Chapter 492 – Crushing His Opponents

Hong Zhuo wasn’t a simple minded and conceited person, conversely, his thoughts were even more experienced and scheming than an ordinary person. During the time he was speaking with Chen Xi, he was sending voice transmissions to the other people by his side. “Chen Xi has arrived and it’s just nice for us to seize this opportunity to annihilate him. Everyone, as soon as I say the word, form the formation and kill him!”

All these experts of the Darqian Dynasty had experienced hundreds of battles, so all of their expressions remained unchanged when they heard this, yet they’d secretly already made preparations to make a move.

However, they didn’t expect that Chen Xi would have made a move first before Hong Zhuo’s voice finished resounding out.


Sword howls stretched out like the tide and shook the surroundings as an extremely vast sword qi charged into the sky and emitted brilliant might.

This sword qi was coiled with blazing divine lights. The trajectory of the stellar bodies were drawn within it while it contained the changes between the five elements, Yin, and Yang, and when looked at from afar, the heavens, earth, and space were trembling violently before collapsing and crumbling. They were utterly unable to endure the might contained within the sword strike.

“Shit! Form the formation!” Hong Zhuo’s pupils constricted abruptly when he saw this scene, and he cried out loudly.


Unfortunately, his reaction was still a beat slower. This sword strike of Chen Xi’s contained boundless killing intent and hatred, and his powerful sword strike appeared before the expert closest to him in the blink of an eye before slashing down. It directly blasted the expert apart into a ball of mush, causing the person to not even have the chance to let out a shrill cry.

Hong Zhuo and the others were both terrified and furious when they saw this scene, and they didn’t dare believe that merely a single sword strike had already caused one of the Rebirth Realm experts on their side to perish.

On the other hand, Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou that were watching from the side were extremely astounded. That was a Rebirth Realm expert, yet he died just like that?

“Quickly, form the formation and kill him!” Hong Zhuo’s shoulders were broad, his face craggy, and he carried a strong aura of nobility. At this moment, as soon as he made a move, his entire body erupted with a ball of bright light that caused him to look like the scorching sun. A divine wheel floated in the sky, causing him to seem like a devil god, and he revealed the shocking imposing aura of the Crown Prince of a first-rate Dynasty.

Behind him, the other four people stood around each other while similarly emanating the terrifying aura of Rebirth Realm experts, and they formed a grand formation with Hong Zhuo who was in the lead.


At the same time, Hong Zhuo raised his hand to toss out a treasure that seemed like a disc that had the eight diagrams inscribed on it. The disc was ancient and enormous with grey mist coiled around it, and the mist formed into dragons and wyrms that floated in midair. It was as if the beginning of the world was playing out once more, and it kept the elements of the world in place while emitting surging divine light that enveloped Hong Zhuo and the others within it.

Instantly, the aura of the five of them was linked up and synchronized with each other, and they actually formed a strange grand formation. It was like the pattern of the five elements, and Hong Zhuo resided within it and acted as the core of the formation.

An astonishing scene appeared. The aura on Hong Zhuo’s body rose steadily like a bamboo shoot that received rainfall after a long drought, and it swiftly rose explosively and seemed to be about to transform at any moment.

“Chen Xi, you’re dead! Did you think all of us are so easy to deal with? You’re truly naïve! Pei Yu isn’t the only one in the world who possesses a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree to rely on. I, Hong Zhuo, similarly possess this Sixlight Heavenfuse Formation as my trump card! Now that I’ve fused with the entire strength of another four Rebirth Realm experts, isn’t killing you an extremely easy thing to accomplish?”

After he obtained the assistance of the Sixlight Heavenfuse Formation, Hong Zhuo seemed to have become confident, and he soared up amidst his savage and explosive shout.


The heavens collapsed as the earth split apart.

Hong Zhuo carried along the strength of the other four Rebirth Realm cultivators while blasting a punch towards Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold, his face completely expressionless, and he silently watched Hong Zhuo’s attack without moving in the slightest. When the terrifying force blasted out to arrive right before him, he raised his arm and punched out.

Countless thunderstorm vortexes suddenly surged out from this punch while the Lightning Dao Insight that was only a step away from perfection filled it, and it developed a horrifying strength that desired to destroy the world. As his fist struck out, one could notice that his fist had already transformed into the eye of a storm, and countless thunderstorm vortexes crackled as they ceaselessly scraped against each other and shook the sky.

The fists collided with each other.


With the two of them as the center, circle after circle of ripples stretched out. It was ripples of an enormous force, and everywhere it passed, everything transformed into ash and nothing remained.

Amidst these ripples, the disc shaped magic treasure above Hong Zhuo wailed intensely and was on the verge of collapse, whereas blood even sprayed out the mouths of the four people by Hong Zhuo’s side as they staggered back.

In a single strike, the Sixlight Heavenfuse Formation was actually almost destroyed by Chen Xi!

“What’s going on?! Chen Xi, how can your strength be so formidable!? What Divine Ability was that?” Hong Zhou’s face went pale as he seemed to not dare believe that he was actually almost unable to go against Chen Xi after gathering the strength of five people, causing him to roar loudly and repeatedly. “I don’t believe I’m unable to kill you. Dragon Emperor Scripture!”


Suddenly, enormous dragon phantoms appeared one after the other around Hong Zhuo’s body, and the roars of a myriad of dragons rose and fell. It seemed as if a group of dragons were chanting a scripture that transformed into an expanse of brilliant golden light before raining down and enveloping Hong Zhuo’s entire body. Instantly, a forked dragon horn actually grew on his head, and it was completely covered in golden scales and emitted a lofty and terrifying aura of an emperor.

With a grab of his hand, all the thunderstorm vortexes were obliterated, and then he took a step forward and actually appeared extremely close to Chen Xi. His eyes opened up, seeming like the ancestor of dragons had awoken to deter the world.


Right at this instant, time seemed to have stopped as a divine wheel appeared behind Chen Xi, and then a crimson glow tainted the sky red and illuminated the world. It emitted boundless light as a fan that emanated the glow of flames appeared in his hands.

Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan!

This Quasi Immortal Artifact was refined from the feathers of the Nether Peacock King, and with a single fan of it, flames cleared the sky and incinerated the world. At the instant it appeared, it released a surging sea of flames that were like lava as they surged out.


The sea of flames surged, and numerous traces of being burned to the point of cracking appeared in the sky at the instant the sea of flames appeared. In the sky, expanse after expanse of the sky rumbled as if an earthquake was occurring on land, and countless pieces of space fell down as if the sky was collapsing.

It instantly broke apart the Sixlight Heavenfuse Formation, causing the aura of dragons that surrounded Hong Zhou to dissipate while the roars of dragons turned to wails, and his entire body was blasted flying. On the other hand, the four people by his side were burned by the sea of flames, causing them to emit shrill cries before being instantly transformed into ash and vanishing completely.

The might of a single strike was terrifying to such an extent!

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou looked at each other when they saw this scene, and they were shocked to the point they couldn’t help but gasp in their hearts. They’d entirely never imagined that Chen Xi who’d advanced to the Rebirth Realm would actually be able to erupt with such a terrifying might with a Quasi Immortal Artifact in hand, and it was simply to the point he was capable of annihilating anything that stood before him.

For a time, only Hong Zhou remained in the battlefield. His aura was in chaos, and the golden scales on his body and the dragon horn on his head became dim and lusterless before vanishing in the next moment.

“Impossible! Even if a Rebirth Realm expert possesses a Quasi Immortal Artifact, it would at most be possible to exert half its might, whereas, you’ve only just advanced. So how could you possibly exert more than 70% of the might of a Quasi Immortal Artifact!?” Hong Zhuo’s entire body was trembling as he looked at Chen Xi with astonishment, and he backed up repeatedly with the intention of fleeing.

He’d already affirmed that all the rumors related to Chen Xi were true. Chen Xi who’d overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth already possessed the potential to become an exalted figure, and not to mention sweeping through numerous experts, even surmounting a realm to annihilate enemies wouldn’t be difficult for Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was truly too terrifying!

When facing such an enemy, Hong Zhou had no choice but to flee. His pride, self-esteem, and all his thoughts had been crushed in the strike from before, and he was distressed and in a state of anxiety.

Chen Xi was expressionless as the Starsky Wings flapped, and in the next moment, he’d already arrived behind Hong Zuo before stretching his hand out to directly press onto Hong Zhuo’s back.


Hong Zhuo was directly blasted down from midair and fiercely smashed into the hard rocks on the ground, and he smashed out a pit on the ground. Blood sprayed from his mouth and nose, and countless bones within his body had been broken and emitted cracking sounds that instilled terror in others.

But even then, he still struggled to stand up, and he disregarded his mutilated face as he fled once more. He knew that if he fell into Chen Xi’s hands, then the consequences would be even more horrifying to how he treated Zhao Qinghe.


Another palm slapped down, causing Hong Zhuo to be blasted once more into the ground, and he was like a pitiful ant that was helpless and mercilessly trampled on, causing him to seem extremely miserable.

This time, it was impossible for him to crawl up again. This strike had directly blasted apart the flesh on his body to the point ghastly bones were revealed. Most of these bones were broken and mixed together with the shattered meridians and flesh in his body, causing it to be an extremely bloody scene.

“You…you can’t kill me! I… I’m the Crown Prince of the Darqian Dynasty. If you dare kill me, then you’re going against the Darqian Dynasty. At that time, not to mention you, even the Darchu Dynasty will be annihilated!” As he looked at Chen Xi who walked step by step towards him, Hong Zhuo couldn’t endure the terror in his heart any longer, and he cried out hysterically.

He was completely afraid. A Crown Prince from a first-rate Dynasty like him possessed extraordinary natural talent and formidable magic treasures, and he got anything he wanted. Even when he entered the Primeval Battlefield that was extremely dangerous, his path was completely smooth and there was nothing he was unable to accomplish.

But now, he’d been completely defeated by Chen Xi within just a few moves, so how could an outcome like this not cause him to be terrified?

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen experts, but it was the first time he’d encountered such a heaven defying expert like Chen Xi. He even suspected that it was impossible for experts at the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th tempering of the Rebirth Realm to be a match for Chen Xi!

“I naturally won’t kill you. I want to keep you alive and let Qinghe deal with you.” Chen Xi grabbed Hong Zhuo up as if he was grabbing up a chick, and then he twisted and broke Hong Zhuo’s limbs with a raise of his hand before he said coldly, “Didn’t you say one must know how to enjoy and watch someone kill? What do you think now? Was my method of killing brilliant?”

Hong Zhuo glanced once more at Chen Xi who had an indifferent expression when he heard this. Even if Hong Zhuo’s entire body was filled with intense pain, he couldn’t help but shudder as he stared at Chen Xi resentfully, and he remained silent, yet his heart was filled with extreme fear.

Even though he liked to torture and kill his opponents, when he thought about how he might be tortured and killed by another with every means possible, he had the impulse of wanting to die as soon as possible in his heart.

“Don’t attempt suicide. Otherwise, I’ll let you know what it is like to be overwhelmed with pain to the point death is better than living.” Chen Xi’s icy cold and indifferent voice sounded out by his ears, causing Hong Zhuo to instantly give up the thought of seeking death in his heart, and he was in extreme despair.

He knew that everything was over.

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