Chapter 479 – Overcoming The Tribulation

This was an expanse of mountainous forests that were covered in ruins, and the lofty mountains were craggy and barren.

At this moment, numerous streaks were whistling over from all around the mountainous forest, and they were overflowing with multicolored flowing lights, causing them to be rather gorgeous. Group after group of experts from the various Dynasties swiftly rushed over while the sounds of shouting and the roars of beasts were interwoven together and shook the surroundings, causing it to seem extremely clamorous.

Besides the Full Moon Kingdom’s Xu Lengye’s group and the experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty that were the first to rush over, there were numerous experts of the other Dynasties and they were a complicated mix of forces.

When looked at from afar, there were at least a few hundred of people, and there were still numerous streaks rushing over from afar.

This was a true situation of being surrounded by enemies.

Even if it was a Rebirth Realm expert facing this scene, the expert would probably feel despair and give up resistance because these few hundreds of people represented the top figures of the younger generation, the genius figures of the various Dynasties. Otherwise it would be impossible for them to enter the Primeval Battlefield.

But Chen Xi seemed to completely not notice this nor did he have the slightest awareness of being deep within an encirclement, and he had his hands behind his back while looking up at the sky with a deep gaze as if he was deducing something.

“Move aside!” Xu Lengye shouted out loudly as he moved ahead of everyone, and then he gnashed his teeth and said with a murderous gaze, “Chen Xi, what’re you doing pretending at a time like this? Quickly get the fuck over here and hand over my Flaming Peacock Fan!”

“Your Flaming Peacock Fan? On what basis should he hand it over to you?” Someone sneered bluntly and moved forward as well.

“Exactly. A treasure like the Flaming Peacock Fan is something that belongs to the person that seizes it. Thinking of coercing us to have it all for you self? Have you asked our permission?!” The genius experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty shouted out as well.

“Motherfucker! Everyone who entered the Primeval Battlefield knows that the Flaming Peacock Fan belongs to me! All of you are clearly feigning ignorance, aren’t all of you too shameless?” Xu Lengye was furious to the point he almost spat blood, and he gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“Treasures are something that’re obtain by those with strength. Being unable to protect even a Quasi Immortal Artifact can only prove that you’re too weak, and you’re utterly not worthy of possessing the Flaming Peacock Fan!”

“Exactly. Has anyone in the Primeval Battlefield not killed another to seize their treasures? Have you seen anyone return what they seized to its original owner?”

Everyone naturally wouldn’t watch idly by as Xu Lengye seized the Flaming Peacock Fan, they immediately confronted him and shouted loudly, and no one was convinced of the other’s strength.

Even if Xu Lengye’s group overwhelmed them in numbers, but none of them were afraid. There were so many experts all over the surroundings, and would any of them agree to allowing the Flaming Peacock Fan to be pocketed by Xu Lengye? No matter how strong Xu Lengye was, he wouldn’t be able to go against the huge amount of people here. 


Right when everyone was engaged in a heated argument, a thunderclap suddenly resounded out in the sky. A sound that was filled with a dignified and destructive force shook the heavens and the earth, and it shocked everyone to the point their hearts went cold as they raised their heads to look into the sky successively.

The dark clouds roiled as crimson red lightning surged within it and transformed into a world of lightning. This tribulation cloud had always been silent since before, causing everyone to not pay much attention to it, yet at this moment, an unexpected event occurred abruptly along with this thunderclap.

The crimson colored and brilliant arcs of lightning actually transformed into a thick bloody color, causing the numerous thick and large bolts of lightning that surged within the tribulation cloud to seem like wriggling pythons that were extremely astounding, and they tainted the entire heavens and earth red.

Moreover, numerous human shaped lightning actually floated out into appearance from within the crimson red lightning bolts, and they formed a dense mass and seemed like the spirits of lightning. A variety of lightning weapons were held in the hands of every single one of them, and they emitted an extremely terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.


At this moment, lightning rumbled in the heavens and the earth as the scene in the surroundings changed indeterminately while the spirit energy in the air turned chaotic. All the demon beasts in the surrounding 5,000km were terrified to the point of hiding within their lairs, and they trembled as they looked towards Chen Xi’s location in unison.

“It has finally arrived when I’m confronted by powerful enemies?” Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered in the wind as strands of cold lights shot out explosively from his eyes. There was no fear nor excitement emanated from him, and there was only calm, as if he’d always expected the tribulation lightning would arrive at this moment.

“Shit! The tribulation lightning is about to descend!”

“Quickly! Annihilate him! Otherwise, the treasures in his possession will be completely obliterated by the tribulation lightning!”


Everyone in the vicinity couldn’t care about their disputes with each other any longer, and their expressions went grim as they made a move brazenly. Various magic treasures, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities blasted and sprayed out as if they were worthless, and they covered the heavens and the earth as they blasted towards Chen Xi.

In their hearts, Chen Xi was a dead man and there was no need for them to worry about any accidents occurring. What they were truly worried about was whether the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession would be obliterated by the heavenly tribulation.


However, in the next moment, a scene that caused them to feel astonished occurred. Chen Xi’s figure flashed and actually shot out explosively to charge directly towards the tribulation clouds in the sky.

Moreover, his speed was swift like teleportation, allowing him to already arrive beneath the tribulation clouds before all the attacks had arrived before him.


A strand of a clear and melodious sword howl resounded out. Chen Xi held the Talisman Armament in hand as he looked at the tribulation clouds that were right before him, and the vital energy in his body rumbled like a great river within his body. His entire body glowed as a divine wheel that was like a sun floated up into appearance behind him, and it surged with a powerful and brilliant crimson light that caused his imposing aura to instantly become vast and terrifying to the extreme.

“Wasn’t this fellow heavily injured and on the brink of death? How can he be able to explode out with such a terrifying strength?” Someone was astonished.

“A Rebirth Wheel! This fellow has actually condensed a Rebirth Wheel. If he directly made a move against us earlier…” Someone was astounded and seemed to have thought of some sort of terrifying consequence, and he couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

“Shit! He has already condensed a Rebirth Wheel, and if his soul transforms and forms a Soul Core, it would be equivalent to completely advancing into the Rebirth Realm! He was already capable of slaughtering so many people before, so how terrifying would he be if he successfully overcomes the tribulation?” Some people were anxious and uneasy as they cried out in alarm.

“Everyone, let’s make a move together! We must not allow him to overcome the tribulation successfully, as it would be a calamity to all of us!” Someone shouted out explosively and won the agreement of everyone present.

Everyone instantly made a move once again, and they even exerted all their strengths. They’d already made up their minds that even if they were unable to kill Chen Xi, they would disturb Chen Xi’s progress in overcoming the tribulation. At that time, he would surely be struck to death by the tribulation lightning.

For a time, numerous brilliant lights appeared once more in the sky.

They were either formidable martial techniques that charged into the sky while the sound of the Dao rumbled, profound magic treasures that emitted divine rays of light that filled the heavens and the earth, or terrifying Divine Abilities that crushed space itself as they charged towards Chen Xi.

These few hundred people attacked in unison, and the impetus caused by this was even on the verge of covering over the tribulation clouds in the sky. It was vast like an explosive torrent of water, and it simply destroyed the heavens and the earth and crushed everything in its path.

Overcoming the tribulation while in battle. My path has never changed… Amidst his muttering, Chen Xi drew his sword and slashed towards the sky, causing vast and peerless Sword Insight to directly slash into the tribulation cloud that surged with blood red colored lightning.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded out. The tribulation clouds seemed to have been enraged by Chen Xi’s actions and split open with a bang before the blood red bolts of lightning that were thick and large like pythons within it poured down like a rainstorm.

These blood red colored bolts of lightning emitted a destructive force that contained the will of the Heaven Dao, and they poured down in a dense mass that didn’t just envelop Chen Xi but even drowned the magic treasures, martial techniques, and Divine Abilities that were struck out by everyone…

After staying silent for half a month, the tribulation lightning of the Rebirth Realm had finally erupted.

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