was worried about the most. The reason he’d rushed over was precisely for the sake of seizing the opportunity of being the first, so as to avoid others causing trouble to his plans.

Now, Chen Xi had bluntly pointed this out, so no matter how composed he was, his expression instantly became icy cold and merciless as he said indifferently, “Chen Xi, enough nonsense. If you still refuse to come to your senses, then it wouldn’t just be you who’s harmed by this, because the safety of your companions is similarly held in your hands.”

“Threats?” Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as cold light appeared within them while extremely dense killing intent gushed out from his heart. What he despised the most was others threatening him with his loved ones and friend, this was his ‘reverse scale,’ so how could he allow others to touch it casually!?

“So what if I am!?” Since they’d shed all pretenses, Feng Jianbai ceased being courteous and said coldly, “You’re just an ant from an ordinary Dynasty. Do you really think you can run wild just because you’ve accomplished some things? I advise you to fuck off right now, otherwise, all the disciples of your Darchu Dynasty are bound to be wiped out today!” His voice completely revealed piercingly cold killing intent and dense disdain, causing the hearts of the distant spectators to constrict as they felt their scalps go numb. It really is as Chen Xi said, Feng Jianbai does have other intentions!

“If you have the balls, I guarantee that everyone from your Feng Clan won’t live to see another day!” Chen Xi was furious to the extreme, yet his expression was extremely calm and indifferent. After he finished leaving these words coldly, he turned around as the aura surrounding his body erupted, and he moved towards the distant Shang Que and the others.

He didn’t have the mood to continue wasting time talking nonsense with Feng Jianbai any longer.

Presently, the fate of Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing was unknown, and every minute he wasted might cause the two of them to be eternally doomed, so he didn’t dare continue wasting time.

Compared to the lives of the two of them, everything else was nothing in his heart.


As he listened to Chen Xi’s icy cold voice that still linger by his ears, Feng Jianbai’s face couldn’t help but darken as killing intent surged in his heart, and he’d already given Chen Xi the death punishment in his heart.

So when he saw Chen Xi charging towards Shang Que and the others, he didn’t hesitate to arouse the intention to attack. However, right at this moment, he suddenly noticed that the forces of the Xue Clan and the three top Dynasties had actually appeared in the distance, and all of them were looking coldly towards him.

Feng Jianbai’s heart went cold as he instantly abandoned the thought to make a move.

He knew that it was too late for anything now. Even if he stopped Chen Xi, he would surely be unable to stop the other powers from casting their covetous gazes at the Shang Clan.

“Fuck!” When he thought about how everything was spoiled by Chen Xi, Feng Jianbai was resentful to the point of almost going mad, and his gaze fully revealed his extremely piercingly cold killing intent as he stared at the distant Chen Xi.


A battle erupted once again, and the impetus of the battle was even more horrifying than before.

But everyone acutely noticed that Shang Que and the others seemed to be uneasy, causing them to be defeated one after the other by Chen Xi, and three people had already died in the time of a few breaths.

The reason was extremely simple, the state of mind of Shang Que and the others had been completely thrown into confusion.

The sudden appearance of Feng Jianbai and Chen Xi’s flawless analysis allowed them to completely understand that the Shang Clan wasn’t as formidable as it was in the past now, and it had become something that everyone coveted and intended to divide up.

Needless to say, this was extremely sad. Just a while ago, they were still an overlord in Primeval City, yet they’d been reduced to the target of the greed of the various powers in Primeval City. This was an enormous drop that caused all of them who were disciples of a Prestigious Clan and were accustomed to domineering over others to be utterly unable to accept this for a while.

Moreover, who could have imagined that the cause of all this was only a single person?

He trespassed into the Shang Clan by himself, he fought the numerous experts of the Shang Clan by himself, and he forced a Prestigious Clan into a precarious and hopeless situation…

Yet all of this was only because of two young women.

When they thought up to here, Shang Que and the others felt extremely regretful in their hearts. If they knew earlier that this would happen, how could they have possibly offended Zhen Liuqing and Qing Xiuyi?

Now, it was too late for everything, and regret was useless.

They could only place their hopes on their Young Master, Shang Kun, being able to complete his cultivation as soon as possible, turn the situation around, and rescue the Shang Clan from calamity.

However, what caused them to feel despair was that there was no trace of their Young Master Shang Kun up until now, whereas all of them were on the verge of being completely massacred.

Could it be that my Shang Clan is really going to be annihilated today…? Shang Que’s countenance was ghastly pale, and his expression revealed deep despair.


A ball of thunderstorm vortexes that emitted a destructive aura crashed down, causing Shang Ping who was by his side to not have the time to dodge or let out a shrill cry before being completely crushed into powder.

At this moment, only Shang Que remained.

“Tell me where Shang Kun is!” Chen Xi asked coldly with a hoarse voice. His entire body was covered in blood and terrifying scars, and his breathing had become much heavier.

An entire day of endless slaughter and battles had similarly caused his vital energy to be almost on the verge of collapse, and the reason he was able to persist until now was purely because he relied on his perseverance to support him.

Shang Que puckered his lips and stayed silent, and his ghastly pale face revealed resoluteness. Even if he faintly guessed that Chen Xi was already exhausted, he didn’t have any confidence in being able to kill to Chen Xi.

His fighting spirit had already been destroyed long ago by the terrifying ability Chen Xi revealed, and despair had arisen in his heart. Once one felt despair, even a god would be unable to save the person.


However, right when Shang Que thought he would die for sure, a black figure suddenly flashed over explosively as sword lights poured down like a rainstorm that was accompanied by the rumbling of the Dao, and it shook the heavens and the earth to the point of trembling and droning endlessly as it slashed straight towards Chen Xi!

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