Chapter 513 – Sword Shaped Nimbus Cloud

Drawing and releasing merely a single arrow to directly annihilate the will of a Heavenly Immortal!

The bow was a Shaman Treasure.

The arrow was a wisp of white light.

The person that held the bow and shot the arrow was a young disciple from an ordinary Dynasty who possessed a cultivation…that was only at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm!

However, it was precisely a combination like this that had shot apart the Heavenly Immortal’s will with a single arrow before it had the chance to exert its might, and it was obliterated into nothingness. Not to mention everyone present here at the scene, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts would probably not dare believe their eyes when facing such a terrifying scene.

That was a genuine strand of will of a Heavenly Immortal!

A terrifying existence that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts wouldn’t dare go against, yet it was annihilated just like this at the hands of an initial-stage Rebirth Realm expert. The unparalleled visual impact from this caused everyone present to be shocked to the point their scalps went numb and they were rendered speechless.

There were also some people with extremely discerning gazes that noticed the subtlety within all this. They understood that it wasn’t Chen Xi who destroyed the Heavenly Immortal’s Will but the wisp of white light that was shot out explosively by him.

Even though they hadn’t pried into what the white light actually was, they were extremely sure in their hearts that it was absolutely an extraordinarily formidable treasure that was more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifact!

“How can this be possible?! That was the will of a Heavenly Immortal! How could it possibly be annihilated by a Rebirth Realm cultivator!?”

“We’re doomed! Even the Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman has failed. Is there anyone in Primeval City that can subdue him?”

“How could he be so strong?! How could he…?”

To those disciples of the Shang Clan, Chen Xi’s arrow was like a thunderclap that shook their hearts to the point violent waves that couldn’t calm down for a long time arose within their hearts.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, before they could recover from their shock, the distant Chen Xi made a move once more. He drew the bow fully before the bowstring shook repeatedly, and numerous shapeless arrows show out explosively like divine rays of light that penetrated through the sky.

The Dao of Archery possessed unparalleled speed and terrifying penetration force. At this moment, when Chen Xi drew his bow and released the arrows formed from his own Shaman Energy, the terrifying penetration force that exploded out from them directly blasted the bodies of six Shang Clan disciples apart, and even their Soul Core’s were unable to narrowly escape and were obliterated.

A slaughter suddenly started, causing the Shang Clan disciples to be jolted back to their senses, and then their expressions went pale. Never had they imagined that in the short period they were shocked, there were actually six people from their side that had died successively. Moreover, the scene of their deaths was extremely horrifying, as all of them were blasted into pieces and mush that covered the ground, and there wasn’t the slightest chance for them to seize the body of another to achieve rebirth.

Blood sprayed into the sky, and it impacted the hearts of the distant spectators to the point they were horrified to the extreme. Could it be that this fellow, Chen Xi, is really going to uproot the Shang Clan by himself today?

“I’ll ask one last time, where’s Shang Kun?” Chen Xi’s calm voice suddenly reverberated in the heavens and the earth, and it entered clearly into the ears of everyone present.

Meanwhile, many people recovered from their shock about why Chen Xi would become furious and bloodthirsty. So it’s for his women!

Most of these people had seen the scene of Chen Xi annihilating Lu Tianze with their own two eyes, so they naturally found out from Lu Tianze that Shang Kun had captured two young women from the Darchu Dynasty with the intention of cultivating a devil technique.

When faced with such an incident, Chen Xi had only replied with a single sentence. If they die, I’ll bury the entire Shang Clan with them. At that time, the people that heard these words utterly didn’t dare believe it, and they thought Chen Xi had gone mad.

Yet now, they’d completely believed it.

Even the will of a Heavenly Immortal was incapable of obstructing Chen Xi’s footsteps, so how would the Shang Clan go against Chen Xi?

“Idiot, do you think I’d tell you?” Shang Que calmed down instead when facing Chen Xi’s threats, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Even if all of us die, it’s impossible for you to find out where the Young Master is. Conversely, once the Young Master cultivates the Chaotic Devilbody successfully, he’ll surely annihilate you and the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty to take revenge for us!”

“Hmph! Since it’s like that, I’ll annihilate all of you and destroy this palace. I don’t believe I’ll be unable to force Shang Kun out!” Chen Xi wouldn’t be threatened by a few words from Shang Que, and he grunted coldly.

As he spoke, he’d already put away the Staruin Bow in his hand before stretching his hand out with a grabbing motion, causing the Grand Astral Palm to soar through the sky once again, and it blotted out the sky as it fiercely slapped down at Shang Que.

“Kill! Attack together. We must persist until the Young Master completes his closed door cultivation, otherwise all of us are doomed!” Shang Que revealed a ruthless expression as he looked at the terrifying palm that descended from the sky, and he let out a sharp roar.

At the critical moment of life and death, these Shang Clan disciples didn’t dare have anymore wishful thoughts, and they gritted their teeth before exerting their strongest attacks towards Chen Xi.

The battle erupted once again!

Terrifying waves of air tore through the sky and shook the skies and the earth, causing the entire area to be enveloped within expanses of dazzling and blazing bright lights that caused others to be unable to clearly see exactly what was happening.

Waves of explosions, rumbling, and roars were intertwined together as they resounded and shook the entire world, and it caused the area to seem as if it had returned to the time of the beginning of the world when the gods were on the bloody battlefield of their expedition.

Who could ever imagine that one of the parties in such a great and horrifying battle was merely a single person?

The distant spectators had already retreated extremely far away, as they were deeply afraid of being affected by the chaotic flow of energy emitted by the terrifying battle. Even then, they still felt terrified and extremely shocked as they witnessed this battle.

Moreover, more and more cultivators sensed the occurrence of this battle that shook the heavens and the earth, causing them to flash over from all directions, and they exclaimed endlessly with shock when they found out about everything.

It was even to the extent that some people who couldn’t bear the sight of Chen Xi had no choice but to admit how ferocious and formidable Chen Xi was.

Suddenly, an expanse of nimbus clouds that were shaped like a sword flew over from the horizon. It was an entire 3km in length and emitted a terrifying sword aura as it directly slashed into the ball of light that exploded out from the battle between both sides.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out. It was like a god was drumming the skies, and it shook everyone to the point their ears droned and they felt dazed.

In the next moment, everyone saw that the two parties that were in battle had been separated.

Chen Xi’s tall body that was comparable to a mountain was covered traces of blood and injuries. He seemed to have suffered a heavy injury, yet his expression was indifferent and calm while the imposing aura emitted from his body hadn’t weakened in the slightest, and his battle intent blazed like flames.

On the other side, most of the Shang Clan disciples had actually perished, and only a little over 10 remained. Moreover, all of them were bathed in blood and in sorry states.

“Dead! Only 10 plus of the 50 disciples of my Shang Clan remain!” As he looked at the few remaining companions by his side, Shang Que’s eyes almost split open and bled tears of blood, and he roared repeatedly as he was already furious to the extreme.

He was unable to bear such heavy losses, and even the Young Master Shang Kun who was in closed door cultivation was unable to bear such a loss. If news of this matter was sent back to the clan, it would surely cause a mighty uproar.

However, Chen Xi paid no attention to him and looked towards the distant horizon instead.

At that place, nimbus clouds were coiled together and seemed to have formed a sharp sword that contained vast strength, and it emitted an extremely oppressive fierce aura that enveloped the heavens and the earth.

Just moments ago, it was precisely this expanse of nimbus clouds that suddenly launched an attack and obstructed him from continuing to slaughter the Shang Clan disciples.

It wasn’t just Chen Xi, even the distant spectators had noticed the appearance of this expanse of nimbus clouds, and they seemed to have noticed something, causing all of them to reveal shocked expressions and become dazed.

“If enmity isn’t settled in a friendly manner, there’ll be no end to it. Chen Xi, how about you give me face and let them off?” Right at this moment, a figure appeared from within the expanse of nimbus clouds, and he walked over step by step from midair as if he was walking on even ground.

His footsteps had a profound rhythm that resonated with the heavens and the earth, and it seemed as if he’d fused into one with it!

“Feng Jianbai!” Some people cried out in shock, and then they went silent as if they were afraid of disturbing this person.

This was a formidable man that seemed as if he’d fused into nature itself. His entire body emitted an indescribable aura that seemed fierce and swift like a sword yet vast like the rain, and it imposed an extremely great pressure onto others.

Shang Que frowned instead when he saw this man, and he wasn’t grateful in the slightest. After all, Feng Jianbai was the leader of the Feng Clan, and their relationship with the Shang Clan was one of competition, strife, and mutual caution.

Even though Feng Jianbai suddenly appearing here at this moment looked as if he’d come to assist the Shang Clan, yet Shang Que didn’t think so in his heart because no help in this world came for free. This Feng Jianbai surely possesses other motives!

In next to no time, Feng Jianbai had already approached this place. He was a matchlessly handsome man with a slender figure, his footsteps were steady while his bearing was pure and light. If one didn’t pay attention, one would entirely be unable to sense his existence because he seemed to have fused into one with the heavens and the earth.

His skin was white like jade and flickered with a crystalline sheen, his eyes were profound like the stars while his head was covered with dense jet black hair that hung loosely before his chest and on his back, and it caused him to possess an unusual bearing.

This was Feng Jianbai, a formidable man from the Skycloud Kingdom’s Feng Clan. Before today, his name firmly occupied the ranking of the first on the Warsoul Tablet, and no one was capable of shaking it.

Presently, even though his position was occupied by Chen Xi, yet it utterly didn’t prevent everyone from feeling fearful and reverent towards him.

He was an expert that was mysterious and kept a low profile, and his strength was unfathomable. He wouldn’t fight under normal circumstances, yet once he did, he would surely be coldblooded and ruthless, causing it to be almost impossible for his opponent to survive.

Some people caused others to have a deep impression of them at the first glance, and others would feel they were extremely extraordinary and would sooner or later accomplish great things. Obviously, Feng Jianbai was such a person.

Moreover, there was always a rumor in Primeval City. The rumor said that Feng Jianbai’s strength had broken through to the 6th tempering of the Rebirth Realm long ago, and he’d attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. It was precisely this rumor that caused all the cultivators who entered Primeval City to feel extremely fearful of him.

“Give you face? Who’re you? Do I know you?” But Chen Xi’s expression didn’t change in the slightest when he saw Feng Jianbai appear abruptly, and when he heard what Feng Jianbai said, he even felt slightly amused, causing his voice to carry a trace of disdain.

Everyone was stirred as no one imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so ferocious at a time like this. He didn’t even take Feng Jianbai seriously. Could it be that he isn’t afraid that Feng Jianbai would join forces with the Shang Clan against him?

“Chen Xi, is this how you treat a guest?” Feng Jianbai wasn’t infuriated in the slightest, and he spoke casually.

“If you’re a guest, I would surely treat you with respect. But do you think you are one?” Chen Xi’s eyes went cold as he replied with a question, and he continued before Feng Jianbai could reply. “Speak frankly. Did you come here this time to stand up for the Shang Clan?” Chen Xi’s voice was like a thunderclap that shook the heavens and the earth, and it carried an oppressive aura.

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