Chapter 500 – The First

Feng Jianbai, Li Xiaoyun, Xu Luo.

Names that looked to be simple, yet represented three overlords in Primeval City. Since Primeval City was opened up to this very moment, more than half a year had already passed, yet these three names were unable to be moved by anyone up until now.

This wasn’t just a symbol of honor, it was the best display of their formidable strength.

Yet now, there was a dark horse from an ordinary Dynasty that had charged out to repeatedly break through and arrive at the 4th rank, but not only did this dark horse not stop moving, the dark horse had strength remaining instead, continuing to rise slowly with the intention of shaking the thrones of the top three…

All of this caused everyone present to be excited, nervous, perturbed, and expectant. They knew very clearly how enormous an uproar would be created in this city if Chen Xi advanced a step further.

At this moment, many people couldn’t help but clench their fists while they felt the blood within their bodies was on the verge of boiling, and they felt extreme anticipation! 


“Interesting, looks like this Chen Xi is really as the rumors say, and he possesses boundless potential after overcoming the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth. Otherwise, he would surely be unable to achieve such dazzling accomplishments by relying solely on his current strength.” Two figures had suddenly appeared on the top of a tower extremely far away from the Warsoul Tablet, and the one that spoke was a handsome young man in apricot yellow Daoist robes, brows that slanted upwards, and brilliant eyes.

If others were here, they would surely be able to recognize that this person was the leading figure of one of the three top Dynasties, the Darjou Dynasty’s Xu Luo.

“Potential? I don’t think so.” The person by Xu Luo’s side shook his head. He wore simple pale blue colored clothes that were thin and large, his hair was casually tied into a bun, but his entire body was extremely clean and carried a valiant feeling. He was like a sole cloud between the peaks of a mountain, a pine tree on the precipice, and he seemed very poised and dignified. In terms of bearing, he wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to Xu Luo who was by his side.

This person was Li Xiaoyun, a dazzling genius from the Dartang Dynasty.

“Oh?” Xu Luo’s brows raised as he glanced at Li Xiaoyun and asked. “Then according to you, this kid relied on his cultivation at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm to charge into the 4th position?”

“No one can charge into the top five solely by relying on strength and not be surpassed by others, you and I are the same.” Li Xiaoyun smiled, and then he continued. “When I found out this kid destroyed a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, I started paying attention to him, and then I gathered all the information related to him. Only after this did I notice that it turned out there were true geniuses even in ordinary Dynasties.”

“True geniuses…” Xu Luo repeated it once more. He knew that a person who could be called a genius by a figure like Li Xiaoyun could be counted with the fingers on his hands. So, since Chen Xi was actually capable of obtaining such an evaluation, Xu Luo couldn’t help but feel surprised, and he couldn’t restrain himself from asking. “Is he really so formidable?”

“Oh you, when can you stop placing your gaze only amongst our top Dynasties? After all, a golden phoenix can even fly out of a nest in a gorge.” LI Xiaoyun smiled as he teased, and then he restrained his smile and stared at the tall figure in the distance as he said seriously, “It’s too complicated to speak about this kid’s experiences. You only have to remember that this kid’s ability is entirely not inferior to Feng Jianbai!”

“Feng Jianbai!” No matter how composed Xu Luo was, his eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly as an imperceptible trace of fear flashed past his eyes when he heard this name being mentioned.

However, more shocking to him was Li Xiaoyun actually compared Chen Xi to Feng Jianbai, and this simply caused him to be slightly unable to believe his ears.

Feng Jianbai, a disciple of the Skycloud Kingdom’s Feng Clan. He possessed a cultivation at the 6th tempering of the Rebirth Realm and was born with a pair of Phantom Eyes that were capable of seeing through a myriad of techniques and anticipating the moves of his enemy. Unless one’s strength firmly surpassed his, otherwise one would surely be easily defeated by him in battle, and he was an absolutely terrifying figure.

Chen Xi’s ability is actually entirely not inferior to Feng Jianbai? Doesn’t that mean… Even I and Li Xiaoyun might not be a match for Chen Xi?

“Look, he has already surpassed your ranking.” Right at this moment, the nearby Li Xiaoyun suddenly pointed towards the distant Warsoul Tablet while speaking with a calm expression.,

Xu Luo was shocked and instantly returned to his senses from his chaotic thoughts before shooting his gaze towards the distance, and then his eyes squinted as his expression finally changed slightly.


“He has surpassed the 3rd!”

“My god!”

“This…is actually really happening!”

The atmosphere before the Warsoul Tablet that was originally silent was suddenly broken because everyone couldn’t refrain from letting out numerous exclamations of shock as they stared at the new name that had charged onto the 3rd ranking on the surface of the stone tablet, and their faces were covered in astonishment that couldn’t be concealed.

The overlord expert from the Darjou Dynasty, Xu Luo, who no one was capable of shaking for a long time, has actually been forcefully pushed down from the 3rd ranking by Chen Xi!

Everyone looked at this scene with disbelief. Obviously, they were utterly unable to imagine how a young man from an ordinary Dynasty was actually capable of changing the fixed rankings and ascending into the top three. In the past, such an incident would have surely not occurred.



However, before everyone could recover from their shock, Chen Xi’s name on the Warsoul Tablet suddenly erupted with a ball of extremely dazzling golden light, and in merely an instant, it surpassed the 2nd ranked Li Xiaoyun and even directly pushed down Feng Jianbai who was ranked 1st.

Everything happened too quickly, and the speed his name charged up at was countless times quicker than before, so when everyone raised their gazes up once more, Chen Xi’s name had shockingly already ascended to first place!

The atmosphere at the scene instantly became deathly and perfectly silent when everyone saw this scene, and the expressions of everyone stiffened as their consciousness were numbed. Only their practically suffocated breathing started to become rapid.

“First place! Chen Xi!” After an unknown period of time, a hoarse voice suddenly broke the silence, causing the hearts of everyone to be unable to refrain from constricting fiercely, and then the entire scene seethed with excitement.

“A miracle! This is absolutely a miracle!”

“Even Li Xiaoyun and Feng Jianbai were unable to stop Chen Xi’s footsteps. Is this fellow really an initial-stage Rebirth Realm cultivator?”

“What ability does the Darchu Dynasty possess to actually have such an outstanding genius, it’s truly a cause for envy.”

Clamorous waves of voices filled every single inch of space and shook the surroundings. After they witnessed Chen Xi ascend to the first ranking with their own two eyes, every single cultivator present revealed a shocked and excited expression.

They knew that the history of Primeval City would probably be changing. The first ranking wasn’t something that only the disciple of the Prestigious Clans and top Dynasties were capable of occupying, and experts of ordinary Dynasties were similarly capable!

Xue Ranchen’s icy cold face was covered in shock and a sense of loss. The words ‘Chen Xi’ pressed onto him to the point he was unable to catch his breath. If Chen Xi had only charged into the 4th ranking, then even though he would feel fearful, he wouldn’t be like he was now. But unfortunately, Chen Xi’s final results wasn’t 4th place, but the 1st!

Xue Ranchen wasn’t stupid, and he knew extremely well what this ranking represented, so besides feeling a sense of loss in his heart, he didn’t feel aggrieved. After all, even Feng Jianbai, Li Xiaoyun, and Xu Luo, the three overlord figures were surpassed by Chen Xi, so he didn’t have anything to be disgruntled about.

“I never expected this, I truly never expected this…” Su Qingyan’s clear eyes glowed as she stared at the tall figure, and her gaze glowed with extraordinary splendor. It wasn’t that she was attracted by Chen Xi, but merely her dense curiosity towards the strength Chen Xi revealed.

“Go, report every single detail about what happened here to the Young Master!” Shang Que took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the shock in his heart as he turned around and instructed.

“Yes!” Meanwhile, these disciples of the Shang Clan completely gave up their thoughts to compete with Chen Xi, and they received their orders without the slightest hesitation upon hearing it.

“Looks like the Young Master’s predictions were really correct. This fellow Chen Xi really isn’t someone ordinary people can compare to…” Shang Que rubbed his slightly stiff face as he felt fortunate in his heart that he didn’t make a move rashly earlier.

“Let’s go.” Li Xiaoyun suddenly glanced deeply at the distant Chen Xi, and then he turned around decisively and without the slightest hesitation.

“We’re leaving just like this?” Xu Luo shook his head and worked hard to make himself seem calmer, and he couldn’t help but ask in surprise when he saw Li Xiaoyun leaving decisively.

“Then what’re you staying back for? Could it be that you want to make friends with Chen Xi?” Li Xiaoyun seemed to be extremely carefree as he said, “Don’t place too much importance on ranking, as it’s only for the eyes of the emissaries of the Dark Reverie. To us, only true battle is capable of determining if someone is truly formidable. Even though the Warsoul Tablet is extremely formidable, it’s merely to a certain extent. After all, strength and battle are two completely different things, right?”

“Brother Li is correct, it was I that was adhering slightly too strictly to such formalities and fell into the grasps of my inner demons.” Xu Luo pondered deeply for a moment before nodding to himself, and then he followed behind Li Xiaoyun and left swiftly.

“Chen Xi, congratulations.”

“Nice, you really created a miracle, and it’s even an unbelievable miracle.”

“First place! Chen Xi, don’t be so abnormal in the future, alright? Otherwise, the pressure we face when following by your side is extremely great.”

Meanwhile, Huangfu Qingying, Ling Ze, Young Master Zhou, and the others walked over successively, and they grinned as they congratulated Chen Xi who walked over from before the stone tablet.

Everyone present was instantly shocked once more when they saw this scene as only now had they realized that Huangfu Qingying and the others were just like Chen Xi, and all of them came from the same Dynasty — The Darchu Dynasty!

As an ordinary Dynasty, it possessed five members that had ranked into the top 20 of the Warsoul Tablet, and one of them had even ascended the throne of the 1st. A lineup that possessed such strength was really slightly terrifying.

“Could it be that the karmic luck of the Darchu Dynasty has started to turn around? How could so many extraordinary figures appear within it?” Everyone looked at this scene with shock, and they pondered swiftly in their minds.

“The first, huh…” After he smiled and greeted Huangfu Qingying and the others, Chen Xi looked at the position of the 1st on the Warsoul Tablet as a trace of excitement couldn’t help but surface in his heart, and then he recovered his absolute calm.

He absolutely didn’t think that he could look down upon everyone within Primeval City after he ascended to the 1st ranking. He knew extremely clearly that this was merely the display of his own strength and potential, and it couldn’t prove anything. Moreover, it was completely different from true battle.

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