Chapter 481 – Castle of Lightning Spirits

The tribulation clouds in the sky rumbled and raged as the storm surged, and a brilliance of lightning that was dense like blood illuminated the heavens and the earth, causing an area of 5,000km in the surroundings to be illuminated to the point of becoming a blazing blood red color.


A thunderclap shook the sky as an enormous rift that spanned a few tens of km in distance was torn open in the blood red sky, and then boundless blood red lightning converged together and actually developed into a brilliant and blazing lightning castle! 

The castle of lightning was lifelike and had practically been condensed into a material object, and numerous lightning spirits with the heads of a bird and the body of a man flew about within it. They had a pair of lightning wings while holding lightning hammers, lightning drums, lightning awls, and other lightning weapons, and they cheered at each other before slashing out a myriad of extremely terrifying fine bolts of lightning that shook the heavens and the earth.

“The third wave of the lightning tribulation — The Castle of Lightning Spirits!” The hearts of everyone in the distance who saw this scene shook greatly, and they were dumbstruck as their entire bodies couldn’t help but start trembling.

According to legend, only a peerless expert that couldn’t be seen in 10,000 lifetimes would be capable of drawing out a phenomenon of the heavenly tribulation like the Castle of Lightning Spirits. This usually represented that the person who overcame the tribulation possessed boundless potential and a heaven defying strength, whereas, one that defies the heavens would surely suffer the envy of the heavens, and that is why such a heavy tribulation with descend to annihilate the person!

The Castle of Lightning Spirits? An unprecedented feeling of pressure arose abruptly in Chen Xi’s heart.


Tiny sounds of explosions sounded out within his Dantian as the vital energy within his body had sensed this pressure and caused his True Essence to automatically start circulating madly.

At the same time, the spirit energy of the heavens and earth in an area of 500km gushed ceaselessly towards Chen Xi, and he seemed like a black hole that ceaselessly devoured the spirit energy before refining the vast spirit energy into True Essence that replenished the emptiness in his Dantian.

This won’t do! The speed of refining spirit energy is too slow! When he saw the Castle of Lightning Spirits was about to descend, Chen Xi hurriedly withdrew a few thousand Sky Jadeliquid Pills before his True Essence shook them, causing all the spirit pills to be shattered apart and burned in unison before transforming into vast spirit energy that was instantly refined and absorbed by him.

For a time, Chen Xi felt he’d become immeasurably stronger as an enormous amount of True Essence surged like the ocean, and it gave him powerful strength that allowed him to feel much more at ease.


A bolt of lightning that was thick like a pail blasted down with an unimaginable speed, and it directly and heavily blasted onto Chen Xi’s body before he had the time to avoid it, causing the skin on his body to be struck to the point of being completely pitch black and surging with burning lightning flames, and numerous horrifying cracks had opened up on his body.

At practically the exact same instant, a lightning spirit flashed out while holding a heavy sword and swung it out in an arc that slashed towards Chen Xi.

This sword move actually contained boundless profundity as if it was utilized by a peerless sword cultivator, and it emitted an overbearing, murderous, and slaughtering intent, and it would stop at nothing to destroy Chen Xi.

The Zhen Sword of Lightning? No, this sword technique possesses an even greater murderous intent, and it simply perfectly displays the true meaning of destruction! Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he circulated the Rebirth Goldbody, and everywhere his Shaman Energy passed, the tattered and charred skin and bones on his body would be instantly restored to their original state which was dazzling, bright, crystalline, and translucent.

At the same time, his Talisman Armament flashed through the sky and directly slashed apart the lightning bolt struck out by this heavy sword along with the lightning spirit itself, transforming them into a wisp of the will of the Heaven Dao that smashed into his sea of consciousness before being refined by his soul, causing his soul to become even more condensed and refined.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, when he absorbed the will of the Heaven Dao this time, it actually contained a trace of the quintessence profundities of lightning, and it instantly allowed his comprehension of lightning to clearly increase greatly!  

So that’s how it is. Even though the Castle of Lightning Spirits is rare and terrifying, it similarly contains benefits that are difficult to be obtained by ordinary people. For example, this quintessence profundity of lightning. If I’m able to ceaselessly absorb it, then it would be no different from obtaining sudden comprehension towards Lightning Dao Insight. Chen Xi’s eyes lit up as he noticed the enormous value contained within the third wave of the tribulation lightning.

He’d just slashed apart this lightning spirit when a row of lightning spirits that held lightning pikes instantly charged down from the heavens once more, and the pike images layered upon each other and revealed overwhelming might.

Chen Xi discerned with a single glance that every single one of these pikes had executed a different martial technique that contained the profundities of metal, wood, fire, water, and earth, and the circulation of the five elements and a terrifying crushing force that cycled endlessly was actually produced within the dense lightning. It was like the five element divine lightning he exerted via the Grand Astral Palm, and it was even purer and possessed a greater destructive lethality!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The lightning pikes tore through space and directly smashed onto Chen Xi’s body, and every single explosive pierce caused his body to be charred from the blast while blood and flesh sprayed out.

His entire body was even blasted into the ground and smashed out a bottomless chasm. Moreover, the surrounding 50km of nearby ground was unable to endure the blasts of lightning, causing it to sink over 1km deep while countless mountains were exploded apart and innumerable demon beasts were blasted into ash by the lightning, and its impetus was astonishing to the extreme.

“Is he dead?”

“Haha. The might of this Castle of Lightning Spirits is really not something he can go against!”

The spirits of the distance spectators were refreshed as they focused their gazes over as if they were confirming if Chen Xi was blasted into pieces and obliterated.

However, right at this moment…


A figure flashed out from the crack on the ground as the Talisman Armament slashed out towards the sky like a rainbow that shot through the sun, and it emitted a myriad of brilliant sword qi that crisscrossed together before directly obliterating the rows of lightning spirits.

The wisp of happiness that had just appeared on the faces of everyone froze and stiffened instantly when they saw this scene, and then it transformed into an expression of disbelief as if they’d seen a ghost while they felt flabbergasted. “He’s actually alive! Isn’t he too ferocious?”

“There’s no need to worry. The Castle of Lightning Spirits hasn’t launched its final attack, and he surely won’t be able to persist for long.” Everyone consoled themselves like this, yet their expressions grew more and more unsightly.

Because they noticed that in the following period of time, Chen Xi became more valiant the more he fought. He was unstoppable with a sword in hand, and he actually slaughtered all the lightning spirits that flew out from the Castle of Lightning Spirits. His valiant and ferocious appearance caused their expressions to change indeterminately, and their hearts gradually sank to rock bottom along with this.

This kid’s strength is so formidable, and he absolutely possesses the potential to grow into an exalted figure. If we’re unable to kill him today, then who would be able to obstruct his footsteps in the future?


After slashing apart so many lighting spirits and obtaining a thick mass of lightning quintessence profundities, Chen Xi had just heaved a sigh of relief when the sky suddenly shook violently, and then Chen Xi’s vision was filled with dazzling bolts of lightning that caused him to even be unable to open his eyes.

“Shit! The castle of lightning is about to descend!” This thought had just flashed in the hearts of everyone when their bodies suffered a heavy strike that caused the bones and flesh in their entire bodies to explode open while emitting cracking noises, and practically more than half of their bodies were destroyed.

The brilliant and vast castle of lightning within the tribulation clouds in the sky crushed down like a divine palace descending from the heavens, and it was coiled with bolts of lightning and emitted a terrifying might capable of destroying everything as it directly blasted onto Chen Xi.

“Rebirth Goldbody, reconstruct, condense!” Chen Xi roared repeatedly as the Shaman Energy within his entire body roiled and circulated completely to restore his body.

The bones and meridians within his body that had been blasted apart swiftly formed together once more, and they grew and were restored.


The heavens and the earth trembled as the castle of lightning continued to crush down and ceaselessly smash onto his body and blast his body apart, whereas his body ceaselessly restored itself instead, causing everyone in the distance to be terrified by this sight and practically forget to breathe.

“This fellow…is too terrifying!” Xu Lengye and the others were shocked to the point their jaws almost dropped to the ground as they watched Chen Xi quickly restoring his body amidst receiving the blasts of the castle of lightning.

Originally, Xu Lengye intended to charge into the tribulation clouds to seize the Flaming Peacock Fan, and he didn’t mind taking a slight risk, but Chen Xi utterly didn’t give him the slightest chance. Because every single time Chen Xi suffered an attack, he would be able to swiftly recover in the blink of an eye, so Xu Lengye would undoubtedly be courting death if he charged over at this moment.

Not to mention Xu Lengye, even the other numerous experts didn’t dare take a risk themselves when they saw Chen Xi’s display.

“Everyone. I’ve finally seen it clearly. Chen Xi has condensed the Rebirth Goldbody since long ago and is capable of swiftly restoring his damaged body. But the castle of lightning isn’t so easily destroyed, so even if he’s able to overcome the tribulation, he’ll probably be greatly injured and fall into a weakened state. We’ll seize the moment he’s weakened to kill him in one go.”

“Exactly. This is our one and only chance, and we must grab ahold of it. Not only is this kid’s qi refinement cultivation about to attain the Rebirth Realm, even his body refinement cultivation is similarly about to advance. With such a terrifying strength, once he’s allowed to successfully overcome the tribulation today, then we can only dream of having a good night’s sleep!”

“Kill! This kid must be eliminated! Otherwise, he’ll absolutely be our most terrifying nightmare in the final test of the Primeval Battlefield.

At this moment, the attitude of the genius experts from the various Dynasties were unusually united, and they didn’t care about plundering the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession and wholeheartedly thought about how to annihilate Chen Xi, because so long as Chen Xi wasn’t eliminated, they wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep in peace.

“Obliterate!” Right when everyone was discussing, Chen Xi’s roar sounded out from within the heavenly tribulation, and he stretched out his right hand before striking out with the Chaotic Obliteration technique. His Fist Insight surged and overturned the heavens and the earth as it directly blasted the castle of lightning that crushed down into countless lightning glows that sprayed throughout the sky, and it was like a flickering, magnificent, and tiny lightning shower that was rather gorgeous.

However, even though this lightning glow was beautiful, it was extremely terrifying. Wave after wave of it spread towards the surroundings like an explosive torrent and shook the heavens and the earth before forming into an exceedingly enormous mushroom cloud.

“Even the castle of lightning was destroyed by him! He…has actually succeeded!” The pupils of everyone dilated as an indescribable feeling of deep fear gushed into their hearts.

“Quickly! He’s just overcome the tribulation successfully, and it’s precisely his moment of weakness. Everyone, make a move together and kill him!” Someone shouted out explosively, jolting everyone present to recover from their shock, and the didn’t hesitate in the slightest to flash out right away and charge towards the distant Chen Xi.

However, they’d just charged out half the distance when they seemed to have noticed something and forcefully stopped themselves. All of them revealed astounded expressions as they looked up at the sky, and not only had the surging tribulation clouds there not dispersed, it seemed to be brewing an even greater tribulation instead!

“My god! Could it be that there’s still a fourth wave? Isn’t his natural talent too heaven defying?!” Everyone seemed as if they’d seen a ghost, and they were already incapable of finding a word to describe their exceedingly shocked feelings at this moment. 

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