Chapter 483 – I Should Be Reborn Here!

A group of rebirth phoenixes that were born from the tribulation lightning charged down. Chen Xi didn’t even have the time to feel pain when his body had already been instantly blasted apart into nothingness, and only a strand of his Soul Core remained drifting in midair.

Such a terrifying destructive force had flawlessly displayed what being overwhelming like thunder and all powerful meant. It utterly didn’t give one the time to react before instantly annihilating the person that defied the heavens.

This was the punishment of the heavens, and it represented the supreme will of the Heaven Dao.

Isn’t such a tribulation too terrifying? Chen Xi was shocked. Presently, only a strand of his Soul Core still remained, and it was shapeless and immaterial, so he could be said to be extremely weak.

Fortunately, the phoenixes that were bathed in the glow of flames seemed to be uninterested with his Soul Core, and they flapped their wings to return within the tribulation clouds, allowing Chen Xi to have a tiny amount of time to catch his breath.

But he quickly noticed that after he lost his body, his Soul Core’s strength was gradually weakened, and it seemed that it wouldn’t be long before he would vanish forever in the heavens and the earth even without the attacks of the tribulation lightning.

My body has been destroyed, so is this considered as having failed to overcome the tribulation? Chen Xi frowned as he looked up towards the tribulation clouds and muttered to himself. The tribulation flames transformed the body, whereas tribulation lightning transformed the soul. Presently, I’ve already condensed a Rebirth Wheel and Rebirth Goldbody, and I’ve experienced a transformation of life and death, yet I’m still unable to overcome the Rebirth Tribulation. Could it be that the problem is in my Soul Core?

In practically an instant, Chen Xi restrained all his distracting thoughts and mobilized his Soul Core to charge towards the tribulation clouds that were high above in the sky. This was an extremely risky action because the vast tribulation clouds represented the will of the Heaven Dao. If one set foot within it, then the slightest carelessness would probably cause one to perish instantly.

Not to mention the Soul Core wasn’t the body, and it was a type of spiritual soul force that was formed from the soul. It was a shapeless and immaterial thing that contained thoughts and will. If it was destroyed, one would probably vanish eternally from the world and be forever unable to be reborn.

But Chen Xi already didn’t care because the strength of his Soul Core was gradually vanishing, and if he didn’t search for a method to replenish it, he would vanish from the heavens and the earth in the near future. Instead of this, it was better to take a risk and search for a trace of life in a hopeless situation!

The tribulation clouds roiled in the sky as lightning surged, and it carried boundless destructive force.

Chen Xi had just soared up over 300m when he felt an enormous pressure tear through the sky to assault him! It shook his Soul Core to the point it dissipated slightly, and then this pressure seemed to have transformed into countless whips that whipped his Soul Core and numerous sharp blades that sliced his thoughts.

Being sliced apart into pieces is nothing much! Chen Xi gritted his teeth and persisted. He endured the pain of his Soul Core being broken down as he continued up, yet every 3m he approached the tribulation clouds, the pressure would increase by 10 times, and the pain of his Soul Core being minced apart caused him to almost lose his way.

When he arrived here, the scene before his eyes was filled with dazzling bright lights. The numerous balls of bright lights wriggled and broke apart ceaselessly before gathered strand by strand, string by string, to form into terrifying bolts of lightning.

At the same time, Chen Xi acutely noticed that there was an indescribable aura coming from the depths of the tribulation cloud, and it was extremely weak amidst the boundless destructive force of the tribulation cloud.

New life in destruction that’s born from the thunderstorm. This seems to be the qi of life… This discovery caused his spirits to be raised, and he continued to charge towards the tribulation clouds.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xi had already arrived 300m away from the tribulation cloud to see the true appearance of the space within the tribulation cloud, and he strongly sensed the true strength of the Heaven Dao’s might.

However, when he stepped foot into the tribulation cloud, there was a vast and awe-inspiring violent energy of lightning that filled the heavens and the earth, and it seemed material as it obstructed his path forward.

Every single time he moved forward, the perception within his Soul Core would tremble violently and be completely numbed while he was filled with intense pain, and then he would lose all perception to the point even his entire Soul Core was on the verge of collapse.

Crack! Crack!

His Soul Core emitted the sound of collapsing inch by inch.

At this moment, Chen Xi had the feeling as it he’d already transformed into the smallest piece of dust in the world, and he’d been blasted into powder.

Every single thought in his mind was exploding and transforming into powder.

This feeling was simply the most accurate description of being crushed to powder. It felt as if he was already completely non-existent, and he’d completely fallen into a feeling of frustration and being lost without knowing where he belonged.

Shit! I haven’t died, how can I possibly get lost!? At this instant of extreme danger, Chen Xi suddenly shuddered as he recovered a trace of sobriety, and then he didn’t hesitate to circulate his mind to visualize the Fuxi Divine Statue with his entire strength.

In the past 10 plus years, he’d visualized the Fuxi Divine Statue all day and night, allowing the strength of his soul to attain its current state. Now, when he encountered this extreme danger, he practically instinctively took the Fuxi Divine Statue to be a life saving straw.

The facts proved that Chen Xi’s actions were correct. In the next moment, his shattered thoughts started converging together amidst a crackling sound, and they once again condensed into his Soul Core!

“AH!” This condensing of his Soul Core caused Chen Xi to finally understand what the pain of being bitten by a myriad of ants were like. It was like his body was smashed into mush hammer after hammer, and then someone used a thread and needle to sew him back together. It simply felt more terrifying and agonizing than having the bones and tendons pulled out from one’s body.

But in next to no time, he noticed that his Soul Core had actually become slightly stronger after this round of reconstruction!

Could it be that this is the profundity of the Rebirth Tribulation? Before Chen Xi could wrap his head around the reason, in the next moment, countless bright lights surged over like tidewater once again.

These bright lights were formed from lightning. Every single inch and strand was sharp like a steel needle and bore into his Soul Core with the intention of shattering his Soul Core. Moreover, all of them contained the will of the Heaven Dao.

In other words, every single inch and strand of this bright lights were comparable to a strand of the will of the Heaven Dao, and it contained a destructive force that intended to shatter all the thoughts within Chen Xi’s Soul Core!

Presently, the entire tribulation cloud was filled with lightning, and all of them represented the will of the Heaven Dao. None of them had the slightest feelings, and they only possessed destruction and annihilation within them.

Chen Xi’s Soul Core that was just condensed was instantly broken up into a myriad of thoughts by the enormous lightning. After that, these myriads of thoughts were bitten by the will of the Heaven Dao with the intention of completely shattering them.

If it was any other person, the person’s Soul Core would probably be completely obliterated in this moment.

But, Chen Xi had experienced the changes from before, causing him to already slightly possess some understanding, and he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to visualize the Fuxi Divine Statue right away to condense his Soul Core once more.

So that’s how the tribulation of the Soul Core is. Only by defeating the will of the Heaven Dao within the lightning would the essence of the Soul Core be able to transform and attain an eternal and material state. Perhaps this is the true meaning behind the lightning tribulation of Rebirth! His Soul Core was reborn once more and became slightly stronger, whereas Chen Xi’s understanding towards the lightning tribulation of Rebirth grew greater.

Chen Xi instantly didn’t hesitate in the slightest to spare no effort to muster up all the thoughts in his Soul Core to go ferociously against the will of the Heaven Dao within the lightning.



Shattered again.

Reconstructed again.


Chen Xi’s Soul Core was shattered countless times by the will of the Heaven Dao contained within the tribulation lightning before being reconstructed time and time again. Every single time it was reconstructed, it was as if he’d obtained rebirth, causing his Soul Core to become even stronger and more material, and it even faintly emitted a vast and bright aura.

It was like a piece of scrap iron that had been tempered thousands of times within the furnace, and every single tempering was an improvement and advancement of its essence.

After an unknown period of time, Chen Xi’s Soul Core seemed material and was glowing within the tribulation cloud while emitting peerless divine might. If one didn’t look carefully, one would utterly be unable to distinguish if this was a Soul Core or his true body.

Good god! I’ve finally seen it clearly! At this moment, Chen Xi finally noticed clearly that he was standing at the border of the tribulation cloud, and the will of the Heaven Dao he went against and defeated just now was only those at the border of the tribulation cloud.

On the other hand, the will of the Heaven Dao at the depths of the tribulation cloud were rumbling and became stronger and stronger, and they were exceedingly terrifying. It was even to the extent that when the thunderstorm in the deepest depths of the tribulation cloud shook, countless strands of the will of the Heaven Dao would be formed, and every single strand was countless times more formidable than Chen Xi’s current Soul Core.

That’s…what strong vitality! Chen Xi suddenly noticed that there was a pool at the core area of the depths of the tribulation cloud, and mist flowed within the pool while it emitted an extremely vast and exuberant vitality.

Lightning represented violence and destruction, yet it gave birth to vitality. As the saying goes, everything in the world awakens at the strike of spring thunder. But this strand of vitality was produced within the lightning, and once one came in contact with lightning, one would surely draw out the eruption of its destructive force. So people of the world knew that lightning represented slaughter, yet few knew about the vitality contained within it.

It was a type of force that was a combination of destruction and new life, and it belonged to the profundities of the Laws of the Heaven Dao. Even though Chen Xi was unable to completely comprehend it, he was able to grasp it and sense all this.

In the next moment, he’d already charged into the depths of the tribulation clouds without the slightest hesitation. He moved forward step by step while ceaselessly suffering heavy injuries, his Soul Core shattered and reconstructed itself, a never ending cycle as he moved forward, and the boundless pain and suffering was something that only he was capable of understanding.

But from the beginning until the end, his conviction to move forward had never been shaken. Because he had a strong feeling that so long as he entered into the pool that contained exuberant vitality, then not only would he be able to completely defeat the fourth wave of the lightning tribulation, he would even be able to utilize the exuberant vitality within the pool to reconstruct his body!

This was torture that was brutal like purgatory. Every step he took forward caused him to pay a heavy price, and his Soul Core broke apart and reconstructed as if every step he took was life and death, every step was a cycle of life and death…


Lightning flashed and rumbled, causing the pool formed from cloud and mist to become illuminated brightly, and the crimson colored rays of lights that filled it densely were suffused by strands of vitality. This was the core area in the depths of the tribulation cloud, and it was the most dangerous place in this Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth.

Chen Xi had experienced innumerable hardships, all his thoughts had been tortured by pain to the point of becoming numb. Moreover, he became slower the more he moved because the closer he got to this pool, the stronger the will of the Heaven Dao became, and it brought even heavier harm to his Soul Core.

At this moment, Chen Xi suddenly had the feeling as if the day creeped by like a year while life, death, and rebirth constantly replaced each other during this process, causing it to seem as if he’d experienced the transition of countless years.

Finally, Chen Xi approached the pool, and he saw that the exuberant vitality within the pool was actually a ball of exceedingly crimson red lightning that seemed like burning flames.

A phoenix is reborn from the flames, and I, Chen Xi…should be reborn here! Chen Xi muttered to himself before leaping into the pool without the slightest hesitation.

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