Chapter 495 – Chaotic Devilbody

If we want to enter the city gate, then every single person must pay the price of something that isn’t inferior to a top-grade heaven-rank Magic Treasure in value?

As they looked at the numerous Shang Clan disciples that controlled the city gate, all the people in the surroundings were indignant. Every single one of them was a top expert from their respective Dynasties, and when faced with such a method of entrance that was like robbery, they naturally felt extremely dislike.

“The Primeval City doesn’t belong to anyone, yet all of you have actually taken control of the city gate and are forcefully requesting treasures for entrance? Aren’t all of you going too far?!”

“I never imagined that as disciples from a Prestigious Clan from the Ancient Kingdoms, all of you’re able to carry out such bandit-like actions. I truly feel embarrassed for your ancestors.”

Some people were instantly unable to help but sneer repeatedly. A top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure was naturally nothing to them, but these robbing actions caused them to be unable to stomach it. One had to stay unyielding as they lived their lives, and no one was willing to be robbed of their wealth like this.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, right when everyone refused to comply, something was thrown abruptly from above the city wall, and it fell heavily onto the ground before causing an expanse of dust and dirt to suffuse the air. Besides that, there was even blood that sprayed out from it and the sound of bones breaking.

Everyone raised their eyes to look, and their pupils constricted abruptly. Shockingly, it was a bloody corpse!

“This person’s name was Wu You, and he was from some Dynasty called Cloudspirit Dynasty. He was unwilling to pay the price to enter the city earlier, so he fell to such an end. If all of you are disgruntled, feel free to try as well.” The cold, indifferent, and arrogant voice sounded out once more from outside the city gate, and it revealed a trace of ghastly killing intent and was filled with a threatening tone.

The atmosphere instantly became still when they saw this scene. The corpse on the ground was surely a Rebirth Realm expert before death, otherwise, it was impossible to arrive at Primeval City. Yet now, the Rebirth Realm expert had become a badly mutilated and icy cold corpse, and this sanguinary reality caused everyone to clearly realize something.

This was the Primeval Battlefield, and there were no restraints or order here. If one wanted to survive here, then strength was the best guarantee. Simply speaking, the person with the biggest fist had the greatest power of control and authority.

“Forget it, Shang Ping, let them in. The Young Master has encountered successive happy events today, and his mood is very good, so he can’t be exposed to killing.” Right at this moment, a cold and sharp voice suddenly resounded out, and it was mixed with surging True Essence as it sounded out from within the city gate like a sharp bolt of lightning that pierced the ears of others to the point it hurt.

Moreover, when this voice resounded out, an enormous pressure stretched out along with it, and this pressure circulated endlessly, causing the countenance of everyone present to instantly go pale.

“5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm?!”

Everyone was extremely astonished as only a cultivator at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm was capable of allowing the cultivator’s aura to circulate ceaselessly like the five elements. In other words, the person that spoke earlier had a strength that was at least at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm!

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted slightly as he never expected that besides Shang Kun, there was actually another disciple amongst the Shang Clan disciples that had attained a cultivation at the 5th tempering of the Rebirth Realm.

“As expected of the disciples of a Prestigious Clan from an Ancient Kingdom. Such a cultivation is entirely capable of crushing most of the experts that enter Primeval City. No wonder they dare take control of the northwest gate of Primeval City.” Huangfu Qingying muttered to herself, and she couldn’t help but turn to glance at Chen Xi.

Chen Xi smiled as he indicated for her to be at ease with his gaze as he naturally knew what Huangfu Qingying was worried about. Presently, Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing were with the disciples of the Shang Clan, and their situation wasn’t good, so if they wanted to rescue the two of them, they couldn’t avoid the occurrence of battles with the Shang Clan.

Now, after they witnessed the strength of the Shang Clan disciples with their own two eyes, it was understandable that Huangfu Qingying’s mood was heavy.

“Big Brother Shang Que, has Young Master already succeeded?” After all Shang Clan disciples that stood on guard before the city gate heard this voice, their spirits were refreshed, and one of them couldn’t help but ask.

“He only has to take one final step. Right, guard the city gate carefully. Even though we aren’t taking treasures from the disciples of those low leveled Dynasties, you have to be attentive to what the Young Master instructed.” The person called Shang Que instructed before his voice instantly vanished behind the city gate.

Shang Ping, the owner of the cold, indifferent, and arrogant voice from before wore plumed clothes and had a handsome appearance, yet he had a pair of triangular eyes, causing his bearing to seem rather gloomy.

After he obtained Shang Que’s instruction, a bright light flashed in his triangular eyes as he swept everyone outside the city gate and smirked. “Everyone truly has good luck and have just happened to encounter the day my Young Master came upon successive happy events, so I won’t be collecting treasures from all of you any longer.”

The expressions of everyone eased up greatly when they heard this, and some impatient people had already walked towards the city gate and quickly vanished behind it.

When they saw those people entering the city safely and not being stopped by the disciples of the Shang Clan on the way, everyone was instantly assured in their hearts, and they moved towards the city gate as well.

“Please halt for a moment!” However, right when Chen Xi and the others were following behind Ling Ze towards the city gate, they were stopped instead.

Ling Ze frowned and said with displeasure, “What? You want to stop me?”

“Oh, so it’s Fellow Daoist Ling Ze from the Dartang Dynasty, you really are a rare guest. Your Dartang Dynasty controls the southeast city gate, so why have you come over to the territory of my Shang Clan?” Shang Ping glanced at Ling Ze as his gaze focused slightly, and then he spoke casually.

As he spoke, his gaze had already descended onto Chen Xi as he sized Chen Xi up imperceptibly, and a wisp excitement that was difficult to notice couldn’t help but arise in the depths of his eyes.

Even though this trace of excitement was concealed extremely deep within his eyes, it was still completely noticed by Chen Xi, and his heart couldn’t help but sink. Could it be that these fellows have obtained some sort of instruction and intend to do harm to me?

“Hmph! Do I, Ling Ze, have to report where I go to you?” Ling Ze’s eyes narrowed as he spoke coldly. “If there isn’t anything else, then please move aside.”

Shang Ping smiled completely indifferently, and then his gaze swept Huangfu Qingying, Young Master Zhou, and the others as he said abruptly, “These few are probably the disciples of the Darchu Dynasty, right?”

Huangfu Qingying and the others were slightly stunned and seemed to have never expected that this fellow they’d never met would suddenly recognize their identity.

“Let’s leave.” Ling Ze seemed to have realized something instead, and he signaled Huangfu Qingying and the others with his gaze before turning his head around and moving through the city gate.

Everyone noticed the atmosphere was odd as well, and they followed closely behind Ling Ze into the city right away.


“This kid has finally made an appearance!” After he sent Chen Xi and the others off with his gaze and they vanished from within his field of vision, Shang Ping couldn’t bear the excitement in his heart any longer and he cried out with delight.

“He’s Chen Xi?” One of the people by his side asked with surprise.

“Yeah. An extraordinary genius that has overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth. Unfortunately, he’s probably unable to live past a few more days.” Shang Ping sighed with emotion, and then he instructed. “Go, report this matter to the Young Master. The Young Master has been waiting for him for a very long time.”



Primeval City, an ancient city that stood towering since ancient times.

This city that once possessed boundless glory was divided into eight gates that lead directly towards all directions since the beginning when it was built. So it was also called the city of eight directions and took from the essence of the eight trigrams that spoke about linking up the eight directions to control the world.

Within the city, the streets constructed from enormous rocks were wide and completely straight, and they were arranged in good order and led towards all directions. Tall pavilions with various styles stood all over the city, and even though they’d experienced the corrosion of countless years, the row after row of buildings still possessed their ancient auras from the primeval times.

A vast and magnificent building stood towering at the northwest area of the city, and it was like a palace that was extremely striking.

This place was the residence of the Shang Clan disciples in Primeval City.

At this moment, there was a green robed and crimson haired young man standing upright within the palace. His skin was white like jade, his appearance handsome, yet his eyes were actually suffused with a blue sheen and emitted a slightly evil aura.

“Presently, amongst the eight city gates of Primeval City, the three top Dynasties, the Dartang, Darkhan, and Darjou Dynasty each control one of the eight city gates. Our Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan, and the Xue and Feng Clan each control one city gate as well. Besides that, the remaining two city gates are controlled by some of the other first-rate Dynasties.” Beside the green robed and crimson haired young man was a young man with a cold expression that stood there respectfully, and his voice was sharp as he said slowly, “According to my deduction, the members of those first-rate Dynasties are nothing to fear during the final test. The only forces we must be on guard against are those three top Dynasties and…”

The green robed and crimson haired young man directly interrupted and said, “Shang Que, how’s the communication with the Xue and Feng Clan? Have they agreed to form an alliance with my Shang Clan to resist the threat those three top Dynasties pose along with us?”

“This…” Shang Que hesitated slightly before answering. “The Xue and Feng Clan are still discussing it and haven’t given an answer.”

“Hmph! What discussion? It’s purely nonsense! They’re obviously unwilling to form an alliance with our Shang Clan,” said the green robed and crimson haired young man with disdain. “Forget it! After I seize the cultivation of those two young women, my strength will be able to attain the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. At that time, I’ll already have no need for an alliance, and I’ll…directly swallow their forces up instead!”

“How daring and resolute of you, Young Master!” Shang Que flattered hurriedly.

The crimson haired and green robed young man smiled lightly, and then he frowned. “But, the only problem is Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing are deeply in love. If I’m unable to kill the person their hearts belong to, I’ll be unable to destroy the line of defense in their hearts and make them completely fall to become cultivation vessels for me. It’s truly troublesome.”

“Young Master, are those two young women really so useful?” Shang Que asked carefully.

“Of course.” When those two young women were mentioned, the crimson haired and green robed young man seemed to be extremely excited, and he said, “One of them is a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal that has grasped the profundity of light. The other it the possessor of a Primeval Watersoul Body that has grasped the profundities of darkness. They’re simply like a pair of twins, and if I’m able to absorb both their cultivations completely, I’ll be able to cultivate the Maiden Heavenblessing Technique and achieve the Chaotic Devilbody. At that time, would anyone in the Primeval Battlefield be a match for me?”

“Chaotic Devilbody!” Shang Que’s pupils constricted abruptly as he cried out involuntarily in surprise. “Didn’t this cultivation technique vanish long ago before the primordial era? How can it still exist in the world? It’s simply…simply a miracle!”

“Hahaha…” The green robed and crimson haired young man roared with laughter. “A miracle? I, Shang Kun, am a man that creates miracles, so what in the world am I unable to accomplish?”

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