Chapter 499 – Shocking Everyone

“Hmph! This fellow’s reputation is rather great, huh?”

“The greater his reputation, the faster he’ll die. This fellow has offended so many Dynasties, yet actually still dares to appear before the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet without the slightest care. He isn’t even afraid of being chopped to death by others.”

“I’m very curious if this fellow is really as formidable as the rumors say.” 


There were a few people discussing in low voices far away from the Warsoul Tablet, and the person in the lead was precisely Shang Que.

When he saw everyone by his side revealing disdain towards Chen Xi, Shang Que couldn’t help but shake his head lightly.

Truthfully speaking, he didn’t take Chen Xi seriously in his heart. Chen Xi was only a little fellow from an ordinary Dynasty. Even if Chen Xi had overcome the legendary Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth and possessed the potential to become an exalted figure, so what?

Potential was only potential in the end, and it wasn’t strength. If Chen Xi’s cultivation had already attained the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm, the perhaps Shang Que would see Chen Xi in a new light. But, obviously, Chen Xi was currently at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm now, and such a cultivation was extremely common in Primeval City and was utterly not worth mentioning.

But when he recalled the Young Master’s instructions from before, Shang Que instantly woke up from his pondering, and he turned around and said coldly, “Everyone, we’ve come to watch and not to kill. If anyone dares act rashly and spoils the important matters of the Young Master, then I probably don’t need to tell all of you what the consequences are, right?”

The hearts of everyone went cold when they heard this, and those Shang Clan disciples that originally intended to make a move against Chen Xi had abandoned these thoughts right away.

They didn’t ask why for a simple reason: because this was something instructed by the Young Master, Shang Kun. They had to carry it out unconditionally, and they didn’t dare go against it in the slightest.

“Eh, that fellow has started the measurement. Let me see exactly what rank his strength can attain.” Shang Que’s gaze swept over and instantly saw Chen Xi had already walked towards the Warsoul Tablet, causing him to be unable to help but speak out curiously.


Under the gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi arrived before the Warsoul Tablet before stretching out his palm and lightly placing it on the icy cold surface of the tablet.

“Hmm? That’s… What a familiar figure, it seems to be Yu Xuanchen?”

Right when Chen Xi’s palm had just touched the surface of the tablet and he hadn’t had the chance to feel the changes that occurred on the stone tablet, a thin figure flashed before an extremely far away street from the corner of his field of vision, and it was like a brief glimpse of lightning that instantly vanished without a trace.

“Wait, the Young Princess, the others, and I are all here, and we’re so conspicuous. But he acted as if he didn’t see us and left hastily. Could it be that something has happened?” Chen Xi frowned.

Yu Xuanchen was a sedate and restrained person that kept an extremely low profile. Even if it was when they were at the Darchu Dynasty, his relationship with the others was ordinary. So, if it was at any other time, Chen Xi would utterly not pay too much attention to this person. 

But it was different now. The ‘black sheep’ Huangfu Changtian had already arrived at Primeval City, and it would be extremely bad if Huangfu Changtian deceived and caused harmed to Yu Xuanchen.


In the next instantly, a vast golden light enveloped down from the stone tablet, causing Chen Xi to be jolted awake from his contemplation, and only now did he notice that his measurement had already began. 



Vast and gorgeous golden light surged on the Warsoul Tablet. Under the numerous shocked gazes of everyone, the dazzling glow shot out explosively along the surface of the tablet, and it started to rise madly at a shocking speed.

Not only did the dazzling glow that rose violently draw the gazes of everyone present at the scene, even the cultivators that were passing by on the nearby streets stopped successively before looking at the surface of the Warsoul Tablet with astonishment.

In merely an instant, the glow had moved like a hot knife cutting through butter and directly charged into the top 10!

“It’s actually at the 10th already, how fast!” A wave of commotion erupted in the surroundings of the Warsoul Tablet. The gazes of everyone shot in unison towards the new 10th ranking, and their gazes carried shock that couldn’t be concealed because a figure that charged directly into the top 10 hadn’t appeared for a very long time.

Comparatively speaking, Huangfu Qingying and the others seemed to be much more composed because they knew since long ago that with Chen Xi’s strength, he would surely be able to be ranked in the top 10, and it was only a matter of time.

But, when they saw Chen Xi’s name charge into the top 10 in an instant, they still felt slightly dizzy. Isn’t this speed of charging up a little bit too ferocious?

“It’s a bit too early to be excited now.” Bi Lingyun looked at the tall figure by the side of the stone tablet with a complicated expression. As the only existence amongst everyone who’d fought Chen Xi before, she knew extremely clearly about the strength Chen Xi possessed, and she knew that this fellow would absolutely not stop at the 10th.

Ling Ze couldn’t help but laugh bitterly when he heard this, and he even doubted if this fellow really came from an ordinary Dynasty. This strength…it’s simply even more formidable than most of the experts in those top Dynasties.

“He has risen to the 7th!” Right when Bi Lingyun finished speaking, a wave of exclamations exploded out once more from the surroundings. The glow on the Warsoul Tablet that represented Chen Xi’s name had already easily surpassed the person that was in the 7th ranking before this.

When he saw this scene, Xue Ranchen’s expression couldn’t help but reveal shock, and the muscles in his entire body involuntarily tightened.

His ranking had already fallen to the 6th after he was surpassed by Su Qingyan earlier. At this moment, when he saw Chen Xi’s ranking had actually charged into the 7th just like this and was about to surpass him, how could he retain his composure?

However, no matter how unwilling he was, Chen Xi’s ranking still moved with a momentum that didn’t slow down in the slightest as it directly pushed his name down. At this moment, Xue Ranchen simply suspected that the Warsoul Tablet was broken…

Being unable to surpass Shang Kun had already caused Xue Ranchen to be dissatisfied, and being surpassed by Su Qingyan later on even caused him to be extremely unhappy. Now, a little fellow from an ordinary Dynasty had actually surpassed him. All of this caused Xue Ranchen to be aggrieved to the point of almost spitting blood, and his icy cold face had become extremely gloomy.

But no matter how unsightly Xue Ranchen’s expression was, the rising momentum of that glow didn’t disperse, and under the shocked gazes of everyone, after it pushed his name down, it rose once more and pushed Shang Kun’s name down as well.

“How can this be possible!?” At this moment, the relaxed expressions of Shang Que and the group of disciples from the Shang Clan had already vanished, and replacing it was a heavy expression, a matchlessly heavy expression! Earlier, they thought it could be considered to be not bad if Chen Xi was able to be ranked in the top 30. Never had they imagined that this fellow would charge into the top 10 in an instant, and this strong contrast was simply like a slap that struck heavily on their faces, causing them to feel burning pain.

But this wasn’t important, what was important was that after the glow that represented Chen Xi’s ranking had surpassed Xue Ranchen, it still didn’t show any sign of stopping and it directly pushed down their Young Master with a speed that was neither fast nor slow!

When they saw this scene, they almost didn’t dare believe their eyes. A dignified disciple of a Prestigious Clan of an Ancient Kingdom, the leading figure in the younger generation of the Shang Clan had actually been pushed down in the rankings by a fellow from an ordinary Dynasty?

Who would believe it if news of this was spread?

“Looks like another formidable figure has appeared in this Primeval City.” Su Qingyan’s eyes squinted before she blinked her eyes, and then she seemed to be lost in thought as she looked at Chen Xi’s tall figure that was enveloped by the golden light.

At this moment, Chen Xi had already ranked into the 5th position, whereas, the 4th position was precisely Su Qingyan’s!

Someone couldn’t bear the astonishment in his heart, and he muttered. “This fellow clearly possesses a cultivation that’s merely at the 1st tempering of the Rebirth Realm, so how could he be so formidable!?”

“He’s about to surpass Su Qingyan!” Unknowingly, there were more and more people that had rushed over after hearing of the news in the surroundings of the Warsoul Tablet, and then they looked at the glow that was still rising slowly with shocked expressions.

The glow was gradually approaching the 4th position.

The clamorous atmosphere had actually become much quieter without anyone noticing. The numerous gazes stared with concentration at the glow that charged up with a speed that was neither slow nor fast, and they practically forgot to breathe.

Most of them had heard of Chen Xi’s reputation, they knew that he’d given risen to a rain of blood while fighting numerous experts alone on the Isle of Fallen Treasures and shocked the entire Primeval Battlefield.

But it was only a rumor in the end. In their hearts, it was truly very difficult for them to compare Chen Xi with those disciples that came from the three top Dynasties and Prestigious Clans.

After all, even if Chen Xi had overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth, his cultivation was only at the 1st tempering of the Rebirth Realm, and he was from an ordinary Dynasty like the Darchu Dynasty. No matter if it was cultivation, resources, or reserves, he was inferior.

However, now, as they looked at the scene that occurred before their eyes, the perceptions ingrained in their hearts were instantly obliterated, and they didn’t dare underestimate Chen Xi in the slightest any longer.

“It has surpassed the 4th!” Suddenly, a hoarse exclamation resounded out, and the people present couldn’t help but smack their lips. They’d noticed as well that the glow that rose at a speed that was neither slow nor fast had actually surpassed Su Qingyan who was ranked the 4th and replaced her!

“My god! It isn’t over…” Right when everyone was shocked to the point their scalps went numb, the glow still hadn’t stopped, and it instantly caused some people to be unable to help but groan.

The expressions of everyone in the surroundings of the Warsoul Tablet froze slightly. Obviously, they’d entirely never imagined that Chen Xi, who was from the Darchu Dynasty, would actually put on such a shocking display.

At this moment, it wasn’t just Xue Ranchen, Su Qingyan, or Shang Que’s group in the distance, even Huangfu Qingying and the others who were Chen Xi’s companions that were extremely familiar with him were shocked to the point of almost becoming numb to it.

Those three names ranked in the top three had always been maintained firmly at the top without moving since the day Primeval City was opened, and no matter how many people charged towards those rankings, no one had shaken them, let alone surpassed them.

However, now, the glow that represented Chen Xi was rising at a slow speed with the intention of charging into the top three. If he really were to succeed, then…

Everyone held their breaths as they stared fixedly at the surface of the stone tablet without blinking. They knew that so long as Chen Xi advanced a step further, then the meaning this represented would be completely different! 

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