Chapter 482 – Phoenix of Rebirth

After Chen Xi utilized the second move of the Grand Obliteration Fist, Chaotic Obliteration, to strike out and directly blast apart the castle of lightning that crushed down, a strand of the will of Heaven Dao spread out and instantly entered the sea of consciousness between his brows.

Along with this strand of will of the Heaven Dao gushing in, a tempestuous storm suddenly arose in his sea of consciousness, and even the River Diagram fragment that floated there indeterminately was affected and shook endlessly.

What a terrifying strand of the will of the Heaven Dao! Chen Xi mobilized his soul to resist it with all his strength. His soul visualized the Fuxi Divine Statue all day and night and had experienced the tempering of endless battles, causing it to become formidable to the extreme long ago, and it was comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm expert’s soul. Even though the will of he Heaven Dao contained within this castle of lightning was terrifying, it was still endured by him, and he wasn’t injured in the slightest.

In next to no time, his soul strengthened and became even more condensed under the ceaseless tempering of this will of the Heaven Dao, causing the space between his brow to ache from its enlargement, and it shrunk and expanded as if it was breathing and seemed on the verge of cracking open.

At the same time, Chen Xi suddenly noticed that his grasp of the profundities of lightning had risen violently at a terrifying speed to instantly surpass the 9th level of the Advanced Realm and was charging towards the 12th level of the Perfection Realm!

The four realms and twelve levels of Dao Insight represented the level of mastery of a cultivator towards a Dao Insight, and it was divided into the Elementary Realm, Initial Realm, Advanced Realm, and Perfection Realm, while every realm was divided into three levels.

Originally, Chen Xi’s grasp of the lightning profundities were similar to his other Dao Insights, and they were all lingering above the Initial Realm, yet below the Advanced Realm. But now, the Lightning Dao Insight dashed swiftly and risen violently to faintly show signs of charging into the Perfection Realm. Obviously, he’d grabbed enormous benefits from the will of the Heaven Dao contained within the castle of lightning.

Actually, it was obvious, a phenomenon of the heavenly tribulation like the castle of lightning was something that was one in a million. Even if it was amongst the numerous geniuses, one that was capable of drawing this sort of phenomena while overcoming the tribulation was an existence akin to qilin horns and phoenix feathers. Even though it was dangerous, so long as one overcame it, the benefits obtained were beyond imagination as well.

As the old saying went, without danger, where would one obtain great fortune?


The profundities of lightning finally stopped at the 11th level, and it was only a step away from attaining perfection. But before Chen Xi could feel regretful about this, he felt the sea of consciousness between his brow explode open abruptly and emit a rumbling sound, and it caused his entire body to be unable to help but tremble.

In the next moment, an illusory Soul Core image suddenly floated up above his head, and it possessed a handsome appearance, a tall and straight back, and a pair of eyes that were deep like the sea, causing it to be practically exactly the same as him.

Even though this Soul Core image was blurred, the Soul Core emitted a radiant glow at the instant it just appeared, and a variety of Grand Dao profundities flowed about it while the sound of the Dao that was like the gods were sighing with praise rumbled out as it emitted a vast aura that seemed eternal.

Instantly, Chen Xi’s gaze seemed to be able to penetrate space and see through the ages, and with a light sweep, his field of vision had actually instantaneously covered 5,000km, 50,000km…

He ‘saw’ the insurmountable chasm that lay across the deepest depths of the Isle of Fallen Treasures.

He ‘saw’ numerous glows of treasures flying out from every single corner of the ruins on the Isle of Fallen Treasures before vanishing in the blink of an eye.

He even ‘saw’ Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the others had already escaped to an expanse of ruins a few tens of thousands of kilometers away since an unknown moment, and they were converged together while discussing something with low voices.


The numerous scenes that seemed like illusions in his mind were extremely real and visible down to the slightest detail. It was no different than what he saw with his own two eyes, yet its distance was truly too far, an entire few hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and it stretched across the entire boundlessly vast Isle of Fallen Treasures to reflect everything on the isle within his eyes.

At that moment, Chen Xi suddenly felt as if he’d transformed into a god that was looking down at the heavens, the earth, and everything in the universe, and not a single change in the world could escape his all discerning eyes.

Suddenly, Chen Xi let out a muffled groan as everything before his eyes vanished while the glow of the Soul Core image above him was restrained before it sank back into his sea of consciousness. It closed its eyes and sat cross-legged as its body became extremely blurry like smoke and mist, and it seemed as if it would vanish in the next moment.

Could it be that I haven’t overcome it successfully? Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered. Everything from before allowed him to feel the various benefits of possessing a Soul Core, but obviously, he hadn’t completely and successfully condensed the Soul Core.

In the next moment, he understood everything. After the castle was shattered, the heavenly tribulation didn’t disperse, but became even denser instead, and it seemed that even the heavens were unwilling to allow a formidable person like him to overcome this tribulation and attain the Rebirth Realm.

This was simply no different than defying the heavens.

Those that defied the heavens would surely suffer the envy of the heavens, and the Laws of the Heaven Dao would surely send down its most terrifying and murderous tribulation to a person like Chen Xi.

An ordinary cultivator would at most encounter three waves of lightning tribulations when overcoming the Rebirth Tribulation. Moreover, very few were capable of drawing out phenomena of the heavenly tribulation like lightning weapons, lightning spirits, and the castle of lightning spirits.

Even if such a person existed, the tribulation clouds would disperse after they overcame these three extremely terrifying lightning tribulations, whereas, one that was an oddity like Chen Xi and actually had to face the fourth wave of lightning tribulation was simply rare to the extreme and astonishing.

It was precisely because of this that the genius experts of the various Dynasties that charged over, would stop abruptly half way while revealing extremely astounded expressions as if they’d seen a ghost, and they didn’t have any thoughts of charging forward to kill Chen Xi any longer. Conversely, they turned around and fled.

What a joke! That was the fourth wave of the lightning tribulation. Even the castle of lightning spirits was so terrifying, how could the fourth wave of the lightning tribulation be any inferior? They would probably be instantly crushed into powder and perish just from being slightly tainted by it!


The tribulation clouds swiftly surged and whistled while the blood red lightning became extremely brilliant to the point it seemed ready to drip blood from it, and they condensed into the form of numerous phoenixes. Phoenixes flew about in the sky while being coiled by a myriad of flaming rays of light, and they burned the heavens and the earth while emitting numerous clear and melodious cries that simply shook the soul, the heavens, and the earth.

“The Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth! This is the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth! How can this be possible? According to legend, the records of the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth are only present in the most ancient books during the time of the absolute beginning of the world, and it’s a tribulation that only appeared during the time of the absolute beginning of the world!” When the distant group of genius experts saw this scene, they were instantly terrified to the point of retreating repeatedly while their companions by their sides revealed shocked expressions as well.

“My god! The Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth is actually real! Wasn’t this just a legend?” Xu Lengye was dumbstruck, and he similarly retreated repeatedly as he was deeply afraid of being affected by it. “If Chen Xi is struck to death by it, then wouldn’t my Flaming Peacock Fan be destroyed along with him?”

“According to legend, all that were capable of drawing the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth were those that possessed the potential to become an exalted figure, and even during the time of the absolute beginning of the world, the primordial age where outstanding geniuses emerged in large numbers, there were very few that overcame such a tribulation. Not to mention Chen Xi, even if we get slightly close to such a tribulation and were swept into it, we’d perish instantaneously.” Someone was terrified and uneasy as he spoke with trembling lips.

“Calm down, everyone. Even though Chen Xi is formidable, he might not be able to overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth, and even if we take a million steps back and he’s able to overcome it, he will surely suffer a heavy injury, and we’ll have the opportunity to kill him.”

Someone forcefully restrained the terror in his heart and said in a cold voice, “Everyone, all of you have seen it as well, this fellow possesses the potential to become an exalted figure. So we must kill him today, otherwise, not to mention us, even our companions and sects will suffer his revenge in the future!”

“Right! No matter what, we have to kill him today!” The hearts of everyone went cold when they heard this, and their opinions were unusually uniform. The experts of Dynasties that possessed enmities amongst each other had chosen to tolerate each other temporarily and work together, and they intended to jointly deal with Chen Xi.

Right at this moment, Chen Xi started to truly face the fourth wave of the lightning tribulation.


A phoenix was bathed in the glow of fire while dazzling lightning flowed around its body. It let out a clear cry that shook the heavens before plunging down, and a sweep of its wings sucked out all the spirit energy in the surroundings.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi felt the spirit, energy, and essence within his entire body was about to be seized by this phoenix, and he had an intense feeling of fear as if he was about to be crushed and refined.

His arms shook as he struck out with the Grand Obliteration Fist, and he charged forward to intercept this phoenix instead. He shattered it with a single strike, yet the energy of lightning carried by this phoenix still infiltrated his body, causing half his body to directly explode open, and his body was in an extremely terrifying mangled mess.

“Rebirth Goldbody, restore me!” Chen Xi shouted loudly as the Shaman Energy in his body surged, and it madly recovered his body that had exploded apart. At the same time, he started using up the Shaman Blood Crystals in his possession as if they were worthless to replenish his Shaman Energy. After he experienced the third wave of the lightning tribulation earlier, it had caused him to consume a great deal of Shaman Energy.

The might of the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth was too terrifying. It was only the first strike, yet it had already blasted apart half his body, and if he still didn’t replenish his Shaman Energy, then he would probably die with hatred in his heart even if he possessed the Rebirth Goldbody.

However, before Chen Xi could recover completely, another phoenix that bathed in flames plunged down from the tribulation clouds in the sky, and it emitted an extreme brilliance of lightning as it descended ferociously. Its wings grabbed ahold of Chen Xi between them before surging lightning flames erupted from it with a spin of its body, and it intended to refine Chen Xi alive.

Chen Xi gritted his teeth and used all the strength in his body to push outwards and completely break apart this phoenix, whereas his body suffered a heavy injury once more, causing his flesh to be charred as countless gaps had opened up on his body, and it was even to the extent the bones within the wound were visible.

Screech! Screech! Screech!

The cries of phoenixes resounded in the nine heavens and shook the world. After that, a few tens of phoenixes plunged down abruptly from the tribulation clouds. All of them were bathed in an extreme brilliance of flames and a myriad of lightning bolts, and they blotted out the sky as they instantly encircled Chen Xi.

All these phoenixes were transformed from supreme lightning profundity, and every single one of them were much more formidable than the lightning weapons and lightning spirits from before. It was even to the extent that every single one of them possessed the strength to directly annihilate a Rebirth Realm expert.

At this moment, this group of phoenixes had encircled Chen Xi, and they flapped their wings, causing lightning flames to roar and collide with each other. It was simply as if the celestial bodies in the sky were moving and pressing down with the intention of refining everything in the world!

In only an instant, the flesh and bones in Chen Xi’s body were completely crushed into powder, and only a few things remained floating in the air — the River Diagram fragments, the mysterious tiny cauldron, the Buddha’s Pagoda… and a strand of a Soul Core!

“What a terrifying tribulation! That fellow Chen Xi is probably already dead, right?” Everyone in the distance were unable to see the scene of the heavenly tribulation clearly, yet they were able to clearly sense a type of terror that couldn’t be restrained. The Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth was truly too terrifying, and even if they looked at it from afar, it caused them to be unable to arouse the slightest thought of going against it as all their hopes were crushed into pieces before it.

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