Chapter 478 – Enemies Everywhere

“Quickly! Hurry up or we’ll be unable to get anything if we’re late!”

“Are all of you willing to let others beat us to him? If you’re not willing, then quickly follow me. I heard that there’re many treasures in Chen Xi’s possession. Don’t make it come to the point we aren’t even able to get some scraps, then we’ll probably die of regret.”

“Quickly! Continue forward!”

Outside the swamp, a group of people dashed forward with extreme speed while the True Essence in their entire bodies surged, and they charged towards the swamp.

These were the genius experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty. All of them were experts that held the main objective of killing Chen Xi and dividing up the treasures in his possession.

They’d heard before they came that not only did Chen Xi possess the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Flaming Peacock Fan, he’d even crushed the Heavenly Immortal’s Decree, and if he didn’t possess other precious treasures in his possession, they wouldn’t believe it no matter what.

At another direction, a group of experts had similarly appeared. All of them had formidable auras, gazes that were like bolts of lightning, and they moved swiftly like shooting stars that crushed space and possessed a vast impetus. 

These were experts of the Full Moon Kingdom, and the person in the lead was the Eldest Prince of the kingdom, Xu Lengye. For the sake of seizing back the Flaming Peacock Fan this time, he could be said to have paid an enormous price to invite the genius experts of numerous Dynasties to assist him. At this moment, they were flying beneath the sky in a dense and large array of an entire fifty or sixty people.

“Which power are they from, there’re actually so many experts that have set out?”

Many people in the nearby areas raised their heads, and they revealed shocked expressions. There was a restriction to the number of people that could enter the Primeval Battlefield from every single Dynasty, and even first-rate Dynasties would at most be able to send in 30 people. But the group of people before them were an entire 50 or 60 people, and this was already absolutely able to be considered a terrifying force.


Xu Lengye was high in spirits and utterly didn’t conceal the tracks of his group, and they crushed the sky all along the way. Merely the airflow that effused out from them caused numerous rocks to fly out and sand to suffuse the air.

“Let’s go quickly as well. We can’t fall behind. A Quasi Immortal Artifact is priceless, and it’s only possessed by the Core Disciples of the seven great first-rate Dynasties. If we’re able to obtain one, then we’ll absolutely be able to obtain a spot in the final test of the Primeval Battlefield.”

Group after group of experts from the various Dynasties rushed over and didn’t retreat even when they saw Xu Lengye’s vast army, and they charged swiftly towards the depths of the swamp.

For a time, the sound of streaks tearing through the sky and whistling rose and fell, and it caused this entire expanse of the heavens and the earth to be clamorous.

“What a great force.” Chen Xi stopped moving. His clothes fluttered from the mountain breeze that blew over while his deep eyes seemed to have shot out two bolts of lightning as he’d noticed killing intent.

He wasn’t afraid, but was feeling slightly regretful that the strike from before was actually unable to kill Pei Yu, Qin Xiao, Bi Lingyun, and the others, and he couldn’t help but feel regretful.

But he knew that so long as he was alive, these fellows would be unable to eat or sleep in peace. So they would surely appear once more before him, and he didn’t have to search for them bitterly.

“We’ve found him, he’s here!”

“Haha, he’s still alive, looks like it’s going to benefit us.”

At this moment, the clouds in all directions roiled as genius experts from countless Dynasties rushed over. Some noticed Chen Xi and instantly roared with laughter while feeling extremely delighted because they weren’t late in the end. Needless to say, it was a form of luck to them that Chen Xi actually hadn’t been killed.

This was a group of genius experts that were mostly from other Dynasties that had encountered each other outside the swamp before charging over in unison, and they’d imperceptibly formed an extremely formidable force that encircled Chen Xi here.

“Kid, calamity is at hand. Quickly hand over all the treasures in your possession and I can let you die slightly more swiftly.” Someone shouted out as they’d come for the sake of the treasures in Chen Xi’s possession.

“Killing to seize treasures?” A wisp of coldness suffused the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth. A situation like this was extremely common as treasures moved the hearts of man, and so long as the temptation was sufficient, then one was capable of anything.

Everyone laughed coldly when they heard this. Wasn’t this nonsense? Could it be that we came to have a chat with you?

In their perception, Chen Xi was on the verge of death and had lost his combat strength long ago. Coupled with the surging tribulation cloud they saw in the sky above him, he obviously hadn’t overcome the Rebirth Tribulation successfully. Under these circumstances, he was a piece of meat on the chopping block that was at their mercy.

“I advise you to obediently hand it over so as to avoid suffering. Otherwise, living is sometimes more painful than death.” Someone laughed coldly as he ridiculed.

These people felt that Chen Xi was like a tiger that had its teeth pulled out now, and he couldn’t even withstand a blow from them. So they could willfully bully him. Otherwise, if it was before, there would probably no one that dared charge forward. After all, the Chen Xi from before was capable of slaughtering countless experts by himself and was peerlessly ferocious.

“All of you can feel free to try.” Chen Xi replied calmly.

“You really refuse to give in until death! Then don’t blame us for being merciless!” All of these people let out ghastly and cold laughter as they swiftly made a move. They were worried as well that an unexpected event would occur, and if the other forces were to rush over and interfere, they would mostly be unable to even obtain a share of the scraps.


Various magic treasures charged into the sky while a variety of martial techniques poured out like extremely brilliant tidewater. As soon as these people made a move, they directly utilized their strongest attacks and enveloped the entire sky.

The joint might of a few tens of people was naturally terrifying to the extreme, causing gales to rage in this area, and it crushed and blew away mountains and rocks while shattering the towering and ancient trees.

Even though this group of people put on an extremely arrogant display, yet when they really made a move, they utilized all their strength because they were worried that an unexpected event might occur.


Crimson rays of light shot into the sky as Chen Xi withdrew the Flaming Peacock Fan with a flip of his hand before fanning it out. A boundless sea of lava gushed and roared out as if countless volcanoes had erupted, and it transformed this area into a sea of flames.

“AH!!” The 10 plus people that charged at the front let out loud cried as they revealed shock and terror from their eyes. In the next moment, their bodies were already incinerated into nothingness by the blazing flames, and not even the slightest residue remained.

This scene instantly caused the others to be horrified and feel as if they’d fallen into a pit of ice, and they turned around to flee right away.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Presently, Chen Xi had utilized the Flaming Peacock Fan with his entire force, and its might had rise explosively by more than one or two times. The sea of flames enveloped down and instantly locked down all their paths of retreat and enveloped them within surging flames.

In only the time for a few breaths, the remaining people transformed into ash amidst shrill cries, and they met a horrible death of being incinerated into nothingness. Their shrill cries before their death shook the heavens and the earth, and it caused anyone that heard it to feel terrified in their hearts.

Besides this, an area of 500km in the surroundings had completely transformed into charred ground without the slightest vitality any longer. It was a completely barren expanse that didn’t contain the slightest trace of blood or shattered bones.

Chen Xi departed once more, his figure agile yet neither swift nor slow, like a light breeze that blew by, a leaf that danced in the winds, and his bearing seemed even more extraordinary, causing him to utterly not seem like he’d just annihilated a group of experts.

“He’s over there, don’t let him escape!”

“Chen Xi, give me back my Flaming Peacock Fan!”

Finally, people rushed over again, but it was two groups of people. One group was the genius experts of the Darxuan and Darqian Dynasty, whereas the other group of the army left by Xu Lengye.

There were numerous figures here and the sounds of people tearing through the sky were resounding out from the distance. Obviously, the experts of the other Dynasties were rushing over from all directions as well.

This time, he could really be said to have enemies everywhere.

However, Chen Xi just raised his head to look to the sky. Within the tribulation lightning that roiled without end, Chen Xi clearly saw a human shaped lightning bolt appear, and it was like a spirit of lightning that held a weapon while floating in midair.

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