Chapter 502 – Layer Upon Layer of Traps


Chen Xi flashed swiftly along the direction Yu Xuanchen left towards while his Divine Sense stretched out like a net to carefully search every single place he passed by.

Yu Xuanchen’s actions of briefly flashing by the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet earlier was extremely odd, and he was worried this fellow had suffered the deception of Huangfu Changtian as well and would meet the same end as Lu Xiao.

Because he’d already confirmed that Huangfu Changtian was within Primeval City, and according to what Zhao Qinghe said, this fellow might have already gathered together with the experts of the Darxuan Dynasty and was waiting to ambush and kill his companions.

Sometimes, Chen Xi was extremely unwilling to believe that Huangfu Changtian would actually do such a despicable thing and was actually able to make a move against his own companions. This was simply unscrupulous and vicious to the extreme.

Hmm? I’d have already arrived at the northeast area of Primeval City in another short moment. According to what Ling Ze said, this area is controlled by the experts of the Darxuan, Darjin, Darqin, and Darqian Dynasties… Chen Xi swept his gaze towards the distance, and his heart couldn’t help but constrict.

After all, Huangfu Changtian had converged with the forces of the Darxuan Dynasty, and if Yu Xuanchen had really entered into this area, his situation would truly be worrying.

Nevermind. Even if it’s the lair of a dragon, I probably have to trespass it today. Chen Xi took a deep breath and didn’t think any further as he continued flashing straight ahead.

After 15 minutes passed, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving, and his gaze glanced towards an enormous building before him.

This building was vast and magnificent, it occupied an extremely large area and was like a palace, and it emitted an ancient aura. Moreover, Chen Xi’s Divine Sense caught Yu Xuanchen’s aura in a small courtyard before the palace.

Most shocking to Chen Xi was that it wasn’t just Yu Xuanchen in the small courtyard, but even Fan Yunlan was there!

Could it be that both of them were deceived over by Huangfu Changtian? Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t alert the two of them and executed the Starsky Wings with his full strength instead, causing him to seem like a strand of a translucent shadow that soundlessly approached the magnificent building. 


Within the small courtyard, Yu Xuanchen looked at the nearby young woman who wore a red dress and had a charming and beautiful appearance, and he couldn’t help but speak out in surprise. “Miss Fan, why’re you here as well? Could it be that you received Brother Huangfu’s message as well?”

Fan Yunlan was stunned, and then she shook her head and said, “No. I heard Chen Xi and the others would come here, so I rushed over.”

When she spoke up to here, her beautiful brows couldn’t help but press together slightly, and her clear eyes swept the surroundings with slight impatience.

Just moments ago, she received Huangfu Changtian’s message that Chen Xi and the others were about to arrive at Primeval City, and he asked her to gathered together with everyone here. 

Even though she wasn’t familiar with Huangfu Changtian, but everyone was from the Darchu Dynasty after all. After they arrived at Primeval City, they ought to take care of each other, and coupled with her looking forward to meet Chen Xi, she naturally wouldn’t suspect if Huangfu Changtian had any ulterior motives, causing her to agree without the slightest hesitation.

However, after she arrived here according to Huangfu Changtian’s instructions, not only did she not see Chen Xi, she didn’t even see a single figure, and all of this faintly felt slightly strange.

But before she could arouse suspicion in her heart, Yu Xuanchen had arrived successively, and this caused her to heave a sigh of relief in her heart. After all, since a familiar face had arrived now, it ought to not be a trick.  

Of course, this so called ‘familiar face’ was only someone familiar in terms of his face, and Fan Yunlan hadn’t even spoken a single word to Yu Xuanchen even when they were in the Darchu Dynasty before this, so it was naturally impossible for there to be many topics of conversation between them, causing the atmosphere to seem slightly silent.

“Nevermind, I’ll go out and look first, and I’ll return a while later.” Fan Yunlan was getting tired of waiting, and she turned around with the intention of leaving.

“Miss Fan, wait a moment.” The nearby Yu Xuanchen shouted out abruptly. “I think Chen Xi and the others will surely return in a short moment. If you leave at this moment, then wouldn’t it be too regretful if you lose the opportunity to meet them?”

Fan Yunlan was stunned as she silently returned to where she stood earlier. Right, what if I lose the opportunity to meet Chen Xi? It has been so long since I entered the Primeval Battlefield, yet I still haven’t met him, so I can’t miss such an opportunity. Not to mention that so long as I’m able to meet him, so what if I wait another three days and night?

Right at this moment, a wave of footsteps sounded out outside the small courtyard.

Have they arrived? Fan Yunlan’s beautiful eyes lit up. However, before she could make any reaction, she saw a group of unfamiliar people pushing the door open and walking in.

These people numbered around 14 or 15, they wore various types of clothes and were made up of both male and female members. All of them possessed formidable auras and cultivations at the Rebirth Realm, whereas the young man in the lead who wore a light blue luxurious robe and had a gorgeous appearance even possessed a cultivation at the 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, causing him to seem extremely conspicuous.

Fan Yunlan couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw so many unfamiliar faces, and then she realized that the situation was far from good. Because she clearly noticed that the gazes these people shot at her fully revealed dense disdain and hatred.

“Shit! Brother Yu, we’ve fallen for a trap!” Fan Yunlan swiftly send a voice transmission to Yu Xuanchen.

“It…can’t be, right?” Yu Xuanchen was stunned and muttered.

Fan Yunlan’s beautiful brows couldn’t help but knit together. This fellow Yu Xuanchen looked to be sedate and alert, so how could his reaction be so slow? Could it be that he didn’t notice that these fellows intend to harm us?

After the group of people entered the small courtyard, they blocked the surroundings and remained silent while only crossing their arms and laughing coldly. The gazes they shot at Fan Yunlan and Yu Xuanchen seemed as if they were staring at prey that were about to die, cruel and savage.

“Haha, Miss Fan, Brother Yu, long time no see.” Right at this moment, a wave of roaring laughter sounded out from outside the small courtyard as Huangfu Changtian who wore a bright yellow robe with pythons embroidered on it walked in, and a trace of complacency couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth as he glanced towards Fan Yunlan and Yu Xuanchen.

“Huangfu Changtian, what exactly is going on?” asked Fan Yunlan coldly. She sized up the surroundings as she spoke, and her heart instantly fell to rock bottom when she noticed all her paths of retreat had been sealed tightly.

Huangfu Changtian paid no attention to her and walked towards the young man in the light blue luxurious robes instead, and then he cupped his fists and said, “Crown Prince, that woman is one of Chen Xi’s mistresses, and you can surely make Chen Xi feel overwhelmed with grief if you kill her.”

As he spoke, he turned around to look at Fan Yunlan before introducing with a grin. “This is the Darxuan Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Lu Tianze. The fellow Daoists by his side are from the Darxuan, Darqin, Darjin, and Darqian Dynasties as well. Get to know them so you’ll at least be able to be a little bit more at ease when you die.”

Fan Yunlan didn’t care which Dynasties these bastards came from, and she only stared fixedly at Huangfu Changtian before gritting her teeth and asking. “Why did you do this?” 

She was unable to wrap her head around why this fellow Huangfu Changtian would help outsiders to harm her. Aren’t such actions a little too despicable and shameless?

“Why?” Huangfu Changtian muttered, and then his gaze instantly became icy cold as he said gloomily, “Do you even have to ask? Chen Xi killed my younger brother, so can I not take revenge for my younger brother?”

“Then why don’t you go look for Chen Xi yourself? Why rely on the strength of others to bully a woman like me? You’re simply not a man!” Fan Yunlan sneered.

“Hmph! Chen Xi can kill my younger brother, so I can naturally kill you. Who asked you to have such a vague relationship with Chen Xi?” Huangfu Changtian wasn’t infuriated in the slightest, and he said indifferently, “Not to mention, the Fellow Daoists of the various Dynasties by my side have irreconcilable enmity with Chen Xi. After all, that fucker Chen Xi was too rampant and killed the experts of countless Dynasties on the Isle of Fallen Treasures. He’s simply a devil that’s wicked to the extreme! Presently, he has vanished without a trace, so everyone can only vent their anger on people like you who have an intimate relationship with him.”

“A pile of bullshit. I think all of you are afraid of fighting Chen Xi head on, right? You’re all a group of trash that are cowards like mice!” While in a hopeless situation, Fan Yunlan’s mind calmed down instead, and as she spoke, she swiftly sent a voice transmission to the nearby Yu Xuanchen. “Brother Yu, listen to my commands later, and we’ll charge out together. Even if we die, we must not fall into their hands, otherwise our end would surely be extremely miserable.”

However, to Fan Yunlan’s astonishment, Yu Xuanchen actually smiled strangely after hearing her voice transmission, and then he turned around to arrive by Huangfu Changtian’s side before he shook his head and sighed. “Miss Fan, I’m afraid I’ve disappointed you. I’m living well now, so how could I possibly risk death to charge out with you?”

“You’ve betrayed everyone just like Huangfu Changtian and submitted to these bastards?” No matter how calm Fan Yunlan was, her heart couldn’t help but jerk fiercely and feel disbelief when she saw this sudden scene.

She truly never imagined that from the beginning until the end, all of this was a trick that others had planned, and it was for the sake of drawing her into a trap before annihilating her.

Could it be…that I’m really going to die here today? Fan Yunlan’s gaze swept past Huangfu Changtian, Yu Xuanchen, and the experts of those other Dynasties, and all she saw was icy coldness, cruelty, complacency, and hatred.

“Bastards?” The Darxuan Dynasty’s Crown Prince, Lu Tianze, sneered suddenly, and then he stared gloomily at Fan Yunlan as he said, “It’s useless even if you continue cursing, and if you want to blame someone, you can only blame Chen Xi. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you so easily. I’ll extract your Soul Core so I can let Chen Xi have a good look when I see him, and I’ll let him experience the feeling of being overwhelmed with grief.”

“Crown Prince, this little girl is too beautiful. How about you let all of us have some fun, and it wouldn’t be too late to extract her Soul Core after that.”

“Yeah, just look at her smooth and fair skin, it looks so supple. Hehe.”

“Oh, this suggestion isn’t bad!”

Everyone by Lu Tianze’s side brazenly sized Fan Yunlan up, and their gazes were extremely lascivious as well. They even emitted a wave of savage and teasing laughter, causing them to simply seem like a pack of hungry wolves that were staring at a snow white lamb.

Even though Fan Yunlan was from a Devil Sect, yet she was only a woman in the end. So she was instantly angered to the point her entire body shivered when she heard such shameless and obscene words. Her charming face flickered between a livid and ashen expression as she gnashed her teeth with hatred to the point her teeth almost shattered. They were too despicable, and these fellows were simply unlike cultivators and even more obscene than scoundrels in the mortal world!

“Since everyone has such interest in her, then how about I subdue her first before everyone plays with her at their discretion? Haha…” When he saw Fan Yunlan’s helpless and despairing appearance, Huangfu Changtian couldn’t help but roar with laughter, and then he stretched out his hand to grab towards Fan Yunlan.

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