Chapter 510 – Assaulting The Shang Clan Alone

The content of the conversation between Shang Que and Shang Ping was like a thunderclap that struck him, shaking Chen Xi to the point his mind was in chaos.

He entirely never imagined that Shang Kun had already started laying his murderous hands on Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, and once Shang Kun was allowed to succeed, both of them might even perish!

No matter how complicated his feelings towards Qing Xiuyi were, she was the mother of Chen An in the end. If she were to die, how would he face Chen An in the future?

Moreover, he cared extremely about Zhen Liuqing as well. This plain and graceful woman had once helped him greatly in the Darchu Dynasty, and she’d even revealed her feelings towards him on many occasions. These feelings were so heavy, and he was similarly unable to overlook it.

At this moment, both of them had fallen into peril, and the blow it struck on Chen Xi was obviously enormous.

It was precisely under these circumstances of his mind shaking intense that caused a trace of fluctuation to appear in his Divine Sense, allowing Shang Que to notice it.

But Chen Xi couldn’t care about all of this anymore. He was already provoked to the point his flames of rage blazed like a furious ferocious beast, and he directly blasted the Shang Clan’s palace door apart before charging in.

He wanted to rescue Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, and no matter who it was, they would be unable to obstruct his footsteps!

If… If both of them are really unfortunate and perish… Then I’ll annihilate the Shang Clan and make them all be buried along with the two of them!

At this moment, Chen Xi was already furious until the limit. Yet it just so happened that besides surging and blazing flames of rage, there was a trace of indifference, emotionless indifference, in his eyes.

Chen Xi, who’d survived from countless slaughters and battles, didn’t just possess terrifying combat techniques now, he also possessed an extremely tenacious will to fight.

His indifference and rage were unable to affect the level of combat strength he was capable of exerting, and it instead stimulated the killing intent in his chest to go mad while his fighting spirit rose steadily!


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Numerous figures flashed out from all over the vast building of the Shang Clan’s, and they converged towards Shang Que, who was in midair.

As the most mysterious Prestigious Clan, an entire 50 disciples of the Shang Clan had entered the Primeval Battlefield this time, and it far surpassed the other Dynasties and was even a little more than the amount of people from the other three top Dynasties.

Moreover, all these Shang Clan disciples possessed formidable strengths, and all of their cultivations were at least at the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm, causing their strength to be horrifyingly strong.

It was precisely because they possessed such strength and reserves that the Shang Clan was able to occupy an area of Primeval City and the northwest city gate to become an overlord.

Only the three top Dynasties, the Xue Clan, and the Feng Clan were able to compare with the Shang Clan.

“Who is it?!”

“Which bastard is looking for trouble?”

“He actually dares come behave atrociously in my Shang Clan’s territory. He must be annihilated, otherwise, how would my Shang Clan continue standing in Primeval City?”

Meanwhile, after they heard Shang Que’s explosive shout, these disciples of the Shang Clan instantly rushed over from all over, and all of them had murderous looks on their faces while their eyes emitted cold lights.

As the disciples of a Prestigious Clan, they’d never imagined that there would actually be someone that dared trespass into their base camp and put on a display of might? He’s simply tired of living!

“Shut up! All of you must be careful when you make a move later and go all out!” Shang Que glanced at the people by his side, and his brows couldn’t help but knit together tightly as he looked at the tall figure that charged over from afar.

Everyone was stunned and felt slight disbelief. At this moment, they’d already noticed the distant Chen Xi, and it was extremely difficult for them to understand why Shang Que’s tone was so serious when only dealing with a single person.

“He’s Chen Xi, the 1st ranked on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet. Just moments ago, he alone annihilated the power that controlled the northeast gate… Even though our Shang Clan isn’t afraid of him, yet it’s best to be slightly careful when fighting him.” When he saw the indifference of his companions, the nearby Shang Ping couldn’t help but frown, and he swiftly warned. “Presently, the Young Master is in closed door cultivation and is unable to get away. So we can only rely on our own strength to annihilate him. Everyone ought to understand how serious the situation is, right?”

The hearts of everyone went cold, and their expressions became serious along with this.

“He’s coming! Prepare for battle!” Shang Que spoke out abruptly.


“Tell me where Shang Kun is, otherwise I’ll show no mercy!” Chen Xi’s figure that was straight like a spear stopped abruptly, and he emitted a fierce and oppressive imposing aura that caused him to seem like a Fiendgod as his icy cold gaze swept the distant crowd of people while he spoke with a resolute voice the reverberated into the surroundings.

“You’re courting death!” A Shang Clan disciple exploded with rage when he saw Chen Xi was so arrogant, and he flashed out towards Chen Xi while holding a spear that flowed with green lights.

Hiss! Hiss!

A spear image flashed through the sky as a green brilliance erupted, and it was like a myriad of verdant flowers blooming violently while covering the heavens and the earth. The fierce, swift, and terrifying force of the spear pierced the sky into pieces, causing sonic booms and hissing sounds to resound out.

This was a Rebirth Realm cultivator at the 3rd tempering. He wasn’t conspicuous in the crowd, yet the force he exploded out with was rather shocking, and it obviously showed how deep the hidden resources and reserves of the Shang Clan was.


However, when facing this terrifying strike, Chen Xi only raised his hand and punched out. A force that was powerful like a mountain, sea, tide, sun, and moon crashed down from midair, and it seemed like the heavens and the earth had collapsed while the sun and mall were falling together.

Grand Obliteration Fist — Chaotic Obliteration!

Chen Xi had cultivated this fist technique that possessed an extraordinarily great might to an extremely skilled and proficient level long ago when he was in the Primitive Sea, and he’d slaughtered countless formidable sea demons with it. At this moment, the might of his fist shot into the sky when he executed it, and it directly shattered and obliterated the myriad of spear images that were like green flowers.


The Shang Clan disciple that charged over was directly minced apart by the force contained within this terrifying punch, and he didn’t even have the chance to let out a shrill cry before transforming into an expanse of bloody rain that sprayed down from the skies.

The pupils of all the Shang Clan disciples constricted when they saw this scene, and they were extremely shocked. He annihilated a companion of ours with a single strike?

“Form the formation! We’ll make a move together!” Shang Que let out a sharp and explosive shout.

In the next moment, the 40 plus Shang Clan disciples moved out in unison. Their True Essence rumbled as divine wheels illuminated the sky, and they formed a grand formation before blasting down upon Chen Xi.

On the other hand, Shang Que and Shang Ping had retreated far away instead, and they controlled the entire situation.

As far as they were concerned, since they’d deployed so many people from their side, all of them possessed cultivations that were more than a level higher than Chen Xi, and they’d even formed a grand formation, no matter how formidable Chen Xi was, he would surely die on the spot.


The grand formation formed from numerous Shang Clan disciples emitted a dazzling divine glow as it charged straight forward and shook the sky. It was like a dazzling and resplendent sun that was rising gradually here, shocking all the cultivators in the entire Primeval City and causing all of them to look over successively.

“What a terrifying might. Who’s that battling over there?”

“Look, quickly! The battle actually occurred in the base camp of the Shang Clan. Could it be that the top powers have started fighting with each other?”

“Wait, the final test of the Primeval Battlefield hasn’t begun. None of them would be stupid enough to start an all out battle now! This ought to be a small scale battle for revenge.”

“Let’s go! Wouldn’t we know after going to take a look?”

At this moment, Primeval City was stirred as the numerous cultivators rushed over here in unison. A battle had actually broken out in the base camp of the Shang Clan, and it was such a great scene, so they couldn’t help but be curious.

In next to no time, they noticed that it wasn’t a power that was in battle with the Shang Clan, and it was merely a single person!

Most of the people were stunned when they saw this scene. A single person going against the power of a Prestigious Clan? Isn’t this too ferocious?

“My god! It’s Chen Xi again!”

“What? It’s him again? This fellow attained the first on the Warsoul Tablet right after he entered the city today, and then he slaughtered the four first-rate Dynasties that controlled the northeast area. Now, he has come to battle the Shang Clan, it’s simply… It’s simply indescribable!”

“Such a maleficent existence has actually appeared in the Darchu Dynasty, I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse?”

When they recognized that the person in battle with the Shang Clan was Chen Xi, the cultivators that rushed over from all over were in an uproar, and their expressions were filled with disbelief.

But in next to no time, they were drawn by the battle in the distance.


At this moment, Chen Xi had transformed into an over 60m tall giant with three heads and six arms, and a vertical eye was completely open between his brows while countless dazzling and resplendent thunderstorm vortexes coiled around him. When looked at from afar, he looked like a god of thunderstorms that emitted a terrifying aura that intended to obliterate the heavens and the earth.

Every single punch he struck out carried the rumbling of thunder while violent thunderstorm vortexes swept through the heavens and the earth. Any martial technique, magic treasure, and Divine Ability was instantly crushed and devoured before him, causing him to reveal peerless divine might and ferocity.

His figure was tall like a mountain, yet utterly didn’t affect his speed. Under the combination of the Starsky Wings, his figure simply seemed like a thunderstorm that moved indeterminately, and he rampaged about swiftly like a ghost.

Due to the fact that he possessed the Eye of Divine Truth, he was able to instantly see through the various flaws of his enemies before carrying out an attack. Thus, even though the grand formation formed by the numerous Shang Clan disciples was terrifying, it was unable to injure him after a long time, and it was instead shaken by his thunderstorm vortexes to the point it was almost unable to support itself any longer, causing everyone to be shocked.

After all, this was a grand formation formed from over 40 Rebirth Realm experts, and every single one of them possessed cultivations that were more than a level higher than Chen Xi. However, at this moment, they were actually almost unable to resist Chen Xi’s attacks, so how could it not shock everyone?


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as an extremely blazing chaotic flow of light exploded out from the battlefield and swept towards the surroundings. The palace, rocks, plants, everything was crushed and instantly evaporated while countless enormous cracks were blasted open on the ground like spiderwebs, causing dust and smoke to suffuse the air and obstruct the sight of everyone.

In the next moment, a wave of shrill cries resounded out as a few tens of figures were blasted flying while blood sprayed from their mouths, and they were in extremely sorry states. Obviously, they’d suffered heavy injuries.

The scene was extremely magnificent. Rebirth Realm experts were being blasted to the ground one by one while emitting shrill cries successively, causing the hearts of the distant spectators to shake greatly, and their jaws were almost shocked off.

“Tell me where Shang Kun is!” Within the dust and smoke that suffused the sky, Chen Xi who was tall like a mountain appeared within everyone’s field of vision. His gaze was icy cold, his voice indifferent, and he directly flashed towards those heavily injured Shang Clan disciples as he spoke.

However, right at this moment, an aura of danger suddenly gushed into his heart, causing Chen Xi to stop moving right away before swiftly looking towards the distance.

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