Chapter 505 – Revealing His Overbearingness

Chen Xi moved like a ghost that was unpredictable and traceless.

In the next instant, he’d already appeared before Lu Tianze. The Skysorrow Sword carried a blazing sheen as it tore through the sky and slashed down with unparalleled speed.


An ear piercing and enormous bang redounded out in the heavens and the earth as blazing light exploded out. Lu Tianze’s figure staggered back a few steps and seemed to be in a sorry state, yet he didn’t suffer a heavy injury, and it couldn’t even be considered to be a light injury.

He’s actually blocked Chen Xi’s killing strike.

It turned out that a long blade that overflowed with cold lights had appeared abruptly in his hand. The long blade was completely snow white with talisman markings surging on its surface, and it seemed as if a lifelike dragon was swimming about within the blade.

The airflow in the surroundings actually had a layer of icy mist that was bone piercingly cold, formed upon it because of the appearance of this long blade, and it seemed as if the surroundings had entered into a dreamlike state of severe winter.

As the Crown Prince of the Darxuan Dynasty, Lu Tianze naturally has no lack of treasures in his possession, and this icy cold long blade was called Snowdragon Blade. Just like Pei Yu’s Skysorrow Sword, Qin Xiao’s Mountainform Seal, and Xu Lengye’s Flaming Peacock Fan, it was a Quasi Immortal Artifact that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts coveted.

A Quasi Immortal Artifact? As expected. Chen Xi wasn’t surprised in the slightest that his attack didn’t succeed, and he only sized up the Snowdragon Blade in Lu Tianze’s hand with a calm expression.

Presently, he didn’t just possess the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Skysorrow Sword, he still had the Flaming Peacock Fan, the Mountainform Seal, and the Golden Dragon Armor, and it would absolutely shock others to death if he withdrew all of them, so he naturally wouldn’t be afraid of the Snowdragon Blade.

Actually, strictly speaking, the utilization of Quasi Immortal Artifacts depended on the extent of one’s comprehension of Dao Insights and cultivation. Otherwise, even if one possessed a Quasi Immortal Artifact, it would be difficult for one to exert its greatest might, and it was even to the extent that it might be seized away by another.

For example, Chen Xi originally possessed an extremely high grasp of the Sword Dao, and he’d already cultivated the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture to the point of combining the eight sword moves into one and attained the Enlightened Sword Heart. So he was naturally capable of exploding out with an even more formidable might when utilizing the Skysorrow Sword.

On the other hand, even though Xu Lengye, Pei Yu, and Qin Xiao possessed Quasi Immortal Artifacts, they lost to Chen Xi in the end. It wasn’t that their magic treasures weren’t formidable, but it was due to their strengths being far too inferior when compared to Chen Xi.

Lu Tianze had a cultivation at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm. In the eyes of others, a cultivation like this could already be considered to be at the top amongst the cultivators in Primeval City, yet it was still pitiably weak to Chen Xi.

After all, when he was in the Isle of Fallen Treasures that day, Chen Xi hadn’t even advanced to the Rebirth Realm when he’d slaughtered the Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong, who was at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm. Even though he’d relied on the might of the Flaming Peacock Fan, yet it was sufficient to discern exactly how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was.

Now Chen Xi’s body refinement and qi refinement cultivations had advanced into the Rebirth Realm, and he’d even overcome the legendary Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth. So he seemed to possess a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm, yet his combat strength was so formidable that it was utterly not something an ordinary Rebirth Realm expert could compare to.

Thus he was naturally not afraid in the slightest when facing Lu Tianze who held the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Snowdragon Blade.

Through the head on collision with Chen Xi earlier, Lu Tianze clearly felt how terrifying Chen Xi’s strength was as well. After all, he was an expert at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, yet was struck to the point of staggering back by a single strike of Chen Xi’s. If it wasn’t for the protection of the Snowdragon Blade, he’d probably have been slashed in two by that strike.

His expression instantly became extremely heavy. Even if there were still around nine of them left, his mood was still heavy to the extreme when facing an opponent like Chen Xi, and it was even to the extent he aroused the thought of fleeing.

However, when he saw the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation that suppressed the surroundings, his heart instantly fell to rock bottom, and he understood that he only had a single choice now — Fight a bloody battle until the end.

Actually, when he intended to deal with Chen Xi earlier, Lu Tianze had already made sufficient preparations, and he utterly didn’t dare to take Chen Xi as an ordinary person. But, up until the moment he really fought Chen Xi, he finally noticed that all his preparations and understanding of Chen Xi seemed to be useless and a cause for dejection.

Simply speaking, it wasn’t that he’d underestimated Chen Xi, but the strength Chen Xi revealed was too out of his expectations, and it was something that others were unable to imagine no matter what.

Who would be able to imagine that a fellow at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm would actually be able to slaughter existences that were at a level higher than himself?

Who would be able to imagine that this fellow’s cultivation in the Martial Dao would be so heaven defying?

Who would be able to imagine that this fellow would actually be able to see through the flaws of the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation with a single glance before destroying it with a single strike and taking control of it?

Moreover, all these things that couldn’t be imagined had caused the unbelievable scenes before Lu Tianze and the others at this moment.


Chen Xi’s actions of easily and casually killing four people successively shocked everyone present. It shocked Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen to the point of being dumbstruck on the spot in the distance, and their expressions were ashen while they felt even more afraid of making a rash move.

Lu Tianze and the others converged to face Chen Xi together, and it seemed that only in this way would the heaviness in their hearts be able to be eased up slightly.

Presently, only nine of them remained, including Lu Tianze.

Moreover, the composition of these nine people was extremely complicated. They were respectively from the Darxuan, Darqin, Darqian, and Darjin Dynasty. All of them had come for the sake of taking revenge for their companions that had perished on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, yet never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually be so formidable, causing their situation to become slightly precarious.

Chen Xi didn’t continue attacking, and he sized Lu Tianze and the others up before he said abruptly, “This northeast area of Primeval City is controlled by your Dynasties, right?”

Lu Tianze and the others were stunned as they never expected Chen Xi to actually ask such a strange question at this moment.

“It’s good like this as well. After I kill all of you, I can seize this area and occupy it for my Darchu Dynasty…” Chen Xi suddenly started smiling.

However, this smile was like the smile of a devil in the eyes of Lu Tianze, and it was unspeakably cruel. Not only does this fellow wants to kill us, he has actually placed his sights on my territory!


Chen Xi gestured with a raise of his hand, causing the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation that suppressed the surroundings to be withdrawn by him, and an expanse of clamorous noise that seethed with excitement instantly sounded out from outside.

It turned out that long ago since the battle started, the numerous cultivators in the nearby area had noticed the phenomena here, and all of them started looking over here. Unfortunately, because the grand formation had sealed up the surrounding space and separated it from the outside world, it caused them to be utterly unable to see the battle that occurred within the small courtyard.

But even then, they were still able to determine that a battle was surely being carried out within the small courtyard. Moreover, the Crown Prince of the Darxuan Dynasty, Lu Tianze, had personally made a move.

The reason was extremely simple, the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation was Lu Tianze’s trump card, and it possessed a rather great reputation. How could they possibly not know about it?

The more mysterious a thing was, the more it aroused the curiosity of others.

A grand formation suppressed the area within this small courtyard while a figure like Lu Tianze was participating in it, so it naturally drew the attention of more and more cultivators.

All of them were scattered nearby the small courtyard while looking at it from the distance. At this moment, when they saw the grand formation being removed and clearly saw the scene within the small courtyard, they instantly went into an uproar.

“Look, it really is the Crown Prince of the Darxuan Dynasty, Lu Tianze!”

“The northeast area of Primeval City has been taken control of by the Darxuan, Darqin, Darjin, and Darqian Dynasty. Since they’ve actually appeared here at this moment, could it be that someone entered the northeast city gate without paying the price of a treasure and drew down their attacks?”

“Eh! Wait! That’s Chen Xi! Chen Xi who just crushed the peak expert of the Feng Clan, Feng Jianbai, to attain the first on the Warsoul Tablet!”

“He’s Chen Xi? My god! Why would he be in battle with the members of these Dynasties?”

“Who knows? But I heard that even top Dynasties like the Dartang and Darkhan Dynasty and the Prestigious Clan, the Xue Clan, are trying to rope this fellow in. These Dynasties are only first-rate Dynasties, yet actually dare to go against Chen Xi, they truly are filled with resolution.”

The discussions of the distant crowd weren’t covered up, and it was transmitted over extremely clearly. Most of them were exclaiming with admiration about the brilliant achievements that Chen Xi obtained earlier.

However, when these voices fell into the ears of Lu Tianze and the others, it wasn’t inferior to a thunderclap that shook them to the point their faces went pale, and their minds almost collapsed.

The first on the Warsoul Tablet?

Crushed the peak expert of the Feng Clan, Feng Jianbai?

The Dartang Dynasty, Darkhan Dynasty, and Xue Clan are trying to rope him in?

All of this was like a sledgehammer that struck one after the other on their hearts, causing the gazes that Lu Tianze and the others shot at Chen Xi to simply seem as if they were staring at a freak and filled with disbelief.

They finally understood that they’d underestimated Chen Xi once more. If they knew that he’d attained such shocking accomplishments long ago, would they have foolishly come to seek revenge?

On the other side, the expressions of Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen were exceedingly unsightly, and they felt as if the heavens had played a great trick on them. If they knew earlier that Chen Xi had become so formidable, why would they submit beneath Lu Tianze and the others?

At this moment, both of them were terrified out of their wits, and their intestines had gone green with regret.

“Do you know why I removed the grand formation? It’s extremely simple. I want everyone to see the consequences of offending my Darchu Dynasty. Moreover, I want to announce to the entire city that this northeast area has been occupied by my Darchu Dynasty!” At this moment, Chen Xi’s gaze was like bolts of lightning, his back ramrod straight, and his entire body emitted a vast aura. He had a mighty imposing aura that seemed as if he would remain unmoving no matter what struck him, and even though his voice was flat, it was clearly transmitted to every corner of the surroundings.

These words blew past the surroundings like a hurricane, causing the hearts of everyone to tremble without end. They believed that these words would cause a monstrous stir, and even if Chen Xi hadn’t taken action on these words yet, it would still cause the entire Primeval City to be shaken.

Chen Xi was sending out a signal that he was extremely displeased, and it wasn’t merely to warn Lu Tianze and the others but was also to display some sort of resolution to the Dynasties in the outside world!

He wants to become the one who controls the northeast area of the city in the capacity of an ordinary Dynasty? If news of this were to be spread out, it wouldn’t just shock the various Dynasties, even the top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans from Ancient Kingdoms would probably be stirred.

At the side, Fan Yunlan looked at the tall figure that was mighty like a god, and a wisp of an indescribable feeling of being at ease gushed out abruptly from her heart. Never had she imagined that for the sake of protecting her, this fellow that was originally warm and kept a low profile would actually display such overbearingness and look down upon the world!

This…is my man? How fortunate am I… Extraordinary splendor flowed within her eyes as she muttered lightly, and her gaze that shot at Chen Xi actually seemed to be infatuated.

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