Chapter 491 – Watch Me Kill

The force Hong Zhuo exerted from his leg was extremely great, causing Zhao Qinghe’s face to be stepped upon to the point of warping in shape while his cheekbones emitted cracking sounds and were on the verge of breaking.

One doesn’t strike another on the face, let alone trampling onto another’s face with one’s legs. This intense feeling of humiliation caused Zhao Qinghe’s entire body to be unable to help but start trembling, and his eyes almost split open as blood flowed out from them. If it was possible, he wished for nothing more than to die now than be tortured and humiliated in such a way by his enemy.

He tried his best to struggle, but everything he did seemed so powerless. He who had suffered a heavy injury was completely exhausted long ago. Now, he was even bound by the Verdant Rattan Rope, so not to mention struggling, he didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

“Don’t stare at me like this. In any case, you’re dead today. So why don’t you relax and enjoy my techniques of torture? I have a variety of techniques that’ll absolutely exceed your imagination.” Hong Zhuo squatted down and couldn’t help but feel even more delighted as he looked at the rage and hatred in Zhao Qinghe’s gaze, and he raised his hand to lightly slap Zhao Qinghe’s face as he said slowly, “You’re a body refiner, right? I’ll use a dull blade to slice off your flesh inch by inch, and then I’ll place Marroweater Ants all over your body and allow you to watch helplessly as these cute little fellows slowly consume your marrow. Just think about that wonderful process fills me with anticipation…”

Hong Zhuo’s voice was gentle and carried a trace of complacency and vileness, yet it seemed to have not produced the slightest effect when it entered Zhao Qinghe’s ears. He still puckered his lips unyieldingly as he stared fixedly at Hong Zhuo while remaining silent.

Hong Zhuo stretched out his scarlet red tongue to lick his dry lips when he saw Zhao Qinghe’s appearance, and then he said gloomily with a mocking tone, “You have guts. I like unyielding people like you. There’re too few people in this world that’re unyielding, and this Young Master has grasped various types of methods of torture, yet will always hear the shrill cries of surrender and begs of mercy when I haven’t finished using all of them. It’s too boring! So every time I see an unyielding fellow like you, this Young Master can’t help but be delighted.” 

As he spoke, Hong Zhuo raised his leg to slowly step onto Zhao Qinghe’s right leg, and then he exerted force with the tip of his foot, causing a crack to resound out. The broken bone pierced through Zhao Qinghe’s flesh and skin to reveal a jagged and sharp bone while scarlet red blood instantly flowed all over the ground like a stream.

The veins on Zhao Qinghe’s forehead bulged fiercely from experiencing such suffering while his throat croaked and emitted heavy sounds of breathing. Even then, he still bit his teeth tightly and remained silent.

Zhao Qinghe remained silent, nor did he emit the expected shrill cries for mercy, but Hong Zhuo didn’t care, as this was only the appetizer. He still had a few thousand techniques of torture, and he didn’t believe that Zhao Qinghe would be able to endure it forcefully until the end. The tip of Hong Zhuo’s foot was raised once more before he started to crush Zhao Qinghe’s leg bone bit by bit, and his movements were slow and careful, causing him to seem extremely patient.

As they looked at Zhao Qinghe laying on the ground while barely breathing then looked at Hong Zhuo who was torturing Zhao Qinghe while having a warm expression on his face, the experts of the Darqian Dynasty couldn’t help but feel cold in their hearts. These torturing methods of the Crown Prince are truly too perverted!

“Kill me now if you have the balls. Otherwise, so long as I’m given the slightest hope of survival, I’ll surely return today’s torture back to you a hundredfold!” Zhao Qinghe spoke intermittently as blood gurgled out the corners of his mouth, and his voice was low and hoarse as if it was forcefully squeezed out from his chest.

“Kill you? Wouldn’t that be letting you off too easily?” Hong Zhuo spoke with surprise before pulling an expert of the Darqian Dynasty over and asking. “Tell me, if it was you, would you be willing to let him die so easily?”

This person that was pulled over hurriedly shook his head, “Absolutely not.”

Hong Zhuo’s gaze shot towards the others, and before he could ask, the others shook their heads in unison. “We’re unwilling as well.”

“Haha, did you hear that? All of them are unwilling to let you die so quickly. So why lose hope and seek death?” Hong Zhuo roared with laughter and was extremely complacent. This sort of feeling of holding control over the life and death of another was truly too wonderful.

“If anyone dares to kill you, I would be unwilling to let that person die so quickly as well.” Right at this moment, a cold and indifferent voice resounded out abruptly from the distance. The voice hadn’t descended when a figure had already swiftly appeared by Zhao Qinghe’s side as if the figure had teleported, and the figure was like a ghost that had suddenly appeared with extraordinary speed.

Hong Zhuo’s pupils constricted suddenly as his laughter stopped abruptly before freezing on his face, whereas, the others were shocked by this sudden change of events to the point of taking a step back.

“Chen… Xi… You’ve…come.” When he saw the figure clearly, Zhao Qinghe’s breathing suddenly became rapid from excitement, and he’d already fainted before he finished speaking. The humiliation he suffered earlier was too terrible, coupled with the heavy injury suffered by his body, he was completely exhausted, and he was relying entirely on his last bit of strength to persist until now.

As he looked at the terrifying injuries on Zhao Qinghe’s body, as he looked at the red and swollen foot prints trampled onto Zhao Qinghe’s face, and as he looked at the verdant rattan rope that bound Zhao Qinghe…

Instantly, Chen Xi seemed to have become another person, his eyes were icy cold and murderous, the vital energy in his entire body piercingly cold and fierce, and he seemed like a wild beast that had gone berserk and intended to swallow his enemies up.

He glanced indifferently at Hong Zhuo and the others before squatting down and stretching out his ring finger and index finger to hook onto the rattan rope that bound Zhao Qinghe. After that, this top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure actually shattered inch by inch with ease from a fierce jerk of his.

However, when he carried Zhao Qinghe onto his shoulder, his movements were careful and gentle. This was his companion, and no matter how ordinary their relationship was in the past, both of them understood that they were the companions each other could trust the most while in the Primeval Battlefield.

Hong Zhuo and the others didn’t make a move while Chen Xi made this string of movements because their consciousnesses were still in a slightly muddled state, and coupled with their fear towards Chen Xi’s strength, they didn’t dare to rashly make a move.

It was truly too unexpected!

Hong Zhuo and the others were unable to wrap their heads around why Chen Xi would descend from the heavens and suddenly appear before them?

With a fierce bite of his tongue, the intense pain caused Hong Zhuo to recover a trace of clarity, and only now did he notice how idiotic he appeared earlier. Chen Xi is only a single person, yet I was terrified to such an extent. What an embarrassment!

When he realized this, a trace of embarrassment and rage couldn’t help but arise in Hong Zhuo’s heart as he stared gloomily at Chen Xi, who was only 3m away from him. He seemed to want to see exactly what was extraordinary about this figure that caused the entire Primeval Battlefield to be in chaos.

At the side, the expressions of the experts from the Darqian Dynasty had become heavy. Chen Xi’s current reputation in the Primeval Battlefield could be said to be like the sun in the midday sky, and his deeds of fighting numerous experts alone on the Isle of Fallen Treasures had even become the hottest topic of discussion lately. So they had no choice but to be on guard when facing a terrifying enemy like this.

“All of this was done by you?” Chen Xi raised his hand to wipe off the blood on the corners of Zhao Qinghe’s mouth, yet his gaze was focused on Hong Zhuo, and his gaze that were like blades concealed killing intent that was icy cold to the extreme.

“Exactly. I originally intended him to slice him into pieces before extracting his soul so that he’ll live in torture for eternity. Unfortunately, you’ve disturbed me.” Hong Zhuo had already returned to normal, and he said casually, “But your arrival is unable to change anything, and you’ll instead give away your own life because you saved him.”

He naturally had the confidence to speak like this. Presently, everyone in his group had already advanced into the Rebirth Realm, and he didn’t believe that they were unable to kill a tiny ant from an ordinary Dynasty.

As for the various rumors related to Chen Xi, he didn’t take them seriously. Rumors were only rumors in the end, and they couldn’t be trusted. Not to mention if he was terrified to the point of withdrawing just because he heard his enemy’s strength was extremely formidable, then he wouldn’t be the Crown Prince of the Darqian Dynasty.

“Then all of them were watching the show from the side?” Chen Xi remained unmoved yet his gaze swept the other five people by Hong Zhuo’s side as he continued asking coldly.

“Exactly. A thing like killing someone has always been extremely brilliant, so it’s worthy of being watched and enjoy. What do you think?” Hong Zhuo thought Chen Xi was afraid of his strength because Chen Xi hadn’t dared to make a move after so long, and he felt even more at ease in his heart. So, his voice even carried a trace of an insufferably arrogant tone that was unique to him when he spoke.

“Very good.” Chen Xi suddenly turned around and spoke towards the side. “Both of you stay at the side and watch the show as well. Watch and enjoy my method of killing and see if it’s worthy of the word ‘brilliant.’

As soon as he finished speaking, Hong Zhuo and the others saw that two more streaks flashed over from the distant sky. It was a man and a woman, and they were precisely Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou.

Both of them glanced at Zhao Qinghe who was on Chen Xi’s shoulder and instantly understood what had happened, causing the gazes they shot at Hong Zhuo and the others to became icy cold.

“Give him to me.” Young Master Zhou moved forward and took the initiative to carry the fainted Zhao Qinghe. Chen Xi’s words from before carried an unquestionable tone, and he knew that it was best to act according to Chen Xi’s wishes at a time like this. Moreover, he believed that Chen Xi had the ability to deal with everything that was before them.

Huangfu Qingying glanced at Chen Xi then glanced at Hong Zhuo and the others before similarly doing as Chen Xi said. But she still stood at the side while vigilantly paying attention to the surroundings and carefully taking precautions.

They seemed to have already formed a tacit understanding. Both of them didn’t disturb Chen Xi when they saw the scene before them, and allowing him to kill all the enemies by himself was the most suitable action to take at this moment.

Even though Chen Xi’s cultivation seemed as if he’d just advanced into the Rebirth Realm, but if anyone really took him to be a ‘ripe persimmon’ that could be squashed at will, then the consequences that person faced would perfectly explain how stupid and brainless the person’s perception was.

“Hmph! You’re simply courting death! You think you can run wild just because two more of your assistants have arrived?” Hong Zhuo casually glanced at Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou before grunting coldly with disdain. “This is good as well. I’ll let all of you experience exactly how great the difference between ordinary Dynasties and the experts of first-rate Dynasties is!”


Hong Zhuo’s voice hadn’t finished resounding out in the air when a strand of a clear and melodious sword howl suddenly resounded out in the heavens and the earth.

At this instant, Chen Xi had chosen to make a move. His killing intent had already been held back to the limit, he needed to vent, he needed to erupt, and he wasn’t willing to say another word nor waste another bit of time.

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