Chapter 503 – That Figure


As soon as he finished speaking, Huangfu Changtian’s figure suddenly shot out explosively as a violent blast from his palm descended like a mountain, and it directly pressed down onto Fan Yunlan.

Fan Yunlan had hated Huangfu Changtian to the bone since long ago. At this moment, when she saw he was actually assisting the enemy with the intention of capturing her to allow them to violate her, the hatred in her heart instantly erupted like a volcano as she flashed out lightly, and then her delicate hand flipped before slapping out directly at Huangfu Changtian’s palm.


Terrifying True Essence airflow blasted out from the point of collision, causing the leaves that had fallen on the surrounding ground to be instantly explode into powder while the violent gale caused the entire small courtyard to be shaken to the point of trembling violently.

The gale swept out as Huangfu Changtian staggered back a few steps before a mouthful of blood sprayed fiercely out of his mouth, and his expression was covered in astonishment. When did this woman’s cultivation become so terrifying?

Before he could react, killing intent flashed in Fan Yunlan’s eyes as powerful True Essence condensed at the tip of her finger like a sharp sword that contained Dao Insight and emitted a brilliant glow, and it shot towards Huangfu Changtian’s throat like a bolt of lightning.

She truly hated this extremely despicable traitor too much. Not only did he use the relationship between her and Chen Xi, he even drew outsiders over to cause harm to her, and such a scourge that assisted the enemy to commit evil had to be killed to vent the hatred in her heart.

“Brother Huangfu, let me assist you.” Yu Xuanchen’s expression couldn’t help but go grim when he saw this scene, and his thin figure flashed out right away and attacked Fan Yunlan from the side.

“Fuck off!” Fan Yunlan’s beautiful hair fluttered, her gaze was like bolts of lightning, and her charming and fair face was covered in dense killing intent. She stepped on the sky as she fiercely slapped out with a flip of her palm, and it directly blasted Yu Xuanchen flying like a kite that had its string cut off, causing him to be in an unspeakably sorry state.

But after Yu Xuanchen joined in, Huangfu Changtian was able to escape calamity in the end. His figure retreated explosively while the gaze he shot at Fan Yunlan carried a trace of terror, and he didn’t dare make another move against her.

On the other side, Yu Xuanchen similarly revealed deep terror. Just like Huangfu Changtian, he didn’t expect that Fan Yunlan would actually be so difficult to deal with.

“Trash! No wonder you have to submit to the members of first-rate Dynasties. Both of you can only be dogs for others with this little bit of strength you possess.” Fan Yunlan knew she’d lost the initiative, so she didn’t continue pursuing Huangfu Changtian, and she glanced coldly at Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen as she spoke with disdain.

“You…” Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen’s expressions went grim.

“Hmph! Your strength isn’t bad. But unfortunately, you’re bound to be unable to escape today. Everyone, make a move together and capture this woman!” Right at this moment, Lu Tianze shouted out explosively, and he’d already flashed out explosively to assault Fan Yunlan as he spoke.


As soon as Lu Tianze finished speaking, the gazes of everyone who’d been watching coldly from the sidelines since the beginning had turned ghastly, and they didn’t utter a word of nonsense before besieging Fan Yunlan from all directions.

Their cooperation was extremely tacit as they made a move, and their auras rumbled as they fully sealed up all of Fan Yunlan’s paths of retreat while their powerful and terrifying True Essence swept towards Fan Yunlan like the tide.

Fan Yunlan’s eyes couldn’t help but squint as she looked at the ferocious attacks that poured down like a rainstorm. Her own strength was merely at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, so she was practically incapable of dodging when faced with the joint attacks of these 15 Rebirth Realm experts.

This won’t do. Even if I die, I can’t allow my Soul Core to be imprisoned by them. Otherwise, it will surely bring endless troubles to Chen Xi… If it’s like that, then why don’t I end my own life… At this split second, Chen Xi’s tall figure that had a warm and handsome smile couldn’t help but appear in Fan Yunlan’s mind, and she sighed deeply in her heart before a wisp of ruthlessness and resoluteness gushed out from her eyes.

However, right when the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth were about to blast onto her and Fan Yunlan intended to end her own life, an ear piercing sound of the sky being torn apart resounded out abruptly as a black figure flashed out explosively like a ghost and appeared before Fan Yunlan. A dazzling crimson glow gushed out explosively like the sun, and it transformed into a round barrier.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks that covered the heavens and the earth blasted fiercely onto the barrier and caused numerous violent ripples to undulate as a wave of violent winds swept out. However, no matter how violent the ripples were, the crimson glow flowed about on the barrier and remained unmoving, and it firmly protected the two figures within it.

The dazzling crimson glow was like blazing flames that caused Fan Yunlan’s pitch black and clear eyes to be unable to help but narrow. Subsequently, she saw the figure that stood before her.

Under the illumination of the gorgeous crimson glow, the figure was tall and straight like a sword, and it seemed that even if the heavens collapsed, it would be unable to bend this figure’s backbone.

This was the most familiar figure to Fan Yunlan in all these years, and it was precisely this figure that had carried her up Ascension Peak and fought his way into the waterfall of Dao Insights…

The scenes from when she participated in the Allstar Meeting flashed swiftly within her mind. At this moment of extreme danger from being besieged by numerous enemies, Fan Yunlan actually seemed to be infatuated as she stared at the figure before her with a pair of eyes that were enshrouded with the glimmer of tears.

The tall figure finally turned around and smiled to the beautiful woman behind him, and his eyes were filled with a dense apologetic and guilty expression as he said with a gentle voice, “Sorry, I’m late.”

When she saw Chen Xi’s familiar appearance and voice, Fan Yunlan’s body couldn’t help but shake as she bit her cherry lips and shook her head stubbornly, yet the crystalline tears in her heart couldn’t be controlled any longer and fell from her eyes.

Just moments ago, she thought that she wouldn’t be able to see Chen Xi again anymore. Now, as she looked at this man that appeared in her dreams appearing before her, she suddenly felt slightly worried that this was a dream or a hallucination before death.

Indescribable and piercing pain gushed out from Chen Xi’s heart when he saw Fan Yunlan’s alone and helpless appearance. He took a deep breath before patting Fan Yunlan’s shoulder, and then he said with a light voice by her ear, “I guarantee that I won’t let you suffer any grievance in the future, just leave the rest to me.”

Fan Yunlan suddenly raised her head and said anxiously, “You…” She hadn’t finished speaking when Chen Xi had already covered her cherry lips with his fingers.

“Believe in me.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Mmm.” When she saw the warm and clear smile that was like sunlight on Chen Xi’s face, the terror, fury, resentment, anxiousness, and despair in Fan Yunlan’s heart was completely wiped clear, and her heart felt calm and warm.

The crimson glow dimmed down before completely vanishing in the end.

The gazes of Lu Tianze and the others instantly became gloomy when they saw this scene and Chen Xi who was before Fan Yunlan, and Lu Tianze said with a ghastly tone, “Where did this ignorant fool come from? He’s actually trying to be the hero! Truly laughable! There are actually idiots that are still doing stupid things like this now?”

“Crown Prince, he… He’s Chen Xi.” Huangfu Changtian’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict when he saw Chen Xi, and then he swiftly explained.

“Chen Xi!” Now, everyone including Lu Tianze was stunned slightly, as they seemed to have never imagined that the opponent they took great pains to find an opportunity to kill would actually suddenly appear before them just like this.

“Hahaha… We spent so much effort to find him, yet he makes an appearance right before us!” After Lu Tianze was stunned, a wisp of wild joy appeared on his face as he stared at Chen Xi with a ghastly gaze and said, “I never imagined that you’re so stupid to actually come walking right into a trap. The heavens are really benevolent!”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to point at the people by his side. “Open up your fucking eyes and look. Not only are the experts of my Darxuan Dynasty present here, there are also the members of the Darqian, Darqin, and Darjin Dynasties. All of them hate you to the bone, yet you actually dare come here alone. You’re truly courting death!”

“Crown Prince, you must be careful of his person. Even though his cultivation is only at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm, his combat strength is terrifying to the extreme, and you have to be on guard against him.” Huangfu Changtian spoke in a low voice from the side.

“Brother Huangfu is correct. This kid, Chen Xi’s, natural talent is shocking to the extreme. Early on when we were still in the Darchu Dynasty, his combat strength had already far surpassed cultivators of the same cultivation, causing him to be formidable to the extreme.” Yu Xuanchen nodded as well.

“Hmph! I’ve already gained an extremely clear understanding of his ability, both of you don’t have to say anything further.” Since Lu Tianze dared to make a move against Chen Xi, he naturally knew of the numerous magnificent feats Chen Xi had performed on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, but he still had the confidence to annihilate Chen Xi here today.

Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen instantly went silent when they heard this, and only the serious expression on their faces couldn’t be dispersed.

“There’s no need to be worried. My Crown Prince has already set up the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation in the surroundings of this small courtyard long ago. He can’t escape even if he wants to.” An expert from the Darxuan Dynasty couldn’t help but explain when he saw their serious expression, and his voice revealed a trace of indifference. Obviously, he felt that Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen were too careful and cowardly.

“So the Crown Prince has already set everything up since long ago, it couldn’t be any better.” Huangfu Changtian and Yu Xuanchen heaved a sigh of relief, and they recover their relaxed expressions.

It was even to the extent that Huangfu Changtian even had the mood to tease Chen Xi. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Lu Xiao and Zhao Qinghe were killed by me. It couldn’t be helped, who asked them to be members of the Darchu Dynasty?”

Chen Xi had always been watching coldly from the side when Lu Tianze and the others were speaking with each other, and his expression didn’t reveal the slightest ripple even when he heard Lu Tianze intended to seal off all his paths of retreat with the Nine Mountain World Suppression grand formation. But now, when he heard what Huangfu Changtian said, his eyes instantly shot out a string of cold lights as he said coldly, “So, you’re already determined to betray the Darchu Dynasty?”

“Betray? A man chooses a good leader to follow! Would I be able to come here alive from the Primeval Battlefield if I followed by your side? Don’t be stupid, an ordinary Dynasty has utterly no authority to speak in the Primeval Battlefield, and 99% die in the final test. I did this because I was looking out for myself, understand?” Huangfu Changtian expressed contempt towards Chen Xi.

“You think like this as well?” Chen Xi paid no further attention to Huangfu Changtian, and his gaze moved to look at Yu Xuanchen while his icy cold expression revealed an oppressive might.

Yu Xuanchen didn’t dare look Chen Xi in the eye, and he stayed silent for a long moment. Obviously, he tacitly approved of Huangfu Changtian’s views.

“I was unwilling to admit it since the beginning, and I even left a trace of hope in my heart. I felt both of you were coerced into carrying out such despicable deeds, yet now it would seem that I was thinking too much about your feelings.” As his mutters drifted out into the surroundings of the small courtyard, Chen Xi’s expression had already become more and more icy cold, and it became indifferent and ruthless in the end. “It’s good like this as well. I won’t have any burden in my heart from killing both of you.”

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