Chapter 477 – Peerless Might

Lan Xun and Qin Xiao’s groups were in confrontation, and the atmosphere instantly became aggressive.

“How about this? We’ll join forces to kill Chen Xi first before privately discussing how to divide the treasures in his possession?” In the end, Pei Yu spoke out, as he was afraid that an unforeseen event might occur if they delayed for too long. 

After all, it wasn’t just their two forces that were present here, and there were other groups swiftly approaching as well. If another short moment passed, then these groups would probably join in as well and want a share of the pie. In that way, more and more unexpected events would arise.

“Alright, then we’ll kill Chen Xi first before discussing how to divide the treasures.” The silver robed young man by Lan Xun’s side nodded.

“It couldn’t be any better.” Pei Yu smiled as he replied yet sneered in his heart as he swiftly sent a voice transmission to Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun. “A group of bastards from ordinary Dynasties actually dare vie with us, they’re truly courting death. We’ll temporarily tolerate it slightly first, and we’ll get them later!”

Qin Xiao and Bi Lingyun were extremely furious in their hearts as well, and they didn’t hesitate in the slightest to agree to Pei Yu’s plan.

“Don’t worry. We’ll flee once we finish plundering all Chen Xi’s treasures. The Primeval Battlefield is so huge, I don’t believe they’ll be able to pursue us.” The silver robed young man was extremely experienced as well, and he sent a voice transmission to Lan Xun and the others.

Just like this, two groups that had their own ulterior motives surrounded him and moved forward with surging killing intent.

It just so happened that Chen Xi seemed to remain indifferent as the ridicule in his eyes grew even more dense, causing these complacent hunters that wanted to reap their prey to become even more furious.

What sort of look is he giving us!?

No matter how they looked at it, it looked like a gaze towards a group of pitiful maggots, and there was utterly no sign of anxiousness. Could it be that he still thinks he’ll be able to escape as before? He’s truly courting death!

Everyone gnashed their teeth, and their expressions revealed gloominess and uncertainty.

“What? You know clearly that doom is upon you, so you’ve started to become brazen and arrogant? Let me tell you! It’s difficult for you to die this time, even if you want to. I’ll make you understand how horrible and terrifying the consequences of offending my Skywolf Dynasty is!” An expert of the Skywolf Dynasty roared with a savage expression.

“How terrifying?” Chen Xi asked in reply.

“Utter misery!” The expert pointed at Chen Xi while revealing a ghastly and gloomy smile.

“Oh? Looks like I seem to really be unable to escape calamity this time?” Chen Xi suddenly raised his hand before slapping the air in front of him.


The expert from Skywolf Dynasty exploded into pieces, and he was directly slapped into a pile of mush.

“What!?” Everyone was greatly shocked. This fellow took a life with a single slap? That was a genius expert of the Skywolf Dynasty.

“Everyone, don’t panic! This bastard is like an arrow at the end of its flight, he’s utterly unable to hold on for much longer. Didn’t all of you see his display in the last battle? His vitality is ruined and dried up, and he’s utterly unable to live for long.” Someone shouted out loudly.

“Oh, you’re even able to discern that? Then do you want to give it a try?” Chen Xi continued asking in reply.

“Hmph! Thinking of playing tricks? Stop forcefully holding on. The vitality in your entire body is ruined and even an Immortal Pill can’t save you! Continuing to act like this will only make others look down on you. Not to mention the tribulation lightning above you hasn’t dispersed, so even if we don’t kill you, you won’t be able to persist for long, right?” Pei Yu sneered from the side.

The spirits of everyone was refreshed when they heard this. Right, the tribulation lightning is still present in the sky. This fellow is obviously making an empty show of strength. Perhaps that strike from before has already consumed all his strength.

“I don’t want to make it difficult for you. Hand over the Flaming Peacock Fan and I’ll give you a swift death. How about it?” Bi Lingyun’s clear eyes spun before she stared at Chen Xi and spoke indifferently.

However, not everyone thought like this.

Lan Xun’s eyes flickered as he looked at the silver robed young man at the side before he said, “Han Bai, is the wager between us still on?”

“Of course. His treasures belong to whoever who kills him.” The silver robed young man, Han Bai, replied without the slightest hesitation while his eyes burned with killing intent, and he started to approach.

But for the sake of taking precautions against any unexpected events, he didn’t make a move himself and made the others start attacking first, and he wanted to swiftly slaughter Chen Xi.

At the same time, Qin Xiao, Pei Yu, and the others made a move. They didn’t hesitate in the slightest to withdraw their Quasi Immortal Artifacts and execute their strongest martial techniques for the sake of completely finishing Chen Xi off with a single strike.

“Can’t wait any longer? But, it’s good this way as well. Now that I’ve already seen your repulsive characters, I’ll send all of you on your way!” Right at this moment, Chen Xi’s expression turned serious as his eyes became bright like bolts of lightning, and then a divine wheel that was like the sun faintly appeared behind him and emitted boundless crimson rays of brilliance and an extremely terrifying aura that caused shock in the hearts of all.

Practically everyone felt suffocated as their hearts shook endlessly, and they felt as if they were facing an insurmountable mountain that was vast and lofty.

“What’s going on!? He successfully overcame the tribulation?” An expert cried out in terror. The tribulation lightning is clearly floating in the sky, yet why does he reveal the terrifying aura that only a Rebirth Realm expert can possess?


A force field formed in Chen Xi’s surroundings as strong baleful qi spread out to shatter space and shake the world, and he revealed an exceedingly terrifying might.


In merely the blink of an eye, everyone that charged over exploded into pieces, causing blood to spray out before being incinerated into nothingness by the surging crimson rays of light that transformed into embers and caused no one to be able to approach!

This might instantly shocked everyone, and the hearts of everyone shook greatly while their souls trembled. They simply didn’t dare believe everything they’d seen.

It was even to the extent that all the martial techniques and Divine Abilities that struck towards Chen Xi were completely blasted apart and dispersed into nothingness. Even the numerous magic treasures were shaken to the point of wailing endlessly while they became dim and lusterless, and then they fell from the sky.

Within the blazing crimson flames, Chen Xi’s black hair hung loosely on his shoulder, and his eyes were deep while the divine wheel that seemed like a sun behind him revolved slowly while deriving boundless profundities and revealing an indescribable majesty.

He stood alone atop the mountain peak while his clothes fluttered, and he hadn’t moved a single step from the beginning until the end. The crimson tribulation lightning above him surged and danced about wildly like a roaring thunderstorm sea, and dazzling and resplendent lightning flickered, causing him to seem like a devil god.

“Why is it like this? What has happened?!” The lips of everyone trembled as they felt a chill run down their spine, and they felt terrified to the extreme in their hearts. How do we go against such might?

“Everyone, strike together. I don’t believe we’ll be unable to kill this bastard!” The Skywolf Dynasty’s Lan Xun roared.

However, before his words could even resound out in the air, Chen Xi’s entire body blazed to the extreme, and with a gesture of his hand, Lan Xun flew uncontrollably towards him.

“AH! Why is it like this?” Lan Xun cried out in terror. Who was he? The genius expert of the Skywolf Dynasty that was even more formidable than Di Wanlou. Yet at this moment, he was actually unable to control his body.

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent and had stretched his hand out to grab Lan Xun over from afar like a devil god!

Lan Xun’s figure struggled violently in midair, yet all struggles were futile. In the eyes of Chen Xi, he was truly too weak now, and even if it was before Chen Xi condensed the Rebirth Wheel, Chen Xi would be able to easily kill a person like this, let alone now?

Everyone was astounded. This was truly too terrifying. Even though Lan Xun was from an ordinary Dynasty, he was a genius expert in any case, yet he was so weak in the end. Compared to Chen Xi, Lan Xun was utterly useless and pitiably weak!

“I heard you were competing with another about who would be able to kill me first. Those that are ignorant are truly fearless.” Chen Xi raised his hand to grasp Lan Xun’s throat, and then a clear crack resounded out as he’d directly broke Lan Xun’s neck. He’d acted decisively and mercilessly as he swiftly ended Lan Xun’s life, and his relaxed appearance caused it to seem as if he was slaughtering a chicken.

“AH!! NO!!” All the members of the Skywolf Dynasty cried out loudly and felt it was difficult to accept a scene like this. Lan Xun was an extremely important genius expert in their group who possessed a formidable strength and boundless potential, yet he’d actually died just like this, and died so worthlessly.


A matchlessly ghastly flying sword shot out explosively yet was grabbed by Chen Xi with a raise of his hand, and it was as easy as grabbing something from his pocket. This was the terrifying aspect of the Rebirth Goldbody, ordinary flying swords were utterly unable to injure Chen Xi in the slightest any longer.

This flying sword was sent out by the silver robed young man, Han Bai, and he’d already flashed out in a streak to flee towards the distance now. Chen Xi was too terrifying, and even Lan Xun who was equal in strength to him had died miserably, so how could he dare stay for a moment?

“Your companion is dead, so what’s the point of you remaining alive?” Chen Xi shouted coldly with a voice that resounded out like a bell and was dignified and murderous, and he swung out the flying sword with a flip of his palm. 


When this flying sword was swung out from Chen Xi’s hands, it was more than just two times stronger, and it was even to the extent one could clearly see the flying sword seemed to be unable to endure Chen Xi’s strength, causing the body of the sword to turn crimson as if on fire while showing signs of melting.


It directly penetrated Han Bai’s chest and penetrated a bloody hole the size of a small bowl on his heart, causing blood to spray out as he let out a shrill cry and fell dead to the ground.

The hearts of everyone shuddered as their souls almost left their bodies. What sort of might is this? A sword that was swung out with a flip of his hand actually chased up and directly annihilated a genius expert!

“AH!!” Everyone was horrified and cried out loudly in terror while charging out in all direction with the intention of splitting up and fleeing. They were truly afraid, and their entire bodies were icy cold because Chen Xi’s might was too monstrous, impossible to resist, and impossible to go against.

“Since you’ve come, then stay behind!” Chen Xi spoke lightly with an indifferent voice, yet it possessed a terrifying feeling of dignity that seemed like a devil god announcing his decree.


With him as the center, countless thunderstorm vortexes exploded out, they were gorgeous, dazzling, and resplendent as they covered the heavens and the earth like tidewater and swept through the surroundings to envelop everyone before confining them within an area of 500km.

The vast impetus of this caused others to almost think the tribulation lightning in the sky had erupted and instantly enveloped down to actually cause even space to fall into a sluggish state.

All the experts felt as if they’d fallen into a swamp while being enveloped by these thunderstorm vortexes, and they were restrained by a powerful suction force, causing their figures to be on the verge of collapse and instantly slowing down their escape.

“What the fuck is this Divine Ability!? How can it possess such a terrifying devouring force!?” Everyone was horrified to the extreme as they howled out in shock, and they started struggling madly.

However, all of this was bound to be a futile effort. In the next moment…


Countless thunderstorm vortexes devoured downwards, causing their figures to be crushed apart successively before being transformed into mush by the thunderstorm vortexes, and then the must sprayed out in the entire sky and emitted a pungent stench of blood.

In a single move, besides a mere few tens of people that had utilized forbidden arts to escape the thunderstorm vortexes, everyone else was annihilated!

However, Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at the bloody scene, and his expression was indifferent as he flew towards the outsides of the swamp while being coiled by brilliant crimson rays of light. He wanted to seek revenge, and as for the tribulation lightning in the sky… I’ll let it follow my footsteps. Why should I give a damn about it?

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