Chapter 504 – Turning The Situation Around

Chen Xi’s voice revealed a strand of resoluteness and a wisp of killing intent, causing the expressions of Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen to go slightly pale.


Right at this moment, Lu Tianze suddenly gestured with his hand, causing divine lights to charge into the sky before the images of nine enormous mountains pressed down from midair. Each of these nine mountains were different, either solitary, gorgeous, or craggy. All of them emitted various resplendent bright lights as they revealed the form of the nine palaces variant of the eight trigrams and pressed down onto the surroundings of the small courtyard. 

Instantly, the entire small courtyard seemed as if it had completely lost contact with the outside world, it was as if one had fallen deep into a prison, and it caused one to feel oppressed and suffocated.

Nine was the limit of numbers. At the instant the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation appeared, the phenomena it revealed displayed extreme suppression and locking down of aura, and when one was within this grand formation, it caused one to have the despairing feeling of being unable to escape, even if one grew wings.

Moreover, Chen Xi clearly felt that the glow emitted by this grand formation was actually capable of suppressing the circulation of True Essence, and it caused him to be only able to exert less than 80% of his strength.

“Shameless boasting! Let me see for how long you can stay jumping about beneath my Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation!” Lu Tianze sneered repeatedly. In his eyes, Chen Xi was already a trapped beast on the verge of death.

“Oh? Then go ahead and try!” A vertical eye suddenly surged out from the space between Chen Xi’s brows. The eye was deep and pitch black, and it actually had the phenomena of the sun and moon alternating and the milky way flowing reflected within it.


The Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth, swept the sky and practically instantly saw through a weak point within the grand formation, and then the sword in his hand slashed out with a shake of his arm, causing a vast sword qi to surge out and erupt with an aura that seemed to intend to obliterate the heavens.


The entire small courtyard was shaking as the dazzling sword qi drowned out the entire surroundings, and it shook the nine mountains in midair to the point they actually started trembling violently.


In the end, an enormous bang resounded out as if the heavens had collapsed and the earth had split apart. The small courtyard exploded apart, shocking everyone to the point of moving backwards and swiftly dodging.


Like a god that had descended into the mortal world, Chen Xi took a step forward to directly arrive beneath the sky, and then he stuck his hand out and grabbed, causing a Formation Disk that glowed with nine dazzling starry lights to appear on his palm.

“How could this be possible!? He destroyed my grand formation with a single strike! This is something that even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert isn’t capable of achieving!” Lu Tianze’s expression went grim and was shocked to the point he roared out loudly.

The expressions of everyone else went grim as well. Just a moment ago, victory was within their grasps, yet never had they imagined that Chen Xi would actually destroy their greatest reliance in a mere instant!

Some of them were even unable to restrain themselves from arousing a slight intention to flee.

“In terms of the Dao of Talisman Formations, is anyone amongst you more skilled than me? You tried to use a formation that’s full of flaws to trap me, what else are all of you but idiots?” Chen Xi mocked them coldly.

He swung his hand as he spoke, causing the Formation Disk to fly out and once again transform into the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation, and it completely locked down the surroundings.

The only difference was the target of suppression had been changed.

When they saw this scene, the expressions of Lu Tianze and the others went gloomy. They never imagined that in only a blink of an eye, Chen Xi had actually successfully refined the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation, and he’d even suppressed them within it!

Chen Xi truly felt extreme hatred in his heart because Fan Yunlan had actually almost fallen into a hopeless situation, and she would have lost her life if it wasn’t for him arriving on time. Most detestable of it all was that Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen assisted the enemy and acted wantonly. They were simple worse than animals!

So he’d utilized his entire strength since the moment he made a move. His sword was the Quasi Immortal Artifact, the Skysorrow Sword, the Divine Ability he utilized was the Eye of Divine Truth that could see through all things, and coupled with his understanding of the Dao of Talismans, undoing the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation was simply effortless.


Chen Xi who stood in midair stretched out his hand, causing boundless thunderstorm vortexes that enveloped the area before him to be developed, and it shook open the earth as it swept out in all directions.

“AH… No!” Huangfu Changtian cried out loudly, and he was terrified and uneasy. He actually noticed that he didn’t even have the strength to struggle, and he was helpless.

At this moment, he finally deeply understood how big the gap between him and Chen Xi was, and it was simply like the difference between an ant and a mammoth!

Chen Xi imprisoned him from afar, and held him up as he said coldly, “I won’t kill you now. Didn’t you think first-rate Dynasties are extremely strong? Alright, just stay there obediently, and I’ll let you see exactly what sort of trash they are!”


As he spoke, Chen Xi slapped Huangfu Changtian, causing all the teeth in Huangfu Changtian’s mouth to fall out while mixed with blood that flew out of his mouth, and even his lower jaw was shattered by this slap.

His entire body was slapped flying before falling on the ground, causing dust and smoke to rise from the ground, and he was in an extremely miserable state.

“Stay there obediently, otherwise, you’ll die right away,” said Chen Xi indifferently.

Huangfu Changtian’s long hair was disheveled as he wailed, and his eyes were filled with terror. All those years ago in the Darchu Dynasty, even though he knew that there was quite a gap between himself and Chen Xi, he’d never felt afraid.

However, now he was really afraid, terrified, and he didn’t even dare struggle because he knew that it was useless. This fellow Chen Xi always stood by his word, and so long as he’d said something, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

“The same goes for you.” Chen Xi glanced at Yu Xuanchen on the other side as he warned coldly.

Yu Xuanchen instantly shuddered as his legs started trembling uncontrollably. It was too terrifying! This fellow Chen was simply like a devil god, and it was utterly impossible to use the level of his cultivation to measure him.

From the time Chen Xi broke apart the formation, gained control and slapped Huangfu Changtian, and warned Yu Xuanchen, the entire process only occurred in the time for a few breaths. However, it was in this extremely short amount of time that the entire situation was completely turned around.

The various abilities revealed by Chen Xi caused Lu Tianze and the others to feel unstoppable pressure, and they finally understood that even if they’d prepared sufficiently, they’d still underestimated Chen Xi’s strength.

“Kill! Everyone, make a move together and kill that woman first!” Lu Tianze’s expression was gloomy as his eyes flickered endlessly, and he inadvertently glanced at the distant Fan Yunlan, causing his eyes to light up as he shouted out coldly.


As soon as Lu Tianze finished speaking, four figures by his side flashed out explosively at practically the exact same moment. Two amongst these four people had already stepped into the 3rd tempering of the Rebirth Realm, and the remaining two had a cultivation at the 2nd tempering of the Rebirth Realm. Such a force could already be considered to be quite strong when placed in a first-rate Dynasty.

The four of them attacked jointly, causing powerful True Essence to spread out as a formidable pressure directly enveloped towards Fan Yunlan. They obviously understood that only by capturing Fan Yunlan would they be able to threaten Chen Xi, so they executed their strongest martial techniques as soon as they attacked, causing the sound of the Dao to rumble and the sound of slaughter that tore apart one’s eardrums to explode out.

At practically the exact same moment, Lu Tianze and the remaining experts made a move against Chen Xi with the intention of jointly entrapping Chen Xi and not allowing him to head over and rescue Fan Yunlan.

However, their thoughts were bound to only be wishful thinking.

Before they could even approach Chen Xi, they noticed to their shock that it was merely an afterimage of Chen Xi left in the sky before them, whereas Chen Xi himself had appeared before Fan Yunlan long ago!

The speed that was almost like teleportation shocked the distant Huangfu Changtian, who didn’t dare move, to the point of trembling as his face went ashen.


Violent True Essence whistled over like a surging mountain torrent. However, right when these attacks were about to arrive before Fan Yunlan, the air exploded apart abruptly as a black figure carrying along a vast and powerful pressure as it whistled over, and a dazzling sword that carried boundless Sword Insight, drew out a string of afterimages as it forcefully blasted and slashed apart all the attacks, causing them to dissipate and vanish.

Those four people that attacked were instantly shocked by Chen Xi’s speed and strength. But, as Rebirth Realm experts of the Darxuan Dynasty, their experience wasn’t lacking, so they didn’t fall into panic because of this, and they gritted their teeth and charged forward once more instead.


Chen Xi’s figure shook. He who’d executed the Starsky Wings with his entire strength had a speed that was entirely capable of comparing with teleportation. Amidst a flash, a sword image that contained various Dao Insights had directly appeared before an expert of the Darxuan Dynasty.

This attack that arrived suddenly instantly caused that person to go pale from shock, and he practically unconsciously mobilized his True Essence and caused the defensive magic treasure on his body to glow before forming a golden barrier on the surface of his body.

However, a trace of cold disdain arose on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when faced with a defense like this. The attack of the Skysorrow Sword in his hand didn’t change, and it directly and fiercely slashed onto the golden barrier.


A shattering bang resounded out, and under the astounded gazes of everyone present, the extremely strong defensive barrier was blasted apart into pieces in an instant. Moreover, the head of the person within the barrier was directly slashed into two, causing blood to flow as a variety of internal organs fell to the ground, causing the scene of his death to be extremely horrifying.

After annihilating a Rebirth Realm expert with a single strike, Chen Xi’s expression remained indifferent, and he didn’t dally in the slightest to seize the instant the other three were stunned by this scene. Three fierce and swift sword lights tore through the sky at almost the exact same moment, and they were like three shooting stars that directly slashed apart the treasures in their hands before slashing horizontally through their chests.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Three muffled sounds resounded out as the three Rebirth Realm experts were slashed into half, and their demise was no better than the first expert that died before them.

“Bastard!” Meanwhile, Lu Tianze had completely recovered from his shock, and his expression turned extremely gloomy and savage. In the blink of an eye, four Rebirth Realm experts had fallen, and such a loss was something that even his Darxuan Dynasty was unable to bear.

The expressions of the others changed as well, some were shocked and furious, whereas some were terrified. They were unable to wrap their heads around how a fellow at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm was capable of exerting such a terrifying combat strength, no matter how they racked their brains.


But before they could attack furiously, Chen Xi’s figure that was like a ghost had already flashed out explosively to arrive before them, and the Skysorrow Sword in his hand droned and howled as if it was impatient to drink the blood of its enemies.

Presently, in the hands of Chen Xi, this Quasi Immortal Artifact that came from the Darjin Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Pei Yu, erupted with boundless potential, and it was even slightly more formidable than the Talisman Armament in terms of might. So it was simply an invincible weapon of slaughter when used to annihilate his enemies.

Unless one possessed a magic treasure of the same rank or a combat strength that completely surpassed Chen Xi, otherwise, one could only fall beneath his sword.

But regretfully, there weren’t many Quasi Immortal Artifacts, and it was even to the extent that they could be described to be rare like phoenix feathers and qilin horns. Even if it was amongst experts of the first-rate Dynasties, only their core experts were capable of possessing one.

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