Chapter 508 – Losing His Composure Repeatedly

In the vast hall at the northwest area.

Just like before, Shang Kun sat cross-legged by himself on the throne at the center of the hall. The hall was empty and grand like a Daoist hall where the gods of ancient times gathered, and it emitted a solemn aura from every corner.

As he sat cross-legged there by himself, Shang Kun frequently had the feeling of looking down upon all things, as if he’d transformed into a god that controlled the entire heavens and the earth.

He liked and enjoyed this feeling of controlling everything.

Control was sometimes even more terrifying than destruction. Because if one could control the rise and fall of the world, the life and death of all beings, and the alternation between all things, then would there be anything in this world that one was unable to accomplish?

If you were willed to live, then even the god of death couldn’t take you away.

If you were willed to die, then no one in the universe could save you.

This was control, the final objective that Shang Kun pursued since he was young.

Moreover, he knew that he would only be able to attain his goal by entering the Dark Reverie and becoming a Heavenly Immortal or an even higher existence. So even if he enjoyed the supreme feeling created by this hall, he didn’t indulge or become drowned in this feeling.

Conversely, Shang Kun was an extremely calm person, and he was like this since a young age.

When he was very young, the elders in the clan had praised him. An ignorant child, yet he possesses a heart that wouldn’t change even if a mountain collapsed before him, he’s almost perfect.

Someone that was perfect was a flawless existence, and it was obvious how high this evaluation was.

Shang Kun really lived up to their expectations. He was extremely outstanding since a young age, and not only did he possess dazzling natural talent, his mind was calm like snow and shockingly strategic. This was the reason why he was able to become the leading figure in the younger generation of the Shang Clan.

Feng Jianbai, how will you go against me after I cultivate the Chaotic Devilbody successfully? Just you wait, the first ranking is bound to belong to me… Shang Kun muttered, and then he took a deep breath as he got rid of the distracting thoughts in his mind. After that, he withdrew a jade slip and once again started looking through it carefully.

This jade slip recorded everything related to Chen Xi, his origins, identity, cultivation… Even all the incidents related to him were recorded in order within the jade slip.

It was precisely this extremely detailed piece of information that caused Shang Kun to not dare look down upon Chen Xi since the beginning. Conversely, after he knew everything about Chen Xi, he even felt slight admiration towards this fellow in his heart.

A jinx from an impoverished little clan that belonged to no sect was instead capable of carrying out such shocking and major events. Moreover, he was safe and sound until now, causing it to simply be like a miracle.

Shang Kun felt that if he was Chen Xi, it would probably be impossible for him to do any better.

Firm and tenacious disposition, resolute in slaughter. His cultivation looks to be ordinary, yet his combat strength is shocking to the extreme. Moreover, he keeps a low profile and conceals his strength without revealing it. Up until now, no one had found out exactly how many trump cards he has… Shang Kun’s slender palm rubbed his chin as his azure blue eyes were suffused with an icy cold sheen, and he seemed to be lost in thought. Unless one knew him through and through, it’s indeed easy to overlook a person like him.

When he thought up to here, Shang Kun took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed the ripples in his heart as he shook his head.

Actually, a trace of restlessness had appeared in his heart since he found out that Chen Xi had entered Primeval City, and he urgently wanted to abandon all reason and go annihilate Chen Xi before using Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing to cultivate the Maiden Heavenblessing Technique so that he could surpass Feng Jianbai and attain the 1st rank on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet.

But the calmness he developed for many years allowed him to endure in the end. He knew that when facing an opponent like Chen Xi, the slightest bit of impulse might disturb his plans and cause everything to come to naught.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

A wave of footsteps resounded out from outside the hall, causing Shang Kun to came back to his senses and once again recover his extremely calm appearance.

“Young Master, things aren’t going well!” The person that arrived was Shang Ping, and he took a deep breath to forcefully restrain the shock in his heart before cupping his fist. He knew that he absolutely couldn’t be in a confused mess before the Young Master, otherwise he would surely suffer the detest and aversion of the Young Master.

“Speak.” Shang Kun spoke casually with a calm and confident bearing.

“The scouts reported earlier that Chen Xi and the other four members of the Darchu Dynasty have all ranked into the top 20 of the Warsoul Tablet!” Even though Shang Ping tried his best to make himself stay calm, his voice still trembled slightly. Obviously, the shock this matter brought him was extremely great.

“Oh?” Shang Kun was stunned, and then he suddenly smiled. “The Darchu Dynasty’s karmic luck is really strong. Did you came looking for me for this small matter?”

“Young Master, this isn’t the main point.” Shang Ping turned anxious instead when he saw this, and then he said swiftly, “Chen Xi who you asked us to pay special attention to, he… He…”

Shang Kun frowned and said with displeasure, “Speak frankly!”

A trace of a bad feeling had faintly arisen in his heart. He knew Shang Ping extremely well, and unless Shang Ping had encountered something that shocked him extremely, otherwise, Shang Ping would absolutely not lose his composure like this.

“Chen Xi is ranked the 1st!” Shang Ping couldn’t endure the shock in his heart any longer, and he spoke out in a hoarse voice. As soon as he finished speaking, he seemed as if the strength in his entire body had been extracted completely, and he was gasping for breath.

“The first?” Shang Kun was stunned, and then he went silent for a long time before he said with slight disbelief, “It’s…the first on the Warsoul Tablet?”

Actually, he’d already determined from Shang Ping’s expression that it was pretty close, but this matter was too shocking. So when he’d just heard it, it shocked him to the point he almost lost his mind, and even the calmness he was proud of had almost collapsed.

Shang Ping nodded as his expression changed indeterminately, and a wisp of shock that couldn’t be eliminated still rose in his heart when he recalled the scene from before.

“So in other words, Chen Xi has only just stepped foot into Primeval City, yet has pushed Feng Jianbai down from the 1st position?” Shang Kun muttered to himself. He entire didn’t notice that his voice similarly carried a trace of shock and a slight sense of loss, and he lost his calm from before.

Defeating Feng Jianbai on the Warsoul Tablet had always been Shang Kun’s objective, and for the sake of attaining this objective, he didn’t hesitate to capture Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing with the intention of cultivating the Chaotic Devilbody and competing with Feng Jianbai.

It was precisely for the sake of this objective that he’d specially paid attention to Chen Xi with the hope of obtaining a complete grasp of Chen Xi’s abilities before eliminating Chen Xi so that he would be able to complete the final step of cultivating the Chaotic Devilbody.

However, presently, this objective was completed before him by a young man that he intended to kill. This sort of intense shock was like a tempestuous storm that fiercely charged at Shang Kun’s mind and caused him to be unable to return to calm for a long time.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became depressed and oppressive.

Shang Ping looked carefully at his clan’s Young Master as he sighed with emotion in his heart. Even a figure like the Young Master has been shocked to the point he almost lost his calm, Chen Xi…can feel proud of himself!

“I truly never imagined that I’ve still underestimated him.” Shang Kun laughed with self-ridicule before taking a deep breath and forcefully suppressing the restlessness in his heart, and then his gaze had already become extremely calm as he asked. “Chen Xi has so many enemies. Since he made an appearance before the Warsoul Tablet, didn’t he cause a battle?”

“No.” Shang Ping shook his head and said with a complicated expression, “After Chen Xi obtained the first, it drew the Darkhan Dynasty and Xue Clan to try and rope him in. Perhaps his enemies were afraid of this and hesitated to make a move against him.”

“The Darkhan Dynasty and Xue Clan?” Shang Kun’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his voice carried a trace of seriousness. “Did he agree?”

“No.” Shang Ping shook his head once more.

However, before Shang Kun could heave a sigh of relief, Shang Ping continued. “Even though the Darkhan Dynasty and Xue Clan didn’t succeed, Chen Xi’s group left with the Dartang Dynasty’s Ling Ze. It’s not difficult to conceive that they’ll surely join the forces of the Dartang Dynasty.”

“How troublesome.” Shang Kun sighed lightly, yet his expression didn’t reveal much seriousness. Even though the situation had exceeded his expectations, he was confident he was still able to control everything.

Shang Ping heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw the Young Master was able to keep his composure. Truthfully speaking, when facing an enemy like Chen Xi, he wasn’t willing to offend Chen Xi unless he had no other choice.

“Young Master, things aren’t going well!” Right at this moment, an anxious voice sounded out abruptly from outside the hall, and the voice was heavy while revealing a trace of panic.

After that, Shang Que charged into the hall like a gust of wind, and even if he’d worked hard to calm down his feelings, the panic in his expression was unable to be hidden no matter what.

“Bastard! What the fuck are you shouting for!?” Shang Kun couldn’t help but shout out coldly. After he heard Chen Xi had obtained the first on the Warsoul Tablet, he’d forcefully suppressed the restless feelings in his heart. At this moment, when he saw Shang Que who he relied on as his right hand man actually lose composure like this, Shang Kun couldn’t help but become furious.

Shang Que’s figure shook, and he finally recovered slight clarity before cupping his fists and said bitterly, “Young Master, it’s truly not going well. Chen Xi actually annihilated over 10 experts of the Darxuan, Darqin, Darjin, and Darqian Dynasties by himself, and he took control of the northeast area of Primeval City!”

“What?!” Shang Kun’s expression instantly went grim when he heard this, and a tempestuous storm arose in his heart. He was unable to main his calm any longer, and he muttered. “Why is it like this? Is this fellow’s strength really so formidable?”

The nearby Shang Ping was shocked to the point he felt suffocated as well. Annihilating all the experts of four first-rate Dynasties by himself. Is… Is this something a disciple of an ordinary Dynasty is capable of accomplishing!?

“Young Master, this matter is absolutely true. Numerous cultivators witnessed this scene with their own two eyes. Moreover…” Shang Que hesitated to continue, and his expression changed indeterminately.

“Moreover what? Speak up!” Shang Kun was furious. What’s wrong with my subordinates today? All of them seem as if their throats are being choked and losing composure repeatedly. They’re really only good for show!

“Moreover, Chen Xi said that if Young Master dares to use those two young women to cultivate, then he’ll annihilate our entire Shang Clan without leaving a single soul alive…” Shang Que gritted his teeth and spoke of this matter.


Shang Kun struck his palm on the ground, causing the rock to shattered apart and an enormous and deep hole to be blasted open, whereas his expression was already completely livid while his crimson red hair fluttered, causing him to seem like a furious god.

“He actually dared to threaten me… He actually dared to threaten me…” Amidst his muttering, Shang Kun suddenly turned around and walked out of the hall with large strides. He’d already decided that he would use Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing to cultivate his devil technique right away, and even if an extremely great risk existed, he wouldn’t hesitate!

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