Chapter 494 – Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he turned and looked over. He saw a chubby and white fat young man that wore a grey robe and held a smile on his face waving at him, and he couldn’t help but be surprised. “Ling Yu?”

The fatty was precisely Ling Yu, and beside him was another man and woman, Ling Ze and Bi Lingyun.

Ling Ze nodded with a smile when he saw Chen Xi, whereas, Bi Lingyun’s expression was complicated as she puckered her lips and remained silent. It couldn’t be helped, as she’d almost killed Chen Xi in the past, and later on, Chen Xi had almost killed her. Even though the enmity between them had already been resolved, but they were neither friend nor foe when they saw each other now, so it was slightly awkward in the end.

“I intended to make a trip to the Isle of Fallen Treasures to see which ignorant fellow was bullying Brother Chen, but my older brother said you’re already safe and sound, so I felt at ease and intended to head to Primeval City. I never imagined that I would actually be able to encounter all of you here, it’s truly great.” As he spoke, Ling Yu had already flashed over, and his chubby face was covered in a smile. Obviously, meeting Chen Xi and the others caused him to be extremely happy.

“It’s good that you’re alive.” Huangfu Qingying seemed to have heaved a sigh of relief, and she spoke words that Ling Yu felt were extremely strange.

At the side, Young Master Zhou moved forward and struck his fist onto Ling Yu’s shoulder as he laughed. “I never noticed that you’re quite virtuous, fatty. Alright, you’re a friend of mine for sure just because of this.”

Ling Yu rubbed his head and revealed a silly smile along with Young Master Zhou, and he seemed to be extremely simple.

“All of you’re heading to Primeval City as well?” Meanwhile, Ling Ze had walked over and smiled as he spoke out to Chen Xi.

“Yeah.” Chen Xi nodded. Ling Yu being safe and sound caused him to be relieved as well. Earlier, he was really worried that Huangfu Changtian would harm Ling Yu, and now that he saw Ling Yu was with his older brother, Ling Ze, Chen Xi didn’t have to worry about Ling Yu’s safety.

After all, Ling Ze was from one of the three top Dynasties, the Dartang Dynasty, whereas the Darxuan Dynasty was only a first-rate Dynasty, so no matter how audacious they were, they wouldn’t dare rashly make a move against Ling Ze’s younger brother.

Ling Ze’s opinion of Chen Xi was rather good, so he grinned and invited right away. “I can be considered to know a little bit about the Primeval City, so how about we head over together?”

“Then I’ll thank Brother Ling first,” said Chen Xi with a smile. Ling Ze was from the Dartang Dynasty, and the information he came into contact with was much better than Chen Xi and the others, so setting out with Ling Ze was an extremely good choice indeed.

“But…” Ling Ze frowned and hesitated for a short moment before he looked Chen Xi in the eye and said seriously, “Brother Chen, there’s something I must make clear with you beforehand so as to avoid it affecting the friendship between us.”

Chen Xi was stunned, and his expression became serious as well. “Brother Ling, you can be frank.”

Ling Ze seemed to find it difficult to speak it out, yet he still gritted his teeth and said, “Brother Chen, you already know now that two companions of yours are with the disciples of the Shang Clan, and their situation seems to not be good. If a fight breaks out between you and the disciples of the Shang Clan because of this, I myself would surely choose to assist all of you, but I can’t represent the Dartang Dynasty when I do this.”

When he spoke up to here, Ling Ze paused for a moment and said with a bitter smile on his face, “After all, there’s no enmity or dispute between the Shang Clan and my Dartang Dynasty. If I help you while representing the Dartang Dynasty, then I would be doing injustice to those companions of mine, and it’s truly difficult for me to do this.”

Chen Xi laughed lightheartedly. “So it was this matter. If it was me, I’d surely do as Brother Ling has done, so you must not feel guilty because of this, Brother Ling, because if you do, then we can only temporarily split up from you.”

He did indeed approve of Ling Ze’s point of view. If Ling Ze took on all things as soon as he came over, then he would seem to be too insincere instead, and it would be utterly impossible for Chen Xi to believe him.

Since Ling Ze was able to frankly and sincerely speak clearly about all this, he’d obviously taken Chen Xi to be a friend, and Chen Xi wasn’t an idiot, so he would naturally understand everything.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi had a better impression of Ling Ze instead. A person that knew his limits and acted in good faith was someone worthy to be taken as a friend, right?


Without wasting any more time, Chen Xi’s group walked into the teleportation formation after converging with Ling Ze’s group.


As soon as Chen Xi steadied himself within the teleportation formation, a spatial fluctuation that couldn’t be resisted suddenly vibrated out violently. At that instant, it was like he’d experienced the boundless river of time, and the scene before him warped into a multicolored ripple that was dreamlike and illusory.

This is spatial teleportation? It really is extremely marvelous… Before Chen Xi could finish sighing with emotion, the scene before his eyes flashed, and he’d already arrived at an unfamiliar place.

The sky was clear blue with white clouds all over, and the sky was vast and pure to the point it was like glowing and translucent glass. As a cool breeze blew in the surroundings, spirit energy that was dense like a mist drifted in the air and strands of the aura of plants and earth followed the breeze, and it refreshed the mind.

Within the Primeval Battlefield that was mostly filled with dangerous and adverse environments, everything in this place seemed to be so out of the ordinary.

When Chen Xi thoughtlessly glanced about, he saw that an extremely vast and ancient city was shockingly standing towering on the boundless plains before him.

The city walls constructed from enormous rocks were stretched out for an unknown distance, were 3km tall, and were dim and mottled. It seemed to have experienced the corrosion of countless years, causing it to emit an ancient and aged aura. When looked at from afar, this city was like a lion that was in slumber for countless years, and even though its might had faded, its aura still remained.

“Primeval City was constructed in ancient times, and it was the base camp of the gods during their expedition. At that time, the numerous gods from the three dimensions and peak experts from countless worlds had gathered here, so this city was constructed to be extremely vast and magnificent. But unfortunately, after the end of the battle and after countless years until now, there hasn’t been a god that has descended to this city any longer, and it gradually went into a decline.” Ling Ze’s voice resounded out by their years, and it carried a trace of emotion and reminiscence. He seemed to have looked back to ancient times and the numerous brilliant scenes of history that had once occurred here.

Chen Xi on the other hand had an entirely different feeling. No matter how magnificent a city in this world was, or how shocking an expert was, they were unable to go against the corrosion of endless time in the end.

Before the merciless passage of time, he even doubted that there were really eternal cities and experts that lived forever with the world in this world. Moreover, he wondered if Heavenly Immortals were really capable of living forever like the world without knowing death, sickness, or age.

Perhaps, only by wandering about myself, taking a look, and experiencing it myself would I be able to pry into the truth behind all of this? The expression of emotion within Chen Xi’s eyes vanished gradually, and it was replaced by an unshakable and firm expression to transcend.

I’ll think about future matters in the future, whereas now, so long as I work hard every step I take, then no matter if I achieve my heart’s desires, at least I’ll have a clear conscience.

When they saw that even though this ancient city that had stood since ancient times until now was mottled, its aura still remained, Huangfu Qingying and the others were shocked in their hearts and were speechless for a long time.

This was the base camp of the gods during their expedition and the traces of the gods of the three dimensions and the peak experts of countless worlds had been left behind here, and all of this caused them to be shocked.

“Let’s go. The experts of many powers have probably already gathered in the city. Everyone must be careful, as the city doesn’t have any order and everything depends on strength, causing deaths to occur frequently.” Ling Ze shook his head as his expression became serious as well, and he instructed them before flashing towards the distant Primeval City.

Chen Xi and the others recalled the objective of their journey this time, and they instantly returned to their senses and steadied their minds before following closely behind Ling Ze.

The closer they got to Primeval City, the more they were able to feel how magnificent and ancient this city was, and they were even able to see numerous expanses of marks that could only be left behind from battle on the mottled walls.

Obviously, even though this city was extremely magnificent all those years ago, it had experienced countless battles and wars.

“According to the information I just obtained, the Rebirth Realm experts of the seven first-rate Dynasties, three top Dynasties, and Prestigious Clans from Ancient Kingdoms have arrived at Primeval City from all over. Comparatively speaking, not many people from ordinary Dynasties have arrived.” Ling Ze flew as he said, “As for people from weak Dynasties, they’ll probably be unable to come here.”

“Indeed. Many people have probably already died in the others places within the Primeval Battlefield before this for the sake of seizing treasures in the various restricted areas, secret realms, and ruins, and most of them were surely disciples of ordinary and weak Dynasties. After all, no matter if we admit it or not, compared to the powers like first-rate Dynasties, the resources, reserves, and strength of ordinary and weak Dynasties are greatly inferior, and death is unable to be avoided.” Chen Xi sighed.

This was a brutal fact, yet they had to accept it. Otherwise, even though there were so many Dynasties that had entered the Primeval Battlefield, yet there would be no need to differentiate between weak, ordinary, first-rate, and so on and so forth.

The levels created a gap, and it was truly difficult to reduce this gap.

Not long after, Chen Xi and the others had already arrived before a city gate that was tall and lofty.

At this moment, there were two or three cultivators frequently flashing by before the city gate that seemed to be constructed from bronze. The auras of these people were deep and thick, and every single one of them possessed cultivations at the Rebirth Realm. Obviously, they were the experts of other Dynasties.

But what caused Chen Xi and the others to be astonished the most was that there were actually a few tens of figures blocking before the city gate, and behind them was a flag stuck into the ground. On the flag was the scene of a vast flowing river that seemed lifelike.

“What’s going on?” Chen Xi slowed down and couldn’t help but frown.

“The eight city gates of Primeval City correspond to the eight directions. This is the northwest door to primeval City, and based on that flag, it has obviously been taken control of by the Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan.” Ling Ze seemed to not be surprised as he explained via voice transmission. “When the powers that enter Primeval City feel their strengths are sufficiently strong, they take control of a city gate to display their might. Of course, they can also use this to amass a fortune.”

Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan… Chen Xi muttered in his heart. Never had he imagined that he hadn’t even entered Primeval City, yet would first encounter the disciples of the Shang Clan.

“Amass a fortune? What do you mean by this?” The nearby Ling Yu muttered.

“Just take a look and you’ll find out,” said Ling Ze.

“Fellow Daoists, this city gate has already been taken over by my Luo River Kingdom’s Shang Clan. If you want to enter, then every single person must pay with something that possesses a wealth not inferior to a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure!” Right when Ling Ze finished speaking, a cold, indifferent, and arrogant voice swiftly resounded out from the city gate, and the voice contained a shocking True Essence fluctuation that caused the expressions of many people that were present at the scene to become stiff. 

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