Chapter 511 – Darkgold Palm


Right at the instant Chen Xi stopped moving, a fist that was like a mountain smashed towards him from the side. The fist carried vast force that was like a violent wave striking on the banks of a river, and it was extremely magnificent as it locked tightly onto Chen Xi.

The person that attacked was Shang Que. At this moment, he’d actually transformed into an over 60m tall giant as well, while winds and flames were emanated beneath his feet, causing him to seem as if he was stepping on an expanse of fiery clouds while following behind the force of his punch to strike at Chen Xi.

Obviously, he was a body refiner as well, and his cultivation was even at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm!

Unlike the advancement of qi refiners, the advancement of body refiners developed the tiny aperture in their bodies. As far as body refiners were concerned, every single tiny aperture represented a world, and every time they developed 3,000 tiny apertures, it represented the opening of 3,000 world all over their bodies.

In terms of cultivation, every development of 3,000 tiny apertures represented a tempering in the Rebirth Realm, causing the body refiner’s strength to double. It could be inferred based on this that the 7th tempering of the Rebirth Realm was to develop a total of 21,000 tiny apertures.

Three thousand Grand Daos and three thousand worlds was only a general way of saying it. Actually, all of them represented an unlimited amount, whereas when body refiners developed 3,000 tiny apertures, it similarly represented the stimulation of their body’s potential was approaching infinity.

Shang Que possessed a cultivation at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, so it meant he’d already developed 15,000 tiny apertures in his body, causing his strength to be more than an entire five times stronger than the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm!

As he felt the might carried along by this fist of Shang Que’s, Chen Xi had no choice but to temporarily give up killing those heavily injured people, and his figure flashed through the sky like a dragon as he twisted his body to avoid this punch.

“Chen Xi, leave now and I’ll spare you life!” Shang Que shouted out with a sharp and piercingly cold voice that contained oppressive killing intent.

Earlier, Chen Xi’s ability to crush the joint forces of 40 plus Shang Clan disciples by himself caused Shang Que to clearly realize that they had to pay a certain price if they wanted to kill Chen Xi, and this consequence was something he was absolutely unable to accept.

After all, the final test of the Primeval Battlefield was about to arrive. If they suffered heavy losses now, then the situation the Shang Clan disciples would face would undoubtedly become horrible.

Chen Xi’s reply was a punch that erupted with rumbling thunderstorm vortexes, and it transformed into a thunderstorm river that covered the heavens and the earth as it enveloped the surroundings.

At this moment, there was no need for words as Chen Xi had used actions to tell Shang Que how great his resolution to save Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing was, and it was even to the extent he was already unwilling to say anything further.

“Alright! Since it’s like this, then leave your life behind!” Shang Que roared furiously like a thunderclap exploded in the nine heavens, and golden lights that pierced the eyes of everyone to the point it ached erupted from his body like a rainstorm.

He stretched out an enormous palm that covered the sky and had golden lights blazing within its palm. Suddenly, countless resplendent and dazzling golden lights descended like sharp swords and golden daggers that were suffused with a cold and murderous aura that was sharp and seemed invincible, causing the sky to seem like a hornet’s nest as countless holes were penetrated upon it.

Everyone was shocked as the dense Darkgold Qi that suffused and coiled around the center of the palm in the form of golden light caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“Divine Ability — Darkgold Palm!” Someone gasped from recognizing this Divine Ability. The golden light in the center of the palm was formed from Darkgold Qi, and it poured down like a myriad of swords raining down in an extremely terrifying array. Ordinary body refiners were utterly incapable of executing this Divine Ability as it possessed a high requirement towards one’s cultivation.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The strand after strand of Darkgold Qi that were like sharp swords smashed onto the ground, eaves, and enormous rocks, easily penetrating numerous bottomless holes while emitted muffled bangs that shook the hearts of all, and it caused everyone to feel terrified and awed.


A golden light actually directly penetrated the thunderstorm vortexes, and it split open Chen Xi’s flesh and skin and left behind a bloody mark on his left shoulder. If it wasn’t for him avoiding in time, his entire arm might have been slashed off.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged. In the next moment, he similarly raised his hand and slapped out an enormous palm print that soared through the sky as if it wanted to shatter the heavens and the earth.


This palm print blotted out the sky and concealed the sun, whereas the striations on the palm contained a myriad of stars coiled around it while the sun and moon alternated. It was extremely mysterious and emitted an exceedingly vast and ancient aura that caused one’s heart to trembled.

“Containing the stars of the universe within a palm while the five elements circulated and the sun and moon alternated. It’s like a vast world. What… Divine Ability is this?”

“I heard that the mysterious paradise of the Buddhist Cultivators possessed a terrifying Divine Ability called Buddhism Paradise Palm. A single palm contained a myriad of buddhas and monks that moved along with it to destroy the world, and its might was capable of obliterating the stellar bodies! Even though Chen Xi’s Divine Ability isn’t the Buddhism Paradise Palm, its might is similarly formidable, and it’s truly a cause for admiration and shock.”

“This palm with stars in it is extremely formidable indeed. Perhaps it’s capable of being ranked in the top 100 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions!”

As they felt the might emitted by this palm, even though the distant spectators didn’t know the name of this Divine Ability, yet a tempestuous storm still couldn’t help but rise in their hearts, and they felt extremely shocked.

At this moment, the scalps of all the companions of Shang Que went numb as their expressions went pale. The strength Chen Xi revealed was too formidable, and it was utterly not like something a cultivator at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm ought to possess!


At the instant the Grand Astral Palm appeared, it instantly covered up the myriad of golden lights and spread towards the surroundings with the intention of enveloping Shang Que within it. Within the palm, rivers of stars circulated as storms surged, and it seemed boundlessly vast and terrifying to the extreme.


Shang Que’s expression went grim when he saw his Darkgold Palm being obstructed, and he soared up into the sky while golden lights coiled around him, causing him to seem like a golden war god that wanted to slash apart the heavens and the earth to avoid being enveloped by the starry palm.

How could Chen Xi allow him attain his wish? Chen Xi’s figure continued standing on the spot without moving, yet the Grand Astral Palm had stretched out to follow Shang Que like a shadow.

Moreover, the five fingers on the Grand Astral Palm droned as they emitted a gold, green, blue, crimson, and yellow divine light, and then the joints of the fingers expanded explosively, causing the fingers to seem like five pillars that held up the heavens as they enveloped the sky.

Along with his cultivation growing more profound day by day, Chen Xi’s understanding of the Grand Astral Palm grew deeper and deeper, and he clearly knew that this Divine Ability left behind by the Master of the Manor possessed an extraordinarily formidable might. The might he exerted now with this Divine Ability wasn’t even a ten thousandth of its entire might!

It was truly difficult to image how formidable the destructive force the Grand Astral Palm would cause if he was able to exert the entire might of this Divine Ability.


The palm covered the sky and directly enveloped Shang Que beneath its shadow.

Shang Que was terrified, and he dodged again and again. However, no matter how he dodged, he was still unable to escape the envelopment of the Grand Astral Palm. When looked at from afar, he was like a flea in the palm of Chen Xi, and it was useless no matter how he leaped.

Most shocking to Shang Que was that there was actually Divine Lightning of the five elements contained at the center of the palm while numerous enormous stars circulated and transformed into surging thunderstorms and chaotic flows of the energy of the stars that crashed down towards him from all directions.

Such a terrifying scene was something that the distant spectators had never seen, and merely the aura emitted from the palm shocked them to the point their entire bodies went icy cold and their minds shook.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Shang Que perceived that he was in danger, causing his expression to change repeatedly as he madly executed the Darkgold Palm. A myriad of Darkgold Qi that were like sharp swords were blasted out repeatedly towards the palm with the intention of penetrating it and providing him with an opportunity to escape.

However, he’d still underestimated how terrifying the Grand Astral Palm was. The surging Divine Lightning of the five elements and the chaotic flow from the energy of the stars seemed like an explosive mountain torrent that crashed down without leaving any openings, causing him to be completely trapped within the palm that intended to annihilate him.

Everyone felt a chill run down their spines when they saw this scene. They firmly believed that if they were trapped within that starry palm, they would surely have no chance of survival, and they could only resign themselves to the fate of being crushed into powder and not even leaving a trace of their existence behind.

“No! How can this be possible!? How can such a terrifying Divine Ability exist in this world!?” Being on the verge of death stimulated Shang Que to the point he seemed he’d gone insane, and he roared repeatedly while exerting his entire strength to resist the attacks that assaulted him from all directions.

However, all of this was bound to be a futile effort.

“Crush!” Chen Xi shouted coldly as the Grand Astral Palm fiercely clenched together, and he intended to crush Shang Que within the palm.


At this moment, the Grand Astral Palm erupted with a myriad of blazing lights that shook the sky to the point it trembled and wailed, and it shocked the distant spectators to the point their faces went pale and they almost lost their minds.

Shang Que’s eyes already revealed an expression of despair. He’d entirely never imagined that his body refinement cultivation at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm was actually still unable to do anything to Chen Xi…

“Open!” However, right at the instant Shang Que was about to die, a loud shout resounded out in the heavens and the earth, and then an enormous bang resounded out while a dazzling and resplendent glow filled everyone’s field of vision. In the next moment, Shang Que had already been blasted flying.

“I…didn’t die?” When he opened his eyes once more, he noticed to his shock that he was standing by Shang Ping’s side without a single scratch, and he wasn’t crushed by that terrifying starry palm.

After that, he noticed that an extremely mighty figure had suddenly appeared beneath the sky, and it emitted a blazing glow that illuminated the heavens and the earth and caused the world to be cast into a shadow.

The figure was completely blurry as if it was condensed from light, causing others to be unable to see its appearance clearly. However, the vast aura it emitted seemed like the aura of a god instead, and it caused others to wish for nothing more than to kneel down and prostrate themselves in worship.

“Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman! Bastard! Why did you take out such a precious treasure?! How will you explain it to the Young Master once he finds out?!” Shang Que’s expression went grim as he roared at Shang Ping who was by his side.

“Would you be able to survive if I didn’t do this?” Shang Ping sighed. “Not to mention if you’re dead, we’ll surely be unable to stop Chen Xi’s footsteps, whereas, the Young Master is cultivating the Maiden Heavenblessing Technique. If Chen Xi’s allowed to continue like this, then all the disciples of our Shang Clan in Primeval City will surely be annihilated.”

Shang Que’s expression changed indeterminately when he heard this.

“Don’t worry. Even if the Young Master finds out, he won’t take his anger out on us.” Shang Ping patted Shang Que on the shoulder before turning his head to look towards the distance, and a trace of ghastly coldness suffused the corners of his mouth. “From now on, we’ll just watch the show.”

“Heaven Immortal Jade Talisman!”

“My god! This jade talisman contains a strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal. Even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert wouldn’t dare go against it. The Shang Clan has actually utilized such a treasure…”

“That’s the true will of a Heavenly Immortal. Could anyone in Primeval City go against it?”

Meanwhile, everyone noticed that Shang Que had safely escaped because the thing that rescued him was shockingly a Heavenly Immortal Jade Talisman that contained the will of a Heavenly Immortal!

As they looked at the extremely mighty figure that stood proudly in midair, dense reverence couldn’t help but appear in the hearts of everyone.

The entire scene was silent.

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