Chapter 486 – Reunion


“Dammit! That fellow isn’t human, he’s too terrifying!”

“Why did it turn out like this? Even the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth was unable to strike him to death. If he’s allowed to continue growing like this, then who would be able to go against him in the future? I’m afraid he’ll really transform into an exalted figure, right!?”

All the numerous experts fled for their lives; they had no choice, because stopping would only lead to death. Actually being utterly defeated and frightened out of their wits by a young man from an ordinary Dynasty was something that all the genius experts of the various Dynasties didn’t dare imagine in the past, and there would absolutely be no one that believed such a thing if news of it were to spread out.

The Isle of Fallen Treasures was boundlessly vast, and besides those that had enmity with Chen Xi, there was no lack of other experts that had entered specially for the sake of searching for the treasures left behind by the gods.

All of them were dumbstruck when they saw the extremely miserable army of people fleeing. What’s going on? They’d heard earlier that numerous powers had joined forces with the intention of annihilating a young man from the Darchu Dynasty, and they originally thought it would be accomplished easily, yet never had they imagined the outcome would be such a scene.

“Quickly! Quickly leave these ruins and charge out of the Isle of Fallen Treasures. That fellow is virtually like a devil that kills without batting an eyelid!” The experts that fled all the way here were staggering along as they roared at their companions.

“There’re so many of you, yet you’re unable to kill a single person?” Many people didn’t dare believe this and asked with astonishment.

However, no one replied to them as the experts that had dispersed all along the way for the sake of fleeing for their lives utterly didn’t dare stop for a moment, and they instantly vanished without a trace.


A tall figure appeared here, and it was precisely Chen Xi. His gaze swept out like bolts of lightning towards the numerous cultivators that stood on the spot, and when he noticed they weren’t his enemies, he set out once again to pursue his enemies without dallying in the slightest.

“All of this…was caused by him?” A genius expert from one of the Dynasties gasped. At the instant he was swept by Chen Xi’s gaze earlier, he suddenly felt as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, causing his entire body to feel cold and be unable to help but shudder with terror.

“Probably.” The other people had a similar experience, and they nodded with a lingering fear in their hearts.

“He’s terrifying indeed. When did such a maleficent existence appear in the Darchu Dynasty?”

“Quickly! Pass on everything that happened here to the others. Tell them that they must not get into conflict with Chen Xi if they encounter him in the future, otherwise they wouldn’t even know how they died.”

“Right, we must notify the others. An expert from an ordinary Dynasty has actually caused such a rain of blood. It’ll absolutely stir the entire Primeval Battlefield once it’s spread out.”

After these experts that had no enmity with Chen Xi witnessed these scenes, they carried shaken and uneasy thoughts as they swiftly spread everything that had happened here to the world outside the isle.


In the end, only a small portion of all the experts Chen Xi pursued were able to escape this place that concealed the treasures left behind by the gods of ancient times, and they’d passed through the mountain door to leave the area.

Many people couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when they escaped that terrifying battlefield, but when they saw that almost all the companions by their side had perished and only two or three remained alive, their expressions instantly dimmed down and became heavy.

Their losses this time could be said to be disastrous to the extreme. It was unknown how many had been killed by Chen Xi, but the genius experts of some ordinary Dynasties were completely wiped out.

For example, the Snowray Dynasty, Skywolf Dynasty, Eastern Summer Dynasty… All these Dynasties that Chen Xi attached importance to ‘taking care of’ naturally had no possibility of survival.

As for the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty, their losses were disastrous as well. Amongst the genius experts that had entered the Primeval Battlefield from their Dynasties, more than half had been lost in this battle, causing their Dynasties to be badly injured and probably find it impossible to compete with other first-rate Dynasties again.

The person that caused all of this was a young man from a mere ordinary Dynasty.

At this moment, these people that had escaped felt as if ages had passed. That scene of being wiped out and being ceaselessly pursued and crushed in the ruins was absolutely a nightmare, and it caused them to be unable to forget it for eternity.

Even if it was during the primordial era when the gods of ancient times were born, there probably was no young man that was formidable like this, right?

“Quickly go notify the other members of our Dynasty that they must not go against Chen Xi again. He has overcome the most terrifying tribulation of legend, the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth, to smoothly advance to the Rebirth Realm, and he possesses the potential to grow to become an exalted figure!”

“We’re really unable to defeat such an enemy. Perhaps only the disciples of the three top Dynasties and the mysterious Prestigious Clans from the Ancient Kingdoms would be able to go against him?”


The news quickly spread out of the Isle of Fallen Treasures and spread throughout the entire Primeval Battlefield, and it caused an uproar. Everyone didn’t dare believe that when the experts of numerous Dynasties made a move in unison, not only were they unable to annihilate Chen Xi, they were instead pursued to the point of being utterly defeated!

“Is this true? Wasn’t that fellow on the verge of death? How can he possibly sweep through all the experts and annihilate so many experts by himself? This… this is too astonishing, right?”

“How heaven defying! I’ve said it since long ago. Since this kid was capable of destroying the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, an ordinary cultivator would surely be unable to compare with him. But truthfully speaking, even I feel slight disbelief towards him being able to achieve this.”

On that day, every corner of the Primeval Battlefield was clamorous and shook endlessly as everyone had obtained the news, and practically all of them were dumbstruck. Numerous experts of the various Dynasties being pursued to such an extent by a young man from an ordinary Dynasty was simply beyond logic and unbelievable, and it was virtually like listening to a fairy tale.

Even the disciples of the three top Dynasties and mysterious Prestigious Clans of Ancient Kingdoms started paying attention to this young man called Chen Xi after they heard this news.

“He actually overcame the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth. This tribulation is called the ‘Dance of the Phoenix.’ So long as a person overcomes this tribulation, the person usually possesses the potential to grow into an exalted figure. No wonder this Chen Xi is so formidable.” Some people were lost in thought, and they carefully analyzed the reason Chen Xi’s strength was formidable.

“Impossible! The Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth is only a tribulation. After the ancient times, it has almost never descended. Who knows if it’s really true? It can’t be believed!” Some people shook their heads and didn’t believe it.

“No matter what, it’s already difficult for a young man from an ordinary Dynasty to achieve this, and he’s worthy of being paid attention to by us. Perhaps we’ll be able to see him in the final test of the Primeval Battlefield. At that time, we’ll know if it’s real by testing his strength.” Some were curious towards Chen Xi and were filled with anticipation.


The ruins were in great chaos as the slaughter was still being carried out. Chen Xi’s footsteps had never stopped from the beginning until the end, and he pursued and killed all the way. He intended to slaughter his enemies to the point they were forced into a hopeless situation, and he was ferocious beyond compare.

In next to no time, Chen Xi arrived at a mountainous area that had greyish brown mist drifting in the air around it.

After he arrived here, Chen Xi finally stopped, and his deep gaze suddenly descended onto one of the towering mountains as the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of coldness. “Do I have to invite the three of you out here?”

No one replied, and it was completely silent.

Chen Xi didn’t say anything further, and he slashed his sword out with a raise of his hand.


The sword qi was vast and blazing, and it was enshrouded with Dao Insight. It passed through 30km of the sky and was about to slash onto the mountain when a ray of light suddenly charged up from within the mountain and transformed into a seal that was like a mountain. It collided forcefully with the sword qi like two volcanos colliding with each other, and the violent airflow emitted from the collision directly shattered the mountain to the point it completely ceased to exist.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the same time, three figures charged out from the shattered mountain, and it was precisely Qin Xiao, Pei Yu, and Bi Lingyun.

Chen Xi swept the three of them with his gaze, and he couldn’t help but recall the scene of him being besieged by the three of them the other day, causing his gaze to become even more icy cold.

Many people were following from afar, and they gasped when they saw this scene. These were the Crown Princes of two first-rate Dynasties, the Darqian and Darjin Dynasty, they possessed respected statuses and extremely formidable strengths. The other person, Bi Lingyun, wasn’t inferior to them; she was a descendent of the peerless flying beast, Inferno Crane, that possessed a pure bloodline and was extremely formidable.

Presently, Chen Xi actually intended to make a move against the three of them, and this caused the others to be both excited and uneasy, as they were worried the battle would be too terrifying and affect them.

Qin Xiao’s group of three had always maintained disbelief that Chen Xi was actually able to smoothly overcome the tribulation successfully while being besieged and fleeing for his life. So they’d never left for the sake of seeking out an opportunity to see the truth behind this matter.

However, in just a single move, they were instantly terrified in their hearts. They obviously sensed the aura of a Rebirth Realm cultivator emitted from Chen Xi. Moreover, it was deep like the ocean and even more terrifying than an ordinary Rebirth Realm cultivator, and it emanated the feeling of containing all things in the world and controlling everything.

“How can this be possible? It’s actually true…” The warm smile that was always on Pei Yu’s face had vanished, and his expression became indeterminate as he was slightly unable to accept a reality like this.

“I was almost struck to death by the tribulation lightning because of your hindrance. We should put an end to this enmity today!” As he spoke, Chen Xi directly made a move, and his figure flashed to pounce towards them.

“You’re going too far! Kill!” Pei Yu gritted his teeth as he shouted explosively, and he withdrew the Skysorrow Sword before charging out.

On the other side, ruthlessness flashed in the eyes of Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun, and they made a move at the same time.


The battle erupted instantaneously. For a time, brilliant lights raged as sword qi crisscrossed through the sky. An area of 5,000km had become a battlefield, causing numerous mountains to be shattered and expanse after expanse of ground to be slashed apart, and the scene was shocking to the extreme. 

This battle had exceeded the imagination of all the spectators in the distance. Chen Xi fought one against three, yet was in a position of absolute advantage that crushed everything before him. With a raise of his hand, flaming lights charged into the sky from the Flaming Peacock Fan, and it was like the curse of the fire god that covered the entire surroundings and instantly blasted Pei Yu and Qin Xiao back to the point they coughed blood without end.

On the other side, Bi Lingyun flapped her wings with a swish as she turned around and fled. She was afraid and worried her life would be in danger if she stayed another moment.

“My god! He heavily injured Qin Xiao and Pei Yu, and even scared Bi Lingyun to the point of fleeing in just a few moves. What invincible might!” All the spectators in the distance were stunned.

“Where do you think you’re going!?” Chen Xi raised his hand and was about to kill Qin Xiao and Pei Yu before pursuing Bi Lingyun. He held the resolution to kill them, so how could he possibly allow any one of them to escape?

However, right at this moment, he suddenly stopped moving and looked towards the distance. Two figures were swiftly flashing towards him from there, and when he looked at their appearances, they were actually Huangfu Qingying and Young Master Zhou! 

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