Chapter 512 – Annihilating The Will

The mighty figure seemed dreamlike as it stood in mid air while emitted blazing divine lights that illuminated the heavens and the earth, and it emitted a terrifying might that caused the heavens and the earth to tremble while casting the world into a shadow.

This was a true strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal that was branded on the jade talisman. Presently, it had been activated by Shang Ping, and it easily destroyed the Grand Astral Palm to rescue Shang Que, so it was obvious how formidable it was.

Moreover, this strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal was different from Pei Yu’s Heavenly Immortal’s Decree. This was a pure strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal, causing it to possess terrifying might that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts didn’t dare go against head on.

On the other hand, Pei Yu’s Heavenly Immortal’s Decree was only a treasure of writing that was casually written by a Heavenly Immortal, and its ghastly writing had imperceptibly left behind a trace of the Heavenly Immortal’s aura.

The difference between the two was simply like the distance between the heavens and the earth, and it could be discerned from the deep reverence within the expressions of everyone.

In other words, this was a strand of a Heavenly Immortal’s will, and it could be entirely taken to be a clone, a strand of thought, and the strength it possessed was naturally astonishing.

Such a precious treasure was extremely rare even in the Prestigious Clans like the Shang Clan, and they would utterly not utilize it unless they encountered an extremely great turn of events.

The will of a Heavenly Immortal, huh… Chen Xi’s countenance was pale as he stared at the mighty figure that stood in midair, and he muttered to himself. The Grand Astral Palm being destroyed earlier caused him to suffer a certain level of heavy injury, and if it wasn’t for him severing the connections with it in time, his soul might have been destroyed.

“Chen Xi, your strength is indeed shocking. But so what? You’re going to die beneath the will of a Heavenly Immortal in the end!” In the distance, Shang Que’s gaze was ghastly as he shouted gloomily.

Chen Xi didn’t answer him, and only Shang Que’s gloomy and explosive shout reverberated in the air.

Even the distant spectators went silent as they sighed endlessly in their hearts. They similarly felt that Chen Xi would probably be unable to escape calamity today.

The reason was extremely simple, when faced with the will of a Heavenly Immortal, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts could only flee, let alone a Rebirth Realm cultivator?

If Chen Xi possessed a great weapon like this, then he would be able to turn the tide and save the desperate situation. But obviously, it was utterly impossible for Chen Xi to possess one.

After all, he was from the extremely ordinary Darchu Dynasty. In terms of origin, he was utterly incapable of comparing with a Prestigious Clan, so how could he possibly possess a precious treasure that could compare to a Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman.

The reason disciples of Prestigious Clans were strong wasn’t only reflected by their strength, and it was also reflected by their numerous trump cards that ordinary people were incapable of attaining. This was sufficient to allow them to stand on invincible ground in the Primeval Battlefield.

On the other hand, ordinary Dynasties didn’t have such resources and reserves. No matter how formidable Chen Xi’s strength was, he was much more inferior to the Prestigious Clans in terms of trump cards, resources, and reserves, and it was impossible to make up for.

“Alas, this fellow did so many stirring things right after entering the city. Now that he’s about to die, I actually feel slightly unable to bear the sight.”

“Hmph! This is the consequences of going against our Shang Clan! A rare genius? First on the Warsoul Tablet? If our Shang Clan wants to kill you, then it’s simply easier than squashing an ant to death.”

The Shang Clan disciples looked at the solitary figure of Chen Xi in the distance as if they were looking at a person that was about to die, and they ridiculed him with disdain.

Shang Ping didn’t drive the Heavenly Immortal’s will to annihilate Chen Xi right away, but started sizing Chen Xi up unhurriedly while a trace of a teasing expression that was like the expression of a cat teasing a mouse appeared on his face.

He wanted to see what expression Chen Xi had when facing the threat of death. Would Chen Xi be terrified to the point of wetting himself? Or fall on his knees and beg for mercy? Just thinking about this caused him to feel excited.

Of course, he acted in this way because he wanted to let the distant spectators see this. After all, Chen Xi had trespassed into the Shang Clan’s territory today, and he’d killed to the point there was almost no one capable of restraining him. To a certain extent, this had struck a blow to the reputation of the Shang Clan. Coupled with the Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman being a one time use treasure, annihilating Chen Xi was the minor objective, and the main objective was to warn the other powers in Primeval City.

At this moment, as he looked at the deep reverence in the expressions of the distant spectators, Shang Ping knew that he’d achieved his objective, and he only had to annihilate Chen Xi next before he could consider his mission completed flawlessly.

However, right when Shang Ping was about to make a move, he suddenly noticed that the distant Chen Xi had actually withdrawn an enormous and pitch black bow.

This pitch black bow was suffused with a dim and cold light, and it emitted an ancient, unconstrained, and mysterious aura of Shaman Energy. It was precisely the Shaman Treasure Chen Xi had seized from Qi Yin — the Staruin Bow!

A Shaman Treasure was a weapon utilized by body refiners. It was extremely difficult to refine and could only be refined by a body refiner.

There was only a single material to refine a Shaman Treasure, the corpse of an ancient Fiendgod. The bones, teeth, meridians, nails, and even hair, eyes, and internal organs could be refined into Shaman Treasures. Only the corpse of an ancient Fiendgod was capable of fusing with the energy of Shaman Energy and allowing it to bring forth a might similar to a magic treasure.

Moreover, every single Shaman Treasure had to be fed and nurtured with the Blood Essence of a body refiner, and then have its impurities tempered out using Shaman Energy. Only in this way could the body refiner attain the state of becoming one with the Shaman Treasure and using it like it was a part of the body refiner’s arm.

But Shaman Treasures were extremely rare and even rarer than Immortal Artifacts. After all, the corpse of an ancient Fiendgod had always been an extremely rare existence, and there were very few left in the world. It was precisely because of this that 99% of body refiners didn’t possess a Shaman Treasure to use, and this obviously showed how precious Shaman Treasures were.

Of course, even if body refiners didn’t possess a Shaman Treasure, body refiners would still be able to completely crush qi refiners with a same cultivation by relying on their bodies that were comparable to magic treasures.

“A Shaman Treasure!? Shang Que’s eyes lit up.

He was a body refiner, so he was naturally extremely familiar with Shaman Treasures. But, unfortunately, even if it was in the Shang Clan, a Shaman Treasure was extremely rare. Moreover, it was utterly impossible for such a precious treasure to fall into his hands.

At this moment, when he saw the pitch black bow in Chen Xi’s hands was actually a Shaman Treasure, Shang Que’s heart instantly started burning. It’s truly a gift from the heavens. After this fellow is killed, this Shaman Treasure will become mine!

“A Shaman Treasure? Hmph! Do you think you can defeat the will of a Heavenly Immortal like this?” Shang Ping laughed coldly, and his tone revealed dense disdain.

The distant spectators couldn’t help but shake their heads as well because Chen Xi was obviously trying anything he could in a desperate situation. It’s already a time like this, yet he’s not fleeing as soon as possible, but actually wants to go against the will of a Heavenly Immortal. He really has gone slightly mad.

However, Chen Xi paid no attention to all his, and he raised his hand to remove something from his chest before drawing the bow while his Shaman Energy surged.

At this moment, his entire body was coiled by Shaman Energy, and coupled with his enormous figure that was comparable to a mountain, he seemed like an ancient Fiendgod that had come back to life.


The Staruin Bow was drawn into a complete arc like a full moon, and then the bow shook greatly. It emitted a sound that seemed as if Fiendgods were chanting while it caused space to become chaotic, and it gave rise to wave after wave of terrifying ripples.


In the next moment, a wisp of dazzling white light soared through the sky like a shooting star and transformed into a ray of light that carried peerless divine might as it shot explosively towards the Heavenly Immortal’s will!

Dong! Dong! Dong! 

Right at this moment, the mighty figure that stood in mid air swiftly turned around. It seemed as if it was walking on drums that shook the heavens and the earth, and it violently shook the hearts of everyone to the point of almost spitting blood.

The mighty figure’s right hand casually grabbed the white light that shot out explosively towards it, and it was done in an extremely relaxed manner to the point it simply seemed as easy as blowing off dust.

“He’s finished!”

“Alas, it’s a futile effort in the end.”

“The will of a Heavenly Immortal really isn’t something the strength of a mortal can go against. It’s probably impossible for Chen Xi to turn the tides again.”

The distant spectators couldn’t help but sigh endlessly when they saw this scene, whereas, Shang Que, Shang Ping, and the others couldn’t help but roar with laughter and take pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune.

However, in the next moment, their smiles instantly froze, and they stared fixedly at the Heavenly Immortal’s will in midair as if they’d seen a ghost.

“Hmm? What’s going on…?” The distant spectators were stunned, and when they saw what had happened in the sky, they instantly had expressions that seemed as if they’d been struck by lightning.

In midair, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly arose on the body of the Heavenly Immortal’s will, and it seemed as if a venomous snake had bitten its right hand. The Heavenly Immortal’s will swung its right arm madly while roaring endlessly, and its voice revealed boundless terror.

There was a blazing white light on its right hand, and if one looked carefully, it was shockingly a pinky size crystalline and translucent tiny cauldron that was enshrouded with milky white divine lights!

This tiny cauldron was precisely the tiny cauldron Chen Xi obtained from the bottom of the river of bones. It was extremely miraculous and had once completely absorbed the Grand Dao traces, divinity, and Divine Flames within the corpse of a god before falling into silence.

When he was on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, Chen Xi had once suffered the assault of the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree Pei Yu activated, and at the critical moment, it was precisely this tiny cauldron that had neutralized the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree’s attack and completely absorbed the energy of the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree.

At that time, Chen Xi vaguely guessed that the tiny cauldron had an extremely great origin, and he was able to infer a slight clue from its ability to absorb the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree. Just think about it, what sort of magic treasure in the world would only be interested with the energy of gods and even Heavenly Immortals?

The tiny cauldron was formidable because it wasn’t just interested with these high level energies, it was even capable of absorbing these energies and claiming the energies for itself!

It was precisely because of this that when Chen Xi saw Shang Ping activate the will of a Heavenly Immortal, the tiny cauldron was the first thing he’d thought about.

As expected, when the Heavenly Immortal’s will soared out, the originally silent and unmoving tiny cauldron instantly became restless, and it emitted circle after circle of blazing milky white colored ripples as if it possessed intelligence. So Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to shoot the tiny cauldron out with the Staruin Bow as soon as he saw this.

At this moment, when he saw the Heavenly Immortal’s will being entangled by the tiny cauldron to the point of being unable to struggle free, Chen Xi instantly felt at ease in his heart as he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Swish! Swish!

Under the numerous exceedingly astounded gazes of all the spectators, the figure formed by the Heavenly Immortal’s will actually started rippling violently like water in the sky, and these ripples gushed towards the white light on the figure’s right hand before its figure started becoming more and more blurry, to the point it was on the verge of dissipating.

In the next moment, the mighty figure that caused everyone present to feel deep and extreme reverence had vanished completely, and it had fused into the white light.

The white light was naturally the tiny cauldron. After it absorbed the Heavenly Immortal’s will, it once again transformed into a wisp of flowing light that flew back into Chen Xi’s hand before gradually quieting down, and it seemed as if it had eaten its fill and was entering into deep sleep.

The Heavenly Immortal’s will was actually…defeated!

The entire scene was utterly silent when everyone saw this scene, and everyone including all the Shang Clan disciples were stupefied like statues and didn’t dare believe everything that had happened before their eyes.

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