Chapter 506 – Unrestrained Slaughter

A single sentence from Chen Xi shocked everyone present, and it caused the hearts of everyone to tremble without end.

However, to Lu Tianze and the others, these words of Chen Xi’s were undoubtedly a type of judgment towards them, and besides causing them to be shocked, it caused them to be furious to the extreme.

“Chen Xi, you dare talk big like this?!” A Rebirth Realm expert from the Darjin Dynasty mustered up the courage to shout out.

“It isn’t your place to say if I was talking big. Moreover, I don’t intend to prove it to you. After all, you’re about to die, and it’s meaningless to waste time talking to a dead person,” said Chen Xi calmly.

The expressions of some people went grim yet most of them felt terrified, and they felt extremely great dread.

They knew clearly that these words of Chen Xi’s were equivalent to indirectly giving them the death sentence, so who would be able to remain unafraid? When faced with death, even an exalted figure with extremely high ability would feel terrified.

“You… Could it be that you aren’t afraid of arousing public indignation and causing your Darchu Dynasty to fall into eternal doom!?” A young man cried out while appearing to be tough on the surface. He was truly too terrified, and he was extremely afraid of having his life ended right away.

“Arousing public indignation? What a joke!” Chen Xi suddenly turned around and erupted with a peerlessly formidable imposing aura as he shouted. “I only know that continuously tolerating all of you will only make all of you go even further. Only by killing, killing until all of you are horrified would I be able to make all of you completely fearful and not dare linger on like detestable ghosts that won’t go away like before!”

These words were like thunderclaps that shook the hearts of Lu Tianze and the others repeatedly, causing them to feel a piercing pain from their eardrums as their heads swelled, and all of them felt terrified to the extreme.

“You’re going too far! Do you think you can be run rampant by yourself!?” Someone shouted out loudly.

“Noisy!” Chen Xi lightly spat out a single word as the Skysorrow Sword slashed out like a dazzling golden crow that rose into the sky, and it crashed down while emitting a rumbling sound, instantly shattering the person apart and causing him to transform into ash.

It was just so simple, a Rebirth Realm expert was instantly crushed into powder and vanished from the world.

For the sake of deterring everyone and for the sake of allowing all the experts in the distance to see it, this sword strike of Chen Xi’s seemed to be struck casually, yet he’d actually exerted his entire strength coupled with the Skysorrow Sword, allowing him to attain such a terrifying effect.

Obviously, this deterring effect was extremely good. It shook the distant spectators to the point their pupils constricted as they revealed expressions of shock, and their eyes revealed a trace of dense terror.

On the other hand, Lu Tianze and the others were horrified by this sword strike. The person that died was standing just before them, yet they didn’t have the time to rescue him and could only look on helplessly as he died. This strong visual impact caused their hairs to stand on end.

As the Rebirth Realm experts of first-rate Dynasties, even though they were inferior to those top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans, they still possessed an extremely formidable might. They were normally supreme existences that were flattered and chased after by the experts of the various ordinary Dynasties no matter where they went. But now, they seemed like prisoners that were waiting for judgment and death, and this feeling was absolutely terrible.

“Chen Xi, we’re disciples of first-rate Dynasties. You can’t treat us like this. Could it be that you want to bring calamity to your Darchu Dynasty?” Lu Tianze and the others were horrified, and someone hurriedly chose his words and roared loudly.

“First-rate Dynasties? Hah, you’re still using such insubstantial things to threaten me at a time like this? Laughable!” Chen Xi swung his sword once more, causing a sword qi to tear through the clouds before crashing down like an enormous pillar that held up the sky, and it directly crushed that person into pieces.

The hearts of all the distant spectators shook. Chen Xi was using actions to prove that he utterly didn’t care what level of Dynasty an expert was from. So long as one offended his Darchu Dynasty, he would kill anyone without mercy.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, three figures flashed out explosively from Lu Tianze’s side, and they flashed out towards three directions, left, right, and backward. Obviously, these three people had already communicated via voice transmission earlier, and they wanted to rely on such a method to catch Chen Xi off guard and flee.

However, what they never expected was that Chen Xi seemed to have expected that this would occur since long ago. With a swing of his hand, an enormous seal that was vast like a mountain, a feather fan that overflowed with the glow of flames, and a sword qi that seemed like a river of stars rumbled out in unison, and they annihilated the three people that fled towards three directions.

“AH!!!” Three exceedingly miserable shrill cries resounded out. Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, one of those three people was smashed into a pile of mush, the other was burned into ash, and the final one was slashed apart into powder. The state of all of their deaths was horrifying to the extreme.

This strike instantly shocked Lu Tianze and the others to the point their hearts that were waiting for a chance to make a move fell completely to rock bottom. They were both terrified and astounded, and their expressions were unsightly to the extreme.

“Flaming Peacock Fan, Skysorrow Sword, Mountainform Seal! This fellow actually possesses three Quasi Immortal Artifacts!”

“As expected, Xu Lengye, Pei Yu, and Qin Xiao were really killed by Chen Xi. Otherwise, how could their trump cards have fallen into Chen Xi’s hands?”

“His strength was already something that an ordinary person was unable to compare to, and now that he possesses such powerful weapons, would anyone in Primeval City be able to subdue him?”

“He can’t be resisted, he can’t be resisted!”

All the distance spectators felt suffocated when they saw those three magic treasures that revealed terrifying strength, and they felt even more terrified of Chen Xi.

“Chen Xi, do you know what sort of calamity acting this way will bring to you, your companions, and even the Darchu Dynasty that’s behind you?” At this moment, Lu Tianze had calmed down instead, and he stared at Chen Xi while he spoke calmly.


Replying to his question was a sword strike of Chen Xi’s that directly killed the final companion of Lu Tianze’s behind him, and Chen Xi struck resolutely and without the slightest hesitation.

Even the distant spectators felt extremely terrified when they saw this scene, because any sort of threats seemed to lose its efficacy when used on Chen Xi. Is there anything in this world that can cause him to feel fear?

“You…” Lu Tianze’s pupils dilated as he shouted out loudly. “Do you think you can be without worries after you kill us? Let me tell you! Presently, the Shang Clan has already captured two young women of your Darchu Dynasty, and that Shang Kun even intends to use those two young women as cultivation vessels to cultivate a devil technique, whereas you have become the one and only obstruction towards him successfully cultivating this devil technique because he can only cultivate it after killing you. How long do you think you can go on showing off your strength for?”

Chen Xi suddenly fell into silence when he heard this, and his long hair covered his face in the shadows, causing others to be unable to see his expression.

Cultivate a devil technique!?

The hearts of all the distant spectators went cold. They’d once heard that the Shang Clan’s inheritance was from the Maiden Devil Sect, yet never had they expected that it was actually true.

But what caused them to be curious was why Chen Xi had become the one and only obstruction towards Shang Kun successfully cultivating the devil technique? Using those two young women as cultivation vessels and having the requirement of killing Chen Xi, isn’t this devil technique too evil…?

On the other side, Fan Yunlan expression darkened when she heard this. She was similarly from the devil sect and naturally had a good understanding of some cultivation techniques of the devil sect.

According to what Lu Tianze said, Shang Kun is surely cultivating the Maiden Heavenblessing Technique!

Only a cultivation technique like this would use the vitality of young women as the vessel and seize everything from them. After he succeeds in this, he’ll be able to cultivate the Chaotic Devilbody that possesses an extremely terrifying might.

At this moment, Fan Yunlan believed that what Lu Tianze said was true. Because the cultivation technique of the Maiden Heavenblessing Technique was something that only disciples of the devil sect were capable of knowing.

Lu Tianze paid no attention to the strange gazes from the surrounding people, and he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw that Chen Xi seemed to have the intention of stopping. Truthfully speaking, the pressure Chen Xi caused him to feel was truly too great, and it almost forced him to the point of collapse. If it wasn’t for this, he would absolutely not speak of such secrets in public.

After all, the Shang Clan was a Prestigious Clan from an Ancient Kingdom, and its forces were extremely formidable and far from something his Darxuan Dynasty could compare to. If it wasn’t for the sake of coercing Chen Xi with this, he wouldn’t dare do reveal this matter no matter how brave he was.

“If you let me off today, I can help you plead to Young Master Shang Kun to let your companions off. How about it?” When he saw Chen Xi keeping silent for a long time, Lu Tianze felt even more at ease, and he felt he’d slightly grasped the initiative.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi suddenly raised his head, and his handsome face was expressionless, indifferent, and icy cold. Moreover, his eyes were deep and seemed as if they could devour the souls of others.

As he looked at Chen Xi indifferent and expressionless face, Lu Tianze’s heart jerked as a bad feeling arose in his heart.

“If they die, I’ll bury the entire Shang Clan with them.” A simple, direct, and flat line of words were lightly spat out from Chen Xi’s mouth, yet it was like a piercingly cold whistling flow of air that caused everyone present to go cold as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice.

Even though his words were simple, the killing intent within these words shook the hearts of everyone.

“You… Have you gone mad!? That’s the Shang Clan, a clan that possesses an extremely intimate connection with the great powers of the Dark Reverie. There’s no lack of existences that are on friendly terms with the Shang Clan amongst the emissaries of the Dark Reverie that will arrive in Primeval City three months from now. Aren’t you afraid of being directly annihilated and being unable to enter the Dark Reverie for your entire lifetime?” Lu Tianze’s was shocked by Chen Xi’s words to the point his scalp went numb, and then he couldn’t help but howl loudly.

The hearts of the spectators trembled without end when they heard this as well. In the countless years since the Primeval Battlefield had been opened, there had never been a single disciple from an ordinary Dynasty that dared speak such ruthless and resolute words towards a Prestigious Clan of an Ancient Kingdom. This is simply madness!

Even Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen were shocked to the point their entire bodies shook. They expected that Chen Xi’s resolution to save them would be extremely great, yet they never expected it would actually be so great!

“If we didn’t betray him, then would Chen Xi save us like this if we encountered danger?” Both of them looked at each other before lowering their heads with dejection, and their minds droned with a mix of regret and hatred.

But comparatively speaking, Huangfu Changtian was in a slightly better state. Chen Xi had killed his younger brother, Huangfu Chongming, causing them to have irreconcilable enmity between each other, so he didn’t have much hope that Chen Xi would assist him.

On the other hand, the nearby Fan Yunlan was extremely certain that Chen Xi would surely keep to his word, because he was the type of person that would surely do as he said, and it was precisely this behavior that was extremely foolish in the eyes of others that allowed him to obtain the support of so many friends.


When faced with Lu Tianze’s cries and the various gazes the spectators shot at him, Chen Xi seemed like an unconcerned party, and his expression remained unchanged. In the next moment, he’d already vanished on the spot and appeared before Lu Tianze, and then his sword flashed through the sky and slashed down.

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