Chapter 489 – Suddenly Encountering A Pursuit

“Chen Xi, you actually really overcame the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth? Doesn’t that mean you already possess the potential to become an exalted figure? You’re truly too formidable. Moreover, you obtained so many treasures from sweeping through the numerous experts. Not to mention the Flaming Peacock Fan, the Mountainform Seal, the Golden Dragon Armor, and the Skysorrow Sword are all precious treasures that’re Quasi Immortal Artifacts!”

Chen Xi, Huangfu Qingying, and Young Master Zhou were hurrying on their way atop the Primitive Sea. Because the Thousandplume Dragonboat was too conspicuous and easily attracted the attention of their enemies, the three of them chose to fly in the sky for safety’s sake.

Chen Xi originally intended to leave the Primitive Sea before searching for the teleportation formation that led to Primeval City and rush towards Primeval City with all his strength. But he suddenly recalled that Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou hadn’t advanced into the Rebirth Realm, and they were utterly incapable of entering Primeval City. So he decided to first find a safe place and continue on their journey after the two of them had advanced to the Rebirth Realm.

“Didn’t both of you obtain numerous benefits from the secret realm as well?” When he saw Young Master Zhou look at him with an envious expression, Chen Xi rubbed his nose and changed the topic.

Young Master Zhou instantly became excited when the secret realm was mentioned, and he said extremely mysteriously, “Guess what we saw in the secret realm?”

“What?” Chen Xi asked very cooperatively.

“The skeleton of a god from the ancient times!” Young Master Zhou said with a shocked expression, “The secret realm was originally completely empty, yet because of the skeleton of this god, the entire heavens and the earth within the secret realm was filled with the brilliance of divinity, and the spirit energy was dense to the point it almost formed into water droplets.

“That secret realm was really left behind by a god?” said Chen Xi in surprise. He suddenly recalled that he’d seen a skeleton that belonged to a god of the ancient times at the bottom of the river of bones, but the divinity and Grand Dao brand contained within the skeleton was absorbed by the tiny cauldron, causing it to vanish in the end and him to feel rather regretful.

But there was nothing they could do. When the three of them left the Isle of Fallen Treasures, the golden crow in the sky had descended from the sky of the boundlessly vast ruins, causing the grey colored mist to once again suffuse the heavens and the earth, and there were even the dead spirits of ancient times drifting about within it. So just like them, no matter if they obtained the treasures of the gods of not, everyone in the ruins had chosen to leave without the slightest hesitation.

The ruins in the Isle of Fallen Treasures had become a restricted area once more, and unless they waited for another hundred years for the golden crow to rise once more into the sky, otherwise, entering was equal to certain death.

“It was left behind by a god indeed. I and Young Master Zhou obtained a portion of inheritance, and it contained the experience and comprehension towards the Heaven Dao of a god. There were also some formidable martial techniques, but unfortunately, these martial techniques were passed down to the two of us in the form of inheritance brands, so we’re unable to pass it to you.” The nearby Huangfu Qingying spoke apologetically.

The reason she and Young Master Zhou were able to safely enter the secret realm was entirely because of Chen Xi’s contribution. In other words, without Chen Xi, it would be absolutely impossible for them to obtain the inheritance of that god from the ancient times. Originally, they intended to share the treasures they obtained from the secret realm with Chen Xi after they left it, but they could only forget it now.

“Everyone has their own fortune, there’s no need to force it.” Chen Xi smiled without minding in the slightest. “It’s enough as long as both of you can become stronger. Not to mention, with my strength, I don’t need anything else for now.”

He was speaking the truth. In terms of cultivation, his body refinement and qi refinement cultivations had just attained the Rebirth Realm, causing his strength to have become countless times stronger than before, and all he needed was to cultivate wholeheartedly.

Moreover, he similarly had no lack of treasures. He’d killed innumerable experts on the Isle of the Fallen Treasures, and all these fellows were the outstanding talents of the various Dynasties, so they naturally had no lack of treasures in their possession. Now, all these treasures had become Chen Xi’s.

For example, various spirit pills were piled into numerous hills within the Buddha’s Pagoda, and they formed an extremely enormous sum of at least a few tens of millions. As for other spirit materials and magic treasures, there were countless within the Buddha’s Pagoda.

Chen Xi had once counted that merely the various materials he’d plundered this time were sufficient to increase the quality of the Talisman Armament by a level, causing him to be unable to help but be surprised.

After all, according to his plans, if he bitterly gathered the materials to improve the Talisman Armament by himself, it would be utterly impossible to accomplish without spending more than a year of time. Now after experiencing this battle, he’d actually gathered all the materials, so it was really an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Besides that, even though all the magic treasures he’d plundered were earth-rank and heaven-rank magic treasures, they were all top-grade in their respective rank, and if they were placed on sale on the market, they would absolutely be able to be exchanged for an enormous wealth.

But there were a few magic treasures that he didn’t intend to sell. For example, the Flaming Peacock Fan, the Mountainform Seal, the Golden Dragon Armor, and the Skysorrow Sword. These four treasures were Quasi Immortal Artifacts that even Earthly Immortal Realm experts coveted to the extreme, and if he were to sell them off, people would surely look at him like an idiot.

The three of them chatted as they flew with extreme speed, and a few hours passed before the three of them stopped before a small isle.

This small isle’s position was extremely remote and was covered in mist, causing it to be rather concealed. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s Divine Sense being sufficiently strong, it would be impossible for him to have known that there was actually a lone isle floating on this boundless ocean.

“This small isle isn’t bad, there are practically no sea demons in the surroundings 5,000km of sea, and its location is extremely hidden. Both of you overcome your tribulations here first, I’ll stand on guard.” Chen Xi look at the two of them. He knew that their vital energy had already arrived at the point of breakthrough, and they were about to break through to the Rebirth Realm and condense a Rebirth Wheel at any moment.

The expressions of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou were solemn as they nodded. Both of them knew that if they wanted to enter Primeval City, then they must advance into the Rebirth Realm first, so they’d made preparations for this long ago. Coupled with having Chen Xi standing on guard for them, there was even less to worry about.

Both of them sat cross-legged on the isle and briefly regulated themselves before starting to charge into the Rebirth Realm.


Not long after, numerous tribulation clouds started condensing into form in the sky.

“There’s no need to worry. Both of you can overcome the tribulation wholeheartedly with me here, just leave everything else to me.” Chen Xi glanced at the tribulation lightning in the sky before instructing from afar. He’s already discerned that the tribulation lightning they drew out was much weaker compared to his own, and both of them were entirely capable of easily overcoming it with their potential and cultivation.

Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou were completely reassured before their expressions went solemn, and they stared fixedly at the tribulation clouds in the sky while preparing to fight with all their strength.

After the time for half an incense stick to burn, the tribulation clouds started to become dense, and then it emitted rumbling as thick lightning poured down like buckets of water. Amongst them, some lightning had actually transformed into numerous lightning weapons, and there was even a ‘lightning castle’ smashing down towards them!

The tribulation drawn over when two people overcome the tribulation together is really not something an ordinary person can compare to. But this also proves that they obtained enormous benefits from within the secret realm, causing their potential to rise greatly, otherwise, the tribulation lightning would absolutely not produce such phenomena. Chen Xi had an entirely different feeling as he looked at Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou who resisted the heavenly tribulation in the sky. Earlier, he was being struck by lightning, and now, he was watching others being struck.

After watching for a long time, Chen Xi moved away his gaze. He’d already discerned that even though the tribulation lightning was terrifying, it was unable to do anything to the two of them, and he estimated that both of them would absolutely be able overcome the tribulation lightning safely and smoothly advance into the Rebirth Realm within two hours.

Sure enough, just as he expected, a Rebirth Wheel floated up respectively above each of them after two hours had passed, and it emanated a crimson glow like a blazing ring of fire.

At this moment, it could be compared that Chen Xi’s Rebirth Wheel was like a sun with a crimson glow that tainted the clear sky, whereas even though their Rebirth Wheels were extremely blazing, they were obviously inferior.

However, even though they couldn’t compare to Chen Xi, compared to those ordinary cultivators, the Rebirth Wheel condensed by the two of them was sufficiently shocking for being able to attain this level.

In next to no time, the heavenly tribulation dispersed slowly as both of them had overcome the Rebirth Tribulation in the end to smoothly advance into a completely new realm and become a Rebirth Realm cultivator. 

Due to having just overcome the tribulation successfully, their strengths were consumed greatly, causing them to be in a state of weakness. They recuperated for another day on the isle before completely consolidating their cultivation, and they were full of spirit and energy.

“Chen Xi, thank you for standing guard for us.” Huangfu Qingying’s clear eyes flowed with bright lights as she spoke with a smile.

“I only lifted a finger.” Chen Xi waved his hand. Truthfully speaking, he actually rather envied the two of them for being able to smoothly overcome the tribulation so peacefully, and the fact that they didn’t have the overcome it while in battle against numerous enemies and almost lose their lives on countless occasions like him. Even until now, it felt as if it was ages ago when he recalled it.

“Alas, I owe you another favor again. Why do I always have the feeling that I’m like a small child that’s always looked after of when being by your side?” Young Master Zhou sighed, yet his face was covered in a smiling expression. 

Huangfu Qingying was stunned, and she couldn’t help but deeply agree. She similarly felt extremely steady and at ease when she was before Chen Xi, and it seemed as if no matter what she encountered, before she could even speak about it, Chen Xi would have silently spread open his arms to block out the wind and rain for her.

This feeling of being assisted and protected silently was something she was only able to feel while being with Chen Xi, and she was extremely touched in her heart as well.

“Let’s go. Let’s leave the Primitive Sea first. The location of the teleportation formations are marked on the jade slip Ling Ze gave me, and we only have to find them before we’ll be able to instantly arrive at Primeval City.” Chen Xi smiled as he glanced at them, and then he turned and left.


One day later, the three of them left the Primitive Sea and returned to the Primeval Battlefield.

So it turns out that the Primitive Sea is situated in the northwest area of the Primeval Battlefield, whereas there’s a large scale teleportation formation that leads directly to Primeval City at the center of the northwest area… Chen Xi studied the map in the jade slip as they flew.

This jade slip was given to him by Ling Ze, and not only did it record the information about Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing, it was also a rough map of the entire Primeval Battlefield. It looked to be rough, yet all the important things were marked. For example, the teleportation formation in the northwest area appeared clearly within the map, and one only had to search according to the map to very easily locate it.

“Brother Chen, look, there’s someone flashing over towards us from there!”

“Eh, he seems to be avoiding a pursuer…”

Right when Chen Xi was studying the map, the voices of Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou resounded out at the same time by his ears, causing him to instantly return to his senses before his formidable Divine Sense stretched out.

After that, his face sank abruptly. “Dammit! It’s Yu Xuanchen and Zhao Qinghe. They’re being pursued by a group of people! Let’s go over!”

“Dammit! They actually dare pursue one of our own? They’re simply courting death!” Young Master Zhou was stunned, and his expression became icy cold as a murderous look appeared on his face.

Even though Huangfu Qingying hadn’t said anything, her clear eyes emanated killing intent!

The three of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest to turn and charge towards the same direction.

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