Chapter 509 – Breaking and Entering

This place was a completely dark stone room that was gloomy and damp, and the air emitted a pungent moldy stench.

It she was at her usual state, Zhen Liuqing would be able to easily break open this stone room and escape. However, she was unable to achieve this now, and it was even to the extent she didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

She was poisoned.

This poison was both colorless and odorless, yet was capable of sealing one’s cultivation and soul, and it was called the Devildew Immortal Intoxication Powder. Even an Immortal could be intoxicated by it, causing how formidable this poison was to be obvious.

But even though it was called a poison, the Devildew Immortal Intoxication Powder wasn’t poisonous, and it only sealed the cultivation and soul, causing one to temporarily lose the ability to fight.

“Do you think someone will come rescue us?” Zhen Liuqing had her back towards the icy cold wall as she turned around to look at Qing Xiuyi at the side.

Within the gloomy stone room, Qing Xiuyi’s peerlessly beautiful face was hidden by the shadows. She sat cross-legged on the ground while maintaining a ramrod straight posture, and even though she was in this simple and damp environment, she still emitted a solitary bearing as if she stood aloof from the world.

She didn’t reply to Zhen Liuqing, or perhaps, since the moment she found out she’d been poisoned and was locked up in this stone room, she hadn’t spoken a single word and seemed as if she’d resigned herself to her fate.

But Zhen Liuqing knew that this proud woman that was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal hadn’t resigned herself to her fate, and it was even to the extent that she didn’t even have feelings of dejection, resentment, or anger.

She just sat upright there calmly while making the best use of every minute to try her best to cure the poison. This sort of persistence looked to be useless, and any other person would probably have given up since long ago. But Qing Xiuyi had persisted all along until now, and she’d never given up.

“I have a strong premonition that an unforeseen event is about to occur to you very soon. Perhaps it will be today, or perhaps tomorrow.” Zhen Liuqing muttered to herself, and her plain and graceful face was actually suffused with a trace of disappointment and a sense of loss.

“Are you sure?” Qing Xiuyi who’d never spoken all along had actually spoke out abruptly at this moment. Obviously, she wasn’t as indifferent to her situation as she seemed on the outside.

“Very.” Zhen Liuqing was stunned, and she said with rather confident tone, “Don’t forget that I’m from the Mistwater Pavilion, and what I’m most adept in isn’t battle, but stellar divination techniques.”

Qing Xiuyi fell once more into silence.

Zhen Liuqing smiled and jested. “Do you think Chen Xi will cry if we die?”

“Guessing that is silly.” There was finally a trace of fluctuation in Qing Xiuyi’s feelings when the words Chen Xi were mentioned, and her voice carried a trace of disdain. She seemed to be very sure that Chen Xi would absolutely not feel sorrow and shed tears for her death.

“I think it isn’t bad. At least, it can prove if he cares about us, and whether he cares more about you or me.” Zhen Liuqing chuckled.

“You want to use your death to verify that?” asked Qing Xiuyi.

“Then do you think there’s a possibility for us to escape now?” Zhen Liuqing replied with a question.

Qing Xiuyi’s beautiful brows knit together as she pondered seriously for a short moment and replied. “Yes!”

“Yes?” Zhen Liuqing was stunned.

“Do you know of Tai Chi?” Qing Xiuyi didn’t reply to her with certainty but spoke of another thing.

“Of course, the Grand Dao of Tai Chi is a type of extremely rare Grand Dao profundity. Unfortunately, it’s said that no one has been capable of comprehending this Grand Dao for a long time.” Zhen Liuqing replied without thinking.

“Good. Do according to what I say later, and we might be able to succeed.” Qing Xiuyi’s eyes were suddenly suffused with a wisp of a brilliant sheen, and it seemed like bolts of lightning flew out of her eyes, causing her to seem extraordinarily shocking within this gloomy stone room.

“What should I do?” Zhen Liuqing instantly became excited when she heard this. Would anyone be willing to wait for death if they could live?


Young Master Zhou stood proudly on the wall of the northeast gate of Primeval City while full of satisfaction and spirit.

Just not long ago, he could only stay in the territory of the Dartang Dynasty. Yet now, he possessed a territory of his own instead. So how could it not cause him to be delighted?

After all, this was a piece of territory in Primeval City, and besides those top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans, which ordinary Dynasty was capable of this?

When he recalled the brilliant expression the gushed onto Ling Ze’s face when he heard Chen Xi had taken over the northeast area by himself, Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but laugh happily.

Yeah, who would have imagined that Chen Xi would be able to achieve this? This fellow really knows how to ceaselessly create miracles and pleasant surprises!

On the other side, Zhao Qinghe had a happy mood as well. The deaths of the traitors, Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen, caused him to finally be able to vent his hatred, and he felt that he was finally able to face the deceased Lu Xiao.

“Be careful. Chen Xi isn’t here now, and he asked us to guard the entire northeast area. Don’t let other seize this opportunity where he isn’t around to seize this area from us.” Huangfu Qingying reminded them from the side.

It wasn’t just Young Master Zhou and Zhao Qinghe, even Ling Yu and Fan Yunlan’s heart went cold and they didn’t dare dally when they heard this.

Primeval City was also called the city of eight directions, and it was divided by eight pathways that led to the outside world.

Every single area divided by the pathways was controlled by a power. Moreover, it wasn’t merely for the sake of forcefully collecting treasures from the cultivators that entered the city, nor was it merely for the sake of taking this place as their territory to draw in the forces of various other Dynasties into their ranks. There was an even more important reason.

Supposedly, for the sake of resisting their enemies during the ancient times, the gods had once divided Primeval City into eight areas and buried numerous magic treasures that possessed monstrous might, and every single magic treasure was stronger than a true Immortal Artifact.

Moreover, every time the final test of the Primeval Battlefield arrived, one of such treasures would emerge in every one of these eight areas, whereas one who was able to obtain these treasures would surely be the one that controlled the area.

As for exactly why it would be like this, there was rarely anyone who knew.

But after another three months, the emissaries of the Dark Reverie would arrive at Primeval City, and at that time the answer would be revealed.

All in all, occupying an area of Primeval City beforehand was absolutely beneficial.

“Right, where did Chen Xi say he’s going?” Young Master Zhou asked abruptly.

Everyone else was stunned. Right, where did Chen Xi go?

“It ought to be related to Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing.” Fan Yunlan pondered for a long time before she said in a light voice, “He has probably headed to the northwest area, the territory of the Shang Clan, to acquire information.”

“That bastard! That’s the territory of a Prestigious Clan from an Ancient Kingdom, yet he headed over alone just like that. Isn’t he too rash? At least…he ought to have brought us along!” Young Master Zhou grumbled.

“If all of us go over, then who’ll look after this territory of ours?” Fan Yunlan was rather composed instead, and she said, “Don’t worry. Since Chen Xi dared to go over alone, he surely has sufficient confidence. Not to mention, have you ever seen him fail?”

Everyone knew that what Fan Yunlan said was correct, yet being unable to assist Chen Xi still caused them to feel slightly regretful.

“Alright, there’s no point in speaking any further. Guarding this territory properly is the best assistance you can give Chen Xi,” said Huangfu Qingying.


Chen Xi concealed himself in the shadows of a distant corner as he looked at the vast and magnificent building that seemed like a place, and he muttered to himself. This is the base camp of the Shang Clan. I wonder where Miss Qing and Miss Zhen are being kept…?


In the next moment, his powerful Divine Sense stretched out via the Rippling Echo technique, and it was like wave after wave of ripples that swept towards the vast building.

Since he advanced into the Rebirth Realm, Chen Xi’s Divine Sense had broken through once more, and it was only a step away from being able to compare with Earthly Immortal Realm experts. Moreover, even ordinary Nether Transformation Realm experts had Divine Senses that were inferior to him.

In next to no time, his Divine Sense had locked onto two targets.

Shang Que and Shang Ping.

The two of them were chatting in the hall, and they entirely didn’t notice that every single word they spoke was captured clearly by Chen Xi.

“It’s the first time I’m seeing the Young Master turning furious, it was truly too terrifying.” Shang Ping spoke with a lingering fear in his heart. “But on the other hand, Chen Xi is really formidable to be able to provoke the Young Master to such an extent.”

“He isn’t just formidable. You haven’t seen how he kills, and his combat strength is something that even I’m extremely afraid of. I wonder how that fellow cultivated to become so formidable?” Shang Qiu sighed.

“Formidable? So what!? He actually dared talk big and threaten the Young Master. Now the Young Master has gone to directly take revenge on those two little girls. If Chen Xi finds out, he’d probably regret speaking such words.” Shang Ping laughed. He didn’t witness the scene of Chen Xi slaughtering Lu Tianze, so he was naturally unable to understand Shang Que’s feelings.

“Regret, huh…” Shang Que muttered, and then he sighed once more. “It’s extremely risky for the Young Master to use those two young women to cultivate at this moment. If he fails, those two cultivation vessels will probably die right away and be unable to be reused.”

“How could the Young Master possibly fail with his natural talent?” Shang Ping disapproved. “I on the other hand, anticipate exactly what sort of end those two young women will face after their cultivations are completely sucked dry by the Young Master. Will they die directly, or will their blood flow in the opposite direction, cause their internal organs to be incinerated and directly became disabled?”

“It isn’t so exaggerated. The Maiden Heavenblessing Technique only refines their cultivations and absorbs it for the cultivator’s own benefit. After they lose their cultivations, they would directly die at most and won’t suffer any pain. It’s even to the extent that if they’re treated in time, their lives can still be saved.” Shang Qiu shook his head.

“Oh?” Shang Ping’s eyes spun as he laughed slyly. “Big Brother Shang Que, if I request the Young Master to agree to give those two little girls to me after he finishes cultivating with them and allows me to properly have some fun with them, wouldn’t it be very delightful? Those are Chen Xi’s women, and just thinking about it causes me to be excited.”

Shang Que was stunned and was just about to say something when his expression suddenly went grim.


He soared up into the sky while roaring at the same time. “Who is it that’s sneaking around!? Get the fuck out!” His voice was like a thunderclap that was filled with killing intent.


The reply to his question was an enormous bang as the vast and hard door of the building seemed to have suffered a swift and explosive strike, causing it to instantly be crushed into powder. Moreover, the two disciples that guarded by the door didn’t even have the chance to let out shrill cries before being crushed to their deaths.

Amidst the dust and smoke that suffused the air, a tall figure swiftly flashed out with a monstrous imposing aura that was like the aura of a Fiendgod.

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