Chapter 498 – Successive Miracles

As they looked at Xue Ranchen’s name that finally stopped at the 5th position on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet, everyone present couldn’t help but exclaim with admiration.

Such strength to be ranked in the top five was sufficient to draw the attention of the emissaries of the Dark Reverie.

But Xue Ranchen seemed to not be satisfied, and he frowned before turning around and withdrawing while a trace of gloominess flashed in the space between his brows. He originally thought he would be able to be ranked in the top four, or at least push Shang Kun down in the rankings. Unfortunately, he was still a step away in the end.

“I’ll try as well.” Right when everyone exclaimed in admiration at Xue Ranchen’s ranking, a clear and melodious voice resounded out as Su Qingyan who wore white clothes walked gracefully while her clothes fluttered as she arrived trippingly before the Warsoul Tablet.

“Miss Su, you think you have the ability to surpass me?” Xue Ranchen who’d withdrawn to the side was stunned, and then he looked at Su Qingyan’s graceful, slender, and beautiful figure and couldn’t help but ask extremely coldly.

“I’ll know after I try.” Su Qingyan’s clear eyes spun as she blinked them and smiled lightly, and she completely disregarded the mocking intention in Xue Ranchen’s words as she stretched out her snow white and delicate hand to lightly press onto the stone tablet.

“Hmph!” Xue Ranchen puckered his lips and seemed to be rather indifferent. But his eyes stared fixedly at the stone tablet. Obviously, he was actually slightly worried in his heart that Su Qingyan would surpass him.


At the moment Su Qingyan’s white hand had just touched the surface of the stone tablet, a resplendent golden light similarly gushed out and enveloped her slender and graceful figure, and then a dazzling light swiftly rose from the bottom of the stone tablet.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, this dazzling light moved like a hot knife cutting through butter and charged up repeatedly to surpass numerous names. In the end, it stopped at the fourth position, and it pushed the Shang Clan’s Shang Kun down a position.

In this way, Xue Ranchen’s ranking fell along with this, and he was pushed out of the top five to become the 6th.

“Young Master Xue, it was a good competition.” Su Qingyan grinned as she turned around and nodded to Xue Ranchen.

Xue Ranchen’s icy cold expression instantly became extremely gloomy. Originally, his inability to surpass Shang Kun had already caused him to feel unhappy, as if a needle was stuck in his heart. Now, being pushed out from the top five by Su Qingyan caused him to be depressed to the point of wishing for nothing more than to turn around and leave.

Darkhan Dynasty’s Su Qingyan is extremely extraordinary… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart, and this aroused his interest towards the Warsoul Tablet even more.

Su Qingyan’s measurement drew a wave of exclaims of admiration once more. This beautiful and lively white clothed young woman was capable of being considered to be a top figure amongst the Rebirth Realm experts because she was capable of obtaining such dazzling achievements while amongst the numerous experts in the Primeval City.

Meanwhile, besides having burning gazes as they looked at Su Qingyan, many people had a trace of envy and reverence contained within their gazes. Before they came to the Primeval Battlefield, they were famous figures in the younger generation of their various Dynasties, yet after they entered the Primeval Battlefield, they suddenly noticed that even geniuses are divided into different ranks.

Some people gradually became mediocre, cast into a shade, and even died.

Some revealed their extraordinary ability, became even stronger, and were extremely dazzling.

All of this caused all the outstanding talents from the various Dynasties to clearly understand a principle — there was always a higher mountain. This principle seemed shallow and easy to understand, yet it was the easiest to overlook.

“Brother Chen, all of you should go measure your strengths as well. I’m really looking forward to a miracle that draws the attention of everyone to appear amongst all of you.” Ling Ze suddenly turned around and smiled to Chen Xi and the others.

All of them were from ordinary Dynasties, so they naturally weren’t so attention drawing like Xue Ranchen and Su Qingyan, and even if people noticed them, they merely took them to be a group of ordinary people.

“This fellow is rather impatient. With his cultivation at the initial-stage of the Rebirth Realm, he’ll probably be ranked at a position of over a few hundred.” Huangfu Qingying chuckled as she teased. “I’m truly worried he goes with great hopes, but comes back disappointed and be thoroughly destroyed from the blow it strikes upon him.”

Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter. All of them understood Young Master Zhou’s disposition that was carefree, open, and disregarding of conduct. If he was really ranked at the bottom, they really wondered what sort of expression he would have.

Of course, all of them were joking, and it was teasing between friends that was harmless.

“I think Brother Zhou’s strength is very formidable, and he’ll surely not be at the bottom.” The nearby Ling Yu scratched his head while he grinned.

“Eh, from which Dynasty did he come from to actually be able to charge into the top 50?” Right at this moment, the group of people in the side were in an uproar.

Chen Xi and the others were stunned, and they were dumbstruck when they raised their eyes to look over.

The glow on the Warsoul Tablet that represented Young Master Zhou’s rankings was flickering repeatedly as it rose, and it actually swiftly charged into the top 50 rankings. Moreover, its momentum didn’t reduce in the slightest as it continued charging up.

“Could it be that this fellow is an expert that concealed his strength all along as well?” Huangfu Qingying spoke with an astonished tone. She was only teasing Young Master Zhou at the beginning, and she believed his strength wouldn’t be ranked at the bottom as well. Yet never had she imagined that not only was this fellow not ranked at the bottom, he’d actually charged into the top 50. How could she not be astonished?

“Big Brother, Brother Zhou’s ranking has surpassed you. Hahaha! What did I say? Brother Zhou’s strength and potential is very good.” Ling Yu laughed happily at the side.

However, Chen Xi and the others were unable to laugh because their minds were firmly drawn by the stone table that kept changing.  Just like Ling Yu had said, Young Master Zhou’s rankings had completely surpassed Ling Ze and charged into the top 20, and it finally stopped at the 16th position.

Even though such a ranking was far inferior to Xue Ranchen and Su Qingyan, Young Master Zhou’s cultivation was only at the 1st tempering of the Rebirth Realm, and it was sufficiently shocking for him to be able to charge into the top 20 with such a strength.

Young Master Zhou couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw his ranking, and he scratched his head while he said with a dazed expression, “What the hell? I was worried I wouldn’t be able to be ranked in the top 100 earlier…”

“Tch, stop putting on a show!” Huangfu Qingying couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Young Master Zhou.

Young Master Zhou chuckled with a silly expression that actually felt slightly like Ling Yu’s.

All of them over here were chatting casually, whereas the nearby crowd of people were in an uproar because of the ranking obtained by Young Master Zhou.

After all, the top 30 rankings on the Warsoul Tablet had long since been occupied by the disciples of the Prestigious Clans and top Dynasties. Now, a dark horse had actually charged its way out to be ranked at the 16th position, so Young Master Zhou instantly became the center of attention.

Unfortunately, practically no one was capable of recognizing who Young Master Zhou was. After all, there were truly too few disciples from ordinary Dynasties that had entered Primeval City, and the people present had come from other Dynasties, so it was naturally impossible for them to recognize Young Master Zhou.

“I never imagined that I just spoke about miracles and Brother Zhou already put on such a wonderful show. I have no choice but to feel admiration towards you.” Ling Ze sized Young Master Zhou up once more before he grinned.

Chen Xi was already so heaven defying, so Ling Ze never imagined in the past that a random person from Chen Xi’s side would actually possess such an extraordinary strength, and he had no choice but to sigh with admiration.

But he was able to vaguely infer that besides strength, the reason Young Master Zhou was able to be ranked so highly was mostly because of his potential.

After all, besides strength, one’s potential occupied an important portion in the factors that affected one’s ranking on the Warsoul Tablet.

In other words, Young Master Zhou’s potential was enormous to a shocking degree, and this was why he was able to forcefully charge into the top 20 and have the honor to ascend the 16th position.

After he thought through all this, Ling Ze calmed down slightly in his heart. Truthfully speaking, he was slightly disgruntled in his heart when his ranking was surpassed by Young Master Zhou.

However, the following scenes that occurred almost shocked Ling Ze’s jaws off, and he didn’t even have the thought to feel disgruntled…

The reason was extremely simple. After Young Master Zhou was measured, Huangfu Qingying, Zhao Qinghe, and Ling Yu had successively underwent their measurement, and all of their rankings on the Warsoul Tablet had actually charged into the top 20!

Huangfu Qingying was the 17th, Zhao Qinghe the 18th, and Ling Yu was even more terrifying, he directly charged into the 11th, forcefully pushing down Young Master Zhou and the others by one ranking.

This string of changes that occurred didn’t just cause Ling Ze to be shocked speechless, even the nearby cultivators couldn’t help but let out waves of exclamations from their shock.

“Huangfu Qingying! My god! Could it be that they’re from the Darchu Dynasty?”

“What? These four people are all from the Darchu Dynasty? How can this be possible? It’s only an ordinary Dynasty, so it can already be considered to be extremely fortunate that they were able to arrive at Primeval City. How could so many appear suddenly and be ranked in the top 20?”

“It’s true! Even though ordinary Dynasties aren’t worthy to be taken seriously, Huangfu Qingying is the daughter of the Darchu Dynasty’s Emperor. According to the information I possess, they’re surely disciples of the Darchu Dynasty.”

“My god! A single Chen Xi being from the Darchu Dynasty has already caused it to be sufficiently abnormal. Now, even the other disciples of the Darchu Dynasty are so formidable! What the fuck!”

“Wait! You said Chen Xi? Then…that person wouldn’t be Chen Xi, right?”

As they looked at Huangfu Qingying and the others, everyone present couldn’t bear the shock in their hearts and started discussing in low voices, and then, an exclamation of shock resounded out abruptly and instantly converged the gazes of everyone onto Chen Xi.

After they sized him up and compared him with the information they possessed from before, everyone was even surer that this person was undoubtedly Chen Xi!

When they thought of how this fellow had fought numerous experts by himself and crushed a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree on the Isle of Fallen Treasures, and he’d even overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth that had only appeared at the time of the absolute beginning of the world, everyone couldn’t help but feel dazed and shocked in their hearts.

“This fellow is Chen Xi?” Meanwhile, the groups of Xue Ranchen and Su Qingyan that were originally intending to leave stopped their footsteps in unison, and they looked at the distant Chen Xi with a surprised gaze.

Obviously, they’d heard of the numerous deeds related to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi seemed to be rather calm when faced with the converged gazes of everyone, because he’d known long ago that it was surely impossible to continue concealing his identity. The reason was extremely simple, so long as his strength was measured by the Warsoul Tablet, his name would appear on the stone tablet, and it was impossible for it not to be noticed by others.

So even if he was looked at by numerous gazes, it wouldn’t affect his mood in the slightest.

In the next moment, he’d already moved to arrive before the stone tablet, and then he raised his hand to press it onto the stone tablet.

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