Chapter 485 – Counter Kill

Chen Xi’s voice was extremely light and casual, yet when it entered the ears of everyone present, it seemed to be jarring to the extreme, and it was even to the extent that some people didn’t dare believe their ears.

“This fellow wants to kill all of us by himself? Did I hear it wrongly, or has he gone mad?”

“Haha! This fellow is too arrogant and thinks he’s invincible under the heavens because he overcame the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth. How naïve is he to say this?”

“I think his brain got fucked up by the tribulation lightning!”

Before this, everyone was extremely shocked in their hearts when they saw Chen Xi had survived the tribulation, but when they heard these words of his, their expressions instantly became shocked, disdainful, ridiculing, furious, and so on and so forth.

They were the genius experts from the various Dynasties, and all of them were proud, arrogant, and possessed formidable strengths. Since they were able to enter the Primeval Battlefield to participate in the training, they naturally didn’t possess unearned reputations and were absolutely not figures that ordinary cultivators could compare to.

Even though they’d once heard that Chen Xi had slaughtered numerous experts and even destroyed a Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, he was only a single person after all. No matter how formidable he was, what could he possibly do?

“Truly pitiable! No matter how outstanding, trash from an ordinary Dynasty will always be frogs in a well that don’t know the immensity of the universe. Laughable to the extreme!” Suddenly, a genius expert from the Darxuan Dynasty stepped forward and looked coldly at Chen Xi. “Nevermind, I’ll give you another chance. Leave those three treasures behind, and I can allow you to avoid suffering of the body and die swiftly. How are these conditions? They’re sufficiently benevolent, right?”

Many people present were from ordinary Dynasties, and when they heard this expert of the Darxuan Dynasty had insulted them as well, their expressions instantly went grim. They were just about to say something yet they shut their mouths when they saw this person’s appearance clearly, and they revealed fearful expressions and seemed to have recognized this person’s identity.

“Senior Brother Xiang Heng, why speak so much nonsense with him? Kill him!” Someone cried out from the group from the Darxuan Dynasty.

“Xiang Heng? So it’s him! Xiang Heng is a fiend in human skin from the Darxuan Dynasty. He’s a lawless person that possesses a cruel disposition, and has committed innumerable murders, causing his hands to be tainted with the blood of countless people. Moreover, his strength is formidable to the extreme.” Meanwhile, some cultivators that hadn’t wrapped their heads around the reactions of everyone heard this and came to a sudden understanding, and they recognized who this person was.

Chen Xi heard the discussions of everyone as well, but he only glanced at this fellow called Xiang Heng before shaking his head endlessly as he lightly spat out two words. “Ignorant fool!”

“You’re courting death!” Xiang Heng was stunned and seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would dare speak like this to him. The imposing aura in his body instantly surged as he directly slapped over. True Essence raged while Dao Insight filled this palm strike, and it was sufficient to slap a hill into pieces.

Everyone retreated with extreme speed and didn’t dare stand here because once this fellow Xiang Heng went crazy, he would become indifferent towards friend or foe, and once one was affected, one could only accept one’s misfortune.

However, the following scene caused everyone present to be shocked greatly.

Chen Xi stood in the air without dodging or avoiding, and he didn’t even move in the slightest before similarly lightly slapping out with his palm to collide with Xiang Heng’s palm strike. During this process, a ball of unparalleled crimson rays of light that was extremely enormous was emitted like a sun, and it sprayed out from Chen Xi’s palm to directly drown Xiang Heng within it.


Accompanied by an enormous bang, a shrill cry emanated from Xiang Heng’s mouth before his body swiftly exploded into pieces with a bang, and it seemed to be tragic, beautiful, and terrifying.

“How could this be possible? Didn’t he just overcome the lightning tribulation and is in a weakened state? How could he possible be able to possess such a terrifying combat strength?” Everyone was shocked as the palm strike that seemed to be struck out casually had directly blasted apart the genius expert of a first-rate Dynasty. How ferocious and terrifying was this!

“Whether I’m a frog in a well or not isn’t something you can decide, but I can be sure that you’re surely blind and look down on everyone.” Chen Xi evaluated indifferently before turning to sweep the others with his gaze.

“You…” Everyone was shocked and horrified. Why is it like this? Anyone who has just overcame the Rebirth Tribulation was weak like a mortal and could be crushed easily. This was common knowledge, it was convention. But this convention had been completely overturned now. Not only was Chen Xi not weak, his strength had become even more formidable!


A boundless glow of treasures charged up and pressed down at Chen Xi.

At this instant, everyone didn’t hesitate in the slightest to make a move. But they were using offence as defence before swiftly retreating. The scene from before caused them to have no choice but to admit that Chen Xi had already smoothly advanced to the Rebirth Realm, and in other words, they didn’t have the chance to kill Chen Xi any longer.

After all, even though the perfection-stage of the Golden Core Realm was only a step away from the Rebirth Realm, this step was like the difference between the heavens and the earth, and it was utterly impossible to be compared with each other.

Not to mention Chen Xi wasn’t an ordinary Rebirth Realm expert, he’d overcome both the tribulations of body refinement and qi refinement, and he was even capable of killing numerous experts before he overcame the tribulation, let alone now?

It was exactly at this moment that they finally understood what Chen Xi had said before. It wasn’t that he was boasting shamelessly, but he really possessed sufficient strength to back up these words!

Chen Xi grunted coldly as he emanated a brilliant glow while a divine wheel that was like a sun floated up behind him, and a vast crimson glow tainted the clear sky, causing him to seem like a god. Any attacks that arrived before him were completely useless and were obliterated successively.


At the same time, he pressed his fingers together to form a sword as the tip of his finger tore through the sky, causing strands of crimsons rays of light to fly out and transform into countless dazzling sword qi. Every single sword qi seemed material, peerlessly sharp, and was piercingly cold and oppressive.

These sword qis were executed by him with his cultivation at the Rebirth Realm, and it was enshrouded with Dao Insight and filled with baleful qi, causing it to be like strands of bright light from the sun that seemed to contain terrifying might.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Crimson red sword qi tore through the sky successively and passed through it while emitting sharp sonic booms that were like wild beasts biting at one’s eardrums. The sword qi directly charged into the fleeing crowd before bringing out string after string of hot and scarlet red blood that was a bloody, tragic, and gorgeous sight. In merely an instant, over 10 people had their heads penetrated, and they carried unwillingness and terror as they perished.

From this moment onwards, Chen Xi launched a true counterattack.

In the barren and lofty mountainous forest, battle cries shook the heavens as the smell of blood assaulted the nose, and numerous tragic and shrill cries sounded out frequently. Chen Xi’s figure that was like a flowing streak of light moved through the mountainous forest, and with a flap of the Starsky Wings behind him, he appeared before his enemies as if he’d teleported. With a slap of his hand, he would reap a life, and it was swift, ruthless, and without mercy.

Meanwhile, his cold, emotionless, and indifferent feelings weren’t shaken in the slightest, and he was like the death god that had come from hell with the mission of reaping lives.

Because all these people had come either to kill him or seize his treasures, he didn’t have any mercy to show. He slaughtered all along the way, while executing the strongest martial techniques and Divine Abilities he’d grasped, and he crushed everything before him without meeting the slightest resistance.

For a time, this place seemed to have transformed into hell. Shrill and tragic cries resounded out everywhere as figures that were fleeing for their lives could be seen all over, and no matter how they joined forces, they were unable to resist Chen Xi.

“What’s going on?” A group of genius experts charged over from the distance. They were from the various other Dynasties and had similarly heard that Chen Xi was heavily injured and on the verge of death, so they intended to participate in this and plunder the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. But due to them being slightly slow, they’d only rushed over at this moment, and they just happened to see this scene.


Chen Xi’s gaze was icy cold as he fanned about the Flaming Peacock Fan, causing flames that were like blazing lava to transform into surging waves of fire that covered the heavens and the earth, and it instantly drowned the group of people. Amidst a wave of shrill cries, they were incinerated into ash and vanished for eternity.

After he finished doing all this, Chen Xi didn’t even spare them a glance before setting out once more.

He was like a devil god that was addicted to slaughter, and he slaughtered a path of blood and stepped on the corpses of all as he moved forward. No one was capable of stopping him, and at least at this moment, he was practically invincible.

This sort of pursuit quickly spread throughout the entire Isle of Fallen Treasures. Figures that were fleeing for their lives could be see everywhere, while blood tainted the ground and corpses covered the earth, causing the entire isle to be in chaos.

Earlier, for the sake of annihilating Chen Xi, the various Dynasties dispatched experts to kill their way to the Isle of Fallen Treasures in a formidable array, and they were full of confidence and arrogance, as they felt that annihilating Chen Xi was as easy as taking something out of their own pockets.

However, at this moment, they were in a constant state of anxiety like dogs that had lost their masters, and all of them were fleeing in disorder. Besides causing one to feel shocked, their miserable appearances caused one to have no choice but to sigh with emotion. The evils we bring onto ourselves are the hardest to bear.

The pursuit still continued.

Chen Xi had suffered the attacks of many experts that had already advanced to the Rebirth Realm on the way, but all of them had perished at Chen Xi’s hands within a few moves.

It wasn’t that they weren’t formidable, but Chen Xi’s current strength was too terrifying.

Early on when he hadn’t entered the Primeval Battlefield, he already had the chance to charge into the Rebirth Realm. Moreover, the cultivation in the Dragon Transformation Pool and the absorption of the Dragon Origin Essence for seven days and seven nights had caused the potential in his body to become condensed to the extreme.

After he entered the Primeval Battlefield, he’d experienced battles against various terrifying sea demons all along the way on the Primitive Sea, and he’d even tempered his strength to the point he was rarely able to find an opponent amongst his peers. Even the Sword Crazy Kid, Taishu Huarong, who’d advanced into the Rebirth Realm, had lost his life at Chen Xi’s hands in the end, and at that time, he hadn’t advanced into the Rebirth Realm yet!

Now he’d experienced the tribulation flames that caused him to experience death and new life, allowing him to condense the Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Goldbody. Moreover, he’d experienced four waves of lightning tribulation before reconstructing his body in the depths of the tribulation clouds, causing him to completely step into the Rebirth Realm. So how could his strength only be double his previous strength?

In short, because Chen Xi’s potential was too terrifying, the phenomenon of the heavenly tribulation like the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth which only existed during the time of the absolute beginning of the world would occur. Now, he’d smoothly overcame the tribulation and possessed the potential to become an exalted figure!

Since ancient times, how many exalted figures were there?

Of course, becoming an exalted figure was absolutely not a simple thing. Conversely, this path wasn’t peaceful and was filled with great danger. But once one became an exalted figure, then one would be an existence that deterred the gods and looked down upon all the three dimensions. A supreme and exalted figure!

But based on how things were now, it was still far away for Chen Xi. Even then, he already possessed such potential, and so long as he continued forward and survived while persisting on his path to the Dao, then he would surely become an exalted figure in the future and cause all the gods in the three dimensions to tremble! 

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