Chapter 480 – Will Of The Heaven Dao

The tribulation lightning suddenly sent down countless blood red lightning bolts that poured down heavily as if the end of the world had arrived.

This was the true might of the heavens, the punishment of the heavens, and it represented the supreme might of the laws of the heavens and the earth. It emitted a terrifying destructive force that caused everything that lived in this expanse of heavens and earth to be terrified and uneasy.

In merely an instant, this area had transformed into a world of lightning that was crimson red like blood, and lightning shook the nine heavens!

It was even possible to notice that the blood red bolts of lightning that were thick and large like chains had transformed into a variety of weapons. There were blades and spears clanging as they collided with each other and war drums resounding, and it was even possible to see that the lightning had condensed into numerous lightning spirits that seemed to be in the shape of humans. All of them held shining spears and sat on armored horses as they whistled through the sky while thunderbolts surged and shook the world.


Thunderclaps roared furiously as bolts of lightning rumbled and all the attacks and magic treasures struck out by everyone in the surroundings were shattered and obliterated, and it shocked all of them to the point of retreating repeatedly while turning pale, as they were deeply afraid of being affected by the tribulation.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had suffered the blast of the tribulation lightning as well. An enormous bolt of lightning transformed into a pike that appeared above Chen Xi as its lethality shot out explosively in all directions, and it intended to destroy all existences that went against its heavenly might.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body glowed crimson as the Talisman Armament soared through the sky, and he slashed out with his sword. Vast Sword Insight swept through the world and directly shattered this blood colored lightning pike.

Even though the blood colored lightning pike was destroyed, the trace of will of the Heaven Dao contained within it struck into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness instead, and it struck down to the point waves rose up from all directions and shot into the sky in his sea of consciousness.

The will of the Heaven Dao was formed from the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and its lethality was extremely terrifying. Once a cultivator was unable to resist it, their sea of consciousness would be completely destroyed and their soul obliterated. Conversely, if one’s soul endured the will of the Heaven Dao, it would bring forth the effect of tempering the soul, and it would strengthen the soul and cause it to become even purer before transforming and producing a Soul Core in the end.

But the tribulation lightning Chen Xi drew was truly too terrifying. When he’d just shattered the blood colored pike, there were a few hundreds of blood colored weapons that smashed down once more, and they directly drowned the vast sword strike he slashed out, causing it to be completely shattered and have utterly no room to resist.

Everyone present felt delighted and regretful in their hearts when they saw this scene. They were delighted that Chen Xi would be annihilated by the tribulation lightning in the next moment, whereas they felt regretful because if Chen Xi died, then the treasures in his possession would surely be destroyed along with him, and they wouldn’t be able to obtain these treasures…


It was indeed as everyone had expected, after the sword qi was dealt with, the weapons formed from the blood red lightning directly blasted onto Chen Xi, causing countless arcs of lightning to splash out. 

However, before everyone had the time to be happy, everything that happened in the next instant caused all their pupils to constrict abruptly. Not only did Chen Xi survive, he’d forcefully endured the strikes of the lightning instead, and he was charging towards them!

Moreover, Chen Xi’s speed was extremely swift. In the next moment, Chen Xi’s figure had already charged to the ground, and the crowd of people that were the closest to him were caught off guard, causing them to be directly enveloped by the surging lightning. They emitted a wave of shrill and miserable cries as they transformed into dust and perished.

Most of these lightning bolts charged towards Chen Xi with the intention of annihilating him. However, the aftershock was still sufficient to cause the other cultivators to be blasted apart, and especially when being caught off guard, the lethality that came from the punishment of the heavens was simply all powerful and instantly annihilated over 10 lives.

“Shit! This fellow intends to use the might of the heavenly tribulation to annihilate us!”

“He’s too insane! This fellow has no regard for his life and actually wants to take us down with him!”

“Retreat! Retreat quickly!”

Everyone was astounded as they roared furiously in unison before turning around and flashing towards the distance. The speed of their actions simply seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to be born with another pair of legs. This couldn’t be helped; the heavenly tribulation was too terrifying, and they didn’t want to perish along with this madman, Chen Xi.

In the blink of an eye, all the nearby experts flashed to the distance and moved away from this area that was filled with tribulation lightning, and they vanished completely. However, they didn’t leave completely, but hid in the distance while intending to wait for an opportunity to take action.

It was impossible for them to willingly leave until they saw Chen Xi being completely annihilated.

Everyone that overcame a tribulation would be extremely careful and even invite the seniors of their sects to stand guard, yet not only had this fellow drawn over the heavenly tribulation while in battle, he even used the heavenly tribulation to kill others. How could such a heaven defying action not shock everyone?

Especially the scene that occurred earlier, it allowed them to understand Chen Xi’s strength a step further, and it caused them to even more urgently want to kill Chen Xi.

All of this made it impossible for them to leave just like this.


Chen Xi originally intended to pursue them, but the blood colored lightning was too ferocious, and it struck down onto him like a rainstorm, so even if he’d just condensed a Rebirth Wheel, it was slightly strenuous for him when encountering tribulation lightning like this.

But Chen Xi was already rather satisfied from being able to rely on the might of the heavenly tribulation to annihilate over 10 people, and he turned around right away to start resisting the tribulation lightning with all his strength.


The Talisman Armament danced about in the sky like a silver river that flowed up. Within it, the sun and moon alternated, the five elements circulated, and various Dao Insight phenomena were developed. The piercingly cold and blazing sword light crisscrossed as it shattered countless blood red lightning weapons in succession, and only the will of the Heaven Dao blasted successively into Chen Xi’s sea of consciousness.

But how formidable was Chen Xi’s soul at this moment? It was comparable to a Nether Transformation Realm expert, so resisting this level of attack was no different than eating or drinking, and he wasn’t injured in the slightest. Conversely, the strength of his soul became even more refined and pure, and it faintly gave out a full feeling like a seed that was about to break out from beneath the ground.

“This fellow is too formidable! That level of tribulation lightning seems to be utterly incapable of doing anything to him.”

“Hmph! This is still the first wave of the tribulation lightning, and the tribulation lightning will only get stronger and stronger. Moreover, overcoming this tribulation would surely cause him to expend a great amount of True Essence, causing him to become extremely weak. We’ll make a move together at that time and killing him would be as easy as a flip of the hand.”

“Indeed. There're normally three waves of tribulation lightning. When ordinary people go against the final wave, it would usually form into various lightning weapons that were extremely shocking. On the other hand, this fellow had already encountered such a terrifying tribulation lightning in the first wave, and the following waves would surely be even more formidable and terrifying. Perhaps there would utterly be no need for us to make a move, and he would be struck to death.”

“No matter what, we’ll act according to circumstances. We must not allow him to survive again!”

In the distance, the genius experts of the various Dynasties were gathered together and were communicating swiftly. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi revealed boundless hatred, and they seemed to wish for nothing more than for him to be instantly annihilated and vanish eternally from their sight.


The tribulation clouds shook and roiled as blood colored lightning surged and roared while tainting the heavens and the earth red. The second wave of the tribulation lightning descended, and there were a dense mass of human shaped lightning that held lightning weapons and formed a vast and mighty army that charged like an explosive stream towards Chen Xi.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

It was even to the extent that the rumbling of war drums and battle cries faintly sounded out from within the lightning, and it shook the heavens and earth while causing the world to become overcast.

The scalps of the distant spectators went numb when they saw this, and they asked themselves in their hearts. If they encountered such a tribulation lightning in their tribulation, then not to mention overcoming it safely, they would probably be instantly crushed and perish.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The human shaped lightning charged down like a huge cavalry that crushed the space before them and emitted a terrifying imposing aura of invincibility and the intention to flatten the heavens and the earth, causing the feeling of despair to arise in others.

Under these circumstances, Chen Xi felt pressured for the first time, and he was unable to kill all of them while circulating the Myriad Convergence Sword Scripture with his entire strength, causing him to be directly struck by countless human shaped bolts of lightning.

These terrifying bolts of lightning directly exploded as soon as they came in contact with his body, and there were even countless strands of lightning that entered his body and rampaged about while carrying out destruction within him.

Instantly, 30% of Chen Xi’s body was destroyed. If it wasn’t for him having attained the Rebirth Goldbody earlier, this strike would probably have been sufficient to completely crush his body into powder.

But it was precisely because he’d attained the Rebirth Goldbody that Shaman Energy ceaselessly emerged from within his body to repair the destroyed parts of his body in unison, and his body was completely recovered to its peak state in the time of almost a breath.

Seizing this opportunity, Chen Xi slashed out with his entire strength, causing sword qi to shoot out like the tide, and it shattered and collapsed wave after wave of human shaped lightning. At the same time, the will of the Heaven Dao that seemed to cover the heavens and the earth surged into his sea of consciousness with a bang.

It was as if he’d consumed a great tonic, causing Chen Xi to feel that his spirit, essence, and energy was unprecedentedly refreshed, and the strength of his soul was almost climbing like a rocket that didn’t stop in the slightest. The feeling that his soul was expanding and about to break out from its shell felt even stronger, and this was the sign of being about to transform and produce a Soul Core.

“Good, again!” Chen Xi raised his sword towards the sky.

At the same time, numerous Sky Jadeliquid Pills were being burned fiercely within his body, and they were swiftly transformed into vast warm flows that replenished the consumed True Essence in his body.

In practically an instant, he’d consumed a few thousand Sky Jadeliquid Pills. Actually, this was normal as after he advanced to the Rebirth Realm, the stronger his strength was, the higher his consumption of True Essence would be. If he didn’t possess the assistance of spirit pills, it would be impossible for him to persist until now.

The tribulation clouds seemed to have been infuriated, causing the human shaped lightning from the second wave of the Heavenly Tribulation to drum their war drums and ride lightning Dragonhorses while wearing lightning armor, and they were like an even purer army of lightning that were born from the thunderstorm. They charged out from space while holding weapons on armored horses, and their imposing aura shot into the sky like a rainbow. 

But with the Rebirth Goldbody to rely on, even though Chen Xi’s body suffered heavy injuries repeatedly, it was able to recover instantly, and he’d seized this opportunity to shatter countless more bolts of lightning.

In next to no time, the second wave of the tribulation lightning had vanished.

Chen Xi’s soul became even more condensed, causing the space between his brows to bulge up and emit a rhythmic thump that was like the beat of a heart, and his Soul Core was soon to be formed.

“What a freak! Even human shaped lightning bolts are incapable of doing anything to him?”

“Don’t be impatient. There’s still the third wave of tribulation lightning after this, and that’s the final wave. Most cultivators that charge into the Rebirth Realm die in the final wave of the tribulation lightning.”

“But for the sake of being prepared for the worst, everyone should still make preparations. Even if he really overcomes the tribulation successfully, he’ll surely be the weakest at that time, and we’ll move out together to annihilate him!”

When they saw Chen Xi easily overcome the second wave of the tribulation lightning, all the people in the distance were terrified and felt a chill run down their spines as their expressions became heavier and heavier. They’d already planned everything and would kill Chen Xi today, no matter what! 

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