Chapter 484 – The Tribulation Lightning Comes To An End

He was like a fish that had returned to the sea, an eagle that had returned to the sky.

At the instant Chen Xi’s Soul Core leaped into the pool, his mind was suddenly enlightened, and he had the wonderful feeling as if every single thought of his was transparent, free, and light.

This was already not a form of rebirth or transformation, but a type of enjoyment of the mind.

The exuberant vitality contained within the extremely brilliant lightning started to condense in the surroundings of his Soul Core and reconstructed his body. It was like he’d sowed the seed of life within the ground, it grew flesh, blood, skin, bones, tendons, internal organs, apertures, meridians… It was like a bamboo shoot after the rain, and it grew exuberantly and emanated the brilliance of new life.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged there while wandering in a desireless and tranquil state. His body was changing ceaselessly as his reconstructed body became translucent and crystalline like Glazed Divinegold, and it glowed with a crystalline sheen that was like lightning.

A phoenix was reborn from the flames and Chen Xi was currently in a completely new transformation of life.

It wasn’t long before the glow emitted by his body grew more and more brilliant, and it was radiant while revealing a shine of vitality. Within his body, crackling sounds resounded as his limbs and bones were pulsating, his internal organs resonating, and it sounded like the clear and melodious tune of nature, the wonderful sound of the morning bells ringing. Every single bone of his radiated a crystalline glow.

Unlike before, a layer of membrane that seemed metallic yet also seeming crystalline appeared on his bones, meridians, and apertures. These membranes emitted a brilliant lustre and overflowed with spirit energy, and the slightly circulation of his cultivation emitted a clanging and rhythmic sound that gave others an unshakeable feeling.

Besides this, his flesh and blood had undergone a transformation as well. Every single inch of his skin had a tiny aperture world. At this moment, they seemed to have been opened up and illuminated with golden light that nourished his body.

This was a key step. Body refiners treaded the path of attaining immortality of the body, and they considered the body to possess 480,000,000 tiny apertures. Every single tiny aperture was a world, and if one was able to open up all these worlds, one would be able to attain immortality and be eternal.

The reason the Rebirth Goldbody nurtured the Soul Core was because of the release and development of the tiny apertures in the body. When the Soul Core was nurtured within it, even if the body was completely destroyed, a single thought would be able to reconstruct one’s body, and it was extremely formidable.

In other words, if one wanted to kill a body refiner at the Rebirth Realm, it wasn’t enough to only destroy the body refiner’s body, one still had to the destroy the Soul Core contained within the tiny apertures in the body refiner’s body.

However, there were more than a few tens of millions of tiny apertures, so how could it be so easy to destroy all the Soul Core strands nurtured within the tiny apertures?

This was why body refiners were capable of crushing qi refiners at the same cultivation. They were simply like immortal cockroaches that possessed vitality that was strong to a terrifying degree.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body was dazzling as his Soul Core combined with his body while his Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Goldbody acted in cooperation with each other, causing him to seem like a god who was completely flawless, untainted, and emanating boundless brilliance.

From inside to out, from his form to his mind, rebirth and transformation were being carried out at the same time.

The Rebirth Realm seized the fortune of the heavens and the earth, it was a transformation of the essence of life, and it was a grand baptism in the process of pursuing the Heaven Dao. It was the reconstruction of one’s self and the development of one’s soul, and it caused one’s body and mind to transcend.

Besides that, Chen Xi was different from other people. His body refinement and qi refinement tribulations had arrived at the same time, and he’d experienced the tempering of four waves of tribulation lightning before successfully advancing to the Rebirth Realm in the end. So the marvellous changes produced by this was absolutely not something that could be described with a few words.

For example, his Soul Core was different from other people. It had transformed into two parts, one that was nurtured within the Rebirth Wheel in his Dantian, another which was nurtured within the tiny apertures all around his body. But they didn’t conflict with each other and seemed to be extremely peculiar.

Moreover, he could be said to have experienced two circles of life and death during the process of attaining the Rebirth Realm this time.

Once was in the swamp area, and he’d returned to life from death and condensed the Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Goldbody.

The other time was within the pool of vitality in the deepest depths of the tribulation cloud. His Soul Core had dispersed and reconstructed itself numerous times before finally allowing his entire being to undergo a vast transformation of rebirth.

During the absolute beginning of the world, such a rebirth was called ‘the Dance of Phoenix,’ and it implied that an expert possessed the potential to become an exalted figure through the ages after overcoming the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth!


“Has he died or not?”

“He should have died. Didn’t you see that there’s no trace of Chen Xi in the sky?”

“But the tribulation clouds are still there and haven’t dispersed. If we approach like this, what would we do if we’re affected by the tribulation lightning? After all, that’s the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth that only exists in the books from the absolute beginning of the world, and it hasn’t appeared for so long. What if a mishap occurs, we’d be finished!”

“You’re right. Then we’ll wait for the tribulation clouds to completely disperse before approaching.”

The genius experts of the various Dynasties discussed animatedly in the distance, yet not a single one of them dared come close to the tribulation clouds, as they were deeply afraid of being accidentally affected.

Actually, after Chen Xi’s body was destroyed, the tribulation clouds in the sky had restrained all its violence and fallen into silence, and only the sound of the thunderstorm rumbling was emitted faintly.

But due to the tribulation clouds not dispersing after so long and coupled with everyone being extremely terrified of the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth, so no one dared approach it even after an hour had passed since Chen Xi’s body was destroyed.

“Eh, the tribulation clouds are starting to shrink!” After another hour, someone suddenly exclaimed with surprise.

Everyone raised their eyes to look over. Sure enough, they saw the roiling tribulation clouds that covered the sky had started to shrink abruptly, and in the blink of an eye, only less than 300m of it remained.

“Haha, according to the look of things, the tribulation clouds are about to disperse completely. Chen Xi is undoubtedly dead!” Someone let out a long sigh of relief before roaring with laughter.

“Like I said, even if it was during the period of the absolute beginning of the world, the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth was something that very few overcame. Even though Chen Xi’s natural talent is terrifying, how can it possibly compare to the formidable living beings of that time? His fall is within reason.” Someone spoke with confidence and assurance and seemed like a prophet who could foresee the future.

“Great! If this fellow was allowed to overcome the tribulation successfully, then all of us would probably be finished.” The nearby Xu Lengye let out a long sigh of relief, and then he gnashed his teeth and said, “Unfortunately, that Flaming Peacock Fan of mine has been destroyed along with this bastard…”

“Wait! Those seem to be treasures left behind by Chen Xi, and they actually weren’t destroyed by the lightning tribulation…” Right at this moment, an exclaim of shock resounded out abruptly, and the owner of the voice seemed to have realized he’d made a mistake and hurriedly shut up, but it was already too late.

Because at this moment, everyone had noticed as well. Beneath the tribulation clouds floated a pagoda, an object that seemed like a tortoise shell, and a tiny cauldron that was only the size of a pinky.

These three objects were within the envelopment of the tribulation clouds before so they didn’t notice them, but along with the tribulation clouds shrinking, these objects were exposed instantly.

They experienced the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth yet remains, and it’s even to the extent that Chen Xi has perished, but they’re still unharmed. Could these be the trump cards Chen Xi relied on before to fight numerous experts by himself and slaughter all in his path?

Did he rely on one of these three treasures to destroy Pei Yu’s Heavenly Immortal’s Decree?

Instantly, everyone recalled the numerous ferocious actions Chen Xi displayed earlier, causing their breathing to instantly become heavy as their eyes stared fixedly at those three treasures, and all of them revealed a burning expression of extreme greed.

They firmly believed that it was utterly impossible to destroy the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree with Chen Xi’s strength. So he’d surely relied on the assistance of a treasure that was even more terrifying than the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and it was extremely likely that this treasure was one of these three treasures!

Just think about it, the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree contained a strand of the will of a Heavenly Immortal, so how formidable would a treasure that was capable of destroying it be?

It would absolutely not be inferior to a Quasi Immortal Artifact! Everyone present instantly affirmed this in their minds, and they came to a common view.


Right at this moment, a streak tore through the sky to suddenly flash towards the area beneath the tribulation clouds with the intention of seizing those three treasures.

“You’re courting death!”

“You actually dare seize treasures right before this Crown Prince’s eyes? You’re tired of living!”

“Make a move! We must seize those three treasures no matter what!”

The others instantly recovered from their shock as well before resounding out with a wave of furious roars and curses. At the same time, they made a move brazenly to flash towards the area below the tribulation clouds. For the sake of obtaining those three treasures, they couldn’t care about whether the tribulation clouds had vanished completely.

For a time, the surroundings were in complete chaos as numerous streaks tore through the sky and flashed towards the area below the tribulation clouds from all over, and they were a dense mass like locusts that numbered more than a few hundred.

All of them firmly believed that Chen Xi had died without a doubt, whereas the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth would surely completely disperse very soon, so they were fearless when seizing these treasures.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

However, right when everyone had just arrived at the area below the tribulation clouds and hadn’t even had the time to make a move, the three treasures seemed to have been summoned and suddenly transformed into three flowing lights that charged into the tribulation clouds and vanished.

This sudden change of events instantly caused everyone present to be stunned slightly, and they were slightly unable to react to what had just happened.

Why did this happen?

Chen Xi is already dead and the tribulation clouds are about to vanish. Why have these three treasures suddenly flown away?

Could it be that they’ve attained intelligence?

Everyone was taken by surprise by this scene, and they were extremely shocked.

“Want to obtain my treasures? Have all of you asked my permission?” Right at this moment, a calm and indifferent voice suddenly resounded out from the depths of the tribulation clouds.

Along with this sound, the roiling tribulation clouds that had already shrunk to an area of 30m exploded apart and dispersed in the surroundings to reveal a tall figure.

The figure’s clothes fluttered while his long hair danced about in the wind. He stood in midair with a back that was straight like a spear, his eyes were deep and bright like the ocean, and his bearing was indifferent and extraordinary.

“Chen Xi!”

“How can this be possible? You’re actually alive!?”

“That was the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth! You…you… How can you possibly still be alive?”

“My god, this isn’t real, right? You’ve overcome this tribulation, so doesn’t that prove that you possess the potential to become an exalted figure?”

When they saw the tall figure that left the tribulation clouds, everyone present revealed an expression of disbelief and were dumbstruck, and they simply seemed as if they’d seen a ghost.

“I wouldn’t die, of course. But all of you have no need to continue living.” Chen Xi casually hung the tiny cauldron on his chest before raising his head, and his gaze swept past everyone in the surroundings before he said indifferently, “All of you have been pressuring me strenuously for so long, I presume all of you are tired as well. How about we seize this day to put an end to all enmity?” 

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